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									News from The Lincoln Chamber of Commerce                     

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                                                                                               MAY 2008

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                                         Chamber Takes on Local Budgets
                                         Chamber Encourages to Buy Local
                                        Chamber Leaders Visit Capitol Hill
                                       Be a Tourist in Your Own Home Town           JUNE, 2008
                                     Chamber Website an Overlooked Benefit
                                                  President's Club
                                    Atkinson to Headline Partnership Breakfast      Click Here to
                                          Summer Connection Scheduled               register for events

                               Notes from the President                             June 4
                               CHAMBER TAKES ON LOCAL                               8:00 a.m.
                               BUDGETS                                              Chamber Coffee
                                               Task force assists in                Chamber of
                                               making                               Commerce, Lincoln
                                               recommendations on                   Room
                                               key issues                           Sponsored by
                                            The Lincoln Chamber
                                            spends a lot of time and     June 4
                                            resources monitoring the     Noon - 1:00 p.m.
                               budgets of our local governing bodies.    Ambassadors
                                                                         Chamber of
                               To more effectively accomplish this task, Commerce, Lincoln
                               the Chamber appointed a local budget      Room
                               task force of Chamber members with
                                                                         June 5
                               real world experience in managing         7:30 - 8:30 a.m.
                               budgets. That task force is chaired by    Young Professionals Group:
                               Mark Koller. Other members are: John YPG Netquirking Event
                                                                         Grata Bar & Lounge
                               Cederberg, Georgia Glass, John Olsson     2755 Jamie Lane
                               and Drew Stange.
                                                                         June 13
                               To date our task force has met with       7:30 a.m. - 8:30
                               members of the Lincoln City Council to    a.m.
                               discuss ways to reduce costs,             Small Business
                               particularly as it relates to personnel.  Network
                                                                         Chamber of
                               We have also met recently with the        Commerce, Lincoln
                               Mayor's office to discuss the projected   Room
                               budget shortfall and ways for the
                               administration to deal with the revenue June 18
                               gap. Another key conversation was

1 of 9                                                                                                                          7/3/2008 2:08 PM
News from The Lincoln Chamber of Commerce             

                               outcome-based budgeting and the              8:00 a.m.
                               city-wide budget survey. Mayor Chris         Transportation &
                               Buetler asked Mark Koller to chair the       Public
                               committee that designed the city's           Works Forum
                               budget survey.                               Chamber of
                                                                            Commerce, Lincoln
                               We were very pleased with the survey         Room
                               results which show that citizens of
                               Lincoln recognize what we believe to be      June 19
                               a fundamental truth; a healthy               7:30 a.m.
                               community in all aspects relies on the       Lincoln Partnership for
                                                                            Economic Development
                               expansion of quality job opportunities,
                               the expansion of private investment in       ED Breakfast
                               the community and entrepreneurial            Cornhusker Marriott
                               opportunities.                               Hotel, Ballroom

                               It is always a challenge for elected         June 19
                               officials to continue to try and do more     11:30 a.m. - 1:00
                               with less and we appreciate the efforts      p.m.
                                                                            Young Professionals Group
                               of our Mayor and City Council for their      Achieving
                               willingness to try and meet public           Work/Life
                               expectations.                                Balance
                                                                            Madonna Proactive
                               So the question may arise "what can I        55th & Pine Lake
                               do to help?"                                 Road
                                                                            June 24
                               My response is to "Buy Lincoln First".       8:30a.m. - Noon
                                                                            In Focus Seminar Series:

                               A year ago, the Lincoln Chamber began        Business
                               an information campaign called "Buy          Interruption
                               Lincoln First" as a way to promote local     Planning
                               purchasing by Lincoln businesses. The        Chamber of
                               idea is simple: a company commits to         Commerce, Lincoln
                               try and find a way to shift 5% of its out    Room
                               of town purchases to Lincoln vendors.        June 24
                                                                            4:00 - 6:00 p.m.
                                                                            Young Professionals Group:
                               We had several companies sign up last
                                                                            Flights of
                               year for the program. I am pleased to
                               report that after the first year, these
                               companies have reported that they have
                               shifted over $1,000,000 in purchases to
                                                                            Duncan Aviation
                               Lincoln businesses. That's $1,000,000
                                                                            1761 W.
                               of economic impact on the community
                                                                            Kearney, Bldg
                               that required no additional city services
                               or expenses and $1,000,000 in
                               additional revenue opportunity for
                                                                       June 25
                               Lincoln area businesses.
                                                                       8:00 a.m.
                                                                       Public Policy
                               I would like to see that number even
                                                                       Chamber of
                                                                       Commerce, Lincoln
                               Over the next month, we will be sending
                               out "pledge" cards to our Chamber
                                                                       Sponsored by
                               members to consider joining the
                               program. The pledges show the
                                                                       & Ellis/ Pacific
                               company's commitment to Lincoln and
                               that they will make the effort to find

