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									              Southwest Colorado
        Mental Health Center, Inc.
                     “Making a Meaningful Difference”

Crossroads Project            1125 Three Springs Boulevard   Durango, Colorado

                     2005 Annual Report
                              Message from the Board of Directors President

                                                           Ever so often, we are each given an opportunity to
                                                     move forward with an idea and to be part of a creation
                                                     that has impact far beyond our own individual vision.
                                                     Over 6 years ago, our community was faced with the
                                                     loss of a valuable resource: the closing of our
                                                     psychiatric unit at Mercy Medical Center. What seemed
                                                     like such a great loss at the time became the impetus for
                                                     what is now taking shape as a great blessing and
                                                     triumph for our community.

      We are about to embark on the building of the Crossroads Facility - a Triage unit, Detox, and Psychiatric
Urgent Care unit. The building of this facility is the culmination of the efforts of many people; there are so many
players. They are actually too numerous to name, but you all know who you are. Each played a key role and each
said yes when asked. I don’t believe I have ever had the experience of being part of a more gratifying
undertaking. At every step in the process community support was evident. Everyone who was approached to
help support our efforts found a way to play a role in moving the vision forward. This facility is the result of a
great collective effort, but it also reminds me of the work that so many do on a daily basis in an individual way.
The status quo changes when I step forward to change it. It happens in an even bigger way when we all step up
together for change.

John Albright
                                                  Message from the Chief Executive Officer
    This has been a challenging and very busy year for us at Southwest Colorado Mental Health Center. Board, staff and
administration have been working hard to make the Center an even better resource for the communities of which we are a
part. We have had many accomplishments this past year:
                                              •   We launched a major Customer Service initiative.
                                              •   We added a new service site (Dove Creek), began Treatment Foster Care and expanded
                                                  our hours of operation into the evenings in Cortez, Durango and Pagosa Springs.
                                              •   We helped plan and implement a region-wide methamphetamine summit/conference.
                                              •   We established a service relationship with the Archuleta County jail.
                                              •   We began services in a nursing home setting.
                                              •   We began adolescent Dialectical Behavioral Therapy – a best practices model.
                                              •   We have begun a complete restructuring if our intake process for children and adults to
                                                  improve access to services for both populations.
                                              •   We continue to make tremendous progress in establishing The Crossroads and the
                                                  Psychiatric Urgent Care Unit, with the leadership of Bill Mashaw and Mark Larson.
                                              •   We have visited with all counties and municipalities and built a foundation of
                                                  partnership through our Crossroads efforts.
                                              •   We supported passage of Referendum C.
                                              •   We received the United Way Outstanding Partner Agency Award for 2004.
                                              •   We received the Operation Health Communities Non-Profit Success Award.

    These accomplishments are the direct result of leadership at all levels of our organization. I have never worked with a
better, more thoughtful or committed staff than we have at our Center. The talent and creativity they display day in and day
out is breathtaking. Make no mistake: It is a group effort that makes our Center great.

     Two major events will occur this coming year that will have a huge impact on our operation. La Plata County will vote in
May on a Health Service District. If passed the District is anticipated to provide substantial and needed operational funding
for the Psychiatric Urgent Care Unit and for services to working poor families. I ask for your support, and urge those of us in
La Plata County to pass this ballot initiative. Secondly, we are hoping to open the Crossroads facility in July of 2006. If we
are able to do so, our entire region will have, once again, an inpatient psychiatric resource that will substantively improve the
lives of those persons (and their families) facing a mental health crisis.

     My heartfelt thanks to each and every County and municipality that has supported our Center over the past year and
worked with us to ensure a quality of life for all residents throughout our region. Equally heartfelt thanks to every member
of the staff of Southwest Colorado Mental Health Center. Your effort, your dedication and your commitment has made our
Center what it is.

Bern Heath, Jr., Ph.D.
                                                                                      Program Services
      Southwest Colorado Mental Health Center, Inc. offers a wide variety of services and service
modalities to help people in our communities improve the quality of their lives. Therapeutic interventions
are based on the recovery model: a professional/consumer partnership. Issues addressed include, but are
not limited to, depression, anxiety, obsessive/compulsive disorder, trauma, ADHD, behavioral issues for
children and adolescents, grief issues, family issues and problems.

