Business Plan
                     Torfaen Community Safety
                                                                                                                  Draft 1: May 2005
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Draft Business Plan 2005 –2008 for the Community Safety Partnership Torfaen incorporating Action Plan                          1
           Section     Title                                                                                                Page
           1           Introduction                                                                                         3
                           Business Plan
                           Vision, mission and values

           2           Structures                                                                                           4
                          Structure of the Partnership
                          Membership of the Partnership

           3           Management of the Partnership                                                                        5

           4           Successes                                                                                            6

           5           Action Plan
                          Preamble / Emerging Themes                                                                        8
                          Aim 1: Combating crime and limit its impact                                                       9
                          Aim 2: Investing in prevention and diversion                                                      11
                          Aim 3: Supporting vulnerable people / victims                                                     15
                          Aim 4: Targeting specific communities                                                             18
                          Aim 5: Encouraging people to make their community safer                                           19
                          Aim 6: Minimising the impact of alcohol misuse                                                    20
                          Aim 7: Investing in the partnership                                                               21
                          Aim 8: investing in better measures / monitoring                                                  22
                          Glossary of terms
           5           Budget                                                                                               24

           6           Appendix
                          A. Summary of aims, agendas, and strategies of partners                                           27?
                          B. Membership of the Partnership and Staff supporting it                                          32?

This Business Plan covers the period 2005-08 and provides a basis for planning and funding the future work of the Torfaen Community Safety
Partnership. This is the Community Safety Partnership‟s first Business Plan. Its purpose is to provide a cohesive framework for partnership working,
which builds on the strengths and addresses the weaknesses identified in the 2005 Audit.

Draft Business Plan 2005 –2008 for the Community Safety Partnership Torfaen incorporating Action Plan                                           2

Community safety concerns people‟s quality of life and describes their state of well-being and ease in their community. Community Safety
Partnerships exist to ensure that people feel safe in their local community, can live in harm ony with their neighbours, feel a sense of belonging
and can exercise their rights and responsibilities as citizens.

Community Safety Partnerships, comprising the police, local authority, local health board, fire and rescue service, housing providers, voluntary
organisations and others, were established following the 1998 Crime and Disorder Act to develop a strategy for reducing crime, disorder and
fear of crime, and for implementing it.

The mission of the Torfaen Community Safety Partnership is:
      “to provide a framework of mutual support within which the Torfaen Community Safety Strategy can be developed, implemented and

Its values applying to the fulfilment of its mission are:

        Collaboration – recognising its primary responsibility to work together to harness resources towards the improvement of community
        Collective Responsibility - taking collective responsibility for strategy and its implementation.
        Accountability – holding member organisations accountable for appropriately representing their interests in Community Safety.

The Statutory Partnership‟s function is to develop and implement a strategy and action plan, which is set out in pages 7-23.

The 1998 Crime and Disorder Act places a Duty on the Partners individually to have due regard to the likely effect their decisions may have on
Community Safety. It also places a Duty on Partners to do all that they reasonably can to prevent Crime and disorder in the area.

Statutory guidance suggests that the work of Community Safety Partnerships should be regularly monitored and scrutinised to ensure that the partner
agencies fulfil their “Section 17” duties. In Torfaen the Housing and Community Overview and Scrutiny Committee is responsible fro scrutinising the
work of the Community Safety Partnership.2. STRUCTURES


                                    Partnership Officer Support Group

Draft Business Plan 2005 –2008 for the Community Safety Partnership Torfaen incorporating Action Plan                                         3
                                                                                                           Domestic Abuse
                          Statutory Partnership Management Group
                                                                                                           Youth Offending

        North /South Action              Substance Misuse                  Task and Finish                  Kaleidoscope
               Teams                    Action Team (SMAT)                     Groups                           Board


There are three categories of membership:

 Torfaen County Borough Council, B Division of Heddlu Gwent Police, Torfaen Health Board the Police Authority and Fire Authority are listed as
   “responsible authorities”.

 The Probation Service, the Youth Offending Team and other agencies such as the Governing bodies of schools are “Co-operating Bodies

 Voluntary Bodies, Social Landlords and many others listed in the Appendix to this document are “invitees to participate”.

For details of Torfaen Community Safety Partnership membership and staffing resources supporting the Partnership, see Appendix B.

The joint Chairs of the Statutory partnership are the Chief Executive of Torfaen CBC and the Chief Superintendent of the „B‟ Division of the Gwent
Police, covering Torfaen and Monmouthshire. The Statutory Partnership meets quarterly.

The core members of the Statutory Partnership – the Partnership Officer Support Group – are: the Chief Superintendent „B‟ Division, the Chief
Executive, the Senior Divisional Officer, Gwent Fire and Rescue Service and the Director of Planning and Commissioning at Torfaen Local Health

The Partnership directly manages the following groups:

Draft Business Plan 2005 –2008 for the Community Safety Partnership Torfaen incorporating Action Plan                                            4
          The North and South Action Teams are sub-groups of the Community Safety Partnership (CSP), meeting every two months to discuss
           matters of local concern, focus on „hot spots‟, on problems and people, and agree practical solutions.

          The Torfaen Substance Misuse Action Team is a multi-agency advisory and consultative sub-group of the CSP, chaired by the Assistant
           Director of Social Services. Set up in April 2003 as a devolved body of the CSP, its function is to develop an Action Plan to support
           commissioning and contracting out substance misuse projects on behalf of the CSP. It has developed its one year substance misuse plan
           and is developing the three year plan that will run until 31 March 2008.

          Task and Finish Groups, set up to respond to specific concerns raised in the North and South Action Teams and in some cases raised
           by the Partnership. In December 2004 there were 6 such groups covering anti-social behaviour and targeted interventions in Penygarn
           and Trevethin, and issues in Arran Court, Monnow Court, Leadon Court, Blaenafon and Greenmeadow, Cwmbran.

