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									                          BALOO'S BUGLE                 Volume 12, Number 3
October 2005 Cub Scout Roundtable                                                          November 2005 Cub Scout Theme

                                        MY FAMILY TREE
Tiger Cub Requirement # 1                                                                     Webelos Craftsman & Scientist

                        FOCUS                                        Ever wonder what a pro fessional Scouter does??

            Cub Scout Roundtable Leaders’ Guide                      Leslie in Mich igan sent me a lin k to a good article that
What does it mean to be part of a Family? Cub Scouts live            describes the professional in Scouting at
with their own families, each unique and special. They can 
learn and share what they find out about their ancestors and         s/doc4337875adc071899133239.t xt
the countries, cultures, languages and stories that are a part       Maybe now that I am retired for the first time I should
of their personal histories. They can cook foods and play            consider this  
games fro m those cultures. Cub Scouts can, also, work on            This issue is late (again, I know) but it should really be my
the belt loops for Heritages, or Language and Culture.               last late issue. I am now ret ired (p robably only for the first
               CORE VALUES                                           time) A fter 33 years and 10 months making electricity, they
                                                                     made me an offer I couldn‘t refuse. October and November
            Cub Scout Roundtable Leaders’ Guide
                                                                     will be devoted to my ever growing ―Honey Do‖ list and
Some of the purposes of Cub Scouting developed through               recovering my house. What does one really do with seven
this month’s theme are:                                              years of Roundtable prop (plus other assorted Scout stuff
    Spiritual Growth, Boys will learn devotion to their
                                                                     from days as Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, Wood Badge staff
                                                                     and other training staffs, four Philmont treks and 7 or 8 trips
    Family Understanding, Boys will learn about their               to PTC??
        own families and what makes them unique.
                                                                                   Months with similar themes to
    Respectful Relationships, By exp loring other                                          To The Rescue
        cultures, boys can develop empathy for and                                         Dave D. in Illinois
        understanding of one another.                                   There is really only one other time this theme was used
The core val ue highlighted this month is:                              Discover our Family Heritage November           1999
    Cooperati on, Boys will learn how working together
        achieves goals.                                                     These themes have to various Family activities
Can you think of others??? Hint – look in your Cub Scout                     Cub and Dad Night           February       1940
Program Hel ps. It lists different ones!! All the items on                  Dad and Son Month               July        1947
both lists are applicable!! You could probably list all t welve               Cub Scout Dads                July        1953
if you thought about it!!                                                      Family Frolic               June         1974
                                                                               Family Circle            November        1997
COMMISSIONER’S CORNER                                                           Family Fun                 June         1946
It‘s that time o f year again when I begin to run out of                        Family Fun                August        1966
material as last year‘s Pow Wow Books fin ish. So when                         Family Picn ic               July        1981
your Council has its Pow Wow, send me a CD of your Book
                                                                                Family Fun                August        1983
and I will send you our CD. Just write me at                                                 Family ShowTime               April        1987
                                                                             Family ShowTime              January       1997
Don’t forget it’s Thanksgiving - What a great time to have
your Cubs ask older family members about their family tree.
They could have an opportunity to hear some grand old
stories of days past at the Thanksgiving table.
                                                                       THOUGHTFUL ITEMS FOR
There is some theme related material and some                               SCOUTERS
Thanksgiving material in this is sue of Baloo. When you              Thanks to Scouter Jim from Bountiful, Utah, w ho prepares
look at the chart of when this theme has been used before,             this section of Baloo for us each month. You can reach
you see the answer is once. Therefo re, there is not a lot of        him at or through the link to write
material out there to gather.                                                      Baloo on C D
Page 2                                                                                              BALOO'S BUGLE
                 Roundtable Opening Prayer                          the mothers of our country should possess character of a