  Psychiatric & Medication Management Services                         Outpatient Services
  Diagnostic Interviews                                                Individual Therapy
  Inpatient Psychiatric Consultations                                  Family & Group Therapy
  Medication Management Services                                       Family Support Services
  Specialty Children Services:                                         Play Therapy Services for Children 10 Years & Under
         Board Certified Child/Adolescent Psychiatrist                 Special Evaluations
         Child/Adolescent Therapists

                                                                       Youth/Adolescent Services
                                                                       Regional Youth and Family Support Program
  Emergency Services                                                   Adolescent DBT Program
  Crisis Hotline 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week                         Durango High School Summit Program
  Walk-In Evaluation & Emergency Counseling at All Office Locations    Treatment/Therapeutic Foster Care Program
  Emergency Follow-Up Services
  On-Site Emergency Evaluations at the Following Locations:
       Durango, Colorado      Mercy Medical Center
                              Stepping Stone
                              Robert E. DeNier Youth Services Center   Vocational Services
                              Detox Center                             Job preparedness workshops, community referral and
       La Plata County        La Plata County Jail                     networking, job development, job placement, job
       Cortez, Colorado       Southwest Memorial Hospital
                                                                       coaching, work experience placement, work trial
                                                                       evaluation, job site analysis and transferable skills
       Archuleta County       Archuleta County Jail
                                                                                           Program Services

Residential Services                                            Consumer and Family Support Services
     Stepping Stone - Durango                                   Warm Line
     24-Hour Short-Term Residential Acute Care Facility         Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP)
     Transitional, Respite and Safe Bed Service                 Cortez KIVA Drop-In Center
     Hospital Diversion & Hospital Step Down                    Family Support Services
     Case Management Support                                    Peer Support Group
                                                                Grievance Coordination
                                                                Clubhouse Project
     Valle de Merced – Durango                                  Dual Diagnosis Support Group
     Affordable Housing Units for Mental Health Clients         Double Trouble Group
     Case Management Support                                    Consumer & Family Outreach

Service Coordination                                                  Substance Abuse Services
Individual & Family Support Services                                  Detox Program
Community Based Crisis Intervention                                   Dual Diagnosis Evaluation & Treatment
Support with Medication Regimen                                       Monitoring Program
Assistance in Accessing Resources to Meet Daily Needs                 New Day
Linkage & Referral to Other Community Resources                            Enhanced & Traditional Programs
                                                                           DUI Level II Education Program
                                                                           Youth Substance Abuse Program
                                                                           Women’s Group Program

       For additional information about our center, services, and programs please visit our website at
                                                                             Innovative Programs

                       Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) of Southwest Colorado
      The Crisis Intervention Team of Southwest Colorado is the very first rural CIT program in the country. The
CIT program trains law enforcement officers as mental health professionals through a rigorous program where
officers learn to recognize and handle situations with people who are experiencing a mental health crisis. The
program teaches effective crisis response skills including de-escalation which often resolves problems in the field
and increases officer safety.

      CIT of Southwest Colorado was developed and implemented in 2003 by Durango Police Department, La
Plata County Sheriff’s Office, Southwest Colorado Mental Health Center, Mercy Medical Center, NAMI of
Southwest Colorado, and the Mental Health Summit Partnership.

       In 2004, Durango Police Department and La Plata County Sheriff’s Office handled a combined total of 83
calls at the scene, de-escalating the mental health crisis successfully, and avoiding transport to the emergency
room and involvement in the judicial system.


      The Detox facility is located in North Mercy Medical Campus in Durango and is planned to be relocated to
the Crossroads facility adjacent to the Mercy Medical Center at Grandview in July of 2006.

      The non-medical Detox program offers the community and the client a place to safely detoxify from alcohol
or other substances. It provides monitoring and management of minor to moderate withdrawal symptoms. The
Detox program provides a secure environment for clients who are presenting a danger to themselves or others.
Referral to appropriate substance or mental health treatment is offered to all individuals admitted to Detox. This
service is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in a residential setting.

A Monitoring Program is administered by the Detox facility and provides referred individuals positive incentive
and motivation to remain abstinent from mood-altering substances during their involvement with community
agencies. It also aids counselors, probation officers, and caseworkers in assessing appropriate levels of care.
                                                                             Innovative Programs

                                  Dialectic Behavioral Therapy (DBT)
        SWCMHC has developed an evidence-based outpatient therapy program called Dialectical Behavior
Therapy. DBT is a comprehensive program to assist clients with multiple mental health issues or multiple
barriers to success in life. We teach our participants to be empowered through becoming more self-managing
and five specific skill areas are covered.