The following report directly to the Community Safety Partnership

          Kaleidoscope Management Board for the Gwent wide Kaleidoscope Project, tackling substance misuse across Gwent and reporting to
           the five Community Safety Partnerships in Gwent
          The Youth Offending Team for Monmouthshire and Torfaen, a multi-agency partnership, dealing with young people who have offended
           or who are at risk of offending

The Torfaen Domestic Abuse Forum.   4. SUCCESSES
Between 2005 and 2008, the Statutory Partnership was successful in developing initiatives including:

          Protocols for joint working
          Trouble „hot‟ spots throughout the authority resolved through multi-agency problem solving groups
          Local partnerships and joint projects to address specific problems
          Measures to tackle substance misuse (through the Substance Misuse Action Team)
          Measures to tackle anti-social behaviour
          Encouraging other parts of the partnership to contribute to crime reduction

Protocols for joint working have been developed for the following:

          The Abandoned Vehicle and Vehicle Arson Policy
          Section 115 Protocol for Information Sharing
          The Housing Department and Registered Social Landlord‟s Information Sharing Protocol
          Cwmbran Shopping Centre Disorder Protocol
          The Pan Gwent Anti-Social Behaviour Order Protocol

Draft Business Plan 2005 –2008 for the Community Safety Partnership Torfaen incorporating Action Plan                                       5
        Councillor Referral Protocol

A register of trouble spots and issues has been developed, which provides an effective basis for the emerging POPOS programme. Resolving many
of the trouble-spots has required a multi-agency approach with adequate, timely and concentrated action to address problems arising as a result of
alcohol misuse by children, public fear of young people hanging around and littering and dumping of waste.

Considerable progress has been made in developing working partnerships, particularly at a local authority level including:

          The North and South Torfaen Action Teams, providing a sounding board for the Statutory Partnership and having a focus on Hot Spots,
           people issues, and practical solutions.
          Developing a protocol for effective joint working between local councillors and the Partnership

                                         5. Action Plan 2005-2008
                         Draft Aims, Objectives and Tasks for 2005-2008 Strategy


                                                        Preamble / Emerging Themes

                                                 Aim 1: Combating crime and limit its impact

                                                 Aim 2: Investing in prevention and diversion

                                                 Aim 3: Supporting vulnerable people / victims

                                                     Aim 4: Targeting specific communities

Draft Business Plan 2005 –2008 for the Community Safety Partnership Torfaen incorporating Action Plan                                         6
                                         Aim 5: Encouraging people to make their community safer

                                                 Aim 6: Minimising the impact of alcohol misuse

                                                     Aim 7: Investing in the partnership

                                                 Aim 8: investing in better measures / monitoring


    Overall Aim: between 2005 and 2008 to reduce crime and disorder across Torfaen by 17.5%
   To achieve this, the Community Safety Partnership will add value to the core business of the constituent partners by ensuring a move towards
    social inclusion and active citizenship at all levels.
   In Year 1, the Community Safety Partnership plans to exclude Domestic Violence from these figures as part of its plans to inc rease reporting and
    establish a new base line

Emerging themes from 2005 Audit

   Family and personal well-being:                                                    Public reassurance
                                                                                  Prevention and diversion
          Substance misuse and health
          Fear of crime – home security                                                 Infrastructure – e.g. street lighting, play facilities
          Bullying and domestic violence                                                Parenting skills / Youth activities
                                                                                         Environmental improvements / planning out crime
   Community engagement and participation                                               Health promotion, PSE, citizenship skills
          Opportunities / resources                                              Enforcement
          Training and support - community development
          Access to community services and local transport                              Littering / fly-tipping / nuisances
          Community engagement and participation                                        Licensing

Draft Business Plan 2005 –2008 for the Community Safety Partnership Torfaen incorporating Action Plan                                              7
           Use of CCTV, ASBOs, ABCs etc

 Aim 1: to tackle and reduce crime and disorder and limit its impact on people’s quality of life and local
 environmental quality
Aim     Objective          Task                                        Lead        Target [draft]                             Cost                Timescale
Pr’ty                                                                  Agency      Outcome
1.1     To implement the   Set up Groups:                                          Locally derived targets within the         £20,000 in Year 1   March 2006
H       3 strands of the       - Prevent and Deter                     YOT         national framework                         Additional
        POPO Scheme            - Catch and Convict                     GP          Lists of targeted individuals              funding to be
                               - Rehabilitate and Resettle             Probation   developed                                  determined
                                                                                   Mapping / tracking tool developed
1.2     To continue to     Maintain & review the use and               CSP         Annual reports to WAG                      -                   March 2006
H       develop work to    effectiveness of ASBOs, MAPSGs,                         Review group from CSP to be set up                             March 2007
        address ASB        ABCs, injunctions & victim/witness                      Audit integrated victim support system                         March 2008
                           Work with the YPP to seek methods to        YOT/ PIP    Link PIP and YPP strategies                -                   March 2006
                           support young people who have been
                           subject to ASBOs ABCs etc.
1.3     To undert ake      Offer „managing difficult behaviour‟        CSP         Each agency able to demonstrate the        -                   Done
H       measures to        training to community hall groups,                      existence working and adequacy of its      -                   October 2005
        support the        library services, tenant support, youth                 arrangements to protect the safety of
        safety of those    and social workers, health work ers,                    its staff: [i.e. protocols in place for    -                   March 2006
        providing          fire-fight ers, and teachers                            teachers, youth workers, library &
        services across    Review the violent patient scheme                       other front line staff, & healt h staff}
        Torfaen            Review support for pharmacists/GPs
                           Review „needs‟ annually as part of          CSP         Annual Review                              -                   Annually
                           SOD / strategic planning
                           Review lone worker policies annually        TCBC        Protocol to protect partners‟              -                   March 2007
                                                                       Personnel   employees against potentially
                                                                                   dangerous individuals
1.4     To support the     Assess public satisfaction and consider     GP          Review call handling systems                                   March 2008
M       Police with        response (e. g. to closed police stations               Review of police stations
        improving access   & poor telephone access)                                Priority telephone access for public
        to its services                                                            Public reassurance
1.5     CSP to support     Use National Intelligenc e Model in N&S     CSP         Link police tasking with Community         -                   March 2006
M       Neighbourhood      Action Teams & other forums                             Safety Action Groups
                           Publicise the new system                    CSP/        Police system integrated with              Grant from Home     March 2007