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News from The Lincoln Chamber of Commerce              

                               ways to promote local purchasing              June 26
                               among their various departments. For          4:30 - 6:30 p.m.
                               more information,                             Business After
                               see                  Hours Sponsored
                                                                             by Local Insight
                               I would encourage local businesses and        Yellow Pages
                               residents to consider their purchases         Saltdogs at
                               with Lincoln vendors first before looking     Haymarket Park
                               in another community. As the city relies
                               more-and-more on sales tax as a source
                               of revenue, you can make a big impact         RUSS RIPA NAMED CHAIR
                               in retaining our tremendous community         OF YPG
                               services without facing increasing
                               taxes. Please consider this as part of
                               your spending habits.

                               CHAMBER ENCOURAGES TO BUY
                                        The Buy Lincoln First program
                                        was instituted by the Lincoln        Russ Ripa has taken over
                               Chamber of Commerce in 2007 as a              as the new Chairman of the
                               promotion to local businesses to              Lincoln Young
                                                                             Professional's Group.
                               consider how they made their
                               purchases.                                    The change was part of
                                                                             several on the council which
                               It is estimated that $3-4 billion annually    appointed Molly Brummond,
                                                                             Village Gardens as vice
                               is spent by Lincoln businesses with           chair, and Patrick Adams,
                               vendors outside of the community. The         Conspicuous Media and
                               Chamber would like for businesses to          Chad Hood, United Way, as
                                                                             treasurer and secretary,
                               reevaluate their spending and move            respectively. Liz Shotkoski,
                               some of those purchases back into             Gallup serves as immediate
                               Lincoln.                                      past-chair.

                                                                             Other council members
                               "For the few cents you may save on a          include Rebecca Albee,
                               particular item, it might be more than        Thompson Realty Group,
                                                                             Eric Aslakson, Northwestern
                               made up through the continued                 Mutual Financial Network,
                               expansion of the Lincoln economy," said       Stacy Brass, Union Bank &
                               Wendy Birdsall, Lincoln Chamber of            Trust Co., Derrick Eells,
                                                                             TenDot Corporate Travel,
                               Commerce President. "A growing                Clover Frederick, Non Profit
                               economy creates more jobs, higher             Marketing Network, Jessica
                               income, and more resources for our            Kennedy, National Research
                               government and charitable entities.           Corp., Matthew Wegener,
                                                                             Isoft Data/Turbine Flatts,
                                                                             and Sue Wilkinson,
                               "In the long run, the little bit of money     Ameritas. Additionally, new
                               you save on a particular purchase may         council member Kathy
                                                                             Lunzmann, American
                               be costing your company."                     National Bank, was
                                                                             welcomed to the council in
                               The Chamber will be sending out pledge        May.
                               cards this month to its members to
                               consider shifting just 5% of its yearly
                               out-of-town expenditures back into
                               Lincoln. For more information on the
                               program, go to

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News from The Lincoln Chamber of Commerce               

                               CHAMBER LEADERS VISIT CAPITOL
                               LCOC partners with community
                               groups to promote agenda

                               The Lincoln Chamber of Commerce and
                               community leaders made a brief trip to
                               Washington D.C. in May to promote
                               Lincoln's federal agenda to the Nebraska         PATESTAS FAMILY
                               delegation.                                       CHIROPRACTIC

