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					     Deutsches Mikrofinanz Institut

Copie - Learning Network

Widening the (German)
Microfinance Paradigm

       Brigitte Maas
               Deutsches Mikrofinanz Institut

The Background of Copie 1
With help from the EU Initiative EQUAL
Germanies Micro Finance Sector

 developed a structure (trade union
 and network of microfinance instituions)

  developed a risk fund for mfi
              Deutsches Mikrofinanz Institut

The Background of Copie 2
German Micro Finance Sector is

 relatively young – compared to other
 EU countries (e.g. France, Uk)

 not widely enough diversified
 (clients, methodologies, microfinance agencies)
                Deutsches Mikrofinanz Institut

The Challenge
After 2 ½ years experience in lending the extent
of improvement becomes obvious in

And sucessful microfinance strategies and cases in
other EU countries have been identified to learn from.
                 Deutsches Mikrofinanz Institut

The Strategies and Cases to learn

 strategy 1:
 improvement of micro-enterprise lending systems

 strategy 2: pure micro-lending
 experience with very small loans and huge quantities

 strategy 3: self-help micro-finance incl. group lending
 microlending programmes, which build up on
 dezentralized forms of micro-lending
                 Deutsches Mikrofinanz Institut

The Strategies and Cases to learn
 strategy 4: saving based micro-finance (or similar)
 forms of micro-finance to reduce fear of potential
 clients to apply for a loan f.e. through pre-saving

 strategy 5: multiple-service programmes
 micro-finance as one component of a service
 package for business starter's and SME
                  Deutsches Mikrofinanz Institut

The Methodology
 Taking more detailed stock of what is not working
 well in our own practice (raising core questions)
 Inviting international experts (with regard to strategy
 1-5) that German MFI‘s get first taste of strategy
 Prepatory study visits by German "Microfinance
 Scouts„ to draw up expert's reports for MF
 practitioner‘s in Germany with regard to strategy 1- 5
 Organizing national knowledge transfer workshops
                 Deutsches Mikrofinanz Institut

The Methodology
 Documentation of „lessons learned“ in practitioners

 Organizing group study visits for interested
 microlending practioner's (selected strategies)

 Organizing mainstreaming conferences
                 Deutsches Mikrofinanz Institut

The Partners
 ESF stakeholders as funders and promoters

 microfinance institutions (national / transnational)
 as operational partners

 local, regional, national and European institutions
 as mainstreaming partners

 National and European networks as prospective
 strategic and operational partners (f.e. EMN!)
            Deutsches Mikrofinanz Institut

Thank you very much
for your attention!


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