       Learning how to identify and get into an effective state of mind for managing emotions or making
       behavioral decisions.

Interpersonal Effectiveness
        Learning communication skills to identify and meet your own needs.

Emotion Regulation
       Learning how to get into and maintain a more balanced emotional state.

Distress Tolerance
        Learning coping skills for getting through the painful, uncomfortable times of life.

Middle Path
       Learning how to find the “shades of grey” in life rather than living in the “black or white.”

       Our Center is a leader in providing DBT services and training, and we are developing our own materials
and innovative applications as we expand our DBT practice.
                                                                                 Innovative Programs

                                                Stepping Stone

    Stepping Stone is a community-based crisis residential program providing a safe environment with 24-hour
staff supervision for individuals in a mental health crisis.

    Stepping Stone offers a local alternative to hospitalization, reducing cost and trauma of the crisis both for
the individual and their family.

    Stepping Stone provides several levels of care depending on the needs of the individual resident. These

                           Safe-Bed – (Diversion) Short-term crisis residential treatment
                with 24-hour care and supervision to individuals who are in crisis but who can
                be maintained in the community.

                             Transitional - Interim housing and support for those who are no
                longer in acute crisis, but who may benefit from more extensive treatment and
                support before successful re-entry into the community. Stepping Stone
                provides linkage to other needed resources such as housing, jobs or vocational
                programs, primary medical care, social services, and other community

                             Respite Care – Support of families and other caregivers by
                offering brief accommodations for those challenged with a mental illness.
                                                                             Innovative Programs

                                           Treatment Foster Care

      Treasuring Local Children (TLC) is a new model of providing mental health treatment to children who reside
with foster families here in La Plata County - keeping our children within our community rather than placing
children far away from their families, their school, and the other natural community resources. TLC’s program
features the following program components:

     •   Professional Training and ongoing professional consultation for treatment parents;
     •   Mental Health Services to youth that can include the treatment parents and their biological parents;
     •   Respite for all treatment parents;
     •   Activities for youth and their families; and
     •   Retainer fees paid to treatment parents in addition to the standard foster care rates.

      Acute Care Treatment Foster Homes are the next step in this program’s development - short-term, treatment
intensive option for children who may be safely managed in a treatment foster home. If you are interested in
becoming a short-term, acute care foster parent, please let us know.


      A Telepsychiatry program is being developed. Telepsychiatry makes use of a television mounted with a video
camera allowing a patient at one location to interact with a staff member at another location. We can use this
technology to deliver care in areas of staff shortages and where travel is difficult and costly. Our first
implementation will be with the Pagosa Springs office. In addition, our West Slope partners are having difficulty
recruiting adult and child psychiatrists. Video conferencing technology may allow us to provide the services
needed by Midwest and Colorado West without the expense of traveling to these distant locations.
                  Service Data for FY 2005 (July 1, 2004 – June 30, 2005)

                                  Number of Hours of Service Delivered*
               Program                  Archuleta(1)       La Plata(2)   Montezuma(3)   Other CO Out of State Unknown     Total
Case Management                               268.9            4,296.1          905.1        26.5        52.9      2.3    5,551.7
Crisis                                        249.4            1,822.2          543.3        34.2        73.8    133.0    2,855.9
Detox                                          10.7               40.8            0.5         1.3         0.5                53.7
Family Issues Cash Fund                         1.0               28.4           13.5                                        42.9
Jail                                            1.0                                                                           1.0
Medical Services                              251.8            1,406.9          372.6       25.1        47.4      6.4     2,110.3
Mental Health Out Patient                   1,076.4            2,421.2        2,369.5       27.5        54.8     41.0     5,990.4
Office of Consumer and Family Affairs                             76.2                                                       76.2
Regional Youth & Family Support               241.2              803.0          457.2                   11.0      6.0     1,518.4
Residential                                    12.5               61.8                                                       74.3
Stepping Stone                                  0.3               73.2           16.6                                        90.1
Substance Abuse Out Patient                    41.0           11,693.5          184.3      101.5        49.0     78.3    12,147.5
Success                                                        1,496.5           29.0       63.3         8.9              1,597.6
Vocational Services                           144.3            1,658.3          459.8       16.3         4.5              2,283.2
                                  Total     2,298.6           25,878.0        5,351.4      295.5       302.7    267.0    34,393.2