                               That agenda, tabbed as the "Federal
                               Opportunity Agenda", focuses on four
                               key issues for the community at the
                               federal level including infrastructure
                               funding, energy policy, university               Dr. Michael Patestas, DC
                                                                                 5600 S 48th Street, Ste 108
                               research and economic development,                     (402) 421-1180
                               and key tourism funding.
                                                                              Patestas Family Chiropractic
                                                                              opened in November 2006.
                               "This is an area where we are increasing       Being new to Lincoln, Dr.
                               our efforts," said Chamber of Commerce         Patestas joined the
                               President Wendy Birdsall. "We                  Chamber of Commerce with
                                                                              hopes of meeting new
                               discovered several years ago that there        people, establishing new
                               was a disconnect between the                   trusting relationships and
                               community and our federal delegation.          expanding his practice. He
                               While a number of individual                   claims that the Chamber of
                                                                              Commerce has exceeded
                               organizations were contacting our              his expectations.
                               representatives and senators, no effort
                               was made to prioritize our needs as a          Dr. Patestas is from
                               community."                                    Queens, NY, and his accent
                                                                              is very distinct. He has
                               Those attending were: Lincoln Mayor            been married to his lovely
                                                                              wife Rhonda for thirteen
                               Chris Beutler, University of                   years. They have four
                               Nebraska-Lincoln Chancellor Harvey             children, Nicholas, Michael,
                               Perlman, Lincoln Chamber Chair Elect           Haley, and Benjamin. He
                                                                              had two practices in New
                               Steve Pella, Birdsall, Chamber Executive       York for over ten years, but
                               Vice President and General Counsel             after living in New York
                               Bruce Bohrer and Denise Pearce from            during and after September
                                                                              11th, they decided it was
                               the Mayor's office.                            time to leave. He wanted a
                                                                              safer place to live with fresh
                               This short trip will be followed in            air, and Rhonda was
                                                                              originally from Alliance.
                               September by a large delegation that           They then made the move to
                               will be traveling to Washington D.C. for       Nebraska.
                               Lincoln's annual Federal Fly-in. This
                                                                              Most people know that
                               year's Fly-in will be a joint trip with the    chiropractic care can help
                               Omaha Chamber of Commerce. For                 neck and back pain.
                               more information on the Fly-in, contact        However, he has helped
                                                                              patients who suffered from
                               the Chamber at 436-2350.                       symptoms related to: disc
                                                                              problems, scoliosis,
                                                                              allergies, ear infections,

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News from The Lincoln Chamber of Commerce            

                                                                           breathing problems, asthma,
                                                                           gall bladder problems,
                                                                           excessive stomach acid,
                                                                           kidney ailments, intestinal
                                                                           problems, constipation,
                                                                           bladder issues, bed wetting,
                                                                           menstrual cramps,
                                                                           incontinence, poor
                                                                           circulation, cold sores, skin
                                                                           rashes (eczema),
                                                                           numbness, pain, tingling,
                                                                           and much more.

                                                                           A place people go to get
                                                                           better. Dr. Patestas has a
                               BE A TOURIST IN YOUR OWN HOME               very gracious bed side
                               TOWN                                        manner. His focus,
                                                                           dedication to detail and
                               The price of gasoline                       treating each patient like a
                               has changed the travel                      member of his family are his
                                                                           claims to success. He
                               habits of Americans and                     prides himself on providing
                               Nebraskans                                  people with what they need
                               everywhere. Lincoln is                      therefore spending the
                                                                           necessary time with each
                               not an exception.                           patient.

                               The Lincoln Convention                      Dr. Patestas is a Primary
                                                                           Care Provider in Nebraska.
                               and Visitor's Bureau is                     If you are suffering from any
                               offering a "vacation                        type of pain you should call
                               alternative" for Lincoln                    him for a free consultation.
                               area residents looking                      If your condition requires
                                                                           additional care, he will send
                               for savings in their                        you to the right specialist.
                               travel budget. Why not
                               Be a Tourist in Your

                               The Lincoln CVB is
                               partnering with 17
                               Lincoln area attractions
                               in the fifth year of the
                               Be a Tourist Campaign.
                               The annual program
                               kicks off Memorial Day
                               Weekend and will
                               continue through Aug.
                               20 (14 weeks).