 Draft Business Plan 2005 –2008 for the Community Safety Partnership Torfaen incorporating Action Plan                                                           8
          Policing               Increase the number of PCS Os                TCBC          Webster                                   Office
Aim 1: to tackle and reduce crime and disorder and limit its impact on people’s quality of life and local environmental quality
1 Aim   Objective          Task                                Lead       Target [draft]                    Cost           Timescale
Pr’ty   (continued)                                            Agency     Outcome
1.6       To support housing       Ensure all social housing providers are      CSP           Named person from eac h social      -                       December 2005
M         agencies in              represented / contribute to the CSP                        landlord as member of CSP
          implementing their       CSP to supporting new enforcement            Torfaen       Housing Strategy and ASB            -                       October 2005
          Antisocial Behaviour     measures for ASB under 2003 Act              Landlords     Policies to be published
          Strategies               CSP to support covert surveillance in        CSP/ Soc      Agreed procedures implemented       -                       October 2005
                                   partnership with social landlords            landlords
                                   Social landlords to consider selling         Social        Action plan developed identifying   -                       October 2005
                                   their services / expertise to others         landlords     framework for „selling‟ services
1.7       Action to enforce        Introduce fixed penalty notices for          TCBC /        Baseline measures established       ?                       March 2006
L         anti-social              littering, graffiti, vandalism, dumping,     DftE          Policy developed
          behaviour legislation    deliberat e secondary fires, car crime,                    Staff engaged to implement
          in respect of the        garden rubbish                                             Cost savings identified
1.8       Improve                  Secure CSP representation on the             CSP           Appropriate representation          -                       September 2005
L         communication            Court Users Group
          between the CSP          Review with Magistrates Clerk and            CSP           Improved protocols adopted          -                       March 2006
          and the Courts           CPS a Pan Gwent ASB protocol
          within the structure     covering post-conviction ASBOs,
          of the loc al Criminal   injunctions, with a uniform approach to
          Justice Board            dealing with breaches

    Aim 2: to invest in measures to prevent and divert would be offenders from crime and disorder
2         Objective              Task                                                 Lead            Target Outcome                           Cost        Timescale
Community Fire Safety
2.1   To ensure joint            CSP to support / work with F& RS on                  CSP             At least one programme per year          Grant       Annually dependant
H     working in                 programmes – e.g. Young Fire Setters / Don‟t         SWFRS           to be run in partnership                 funded      on successful grants
                                 Drink and Fry                                                                                                 £10,000.

    Draft Business Plan 2005 –2008 for the Community Safety Partnership Torfaen incorporating Action Plan                                                                  9
         community safety     To review & implement the Abandoned Vehicle        SWFRS          All parties satisfied with working   variable   Implement revis ed
         between the F&       Protocol                                           TCBC [DftE]    of revised protocol                             protocol 2005; review
         RS and CSP                                                              GP                                                             April 2006
                              Standing item on CSP for F&RS to report on         CSP            Attendance of SWFRS rep to           -          Introduce June 05
                              progress                                                          each CSP meeting
2.2      To take action to    Undertaking Fire Risk Assessments in high risk     SWFRS          75% of dwellings in high risk        ?          March 2006 – then
M        reduce the risk of   households and installing smoke alarms and                        areas to have a risk assessment                 annually
         fires                other measures to reduce harm                                     every 3 years (?)
                              To work with schools to reduce the risk of fires                  Risk of fire in schools reduc ed                April 2006 -
                                                                                                from 1:35 to ??
                              Collaboration with the CYPFP to divert would       SWFRS          Reduce deliberate secondary          £50,000.   Campaigns starting in
                              be arsonists                                       / YPP          fires from 98% to 75% and            ?          2005
                                                                                                primary fires from 65% to 45%
 Public Transport and safety
2.3      Improve people‟s   To ensure that bus services are safe to use          CSP            Prompt respons e to reports of       Variable   Ongoing
H        safety when                                                                            attacks on public transport
         using public       To continue to maintain, repair or replace           TCBC DftE      Continuation of partnership with     £24,000    Partnership ends in
         transport          vandalised bus stops                                                TIGE R [bus service provider]        budget     2006/7
Land buildings & environment
2.4      To reduce the      Encourage spend to save practices in l leisure       TCBC [LY C]    Improved security & lighting         Cost       From April 2005
M        risk of vandalism  facilities, community halls, public buildings,                      Reduced overall spending             borne by
         to community       libraries, open air facilities                                                                           owners
         buildings and      Encourage public providers (e.g. surgeries and       LHB            Improved security & lighting         Cost
         facilities         pharmacies) and ot her public buildings to                                                               borne by
                              improve safety                                                                                         owners
                              Monitoring and client satisfaction surveys to be                  Increased client satisfaction                   Annually in selected
                              administered                                                      [75% of groups asked]                           areas

Aim 2: to invest in measures to prevent and divert would be offenders from crime and disorder (continued)
2       Objectives            Task                                  Lead           Target                                            Cost        Timescale
                                                                    Agency         Outcome
Land buildings & environment (continued)
2.5     To encourage people    Extending work on eco-schools, rivers              TCBC              All primary schools to be                    April 2005
M       to respect their local projects, litter prevention and conservation       DftE/ Educ        signed up to eco-schools
        environment            Encouraging litter picking activities at local     TCBC OppS         Citizenship training pays due    Borne by    April 2007
                               level; active citizenship                          vol orgns &       regard to environmental          existing
                                                                                  schools           protection                       budgets
                                   Providing / encouraging use of poop            TCBC              Fixed Penalty Notices to be                  April 2007
                                   scoops (plus FPN)                                                applied in all areas

 Draft Business Plan 2005 –2008 for the Community Safety Partnership Torfaen incorporating Action Plan                                                         10
2.6     To maintain a high       Supporting / maintaining standards of           TCBC           Maintain service quality and     Sustained    Ongoing
H       quality environment      Greening & Cleaning                             Opp Services   user satisfaction levels         budget
        where people feel safe   Replacing vandalised lighting within a week                    Move towards vandal proof
                                 of its being reported                                          lighting in high crime areas
                                 Replacing wheelie bins within a week                           Reduce incidents of arson
                                 Maintaining and repairing public toilets                       Reduce workload
2.7     To raise awareness of    To link with the Biodiversity Partnership in    TCBC [DftE]    Meet Welsh Conservation          Cost borne   Ongoing
M       and reduce wildlife      order to: reduce damage caused to Sites of      GP             Priorities for Wildlife Crime:   by DftE &
        crime:                   Special Scientific Interest through the         Vol orgns      Reduce damage to SSSIs &         CCW &
                                 illegal use of off-road vehicles & illegal                     protected species and birds      GP
                                 burning; reduce unlawful development
                                 affecting European Prot ected Species;
                                 reduce persecution of protected birds
2.8     To ensure public         To ensure a thorough and balanced               TCBC / DftE    Protocol to be agreed with       -            March 2006
H       consultation about       consultation with the public.                   CSP            CSP on how the public will be
        safety implications of                                                                  consulted about foot paths,
        changes to the local                                                                    underpasses & public spaces
2.9     To ensure                To commission consultants to develop            TCBC [DftE]    Supp Planning Guidance to        £5,000       January 2006
H       implementation of        Supplement ary Planning Guidance for                           be prepared in a format that     (DftE has
        Planning out Crime       Designing out Crime, which can                                 can be incorporated in the       no budget)
        policies                 subsequently be incorporat ed in the Local                     LDP
                                 Development Plan and applied to
                                 development control decisions