* Does not include Residential hours of service at Detox and Stepping Stone
(1) Includes all Municipalities
(2) Includes San Juan County and all Municipalities
(3) Includes Dolores County and all Municipalities
                  Service Data for FY 2005 (July 1, 2004 – June 30, 2005)

                                          Number of Consumers Served

               Program                   Archuleta(1)     La Plata(2)   Montezuma(3)     Other CO Out of State Unknown       Total
Case Management                                   50             239             75              5           8       2           379
Crisis                                            65             481            198             15         35       82           876
Detox                                              6               15             1              1           1                    24
Family Issues Cash Fund                            2               12             4                                               18
Jail                                               1                                                                               1
Medical Services                                 176              866              262           18            30        7     1,359
Mental Health Out Patient                        156              522              388            9            18       13     1,106
Office of Consumer and Family Affairs                              23                                                             23
Regional Youth & Family Support                   38               67               38                             1     1       145
Residential                                        1               12                                                             13
Stepping Stone                                     1               21                3                                            25
Substance Abuse Out Patient                        4              416                7            4             3        7       441
Success                                                            72                1            2             1                 76
Vocational Services                               12              138               31            1             1                183
                                 Total *         512            2,884            1,008           55            98      112     4,669
              Total Unduplicated Clients                                                                                       2,706

* The number of clients may be duplicated as a client can be seen under each program with the same client number
(1) Includes all Municipalities
(2) Includes San Juan County and all Municipalities
(3) Includes Dolores County and all Municipalities
Balance Sheet
                                                      2005             2004           2003              2002
            Current Assets                        $ 1,164,778     $     904,835   $     642,103    $     509,559
            Investments                             1,545,202         3,178,482       3,361,548          297,403
            Property and Equipment, net             1,319,073         1,286,886       1,296,975        1,339,752
            Other Assets                               31,973            34,851          82,162           62,354
               Total Assets                       $ 4,061,026     $ 5,405,054     $ 5,382,789      $ 2,209,068

            Current Liabilities                   $     821,448   $     644,650   $     460,035    $    413,592
            Long-Term Liabilities                     1,928,607       3,767,989       4,242,729         973,187
            Deferred Revenues                            80,056          48,610         175,050         221,981
            Net Assets                                1,230,915         943,805         504,974         600,308
               Total Liabilities and Net Assets   $ 4,061,026     $ 5,405,054     $ 5,382,789      $ 2,209,068

Statement of Operations
                                                      2005             2004           2003              2002
             Client Service                       $ 3,223,739     $ 2,822,934     $ 2,693,945      $ 2,711,873
             State                                  1,582,765       1,609,624       1,562,517        1,462,288
             Local Government                         194,725         129,725          99,541           75,225
             Other                                    260,645         147,519         212,750          167,456
                                                  $ 5,261,874     $ 4,709,802     $ 4,568,754      $ 4,416,842

             Personnel                            $ 3,519,991     $ 2,866,400     $ 3,168,081      $ 2,954,018
             Client Related                           224,352         147,253         280,968          112,240
             Occupancy                                125,017         148,576         240,653          206,304
             Operating                                724,003         807,677         689,643          706,675
             Professional fees                        103,623          86,610         136,334           88,710
             Other Expenses                           315,580         222,736         136,493          184,044
                                                  $ 5,012,566     $ 4,279,252     $ 4,652,172      $ 4,251,991

               Net Income/(Loss)                  $    249,308    $    430,550    $     (83,418)   $    164,851
                             Income Statement Percentages (2005)
                   Local Government


                                                         Client Service

2005 EXPENSES                         Other Expenses
                         Prof essional f ees 6%



      Client Related

      SWCMHC is working hard to become the best possible resource for our five-county region. In a rural
setting, this requires innovation. Since the closure of the inpatient psychiatric unit at Mercy Medical Center
in February 1999, we have been hard pressed to serve persons in our community in psychiatric crisis. To
meet this critical need, SWCMHC staff designed a custom facility to provide short-term residential care for
persons in psychiatric crisis. The design incorporates a Triage Unit to facilitate Crisis Intervention Team
(CIT) drop-offs and determine appropriate crisis placement and treatment, a Psychiatric Urgent Care Unit,
and movement of the Detox Unit to remain close to the Emergency Room of the new Mercy Medical Center
in Grandview.