                               "With the soaring gas prices and more
                               people choosing to stay closer to home
                               this summer, the Be a Tourist campaign
                               is a great way to see many of Lincoln's
                               hidden gems," said Lincoln CVB
                               Executive Director Jeff Maul. "The
                               program provides families the
                               opportunity to visit each of these
                               attractions at little or no cost, the
                               opportunity to win great prizes and have
                               a great time getting to know Lincoln."
                                                                           AMERICINN LODGE &
                                                                           SUITES - SOUTH
                               Participants should pick up a Passport at   Ms. Lisa Wood
                                                                           8701 Amber Hill Court
                               sites located around the community.         Lincoln, NE 68526
                               These sites include the participating       (402) 420-0027
                                                                           Fax: (402) 421-0868
                               Lincoln attractions, the participating

5 of 9                                                                                                                 7/3/2008 2:08 PM
News from The Lincoln Chamber of Commerce             

                               sponsor locations, the Visitor's Center      HOTELS & MOTELS
                                                                            57 rooms, whirlpool/fireplace
                               (7th and P Streets) and it can also be       suites, micro/fridges and HD
                               downloaded from the website                  flat screen TV's in all rooms -
                                                                            $99 - 246
                                                                            AUSTAD'S GOLF
                                                                            Mr. Matt Geschke
                               For more information, contact the            135 S 48th Street
                                                                            Lincoln, NE 68510
                               Lincoln Convention and Visitors Bureau       (402) 489-3100
                               at 434-5335 or go to the website at          Fax: (402) 489-3157

                                                                            INTERSTATE LAND LLC
                                                                            Mr. James Sherrets
                                                                            260 Regency Parkway
                                                                            Omaha, NE 68114
                                                                            (402) 390-1112
                                                                            Fax: (402) 390-1163
                                                                            REAL ESTATE - DEVELOPMENTS
                                                                            Interstate Land, LLC has 88
                               CHAMBER WEBSITE AN                           acres of I1 zoned industrial
                               OVERLOOKED BENEFIT                           ground at Cornhusker Highway
                                                                            and I-80 for sale from $1.50 to
                               A membership with the Lincoln Chamber        $3.00/sq.ft.

                               of Commerce repays itself in many            IRONS GRADING,
                               ways. However, one many forget is a          Mr. Bruce Irons
                               listing on the Chamber's membership          4242 Cornhusker Highway
                                                                            Lincoln, NE 68504
                               directory on its website,      (402) 466-9280
                                                                            EXCAVATING CONTRACTORS
                               According to statistics provided by the
                                                                            MARKETING HAWKS
                               Chamber's system administrator, in the       Mr. Craig Lutz-Priefert
                               last year, there were nearly 500,000         P.O. Box 81562
                                                                            Lincoln, NE 68501-1562
                               "keyword searches" on the Chamber's          (402) 423-2444
                               business directory. That's when a party      MARKETING
                                                                            "Check out
                               goes to the business directory and           for free marketing ideas; call
                                                                            Craig L-P at Marketing Hawks
                               searches by typing in a word or by           when you are ready to wreck
                               business type.                               your competition's day."

                                                                            MIDWEST TENT AND
                               Of those 500,000 searches, there were        EVENTS
                                                                            Mr. Brian Dorn
                               over 15,000 requests for more                300 Speedway Circle, Ste 145
                                                                            Lincoln, NE 68502
                               information on a particular business         (402) 486-0709
                               using the more info option on the            Fax: (402) 261-6781
                                                                            TENT RENTALS/CARNIVALS
                               screen. Over 1,000 went directly to
                               company websites from the Chamber            NEBRASKA BUSINESS
                                                                            DEVELOPMENT CENTER
                               site.                                        (NBDC)
                                                                            Mr. Roger Johnson
                                                                            6001 Dodge Street, RH 308
                               The numbers tend to be stable. From          University of Nebraska at
                               April 15th to May 15th of this year,         Omaha, NE 68182
                               there were 34,720 "keyword searches"         (402) 472-1177
                                                                            Fax: (402) 472-3363
                               and 1,472 requests for more info.            NONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONS
                               Almost 100 clicked through to the            NBDC is a cooperative program
                                                                            of the US Small Business
                               requested company's website.                 Administration & the College of
                                                                            Business Administration of the
                                                                            University of Nebraska at
                               "We're thrilled that people are using the    Omaha. NBDC provides direct
                                                                            management & technical
                               Chamber website to find local                assistance to start up
                               businesses," Chamber President Wendy         businesses.