Aim 2: to invest in measures to prevent and divert would be offenders from crime and disorder (continued)
2      Objectives             Task                                         Lead      Target                                              Cost        Timescale
                                                                           Agency Outcome
Land, buildings & environment (continued)
2.10   To ensure the effective   Reviewing approach to Secured by Design and            GP HQ    Guidance from the CS D of Gwent         -           December
H      working of Secured by     adopting best practice                                 DftE     Police HQ                                           2005

2.11   Ensure regeneration        Including a safety checklist in all regeneration      DftE     Regeneration plans to incorporate a     -           April 2005
M      activity builds in         plans                                                          risk assessment for community safety
       community safety
2.12   CSP to support DftE to     A standing agenda item on CSP for DftE to report      CSP      Attendance of DftE rep to each CSP      -
M      implement its Community    on progress                                           DftE     meeting
       Safety Strategy
2.13   Reduce crime/ disorder     To agree a protocol to ensure that vandalism &        TCBC     Agreed protocol between LA depts,       -           March 2006
L      on vacant land             ASB on vacant land is consistently managed.                    extended to other Torfaen landowners                March 2007

 Draft Business Plan 2005 –2008 for the Community Safety Partnership Torfaen incorporating Action Plan                                                       11
Voluntary and Community Activity
2.14   To support the voluntary Improve the involvement of the voluntary sector          CSP /      High level of engagement by tenants,      -           March 2006
M      sector & community       through the N. and S. Action teams; to ensure            TCBC /     residents, community and voluntary
       groups in developing     implementation of the Voluntary Sector Compact           TVA        sector groups in N. & S. Action
       diversionary activity    in relation to community safety.                                    Teams
2.15   To encourage young       Ensuring wide consultation of young people about         YPP        Cons ultation exercises re:               -           Ongoing
H      people to be involved in the need for, design and location of facilities for                 play areas, youth shelters, kick-walls
       making their community   young people                                                        and skate parks
       safe                     Developing activities for young people and               YPP        Increased participation by excluded       Cost        Ongoing
                                enhancing opport unities for their participation e.g.               young people in yout h activities youth   borne by
                                making facilities more accessible                                   groups, school councils,                  CYPFP
                                Inviting yout h groups to participate in a youth         YPP        Youth Community Safety Conference         £1000       October
                                conference on community Safety                                                                                [CSP]]      2006
                                Collaborating with YOT / CYPFP to develop                YOT        Diversionary activities to be available    YOT        April 2006
                                support activities to divert would be young                         to all those needing them                             onwards
                                Establish a team of detached youth workers               TCBC       E valuate programme currently funded      c. £100k    April 2006
                                directed at young people who are perceived to be         [Youth     by Safer CF and TCBC and link it                      onwards
                                involved with antisocial or disruptive behaviour         Service]   more closely to POPO programme

Aim 2: to invest in measures to prevent and divert would be offenders from crime and disorder (continued)
2      Objectives               Task                                       Lead      Target                                                   Cost        Timescale
                                                                           Agency Outcome
Victims and offenders
2.16   Continue to address the       Supporting work of the YOT and the Prevention                  Achieve YOT & POPOS targets               YOT [B      July 2006
H      needs of young offenders,     and Intervention Project e.g. in addressing their   YOT                                                  Division]
       would be young offenders      exclusion, lack of family support, abuse etc
       and their families
2.17   To support victims and        Developing innovative approaches to                 CSP        Access to appropriate remedies as         £5,000      Ongoing
H      offenders of ASB              community harmony – e.g. restorative justice,                  required
                                     ABCs, injunctions, mediation, etc
                                     To maintain Victim Support Gwent & Bobby Van        GP                                                   Police      Ongoing
                                     scheme                                                                                                   budget
                                     To identify the range of support available to       CSP        Audit                                                 March 2006
                                     victims and witnesses                                          Integrated plan of services                           March 2008

 NB The Community Safety Partnership will seek to focus on prevention of offending in order to reduce the risk of offending (across the board) and de-
 stigmatise the needs of vulnerable young people and their families, encouraging them to seek helpAim 3: to support vulnerable people
 and victims of crime, hidden crime, fear of crime and ASB and reassure them of their rights to live in safety;
 to de-stigmatise vulnerable groups and encourage them to seek help

 Draft Business Plan 2005 –2008 for the Community Safety Partnership Torfaen incorporating Action Plan                                                          12
3       Objective             Task                                                       Lead         Target                        Cost         Timescale
                                                                                         Agency       Outcome
Domestic Abuse Strategy
3.1     Review the role of    Establishing an efficient framework to achieve a co-       CSP          To be determined by the            -       July/Sept. 05
H       the Domestic          ordinated and effective multi agency response to           DAC          Domestic Abuse Forum
        Abuse Forum           domestic abuse                                                          Summer 2005
                              Continuing to support the Domestic Abuse                   CSP                                             -       Ongoing
3.2     Increase the safety   Developing risk assessment procedures and                  DAF Task &                                 To be        March „06
H       and protection of     appropriate information exchange protocols                 Finish G                                   determined
        adult victims &       Ensuring adequate provision of safety equipment such       CSP                                        To be        On going
        their children        as alarms, mobile phones, safety locks etc.                                                           determined
                              Further developing support, advocacy & information         DAF                                        To be        ?
                              services for all adult victims and their children          SDN                                        determined
                              Further developing and maintaining links with service      DAC                                         -           On going
                              providers & users                                          SDN
                              Developing workplac e policies and practice guidelines     DAF Task &                                  -           March „06
                              for employers dealing with victims and perpetrators of     Finish G
                              domestic abuse
                              Further developing the provision of survivors groups       Tai Hafan                                  To be        On going
                              based on the „Freedom Programme‟                           SDN                                        determined
                              Delivering training to increase knowledge and skills for   DAC                                        £4,000 pa    On going
                              staff dealing with adult victims and their children
                              Ensure that Area Child Protection Committees are           DAC          Linked to National Strategy                Ongoing
                              included as part of the strategy
3.3     Increase reporting    Producing information materials for ad ult victims and     DAF                                        To be        March ‟06 and
H       of domestic abuse     their children to enable them to recognise their           Sub Group                                  determined   on-going
        incidents             situation and encourage reporting
3.4     Reduce repeat         Raising public awareness of the prevalence of              CSP                                        To be        On going
M       victimisation         domestic abuse and the need for attitudes to change        DAF                                        determined

