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					                FAMILY LAW "HOT" TOPICS:
              Rainier Square Conference Center, Seattle
                          October 6, 2006


8:30        Registration & Coffee Service

9:00        Welcome, Cynthia Whitakar

9:05        No More Ponies? Extrapolation, Extraordinary
            Expenses, and Equal Residential Time
Extra-schedule issues, including a preview of McCausland and M.M.G.,
child support cases that the Supreme Court will hear this Fall.
E.R. Skone. Kinzel, Allen, Skone & Searing
Teresa C. McNally, Attorney at Law

10:00       Break

10:15       Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is –
            Are Marital Agreements Now Enforceable
            in Washington?
Property status and settlement agreements, intentional and
unintentional, with special emphasis on the effect of Dewberry.
Catherine W. Smith, Edwards Sieh Smith & Goodfriend P.S.

11:15      Who's Your Momma?
           Parents and Parenting in the 21st Century
Recent Supreme Court cases defining parenting and who is a parent.
Patricia Novotny, Attorney at Law
Ken Masters, Wiggins & Masters, PLLC

12:15       Lunch, on your own
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1:15        Welcome, Catherine W. Smith

1:20         Good News and Bad News:
             New Research on Residential Schedules & DV
Are alternate weekends Friday to Sunday a thing of the past? Should
they be? Is all “domestic violence” the same? Should different types be
treated the same? When is a perpetrator cured? What is the effect on
children of witnessing domestic violence? Is there any effect if they do not
actually see it? Is abuse of pets a factor to consider in parenting plans?
Carol Bailey Medwell, Carol Bailey & Associates, PLLC
Roland D. Maiuro, Ph.D

2:15         I'd Rather Go Blind Than See You Walk Away From Me:
             Stories from the Relocation Trenches
Panel discussion of recent problems in interpretation and enforcement of
the Relocation Act
Moderator, Cynthia Whitaker
Carl T. Edwards. Edwards, Sieh, Smith & Goodfriend, P.S.
Stella L. Pitts, Stella L Pitts & Associates PLLC
Honorable Leonid (Les) Ponomarchuk, Lead Family Court
Commissioner, King County Superior Court

3:15        Break

3:30        I Can't Get No Satisfaction:
            Mediation, Arbitration, CR2A Agreements
            and Psychology of Settlement
Panel discussion of consequences, intended and unintended, of ADR
Moderator: Catherine Smith, Edwards Sieh Smith & Goodfriend P.S.
Jerry Kimball, Attorney at Law
Cheryl Russell, Attorney at Law
Honorable George Finkle, Judicial Dispute Resolution (Retired Superior
Court Judge)

4:30        Evaluations
            Social, Crepe de Paris Restaurant

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