                               Birdsall said. "It is certainly a            NEWS LINK
                                                                            Mr. Peter Ringsmuth
                               sometimes overlooked benefit of              1845 S 11th Street
                               Chamber membership."                         Lincoln, NE 68502
                                                                            (402) 475-6397

                               Birdsall said that the Chamber would be      PRINCIPAL FINANCIAL
                                                                            GROUP/GARY KARTHAUSER
                               launching a new website this summer          Mr. Gary Karthauser

6 of 9                                                                                                                  7/3/2008 2:08 PM
News from The Lincoln Chamber of Commerce            

                               and that businesses interested in           770 N Cotner Boulevard, #100
                                                                           Lincoln, NE 68505
                               expanding their web presence on the         (402) 434-5920
                               Chamber site should call.                   Fax: (402) 434-5927
                                                                           FINANCIAL SERVICES
                               Contact Judi Yorges at 434-5340 for         PRINCIPAL FINANCIAL
                               more information.                           GROUP/BRYAN VAN DEUN
                                                                           Mr. Bryan J. Van Deun
                                                                           Gateway Executive Center
                                                                           770 N Cotner Boulevard, Suite
                                                                           Lincoln, NE 68505
                                                                           (402) 434-5921 Ext:5938
                                                                           FINANCIAL SERVICES
                                                                           The Principal Financial Group is
                                                                           a leader in offering businesses
                                                                           individuals and institutional
                                                                           clients a wide range of financial
                               HELP WANTED: PRESIDENT'S CLUB               products and services, including
                                                                           retirement and investment
                               MEMBERS                                     services, and life and health
                               The Lincoln Chamber of Commerce is
                               seeking business people who are             PRINCIPAL FINANCIAL
                                                                           GROUP/JACOB GREEN
                               passionate about their companies and        Mr. Jacob J. Green
                               chamber membership. The President's         Gateway Executive Center
                                                                           770 N Cotner Boulevard, Suite
                               Club is a year-round, all-volunteer         100
                                                                           Lincoln, NE 68505
                               membership sales team, which will be        (402) 434-5921 Ext:5931
                               active in recruiting and retaining          FINANCIAL SERVICES
                                                                           The Principal Financial Group is
                               member businesses.                          a leader in offering businesses,
                                                                           individuals and institutional
                                                                           clients a wide range of financial
                               "The Chamber's greatest asset is the        products and services, including
                                                                           retirement and investment
                               people who make up its membership,"         services, and life and health
                               says Wendy Birdsall, President of the       insurance.

                               Lincoln Chamber of Commerce. "Our           PRINCIPAL FINANCIAL
                               membership is growing in size and           GROUP/JOYCE SHERWOOD
                                                                           Ms. Joyce L. Sherwood, LUTCF
                               diversity. The role of the President's      Gateway Executive Center
                                                                           770 N Cotner Boulevard, Suite
                               Council will be to assist the Chamber in    100
                               our recruitment and retention efforts."     Lincoln, NE 68505
                                                                           (402) 434-5921 Ext:5930
                                                                           FINANCIAL SERVICES
                               Learn more about this membership            The Principal Financial Group is
                                                                           a leader in offering businesses,
                               focused group by joining us for lunch on    individuals and institutional
                                                                           clients a wide range of financial
                               Thursday June 19th. The topics to be        products and services, including
                               discussed include the requirements,         retirement and investment
                                                                           services, and life and health
                               responsibilities and rewards of President   insurance
                               Council volunteers.
                                                                           PRINCIPAL FINANCIAL
                                                                           GROUP/LUCAS HAINS
                               We will be meeting and serving lunch in     Mr. Lucas M. Hains
                                                                           Gateway Executive Center
                               the Lincoln Room at the Chamber             770 N Cotner Boulevard, Suite
                               offices, 1135 M Street, June 19th at        Lincoln, NE 68505
                               12:00 PM.                                   (402) 434-5921
                                                                           Fax: (402) 434-5927
                               To register for the Informational Lunch,    FINANCIAL SERVICES
                                                                           The Principal Financial Group is
                               please contact Paul Miloni, Director of     a leader in offering businesses,
                                                                           individuals and institutional
                               Membership at 402-437-7835.                 clients a wide range of financial
                                                                           products and services, including
                                                                           retirement and investment
                                                                           services, and life and health