    Draft Business Plan 2005 –2008 for the Community Safety Partnership Torfaen incorporating Action Plan                                                   13
Aim 3: to support vulnerable people and victims of crime, hidden crime, fear of crime and ASB and reassure them of their rights to live in
safety; to de-stigmatise vulnerable groups and encourage them to seek help (continued)
3      Objective            Task                                    Lead        Target                           Cost          Timescale
                                                                    Agency Outcome
Vulnerable People
3.12   Address fear of crime    Forging links & consultation wit h the Torfaen   CSP         Attendance at Forum meetings 2 x per      -            June 2005
H      among vulnerable         Local Health Board in addressing the             [HSCWB      year
       people                   community safety needs of vulnerable people      Strategy]
                                Ascertain nature and extent of Fear of Crime     CSP         Research study with conclusions;          £10,000      February 2006
                                in Torfaen; use results to demonstrate what is               package of proposals to address
                                being / needs to be done to address fear of                  problems
3.13    Develop further         Supporting agencies e.g. Bobby Van Scheme,       CSP         Continued support for/ links with Bobby   £17,000      Start April 05
H       measures to keep        Care & Repair, Age Concern,                                  Van, police liaison, C&R, Age Conc ern                 Implementation
        older people safe                                                                    etc                                                    by March 2006
        within the community    „Designing out‟ crime for older people – e. g.   TCBC        Review all sheltered accommodation to     To be        April 2007
                                adequate lighting, defensible space wit hin      Housing     identify & prevent problems               determined
                                sheltered housing complexes
3.14    Develop inter-          COS TA R, CCYP & Community Halls to pilot        TCBC        Communities First Areas & COS TA R        To be        March 2007
M       generational activities activities to get young and old to work          (Comm       programme to tackle intergenerational     determined
                                together – e.g. help with gardening, computer    Halls) &    conflict as part of S17 programme         and budget
                                clubs, luncheon clubs, learning crafts etc       Vol orgns                                             secured
Racially Motivated & Hate Crime
3.15    Co-ordinate activities  Work with Equalities Officer to develop          TCBC        Develop a Race Equalities Strategy in                  March 2007
M       to tackle hate crime & community cohesion activities                     [Equ.O]     relation to community safety
        racially motivated                                                                   Reduce race crime
        ASB                     Support work of / develop links with Torfaen     TCBC        1 representative of BME community on                   March 2006
                                Race Advisory Forum in reducing rate and         TRAF        SMAT and CSP
                                hate crime
3.16    Encourage diversities Promote diversity awareness                        TVA         Race Equalities Strategy                  Race         December 05
L       working                 Identify pathways to active citizenship for                  Protocols                                 Equalities
                                diverse communities in relation to C Safety &                Multi-agency training                     Budget
                                across related strategies                        TRAF

 Draft Business Plan 2005 –2008 for the Community Safety Partnership Torfaen incorporating Action Plan                                                          14
Aim 4: using the Police National Intelligence Model to target support to communities experiencing a high incidence of crime

Draft Business Plan 2005 –2008 for the Community Safety Partnership Torfaen incorporating Action Plan                   15
and anti-social behaviour
Aim 3: to support vulnerable people and victims of crime, hidden crime, fear
of crime and ASB and reassure them of their rights to live in safety; to de-
stigmatise vulnerable groups and encourage them to seek help (continued)
3 Objecti Task                       Le Target                 Cost Timesc
    ve                               ad Outcome                        ale
Domestic Abuse Strategy (continued)
3. Hold      Ensuring appropriate use        CS                      On-
5  perpetrat and interpretation of the       P                       going
H ors        different Acts under            CJ
   appropri  which a perpetrator can         S
   ately     be charged and held             Poli
   accounta accountable                      ce
   ble for   Through Probation, by           Pro                     On
   their     implementing the IDAP           bati                    going
   violence: perpetrators programme          on
             Exploring the feasibility of    DA              To
             a Pan Gwent community           C               be
             based perpetrators                              deter
             programme                                       mine
3.   Influence   Attempting to change the    DA              To
6    the next    attitudes to the            F               be
M    generatio   acceptability of domestic   sub             deter
     n:          abuse among young           gro             mine
                 people                      up /            d
3.   Review      Review service to ensure
7    systems     more effective support /
L    of arrest   prevention to domestic
                 abuse victims; review
                 referral pathways;
                 improve measurement of
                 service delivery and
3.  Impleme      Develop and implement DA
8   ntation      Action Plan           C
H   program
Vulnerable adults                                                                         Attempting to   DAF sub   To be
Draft Business Plan 2005 –2008 for the Community Safety Partnership Torfaen incorporating Action Plan                16
3. Address    Working as a Partnership TC Ensure a          £150 October                  change the      group /   determined
                                                                                          attitudes to    Educ
4        Objective                Task                                               Lead         Target                              Cost      Timescale
                                                                                     Agency       Outcome
4.1      Prioritise the           Review the terms of reference for the North and    CSP          Ensure the action teams have        From      July 2005
H        needs of areas           South Action Teams.                                             a mandate and membership to         core
         identified as high                                                                       tackle local problems quickly       funding
         in crime and fear                                                                        and effectively.
         of crime using the
         Intelligence Model
         and to provide a
                                  CSP to prepare a Strategic Assessment of the       CSP/         Strategic direction for the         From      June 2005 to be
         rapid and robust
                                  problems and forthcoming issues which will         Police       Partnership. Clear priorities for   BCU and   reviewed every six
         response to assist       impact on delivery. The CSP to set the strategic                all sub groups.                     core      months.
         those areas.             priorities for the sub groups.                                                                      funding
                                  CSP to produce a monthly assessment against        CSP/         Regular management                  - From    July 2005 onwards
                                  priorities showing „hot spots‟.                    Police       information to allow emerging       BCU and
                                                                                                  trends and „hot spots‟ to be        core
                                                                                                  dealt with promptly.                funding
                                  Nort h and South Action Teams to receive           CSP          Local interventions to drive        From      July 2005
                                  monthly assessment and task member with                         forward the CSP priorities and      core
                                  providing interventions.                                        tackle locally identified           funding

    Aim 5: to encourage people to make their own communities a safer place in which to live
5       Objective                     Task                                                 Lead          Target                                 Cost         Timescale
                                                                                           Agency        Outcome

