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					                                             Preparing a Resume

                                         What Format Should You
                                           experience by a few major                coursework (even if you
                                                                                Name and Address Block did
                                         Use? categories." Here are                 not name, a certificate and
                                                                                Include receive full address, or
                                              some examples of skill
                                         Most resumes use either a                  degree).
                                                                                phone number, and e-mail
                                         chronological format or a              address.
                                                 A project manager might
                                         functional format.                     Note: Include the degree or
                                                 use: management,               certificate name, the name of
                                                 administration, written and    educational institutions attended and
                                                                                Your objective tells the employer
                                         Chronological Format                   its city and state. List education
                                                 oral communication.
                                         A chronological resume presents        what type of position or job you
                                                                                without graduation dates, which can
                                                 An accountant might use:
                                         your work experience by starting       are pursuing. Keep it shortyou
                                                                                indicate your age. However, if and
                                                 accounting, financial
                                         with your most recent place of         simple. Tailor the objective to the
                                                                                have recently obtained technical
                                                 analysis, business
                                         employment first, then list each       position and be specific.
                                                                                education or credentials, listing
                                         job you have held in reverse           graduation dates can work in your
                                                   PC support specialist
                                         order.AIt also describes the           Sample:
                                                                                favor by showing the employer that
                                                 might use: systems design      you have the most recent technical
                                                                                A position as a ________. (Insert
                                         activities and accomplishments of
                                                 and implementation,            knowledge.
                                                                                position/title of job you are
                                         each job in a single paragraph or
                                                 maintenance contracts,
                                         in bullet points.                      applying for.)
                                                 training.                      Licenses/Professional
hardware or programming skills,
                                         • Following each "skill                Affiliations
                                                                                Qualifications or Summary
draw special attention to those          Functional Format
                                                                                This section is also optional. of
                                                                                Here you present a snapshot
skills and list them towards the              category," write about six
                                         A functional formatted resume
The purpose of a resume is to                 statements describing the
                                         presents your work experience by
                                                                                Include any currentto highlight
                                                                                the skills you want licenses and
beginning of your resume.                                                       memberships to professional
explain your skills, qualifications      listing the skills you have have in
                                              various activities you used       and advertise to the employer.
and previous job experiences.                                                   affiliations that are relevant to
                                                                                Getting the resume reader's
Employment/Experience                         done. These activities could
                                         all your past jobs. It explains
The goal of a resume is to get you            have occurred anytime
                                         your skills by describing the
                                                                                your currentthe top third of the
                                                                                attention in resume and job
History                                                                         search objective.
to the next step – An Interview!              throughout your career and
                                         activities and accomplishments of      page will encourage them to read
This section will be different
                                         all your jobs and lifein order of
                                              should be listed experiences.     the rest of the resume.
depending on whether you are                                                    Example:
There are several key questions               importance, rather than
using a chronological or function                                                   Wisconsin RN License
to consider before beginning to               chronologically. questions to
                                         Answer the followingStart each of      • A qualifications section lists
format for your resume.                                                             Certified in CPR and Red Cross
prepare a resume:                             these statements with an
                                         help you determine which format            skills or buzzwords for the
                                                                                    First Aid
CHRONOLOGICAL FORMAT                          action verb;
                                         to best to use: avoid the phrase           employer to scan over.
1. Is my resume current, up-to-                                                     American Association of
                                              "responsible for."                • Accounting Executives,
                                                                                    A summary is a brief
• date?
      List your employment               Is the job you are
                                         • Quantify accomplishments
      Have I had a reverse
2. experience in job search              applying for in a different                paragraph
                                                                                    member that describes your
                                         fieldwhenever possible. For                most marketable skills.
      chronological order, and
      professional review starting             than you have
                                              example, if you saved YES NO
                                         previously worked? This
      with the most recent
      critique my resume? job.                company a different
                                         does not mean money, or you            Computer/Technical Skills
• List the company fully explain
3. Does my resume name, city                  increased the customer base
                                         industry, but a different              This section is optional. However,
      and state, job title, and dates
      my skills and qualifications for   job. by a significant percentage,      for jobs requiring software,
      of employment (i.e. 1998
      the job I am applying for? -            include it.
4. Do I customize and tailor my          Have you held more than History"
                                         • Next, add a "Work
• resume to mirror the position
      For each company, write three      four jobs in the past five   YES  NO
                                              section. List your work
      to six statements describing
      I’m pursuing?                      years?
                                              history in chronological order,
5. your duties. Start eachand
      Did I list both personal                starting with the most recent
      statement references on
      job relatedwith an action my       Have you been
                                              job. Include position title, NO
      verb; avoid the phrase
      resume?                            unemployed for longer        YES
      "responsible for." List these      thancompany name, city and state
                                               one year?
                                              and dates of employment (i.e.
      job duties in "hard copy"
Your resume is aorder of                 If you answered "Yes" to one or
                                              1998 - 2001).
      importance job skills and
version of your relative to your         more of the questions, use the
experience thatobjective.
      current job potential
• Quantify accomplishments to
employers can look at and use
      whenever possible. For
determine whether or not they
                                         functional format. If you
                                         Include the following of the
                                         answered "No" to all education
                                         questions, use the chronological
                                                                                   Your resume is a
      example, if you saved the
want to interview you. Even if
                                         and training information:
                                                                                  "living document."
youcompany to a position by
       respond money, or you
                                         • Educational achievements,                    It is never
      increased the customer base
filling out an online or offline         Standard with your highest
                                            starting Resume                            completely
      by a significant percentage,
application, be prepared to follow       Information
                                            academic achievement.
the include it. up with a hard
                                         • Professional development
                                                                                          done. . .
copy resume. You should also             Resumes contain some standard
FUNCTIONAL FORMAT                            certificates, continuing
bring extra copies of your               information. For an example:
                                             education classes and college
• List to your job interview.
resume your employment
                                            Preparing a Resume

