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					             Writing Profiles
                 ENG 101
                 Gary Christenson

11/15/2010                          1
             What is a profile?
              A profile essay attempts to capture
              the essence of a person, concept,
              place, institution, tradition, process,
              or anything worth knowing about.

11/15/2010                                          2
   How does this paper differ from
   the narrative and descriptive
             Mainly in its focus on the topic.
             You’ll still use narration for
             anecdotes or to depict necessary
             chronology, and you’ll need to use
             descriptive detail.

             However, you will not focus on
             your personal past but on newly
             acquired, outside information.
11/15/2010                                        3

              The best profile papers have
              incongruous detail; in other words,
              they reveal the unexpected or the
              little know behind a topic.

11/15/2010                                          4
 Example of incongruous detail…
                Profiling a shoe repair shop can be
                 an interesting topic. Revealing the
                 young female cobbler who runs the
                 shop is an incongruity. We don’t
                 expect this profession to have
                 young women in it.

11/15/2010                                         5
                Talking with the owner of a corner
                 grocery might reveal a little-known
                 history about the business.

                Profiling a glamorous profession
                 (cops, athletes, flight attendants,
                 ER doctors) and detailing the
                 moments that are unexpectedly
                 tedious and mundane will teach
                 the readers something new.
11/15/2010                                             6
 What kind of structure can I use?
                Profiling a process will require a
                 narrative organization, such as that
                 used in “Inside the Brain” in Ch. 4.
                An essay like “Soup,” which gives
                 overall impressions will be better
                 with an expository structure,
                 breaking the body paragraphs
                 down by sub-point rather than sub-
11/15/2010                                          7
              What makes a good profile
                Profile essays are based on a writer's newly
                acquired observations.

             • They take readers behind the scenes of familiar
                places or introduce them to unusual places and

             • They provide information while at the same time
                arousing readers’ curiosity.
11/15/2010                                                       8
             They present scenes and people
             vividly and concretely through
             description, action, and dialogue.

             They reveal an attitude toward their
             subjects and offer—implicitly or
             explicitly—an interpretation of

11/15/2010                                        9
             • They create a dominant impression
              of their subjects.

11/15/2010                                    10
             Ways to Research
                Conduct an interview.

                Visit a place, observe and take

                Search sources, such as books
                 and magazines.

                Do an internet search.
11/15/2010                                         11
                Prepare questions in advance.

                Don’t ask yes or no questions. Ask
                 your interviewee to explain and
                 detail, even to show.

11/15/2010                                        12
                Conduct the interview in the
                 subject’s environment.

                Take detailed notes. Perhaps use
                 a tape recorder.

                Put your subject at ease so he or
                 she will reveal more.

11/15/2010                                           13
              Choose a topic that you can research
              further, either by interviewing a person or
              by getting secondary research from
              books, periodicals or the Internet.

              After gathering information, decide on
              the best structure for you profile and
              outline a paper. Bring that outline to
              class for our rough draft session. Review
              Ch 4 in both texts to see examples. Also,
              review the student papers at the class
              web site and on the college network.
11/15/2010                                             14
             Possible Topics
                The history behind ethnic holidays
                Odd occupations (or common ones with
                 little-known details)
                Landmarks
                Interesting locale’s (parks, towns, etc.)
                Procedures
                Hobbies and pastimes
                Clubs and organizations
                Historic periods
                Institutions

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