5.1     Encourage people to           Removing safety barriers to walking for health &     LHB                                                               Ongoing
H       feel more confident by        well-being                                                         Sustained improvement in
        participating in activities   Cont ributing to the Older Person‟s Forums           TVA           community well -being
        / becoming active             Use „smart technology‟ to support older people at    TCBC

    Draft Business Plan 2005 –2008 for the Community Safety Partnership Torfaen incorporating Action Plan                                                            17
        citizens                      Supporting Youth involvement                         YPP
                                      Pulling strands of citizenship int o the Community   CSP
                                      Safety Strategy
                                      Supporting participation in cultural, lifelong       TCBC
                                      learning, and sport activities                       [LYC]
                                      Develop community capacity to take on lead role      TVA
5.2     Encourage public              By way of the TVA recruit, support and maintain      TVA           Police and LA members to be            -                  March 2006
L       participation in activities   development and community workers, support           GP            better involved in local forums
        directly addressing           community forums                                     TCBC
        problems of community
                                      Encourage public participation in                    CSP           NW to exist in each of 4 Torfaen       4x£200 start       By March
        safety / disorder
                                      Neighbourhood Watch                                  GP            areas                                  up grant           2007
                                      Give people knowledge & awareness to take                          Public consultation and
                                      action to prot ect their community/ themselves                     engagement
                                      YOT panels                                           YOT           Maintain a pool of ex pertise          YOT cost           Ongoing
5.3     Make people more              Utilise Community Development process to             TVA           S115 and regular consultation          ?                  March 06
H       involved in community         strengthen communities in priority areas             TCBC          groups set up in high priority areas
        safety                                                                                           to provide “eyes & ears ”
5.4     Promote Torfaen as a          Reviewing the ways in which the public are best      TCBC          Community information programme        Grant to be        March 2008
H       safe place to live            informed                                                           through Webster; also                  sought
                                      Produce and disseminat e public information                        disseminated to key groups and
                                      At least 2 Community Safety Information                            through libraries
                                      programmes per year
5.5     Raise awareness of the        Implement an information, public relations and       CSP           Information strategy planned and
H       work of the Community         media strategy to raise the CSP‟s profile                          implemented
        Safety Partnership            Publicise the range of services that CSP now         CSP           Leaflet and other information
                                      covers – YOTs, SMAT. ASB tools, equalities,                        materials published and distributed
                                      domestic abuse, covert surveillance
    Aim 6: To lessen the impact of alcohol related disorder in the wider community
6       Objective          Task                                                 Lead       Target                                               Cost           Timescale
                                                                                Agency     Outcome
6.1     Explore            Measuring alcohol related traffic and other          Trust      Reduced % of incidents alcohol related               ?              ?
        through the        accidents at A&E departments                         LHB
M       SMAT the           Measuring the impact of alc ohol /binge drinking     LHB        Baseline measures to be determined by the            -              See Policing
        impact of          on ASB in all settings (e.g. youth offending,                   police for future commissioning work                                Plan 2006-7
        alcohol use        domestic abuse, ASB)
        on                 Measure the incidence of alcohol related             GP         1 Police Operation over a specified period to        £2000          By September
        community          violence                                                        identify the degree of alcohol related violence                     2006
        safety in          Receive reports from the licensing officer in        CSP        CSP receives regular report from licensing           -              June 2005
        Torfaen            relation to opening times and extended licences.     TCBC       officer relating to applications

    Draft Business Plan 2005 –2008 for the Community Safety Partnership Torfaen incorporating Action Plan                                                                18
6.2     Reduce the      Implement availability and enforcement sub-         SMAT      Group to meet bi-monthly and make regular                             Ongoing
        levels of       group across B Division to monitor the                        reports to SMAT
        criminal ,      availability section of the SMAT plan for 2005-08
H       socially        Reduce number reported incidents of anti-social               E valuate success of alcohol free zones and             £30000        June 2006
        unaccept able   behaviour resulting from alcohol misuse                       establish baseline for offending
        behaviour                                                                     Explore possibility of establishing more alcohol
        and disorder                                                                  free zones in areas where particular problems
        associated                                                                    have been identified inc Rapid Res pons e Model
        with the        Reduce under-age consumption of age                 SMAT      Monitor and tailor Prevention & Intervention            CSP           Ongoing to
        consumption     restricted products through test purchasing,                  Project to ensure locally identified issues are         Funding       March 2008
        of alcohol,     covert surveillance, promotion of VALIDA TE                   addressed                                               streams
        primarily by    scheme                                                        To liaise with breweries, retail outlets and            and core
        young                                                                         educational establishments to ensure that all           budgets
        people                                                                        young people in education have equal access to
        (see Section                                                                  proof of age cards. (Validat e)
        2.2 and 4.4
        of SMAT                                                                       Targeted confiscation‟s and the referral to
        Plan 2005-                                                                    appropriate treatment agencies
        08)             Enforcing high standards of safety within           TCBC      CSP receives regular report from licensing              N/a           June 2005
                        licensed premises through the Licensing Laws                  officer relating to applications
                        Reviewing best practice and introducing new                   To clarify the roles and responsibilities of key
                        initiatives as appropriate                                    stakeholders and ensure clearly defined policy
                        Prevention of irresponsible alcohol use through     GP        Existing PubWatch Scheme to be extended to              £6,000        March 2007
                        PubWatch scheme                                               Blaenavon and peripheral communities

    Aim 7: to invest in the partnership as a coherent, self standing organisation
7       Objective               Task                                                  Lead        Target                                 Co     Timescale
                                                                                      Agency      Outcome                                st
7.1     Set the C.S. Strategy   Ensure identified CSP representation on the CYPF      CSP         A community safety input into          -
H       in the context of the   Partnership, Older Persons Planning Forum,                        the six themes and priorities,
        Community Strategy      HSCWB Strategy etc                                                locality and age groups
7.2     Review annually by      Ongoing self assessment within CSP                    CSP         Sself-assessment framework             -      June 2005
H       way of self             Extend the Councillor Referral Prot ocol to           CSP         Protocol revised and extended          -
        assessment the          Community Councillors                                 TCBC        to TALC
        structure and
                                To forge a link and develop overlapping servic es     CSP
        membership of the
                                where appropriat e, with the LCJB; identify
                                overarching joint areas of work – e.g. POPO, victim
                                support, public reassurance, domestic abuse)

