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									Toward the Popularization of IPv6 Business
     (NTT Communications’ Global IPv6 Trial)

                Hiroaki Sadata
        NTT Communications Corporation


• Since 1996, NTT has researched on IPv6 network operation
  in a global scale.
   – NTT Communications Obtained sTLA registry from APNIC (Sep. 1999)

• Some customers hoped to connect to the IPv6 network.
   – First of all, we thought ISPs should provide IPv6.
   – NTT Communications has started IPv6 trials on a global scale.
     (Dec. 1999)

• Companies start considering businesses with IPv6.
   – Our trials support developers of IPv6 business.
   – Now we’re preparing for commercial IPv6 services.

                     IPv6 expands Internet Business
IPv4 Business : One way                            IPv6 Business : Two way
    (Client & Server)                                 (Device-to-Device)
         a scope of global address                          Mobile Terminal

                             Data Exchange                     Cellular Phone
                             (Recipe etc.)                     Network                     Remote
                 IPv4                                               Secure Communication
                                                                    Between Terminals
   Server &
   Client      NAT

                              Real Time              Home
                              Distribution           Network
                              (TV Program)
                                              Appliance                  OA Terminal

   What is an IPv6 service?                  What is an application suitable for IPv6?
          NTT Communications’ IPv6 Trials

• Network Operation Trials (
   – IPv6 OCN Tunneling Trial (NTT Communications)
       • No charge for accessing IPv6 network during the trials.
       • The trials will end on March 31, 2001.
   – IPv6 Operation Trials in Europe (NTT Europe)
   – IPv6 Commercial IX in San Jose, U.S.A. (NTT MCL)

• IPv6 Application Trial
   – Application Trial
       • Tests and developments for system integration and migration
   – Individual Trial
       • Joint trials with several companies.
                Network Operation Trials

• IPv6 OCN Tunneling Trial (NTT Communications)
   – IPv6 over IPv4 tunneling technology
      • For customers of OCN leased-line connection service
      • For customers of OCN dial-up access service (planning)
• IPv6 Operation Trials in Europe (NTT Europe)
   – Native connection, Tunneling connection
   – Connecting to the many IPv6 networks that exist in Europe
• IPv6 Commercial IX in San Jose, U.S.A. (NTT MCL)
   – Operating a commercially usable IPv6 IX service
   – NTT America’s San Jose data center
                  NTT Com Global IPv6 Network
            Asia                               U.S.A.                    Europe
                                                                        Trial partners
        WIDE           NSPIXP-6            PAIX     6TAP                                   AMS-IX

                               NTT Communications IPv6 Network

                                                               European IPv6 Operation Trial
            ISP                                                (started from March 2000)
                                          OCN                                            ISP
     IPv6 Backbone
     Provisioning Trial                                                                  ISP
(started from December 2000)      Trial partners
                                                                                     IPv6 ISPs
                         OCN Tunneling Trial        COMMERCIAL IPv6 IX
                                                                                     and subscribers
                       (started from December 1999) in SAN JOSE, CA.
                                                   (started from April 2000)                        6
IPv6 OCN Tunneling Trial

                                    Transition Support
      Providing IPv6-IPv4 translator “TTB” (Joint Trial with YDC Corporation)

                 IPv4               IPv6               IPv4                  DNS

Tunneling                                                                        IPv6
Router                        DNS             IPv6-IPv4
IPv6 over IPv4
Tunneling                                     TTB
            IPv4 / IPv6 dual stack terminal                      IPv6 terminal
         IPv6 over IPv4 tunneling                          IPv6-IPv4 Translation
         A dual stack terminal can access                  The terminal in the native IPv6
         to the IPv6 servers on the IPv4                   environment can access to the
         network environment.                              servers on IPv4 networks via
                                                           IPv6-IPv4 Translator “TTB”.       8
                  Status of OCN IPv6 Trial
 Number of trial partners: about 150 (As of mid-Dec..2000)

Breakdown of Participants                              Purpose of Participation
Shifting from research phase to business phase         53% of participants are preparing to
           Academic                                    commercialize the service

