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 In-Depth Training for
   Local Registrars

    Texas Vital Statistics
What is the Master Registrar
  Certification Course?
• Concept emerged from focus groups with local
  registrars at conference.
• Offered by Texas Vital Statistics twice a year for
  eligible applicants from local registration districts.
• Focused course on
   –   statutory framework for vital registration,
   –   problem-solving and preparation for facing new challenges,
   –   working collaboratively with State Office,
   –   processes at State Office, and
   –   best practices in registration districts.
• Prepares local registrars to join VS Training Team.
How is the MRC Course Structured?
 •   Class size is limited to maximum          •   Presentations by partner
     of 25 for full participation, attention       agencies and DSHS programs:
     & interaction.                                 – Office of the Attorney
 •   Class composition is a mix of local                General
     registrars, deputies and Vital                 – Texas Funeral Services
     Statistics staff.                                  Commission
 •   Course begins mid-day on                       – ImmTrac
     Monday and concludes mid-day                   – Center for Health Statistics
     on Friday.
                                               •   All participants make a
 •   Texas statutes are thoroughly                 presentation on registration
     reviewed for application in local             topic of their choice on last day.
                                               •   All participants complete
 •   Planned discussion periods for                certification by presenting at
     sharing and Q & A.                            Regional or Annual Conference
 •   Homework assignments.                         or by completing a project that
 •   Planned site visits to Texas Vital            improves registration in their
     Statistics & area local registration          community.
     offices.                                  •   Certification renewed annually
                                                   by attending conferences.
 What Topics are Covered?
 Local registration    Birth registration    Death registration

  TER application        Amendments         Record preservation

     Adoption            Data quality             Issuance

       Fraud           Delayed records            Paternity

Marriage & divorce     Customer service     Policies & procedures

State & federal laws    Collaboration            And more!
   Benefits of the MRC Course?
#1 In-depth information shared and discussed
―The MRC allows attendees to learn in-depth information of vital
registration processes from subject experts assigned to Texas Vital
Statistics . . . My attendance at the class gave me information not
covered at the annual or regional conferences.‖
                  Sam Torres, Local Registrar, San Antonio Metropolitan Health District

―You are able to see how vitals works from the state standpoint and gain
a better understanding of the entire process. You also are given great
information in the handouts; I have used my Master Registrar's Book
several times because I know the information I am looking for is in there.‖
                     Diane Shepard, Deputy Registrar, Fort Bend County Clerk’s Office

―Questions come over the County Clerk list serv every day about things
that are covered, in detail, in this course. All County Clerks have a pretty
good idea of the basics, but they get flustered over the odd or unusual
stuff that comes up. This course renews their confidence in themselves.‖
                                    Elizabeth McGill, County Clerk, Tom Green County
   Benefits of the MRC Course?
#2 Renewed confidence in registration practices
―The Course takes any doubt of your ability to do your job out of the
situation. It gives you the opportunity to feel like an expert in your field . .
. AND WE ARE!!!‖
                                       Wendi DuVall, Deputy Registrar, City of Victoria

―After being with the group for the course of study, I came away with a
better feeling about the job I do. I think the class gave me more self-
confidence about my decision-making in the area of Vital Statistics.‖
                       Diane Shepard, Deputy Registrar, Fort Bend County Clerk’s Office

―Every registrar or county clerk that deals with birth and deaths should be
REQUIRED to take this course. This knowledge would give everyone the
security of being on the same page . . . Learning what other offices were
doing in similar situations that occurred here helped in handling things
more appropriately.‖
                        Marcia Gauthier, Local Registrar, Beaumont Public Health Dept.
  Benefits of the MRC Course?
#3 Relationship-building with peers & VS staff

―This course has been very beneficial to me with the open discussion on
each topic and the one-on-one training with classmates and state
employees. Listening to the problems other offices have had and how
the State helps to correct the problem, I have a greater appreciation for
the State Office employees.‖
                                  Alma Garcia, Local Registrar, Galveston County
Health District

―VS staff enrollment in the course allows interaction with experienced
local registrars and provides face-to-face communication other than
impersonal mediums such as email, phone or fax. It gave me a chance
to interact with DSHS staff and my contemporaries.‖
                  Sam Torres, Local Registrar, San Antonio Metropolitan Health District
  Benefits of the MRC Course?
#4 Participants become leaders & trainers.

―The materials provided will be a great resource for my entire
department, and the knowledge I have gained from the presenters and
participants has really given me greater perspective on the details of my
job that I can share with my staff to improve our performance,
compliance and customer service.‖
                           Cathy Horvath, Deputy Registrar, Guadalupe County
Clerk’s Office

―I really enjoyed attending the course and hope to continue to learn more
and be able to train others at work.‖
                            Margaret Salinas, Deputy Registrar, City of San Marcos
   Benefits of the MRC Course?
#5 MRC widens your support network & is FUN!
―I had a great time—feel as though I have 20+ new friends, people I can
call on for advice, input, ideas.‖
                            Cathy Horvath, Deputy Registrar, Guadalupe County
Clerk’s Office

―The course plants the seeds of camaraderie among other local
registrars and county clerks, and we know we can call our new friends
with questions or concerns.‖
                                             Wendi DuVall, Deputy Registrar, City
of Victoria

―Not only did I learn a lot but I met so many new friends. Now when we
have a question about something, we can turn to our new friends and ask
their point of view on it, and we might not have to bug the State offices so
                                    Debbie Owens, Local Registrar, City of Tomball
Master Registrar Hall of Fame

 •   City of Arlington     •   Beaumont PHD
 •   City of Austin        •   Brazoria County Clerk
 •   City of Bedford       •   Comal County Clerk
 •   City of Brownsville   •   Fort Bend County Clerk
 •   City of Bryan         •   Galveston County PHD
 •   City of Dallas        •   Guadalupe County Clerk
 •   City of Fort Worth    •   Kaufman County Clerk
 •   City of Houston       •   Montgomery County Clerk
 •   City of Laredo        •   San Antonio Metropolitan Health
 •   City of Lewisville        District
 •   City of Lubbock       •   Tom Green County Clerk
 •   City of Port Arthur   •   Washington County Clerk
 •   City of San Marcos    •   Waco/McLennan County PHD
 •   City of Tomball       •   Wichita Falls-Wichita County PHD
When is the next MRC Course?
          • The next Master Registrar
            Certification Course is in March

          • The class is held at the
            Department of State Health
            Services Campus in Austin.

          • The MRC course is free.
            Participants are responsible for
            their own lodging and
               How do I sign up?
• MRC Course applications available at
  conference and on the Vital Statistics website:

• Complete and fax in application to Roger
  Faske, 512/458-7233.

• Questions about the Master Registrar
  Certification Course? Contact Roger Faske
  or Albert Rivera at 512/458-7111 extension
  2530 or 7372 via e-mail at or

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