    Draft Business Plan 2005 –2008 for the Community Safety Partnership Torfaen incorporating Action Plan                                                             19
                                  Fill identified gaps in CSP membership – e.g.           CSP         CSP to reflect a range of           -
                                  schools / education; Fire and Rescue S ervice; TA LC;               interests
                                  youth council/youth; leisure; planning)
                                  Ensure that participants are aware of the reasons for   CSP         Induction training completed        -
                                  their participation in the CSP                                      within 4 weeks of joining
7.3   Ensure that effective,      Ensure that year on year that the balance of the work   CSP         Monitoring balance of work and      -     Annual Report
M     adequate & timely           and resources of the CSP move from enforcement to                   cost savings
      measures are being          prevention and diversion
      taken to manage             Activities to heighten public awaren ess of             CSP         Programme of proactive              -     Review for
      problems that arise         partnership working to tackle fear of crime                         prevention and diversion work             Annual Report
7.4   Give the CSP an             Review the terms of reference and develop a             CSP         Business Plan                       -     June 2005
H     identity to which all       Business Plan, defining membership, role, plans,
      parties can sign up         values & principles & systems of accountability.
                                  Ensure commitment of all agencies to the priorities     CSP         to better engage SWFS in work             April 2006
                                  set by the partnership                                              of CSP
                                  Establish legal position of the CSP in terms of         CSP         Clear guidelines about who          -     October 2006
                                  contracting, procurement & property management.                     maintains CSP equipment
7.5   Strategically evaluate      Becoming more innovative, by focusing on e vidence      CSP         Service planning process            -     Depends on
M     what the CSP does           based best practice                                                 adopted                                   WAG guidance
7.6   Identify alternative        Working in partnership with others to identify          TVA, GP,    Use of TVA/ TCBC Compact to         -     March 2007
M     resources for project       additional resources through a proactive                TCBC        support part ners hip working
      work                        commissioning group
                                  Maximise use of European funds for regeneration         TCBC        European funding for CS             -     October 2006
                                  and community safety                                                projects

 Aim 8: to invest in better ways of measuring and monitoring community safety
Aim Objective                       Task                                            Lead         Target                            Cost          Timescale
Pr’ty                                                                               Agency       Outcome
8.1    Provide evidence for         Invest / make use of Geographical               CSP          Agreed system in use across       To be         March 2007
M      targeting action and         Information Systems (GIS)                                    CSP                               determined
       resources to specific        Develop protocol for using coterminous          CSP          Protocol bet ween SWFRS, GP,      -             January 2006
       locations                    boundaries for SWFRS, Police, LA,                            TCBC, probation and LHB
8.2    Ensure that community        Ensuring that community consultation            CSP          A checklist of questions which    -             June 2006
M      intelligence is ongoing,     includes community safety & that the CSP                     can be used to monitor the fear
       statistically valid and      contribut es standard community safety                       of crime and disorder and that
       adequate for setting         questions into community consultation - e.g.                 can be included in every
       priorities or policies       for Communities First Areas, for Community                   community questionnaire or
                                    Plan, for Tenants‟ Satisfaction and the MORI                 study

 Draft Business Plan 2005 –2008 for the Community Safety Partnership Torfaen incorporating Action Plan                                                          20
8.3   Set clear performance    Establish clear SMART objectives for all      CSP         Audit Group established to       -           Ongoing
M     management               schemes & projects                                        ensure consistency
      framework                Identify measurable outcomes for the CSP                  Appropriate measures in place
                               Strategy that are consistent with existing
                               reporting measurement systems within the
                               CSP and Continuing Improvement agenda
8.4   Ensure effective         Investigat e best practice and implement      CSP         Performance reviews of           -           March 2006
M     surveillance systems     measures to identify crime                                surveillance systems
                               Review the performanc e, effectiveness and                Findings addressed
                               management of surveillance and intelligence
                               Examine ways of addressing the findings
8.5   Develop an effective     Establish a monitoring subgroup (Officers     CSP/        E vidence of best practice can               March 2006
H     monitoring & reporting   Support Group) to review and cross            Officer     be demonstrated
      structure for the CSP    reference strategies                          SG
 Glossary of terms

 ABC              Acceptable Behaviour Contract                                    LYC                Leisure Youth & Culture Department (TCBC)
 ACPO/C           Area Child Protection Officer / Committee                        MAPSG              Multi-Agency Problem-Solving Group
 A&E              Accident and Emergency Unit (hospital)                           NIM                National Intelligence Model (Police targeting and
 ASB              Anti-Social Behaviour                                            OPS                Older Persons Strategy
 ASBO             Anti-Social Behaviour Order                                      Opp S              Operational Services (Greening & Cleaning)
 CCW              Countryside Council for Wales
 CF               Communities First                                                PCSOs              Police Community Safety Officers
 CoSTAR           Cwmbran (South West) Strategy Area                               PIP                Prevention and Intervention Project
 CSP              Community Safety Partnership                                     POPOS              Prolific and Persistent Offender Scheme
 CYPFP            Children & Young People‟s Framework Partnership                  SDN
 DAC              Domestic Abuse Coordinator                                       SM                 Substance Misuse
 DAF              Domestic Abuse Forum                                             SMAT               Substance Misuse Action Team
 DftE             Department for the Environment                                   Soc Serv           Social Services
 Eco-schools      Educational scheme to support environmental awareness            SOD                Strategic and Operational Development plan
 Educ             Education Department (TCBC)                                      SWFRS              South Wales Fire and Rescue Service
 Equ.O.           Equalities Officer                                               TIGER              Transport in Gwent (public bus transport providers)
 F&RS             Fire and Rescue Service                                          TALC               Torfaen Association of Local Councils
 FPN              Fixed Penalty Notice                                             Torfaen CBC        Torfaen County Borough Council
 GIS              Geographical Information System - computer based                 TRAF               Torfaen Race Advisory Forum
                  system to record location of hot spots etc
 GP               Gwent Police                                                     TVA                Torfaen Voluntary Action

 Draft Business Plan 2005 –2008 for the Community Safety Partnership Torfaen incorporating Action Plan                                                    21
HSCWB           Health Social Care and Well-Being                             Webster            Torfaen‟s Intranet
IDAP            Islwyn Drug and Alcohol Project                               VALIDATE           Proof of age cards for under 21s
ISU             Information Support Unit (TCBC)                               YOT                Youth Offending Team
LCJB            Local Criminal Justice Board                                  YPP                Young People‟s Partnership
LHB             Local Health Board

   6.   The National Intelligence Model is a system designed to gather information, set priorities and managing interventions. It is this model that
        will provide the monitoring tool by which the CSP will measure much of its process and outcomes. BUDGET

   BSC – Building Safer Communities
   Total Revenue £91,500
   Total Capitol £44,450

   The BSC fund will be used to fund various operations. These include target hardening, tackling repeat offenders, to increase test
   purchasing. It will also fund the employment of Youth Disorder Hotspot Workers, Project monitoring and evaluation Officer. The BSC
   will also fund the community based work of the Community Safety Operational Teams and the North and South Torfaen Action
   Teams. The BSC will also contribute towards the Prudential For Youth project. The BSC fund will contribute to the salary of DAFS
   and will provide the capitol budget for a CAD co-ordinator.