                                          Study the potential of v6

                                                                       Develop and
       Corporations                                                    verify functions
                       Individuals               Acquire technical

            Participants with IPv6 experience                         28 %
            IPv6 researchers and developers                           20 %
                         What do you expect for IPv6?
                          1) Addresses
                          2) Security                                                         9
                IPv6 Application Trials

• Application Trials
  – develop and test IPv6 applications
  – system integration and migration of enterprise network
  – demonstration:
     • N+I 2000 : Music Distribution with IPv6 security.
     • INET 2000 : TV Conference between Yokohama and San Jose.

• Individual Trials
  – develop and test IPv6 solutions with several companies
  – support developing new Internet business markets

Application Trials

Renewal of our Web Site

                    • Try IPv6 applications on
                      your IPv6 network !
                     (Music Distribution)

                    • Joint trial with
                           – NTT Business Information
                             Service, Inc.

                           – NTT Software Corporation

      Web site for testing IPv6 application.
     These sites are opened to every IPv6 user of the world.

• NTT Business Information Service, Inc. (NTT情報開発株式会社)
  – constructs a music distribution site
  – application: mpeg123 (Linux and FreeBSD)

• NTT Software Corporation          (NTTソフトウェア株式会社)

  – develops TWIN-VQ IPv6 for Windows2000 + MSDN
    (joint research with NTT Cyber Space Laboratories)

  – provides music pieces for audition
Individual Trials

           End-to-End Secure Communication
  Easy to setup End-to-End secure communication between terminals
                     Private Address          Global Address                 Private Address

                                   NAT Secure Transmission NAT
  IPv4              Office A
                                   Terminal   R      The Internet
                                                                     R terminal         Office B
Secure                         Low security                   Low interoperability
                               on the LAN                  between different vendors

                                              Global Address
                                              Secure Transmission

  IPv6              Office A       R                The Internet               R       Office B
End-to-End                              Secure Transmission              R
Communications        End-to-end                  Easy to partner with
                 secure communication                new customer            Business Partner      15
      IPv6 End-to-End Security Trial
                (株式会社 竹中工務店)

                Takenaka Corporation is Japan's oldest architecture,
                engineering and construction firm with a long history rich
                in tradition that spans nearly 400 years.
                                            ( )

                   Osaka International Convention Center
                   (Grand Cube Osaka)
                  Constructed by Takenaka Corporation
                  and nine other companies (JV)

Many landmarks are constructed by JV (Joint Venture).
          IPv6 Applied Trial with Takenaka Corporation
     •   In each JV office, plural participating companies are sharing one single LAN to have
         common information. By the other hand, Takenaka corporation’ staffs, who belong to
         different JV companies, have to communicates each other securely.
     •   Therefore end-to-end secure communication method is necessary.
     •   We will investigate validity of IPv6 on the IPv6 applied trial.
                                                                       Network of
                                                                       g Company            JV Company A
   Takenaka                                            Participating                  Participating
                                                       company X                      company Y
                             Setup IPSec
   Corporation                                         (TAKENAKA)

                        IPv6 over IPv4
                                           IPsec                                             One LAN is shared
                                                 Shared Server                               by plural constituent
                                                                  Shared Printer
                          IPsec                                                              companies.
                                                                  company X
                                                                  (TAKENAKA)                JV Company B
                         Next Step

• Expanding IPv6 Trial
  –   IPv6 backbone provisioning trial (for ISP, ICP, ASP....)
  –   Native IPv6 trial (at Ohtemachi ....)
  –   IPv6 trial for customer OCN dial-up access service (Planning)
  –   Expand IPv6 backbone geographically to Asia and other regions

• Providing IPv6 Commercial Services
  – Spring of 2001
  – IPv6 over IPv4 tunneling service, Native IPv6 service


• NTT Com IPv6 Trial : (Hiroaki SADATA)
   – JAPAN (OCN)        : (Takashi ARANO)
   – Europe             : (Kenji NOMURA)
   – US                 :   (Shin MIYAKAWA)


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