                                                                           NETWORKING GROUP
                                                                           Mr. Jason Lemon
                                                                           3701 Doral Lane
                                                                           Lincoln, NE 68507
                                                                           (402) 499-9292

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News from The Lincoln Chamber of Commerce            

                               ATKINSON TO HEADLINE                        Professional Networking Group
                                                                           is here to promote the
                               PARTNERSHIP BREAKFAST                       heartfelt, passionate business
                                                                           people of the world. We are
                                            Expert on New Economy          here for the individuals and the
                                                                           companies that not only want
                                            Strategies to Discuss          to grow but have a passion for
                                            Innovation                     long-term success. For it is
                                                                           these people that refer
                                                                           business to one another over
                                          Dr. Robert Atkinson will         and over again.

                                          speak to Lincoln economic        SCOOTER'S COFFEEHOUSE
                                                                           Ms. Rita Metcalf
                                          development leaders on the       2901 S 84th Street
                               key to innovation in the new economy        Lincoln, NE 68516
                                                                           (402) 327-8477
                               at The Lincoln Lincoln Partnership for
                               Economic Development Breakfast, June        COFFEE SHOPS

                               19 at 7:30 a.m., at the Cornhusker          WADE CORPORATION
                                                                           Ms. Wendy Kreis
                               Marriott Hotel Ballroom.                    2001 Avenue A, Suite A
                                                                           P.O. Box 2646
                                                                           Kearney, NE 68848
                               Dr. Robert Atkinson is president of the     (308) 237-7452
                               Information Technology and Innovation       Fax: (308) 237-9671
                               Foundation, a Washington, DC-based          REAL ESTATE - SALES, DEV,
                               technology policy think tank. He is also    INV, MGMT
                                                                           Wade Corporation is a property
                               author of the State New Economy Index       management and development
                                                                           company based out of central
                               series and the book, The Past And           Nebraska.
                               Future Of America's Economy: Long
                               Waves Of Innovation That Power Cycles
                               Of Growth (Edward Elgar, 2005).                  Our Websites:

                               He has an extensive background in
                               technology policy, he has conducted
                               ground-breaking research projects on
                               technology and innovation, and is a
                               valued adviser to state and national
                               policy makers, and a popular speaker on
                               innovation policy nationally and

                               Cost to attend this event is $35. Make
                               your reservation today at
                      For questions on this
                               exciting event please contact

                               2008 SUMMER CONNECTION
                               Lincoln Teachers to Tour Local
                               The 2008 Summer Connection Teacher
                               tours will be held June 16 and 17.
                               Summer Connection is a program
                               designed to help link high school career

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News from The Lincoln Chamber of Commerce                    

                               counselors and instructors with Lincoln
                               employers. Over 60 Lincoln teachers
                               are impacted by this programming each

                               The connection allows teachers to
                               explore some of the many career
                               opportunities available in Lincoln.
                               Additionally, they also learn about the
                               training required for these careers and
                               the personal qualities that employers
                               look for when making hiring decisions.
                               Teachers are then able to apply this
                               information toward better assisting their
                               students in career planning and course

                               "As availability of skilled workers
                               becomes a bigger issue, exposing
                               educators to Lincoln career paths is
                               vital," stated Wendy Birdsall, President
                               of the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce.

                               The 2008 Summer Connection Teacher
                               tours are a partnership between the
                               Lincoln Chamber of Commerce and
                               Lincoln Public Schools. Supporters of
                               the program include: Dream It Do It,
                               Doane College, State Farm Insurance
                               Companies and TierOne Bank.
                               Participating sites for 2008 include:
                               Verizon Wireless Communications,
                               Talent +, TierOne Bank, Madonna
                               Rehabilitation Hospital, Madonna
                               ProActive, Crete Carrier Corporation,
                               Geist Plastics and HTI Plastics.

                               For more information on the 2008
                               Summer Connection Teacher Tours
                               contact Jaime Henning at

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                            The Lincoln Chamber of Commerce | 1135 M Street, Suite 200 | Lincoln | NE | 68508

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