                                           writing "I developed policies           to read. Use bullets instead of
                                           and procedures," it is better to        large blocks or paragraphs of
                                           write "Developed policies and           text.
                                           procedures."                       •    Use smooth white or off-white
                                       •   Everything on your resume               resume paper. Textured paper
                                           should support your objective           doesn't photocopy well.
                                           statement.                         •    Use the same font size (10 or
                                       •   Use action verbs to describe            12 point) and style throughout
                                           job duties and be sure to keep          your resume.
                                           the verb tense consistent          •    Use special formatting, (bold,
                                           throughout your resume.                 italics, underlined type, and
                                           Example:                                indented text) to separate
                                           Avoid terms such as "responsible        categories and improve the
                                                                                   clarity of your information.
                                           Use terms like - Saved,
                                           Developed, Created, Initiated,     •    Avoid graphics and shading,
                                           Compiled                                unless you are pursuing a
TIPS FOR A GOOD RESUME                 •   Quantify accomplishments                highly creative position (i.e.
                                           when possible.                          graphic designer).
Your resume is a "living                   Example:                           •    Proofread your resume and
document." It is never completely          "Increased manufacturing                have a friend or co-worker
done because you are never                 efficiency by 24% through               proofread it as well.
                                           improved labor utilization"
completely done with your                                                     •    Use the spell check feature in
                                           "Developed and monitored $200K
experiences. Update your resume            expense budget, achieving year-
                                                                                   your software program.
every six months. Each time you            end results of 15% below plan"
apply for a job, tailor your resume    •   List educational credentials
and cover letter for the new               (beyond high school) without
position.                                  graduation dates unless you
                                           are a recent graduate or it
•   Refer to the last 10 years in          would explain a gap in                 Back to Employment Road Map
    your work history, but go back         employment.
    no more than 15 years total.       •   You may want to create a
•   Strive for one page, but make          separate section for
    it absolutely no longer than           credentials/licences (i.e. RN,
    two pages. If your resume is           MFCC Lic. ##, CPA, etc.).
    two pages, make sure your          •   Do not staple your resume to
    name, phone number and                 your cover letter.
    "page 2" is at the top of the
                                       •   Don't rely on your cover letter
    second page.
                                           to convey all relevant and
•   Do not include: salary, age,           important information because
    race, hobbies, or marital              not all hiring managers and
    status.                                recruiters read cover letters.
•   Only use your e-mail address
    in the header if you check
    your e-mail regularly (at least    APPEARANCE OF A GOOD
    once a day).

                                                                                       The goal of a
•   Use a specific objective
    statement using the desired        Your resume should look neat and
    job title or occupational area
    of the position.
                                       orderly to present you in the best             resume is to get
                                       manner possible. Here are some
                                       tips important to the appearance
                                                                                      you to the next
    To obtain a position as a Senior
    Accounting Clerk                   of your resume:                                   step – An
    A position within the Accounting
    Department                         •   Leave plenty of "white space"
•   Do not use the personal                by using one-inch margins.
    pronoun "I." Instead of            •   Your resume should be easy

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