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									Job Description
OPERATING UNIT:        Sparrows Offshore

JOB TITLE:             Trainer-Assessor

DEPARTMENT:            Training

LOCATION:              Louisiana

REPORTS TO:            Training Manager


Responsible for conducting training, specifically rigger/operator, both internally and
externally; the sale of company products, including training, and field services in the
domestic market. Evaluate current market conditions, as well as initial and follow-up
contacts with existing and potential customers.

Plan, coordinate, and conduct training sessions. Interface with customers and trainees
during the training process. Complete training programs and process required paperwork.
Develop and maintain contact with key decision makers of oil companies, fabrication yards,
engineering design/consulting companies etc. Ensures that Sparrows is on the “approved
vendors” for crane sales and service. Monitors the timing of potential sales opportunities
and keeps management advised in an effort to coordinate activities that may be necessary
in ensure Sparrows maximizes opportunities. Anticipate and communicate market
opportunities so as to position Sparrows to participate as appropriate. Represent Energy
Cranes in technical/commercial inquiries and sales opportunities as appropriate. Keep
Training Manager/Sales Representative well informed of market changes. Keep
management advised of any potential crane sales/service opportunities. Maintain active
interest in revenue collection. Assist in problem resolution between customers and service.
Establish and maintain a core customer base.
Know and understand Sparrows Quality Policy and comply with all requirements of the
Quality System Manual, Operating and Technical Procedures and Workplace Instructions.
Understand and comply with all Safety and Environmental requirements.
Perform other duties as required by Supervisor within the physical constraints of the job.


Ability to review customer training requirements and perform on-site training.
Knowledge of API 2C and 2D requirements.
Communication skills – written, verbal and listening.
PC sills (knowledge of Microsoft word/excel products).
Ability to work with deadlines, prioritize and multi-task.
Ability to be a liaison and coordinate between departments.
Self-started with ability to analyze problems and make decisions.
Ability to effectively communicate with outside customer queries and requests.
Some offshore travel required.

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Job Description
Understand and participate in team approach.


Sedentary Work
     Lifting 10 pounds maximum and occasionally lifting and/or carrying such articles
     as dockets, ledgers, and small tools.

X        Light Duty
         Lifting 20 pounds maximum with frequent lifting and/or carrying of objects up to
         10 pounds.

         Medium Work
         Lifting 60 pounds maximum with frequent lifting and/or carrying of objects
         weighing up to 25 pounds.

          Heavy Work
         Lifting 100 pounds maximum with frequent lifting and/or carrying of objects
         weighing up to 50 pounds.

         Very Heavy Work
         Lifting objects in excess of 100 pounds with frequent lifting and/or carrying of
         objects weighing 50 pounds or more.

X-Depth Perception     X -Color Discrimination   X-Peripheral Vision   X-Hearing (Avg.)

Required License/Certification:

SPECIFIC ACTIONS:                                                WORK ENVIRONMENT:
THIS JOB MAY INCLUDE:                                                              YES      NO
Stand/Walk     Sitting                Driving                    Chemicals                   x
   None            None                  None                    Cold                        x
   Occasional      Occasional          x Occasional              Dampness                    x
   1-4 Hrs.        1-4 Hrs.              1-4 Hrs.                Fumes/Gases                 x
   4-6 Hrs.        4-6 Hrs.              4-6 Hrs.                Heat/Humidity               x
 x 6-8 Hrs.     x 6-8 Hrs.               6-8 Hrs.                Heights                     x
                                                                 Noise                       x
                                                                 Radiation                   x

X-Simple Grasping       X-Fine Manipulations     X-Pushing & Pulling   X-Finger Dexterity   X-Foot Movement

                    Freq.   Occas.    None                                         Freq.    Occas.   None
°Bending                     x                                    °Twisting                   x
°Squatting                   x                                    °Reaching                   x
°Climbing                    x

Management systems – compliance & improvement by
 Verifying that their team members follow current policies and procedures for HSE&Q, HR
  and Finance.
 Identifying and reporting non–compliance with policies and procedures and assisting in

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Job Description
    resolving the issues in a timely manner.
   Participating in improvement programmes and implementing change.

Supporting a first class safety culture and ensuring environmental compliance
 Lead by example and communicate to all of their personnel that safe work and safe
  operations is an absolute requirement and not just an option.
 Intervening whenever they see a violation and holding a one to one discussion.
 Taking part in Workplace Safety Reviews and observation programmes on a regular
  basis and reporting findings to the HSE(Q) Department
 Ensuring that HS&E risks in their business area are assessed, documented and that the
  control measures are communicated effectively to the workforce to prevent accidents
  and pollution.
 Ensuring that any incidents in their business area are reported immediately and
  thoroughly investigated.
 Seeking the advice and guidance of the VP,HSEQ to address any potential or actual
 Ensuring that any spills are dealt with by prompt emergency response to prevent
  pollution from reaching ground water and are reported promptly to the HSE(Q*)

The above responsibilities are neither exclusive nor exhaustive and the incumbent may be
called upon to carry out such other appropriate alternative or additional duties as may be
required which are within their capability and competence.

To apply please send your resume to:

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