      The Community Psychiatric Resource Task Force was formed in March 2003 to lead a community
effort to build Crossroads. Through their dedicated efforts and the incredible response of all the counties,
cities, and towns of Southwest Colorado, along with many agencies and community organizations,
Crossroads is coming to fruition and will be built on a one-acre site donated by Mercy Medical Center on its
Grandview Campus. Construction is slated to begin in November 2005, and the opening date is targeted for
July 2006.

     Creativity and community heart are coming together to more fully serve the psychiatric needs of the
families of our region.

                            “Making a Meaningful Difference”
S o u t h w e s t        C o l o r a d o    M e n t a l        H e a l t h    C e n t e r,      I n c.

2005 Board of Directors
   Executive Committee
        John Albright
        Jean Somsen
                                   Our Mission . . . is to make a meaningful
        Secretary                    difference by delivering the highest quality mental health
        M. B. McAfee
                                     service to the community in the most appropriate, affordable,
        Beverly Ellis                educational, and accessible manner.

        Bill Mashaw

                                   Our Values . . .
        Ben Johnson
      Deanna Devereaux
      James Knoll, MD
                                           Making a Meaningful Difference
      By Community
         Bayfield                          Supporting Family, Job, and Intimate Relationships
        Beverly Ellis
                                           Engaging all Consumers and Family Members
        John Albright                      to the Best of our Ability
        Jean Somsen
         Bill Mashaw                       Consumer Partnership
      Deanna Devereaux
                                           Culture of Change
        M. B. McAfee                       Commitment to Excellence
      Pagosa Springs
        Ben Johnson
      James Knoll, MD
  S o u t h w e s t                 C o l o r a d o                M e n t a l               H e a l t h               C e n t e r,           I n c.

       Administrative Office                             Pagosa Counseling Center                              Stepping Stone
       281 Sawyer Drive, Suite 100                       475 Lewis Street                                      2912 Richard Drive
       PO Box 1328                                       PO Box 1347                                           Durango, CO 81301
       Durango, CO 81302                                 Pagosa Springs, CO 81147                              (970) 259-5681
       (970) 259-2162                                    (970) 264-2104                                        FAX (970) 247-4713
       FAX (970) 247-5255                                FAX (970) 264-2108

       Cortez Counseling Center                          New Day Counseling Center                             Pinon Mesa Guidance Center
       215 W. Arbecam                                    1474 North Main, Suite 127                            28000 County Road T
       Cortez, CO 81321                                  Durango, CO 81301                                     Dolores, CO 81323
       (970) 565-7946                                    (970) 259-5820                                        (970) 565-0210
       FAX (970) 565-9005                                FAX (970) 259-6282                                    FAX (970) 565-9005

       Durango Counseling Center                         Detox                                                 Community Health Clinic
       281 Sawyer Dr. Suite 100                          3801 North Main                                       495 W. 4th
       Durango, CO 81303                                 Durango, CO 81301                                     Dove Creek, CO 81324
       (970) 259-2162                                    (970) 259-8732                                        (970) 677-2291
       FAX (970) 247-5255                                FAX (970) 259-8734

                                                         Management Team
Bern Heath, Jr, PhD                         Don Raney, MA                                   Scattie McGrath, LPC             Marie Roessler
President / CEO                             VP Residential Services & Service Coordinator   VP Special Programs              VP Financial Services
Shelly Burke, CPA                           Jackie Mashunkashey                             Ellis Miller                     Pat Roy
Executive VP / CFO                          Residential Coordinator                         Dir. Consumer & Family Affairs   Director Human Resources
Linda Lute, LAC, MAC                        Tom Bonde, LCSW                                 Bob Medearis, BA                 Jackie Rakes
Executive VP / CCO                          VP Substance Abuse Services                     Dir. Vocational Services         Customer Relations Manager
Lori Loschert, MD                           Ruth Hamshar                                    Ann Wetton, LCSW, PhD            Roxann Stettler
Executive VP / CMO                          Detox Coordinator                               Dir. Cortez Program              Admin. Services Director
Pam Wise Romero, PhD                        Patricia Ellisor, LCSW                          Brent Oliver
Senior VP Outpatient & Emergency Services   VP Outpatient & Emergency Services              VP IT Department

                                                   24 HOURS A DAY / 7 DAYS A WEEK
                                                         CRISIS HOTLINES

                                        Durango & Pagosa Springs (970) 247-5245
                                                Cortez (970)-565-7946

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