   SCF – Safer Communities Fund
   PIP - £97,378 CAD - £20,000 CAD - £38,000

   PIP – to co-ordinate assessment; early identification and focussed interventions and re-integration of young people identified as being
   at risk.
   CAD - Co-ordinate approach to engaging individuals in social activities in an attempt to divert then from their harmful drug misuse.
   CAD – Raising the awareness of substance misuse within key agencies and the community.

   BCU – Basic Command Unit
   Total Revenue: £113.56 Total Capitol: £3000

Draft Business Plan 2005 –2008 for the Community Safety Partnership Torfaen incorporating Action Plan                                             22
   The funding of the BCU has been divided into numerous operations. These include PIP; Anti -Social Database; Alcohol related
   violence and disorder; Anti-social behaviour and crime reduction; Substance Misuse; Substance Screening Device; Partnership
   marketing; Partnership Development; Instillation of equipment for Domestic Violence; Priority Offenders; Memo Cam Distraction
   Burglary Initiative.


[It is envisaged that the key points of each partners strategy be listed here – 1 page per organisation]


Draft Business Plan 2005 –2008 for the Community Safety Partnership Torfaen incorporating Action Plan                              23
   “To make Torfaen one of the safest local authority areas to live, work or visit”
   “Torfaen LHB, with its partners, has developed a Health, Social Care and Well being
   strategy. One of the main priorities in that strategy is to improve community safety and
   improve services for people with substance misuse problems”MEMBERSHIP OF THE

Membership of the Torfaen Community Safety Partnership
December 2004
                                                                        Gail Davies/Sue Evans, Torfaen Local Health Board
Chief Superintendent Paul Symes, „B‟ Division, Heddlu Gwent Police      Martin Speller, Justices‟ Chief Executive
Alison Ward, Chief Executive, Torfaen County Borough Council            Steve Williams, Mon/Torfaen YOT
Cllr GI Davies Gwent Police Authority                                   Jim Kinge, Principal Education Psychologist, TCBC
David Jeremiah, Community Safety Manager, TCBC                          Mark Gardner, Eastern Valley Housing Association
Richard Morgan, Welsh Assembly Government                               Gareth Davies/SDO Ray Jones, S W Fire Service
Cllr G I Davies, Police Authority Representative                        Kay Howell/Kathryn Edwards, Charter Housing Association
Cllr Gwyneira Clark, Executive Member, Community Safety                 Scott Sanders, Gwerin Housing Association
Div Commander Joy Lott, Head of Citizen Focus & Partnership Policing,   Ellie Harper, Principal Regeneration Officer, Department for the
Heddlu Gwent Police                                                     Environment, TCBC
Chief Inspector Bill Fitzpatrick, Heddlu Gwent Police                   Steve Whitehouse, Head of Trading Standards, Department for the
Inspector David Moses, Heddlu Gwent Police                              Environment, TCBC
Nina Finnigan, Chief Officer, TVA                                       Alan Branch-O‟Neil, Trading Standards, Department for the Environment,
Peter Kennedy, Office Manager, TVA                                      TCBC
Jim A‟Herne, Gwent Probation                                            Andrew Gray, Department for the Environment, TCBC
Keith Rutherford, Group Manager, Childrens Services, Torfaen Social     Vincent James, Equalities Manager, TCBC
Services                                                                Adrian Mahoney, Communities Against Drugs Officer, TCBC
Stewart Greenwell, Chair, Torfaen SMAT, Torfaen Social Services         Rob Phillips/Annice Parker, H M Customs and Excise
Paul Meredith, Social Services                                          Immy Lee, Domestic Abuse Co-ordinator, TCBC
P C Andrew Mason, Community Safety Officer, Gwent Police                Michele Chesterman, Assistant Community Safety Manager/Anti Social
John Killick, Head of Social Inclusion, TCBC                            Behaviour Co-ordinator
John Dwight, District Audit                                             Neil Taylor Community and Partnership Gwent Police Authority
Adrian Huckin/Lyndon Puddy, Housing Department, TCBC                    Claire Townsend, Project Officer, Community Safety

Draft Business Plan 2005 –2008 for the Community Safety Partnership Torfaen incorporating Action Plan                                     24
The Chairmen of the following organisations receive information from the Partnership: Blaenavon Town Council; Croesyceiliog and Llanyrafon
Community Council; Cwmbran Community Council; Henllys Community Council; Pontypool Community Council; Ponthir Community Council;
Cwmbran Partnership Against Crime; Pontypool Partnership Against Crime.


The Team comprises:-
   David Jeremiah – Community Safety Manager
   Michèle Chesterman – Assistant Manager & ASB Officer
   Claire Townsend – Project Officer
   Umbereen Ahmed – Substance Misuse Officer
   Kathryn Jenkins – Substance Misuse Officer
   Andrew Mason – Embedded Divisional Community Safety Police Officer – Funding and Anti-Social Behaviour

Linked Personnel funded to support the Torfaen Partnership includes:-
    Adrian Mahoney – Communities Against Drugs Officer
    Dave Sneddon - Communities Against Drugs Project worker
    Immy Lee - Domestic Abuse Co-ordinator
    Jay Ryan - Musical Youth Co-ordinator
    Sarah Campbell, Musical Youth Development Worker
    Sessional workers

Linked Personnel funded by Gwent Police or dedicated to the Programme:-
    Inspector Dave Moses – Divisional Community Safety Inspector
    Sergeant Stephen Keenan - Divisional Community Safety Sergeant
    Andrew Cleaton – Crime & Disorder Reduction Police Officer North
    P C Darrell Dewar – Crime & Disorder Reduction Police Officer South

Other Key staff central to operational effectiveness
   Chris Tindall and Lyn Morgan – Legal Support and Advice
   Fire Officer Bruce Kilshaw – Advice and Support

Draft Business Plan 2005 –2008 for the Community Safety Partnership Torfaen incorporating Action Plan                                        25

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