2005 Application for Active Annual Membership by ColeBer


                   2009 Application for Active Annual Membership
Membership may be issued to a Commissioned or Warrant Officer serving in the Maine Air or
Army National Guard. Note: A member in good standing who is deployed for 30 days or more will
receive credit on the next year's dues equal to the proportional amount of time of the year they are
deployed to a hostile zone. Example: deployed 3 months, member receives 25% off next year's
membership. Any portion of a month is rounded up to a whole month. That portion of their 2009
membership will be paid by NGAME.

Make checks payable to NGAME and send to:

ARNG: LTC Daniel Goodheart, Counterdrug TF, Camp Keyes, Augusta, ME 04333-0033

ANG: Col Douglas Farnham, Operations Group, Bldg 518, 101st ARW, Bangor, ME 04401

RANK_______NAME _______________________________________________ AMOUNT PAID: __________________

ADDRESS ___________________________________________________ Membership # (If Known) _________________
                                                                                            (Number Preceding Name on Magazine Label)
CITY ____________________________________________________ STATE __________ ZIP ____________________
PHONE NUMBER_____________________                               E-MAIL ADDRESS______________________________________
                                                                 (Used for distr of NGAME info. Not provided to outside entities)
     ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------

                                                                                    Lifetime Lifetime
                              Pay Grade Rank                             Total Dues NGAUS NGAME

                              O-8            Major General                   $ 164        $ 1,000       $ 50
                              O-7            Brigadier General               $ 148        $ 1,000       $ 50
                              O-6            Colonel                         $ 128        $ 1,000       $ 50
                              O-5            Lieutenant Colonel              $ 100        $ 1,000       $ 50
                              O-4            Major                            $ 82        $ 1,000       $ 50
                              O-3            Captain                          $ 66        $ 1,000       $ 50
                              O-2            First Lieutenant                 $ 50        $ 1,000       $ 50
                              O-1            Second Lieutenant                $ 30        $ 1,000       $ 50
                              CW5            Chief Warrant Officer            $ 85        $ 1,000       $ 50
                              CW4            Chief Warrant Officer            $ 69        $ 1,000       $ 50
                              CW3            Chief Warrant Officer            $ 53        $ 1,000       $ 50
                              CW2            Chief Warrant Officer            $ 40        $ 1,000       $ 50
                              WO1            Warrant Officer                  $ 26        $ 1,000       $ 50
              2009 Application for Active Annual Membership
NGAME Activities:
      Professional officer association representing the MENG
      Scholarship program for MENG service member dependents
      Sponsor Maine Legislative Awareness Day
      Sponsor MEARNG Senior Leader Conference
      Awards for ROTC and JROTC programs
      Annual Charity Golf Tournament

NGAUS Legislative Programs
The National Guard Association of the United States is the voice of the National Guard on Capitol
Hill to advocate for the highest level of readiness, modernization, and quality of life for our National
Guard family. The NGAUS legislative staff carries out that mission by helping “Transform
Resolutions into Reality.”

Successful Initiatives:
Expanded Eligibility of Selected Reserve Members Under TRICARE Program in the 2007 NDAA

Provides coverage under the TRICARE Standard program to all members of the Selected Reserves
and their families while in a non-active duty status. Participants pay a premium that is 28 percent of the
total amount determined by the Secretary of Defense as being reasonable for the TRICARE coverage.
This section does not extend TRICARE eligibility to reservists who were also federal employees entitled
to Federal Employee Health Benefits Plan coverage under title 5, United States Code. Further, this
section repeals the three tiered cost share TRICARE program for reserves established by the fiscal
year 2006 National Defense Authorization Act. Effective 1 October 2007

Reserve Component Eligibility for TRICARE Dental Program

The TRICARE Dental Program (TDP) is available to family members of all active duty service members
of any of the seven uniformed services1 and to National Guard/Reserve members and/or their families.
To be eligible for the TDP, the sponsor must have at least 12 months2 remaining on his or her service
commitment at the time of enrollment. Cost recently reduced.

Some of the programs we use to carry out our mission include:

      Supporting issues that promote readiness, modernization, funding and quality of life for our
       National Guard family

      Telling the National Guard story on Capitol Hill; Creating fact sheets for Congress; Lobbying

      Coordinating our efforts with the National Guard Bureau and adjutant’s general

      Working closely with state and other veteran’s associations

      Managing the resolutions process

      Producing Legislative Alerts to generate action by our members for critical issues

      Taking part in our state association conferences

      Facilitating state legislative visits to the Hill

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