            Cub Scout Roundtable Planning Guide                     high quality in order to inculcate it in their children.‖ – Lord
We give thanks for being a member o f our families. We are          Robert Baden-Powell
grateful to the ancestors that came before us and for the           ―Try to do things that will make your mother feel proud that
legacies they left to us. May we also appreciate our                you are her son, and never do anything that would cause her
extended family in Scouting and the lessons we can learn            to feel grieved or ashamed. She has done much for you; do
fro m one another. AMEN                                             this for her.‖ – Lord Robert Baden-Powell
  One note on the prayers from the CS RT Planning Guide.
They are usually adult oriented prayers. They are intended          ―Honor thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long
 for the RT audience. The prayer in the CS Program Helps            upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee.‖ – The
  is intended for your Pack Meeting. But i f you like one of        Ten Commandments
  these, don’t hesitate to modify it so it works for the youth       ―Acting is just a way of making a living; the family is life.‖
             and adults at your pack meeting. CD                    - Denzel Washington
                   My American Family Tree                          ―The family you come fro m isn't as important as the family
                    Scouter Jim, Bountiful UT                       you're going to have.‖ - Ring Lardner
We are all just branches of a family tree. Who we are, is in        ―If you don't know [your family's] h istory, then you don't
part, due to the roots of our family tree. I am a descendant        know anything. You are a leaf that doesn't know it is part of
of a humb le soldier that spent the winter of 1777-1778 at          a tree.‖ - Michael Chrichton
Valley Forge, Pennsylvania with George Washington. The
                                                                    ―Govern a family as you would cook a small fish - very
rest of his life he struggled fro m the effects of that winter on
his body.                                                           gently.‖ - Chinese Proverb
                                                                    ―Where can a person be better than in the bosom of their
I am g randson of a farm boy, called by his country to travel
half way around the world to fight the Huns in France. For          family?‖ - Marmontel Gretry
several months he was missing in action after stepping on a         ―I can get up in the morning and look myself in the mirror
Mustard gas bomb. His family d id not know if he was dead           and my family can look at me too and that's all that matters.‖
or alive. During this time h is mother, my great grand mother,      - Lance Armstrong
died; never knowing her youngest son was still alive in a           ―To put the world right in order, we must first put the nation
French hospital.                                                    in order; to put the nation in order, we must first put the
I am the nephew of seven veterans of World War II. One set          family in order; to put the family in order, we must first
of grandparents had three stars in their window, the other          cultivate our personal life; we must first set our hearts right.‖
had four. These men served their country with honor, some           Confucius
in both theatres of the war, and returned home safely. Many         ―A healthy family is sacred territory.‖ - Unknown
others of their comrades did not.
                                                                    ―Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a
I am the son of a Korean War Veteran who survived the               family. Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need
horror of the Battle of Pork Chop Hill in Ju ly 1953. So            one.‖ - Jane Howard
many of h is company were killed or wounded that an elite
Ethiopian Unit fed him for a wh ile. When his church,               ―Your family and your love must be cultivated like a garden.
decades later, asked him to fast and give the money he              Time, effort, and imagination must be summoned constantly
would have used for food to donate to starving people in            to keep any relationship flourishing and growing.‖ - Jim
Ethiopia. By his donation in an attempt to repay his debt           Rohn
you would have thought he had planned to eat like a king            ―Some family trees bear an enormous crop of nuts.‖ -
that day.                                                           Wayne H
These great men are the roots and branches of my family             ―Be mo re concerned with your character than with your
tree. I am not any more special that any other American. I          reputation. Your character is what you really are wh ile your
just am lucky enough to know about my family tree. Th is            reputation is merely what others think you are.‖ - Dale
month is a month to celebrate our heritage, and acknowledge         Carnegie
those who have come before. Let us all take t ime to climb          ―Bringing up a family should be an adventure, not an
our Family Tree.                                                    anxious discipline in wh ich everybody is constantly graded
                          Quotations                                for performance.‖ - Milton R. Saperstein
Quotations contain the wisdom of the ages, and are a great           ―The princip le of using interactivity as a creativity-builder
source of inspiration for Cubmaster‘s minutes, material for         is not restricted to computer games. Once we beco me fu lly
an advancement ceremony or an insightful addition to a Pack         conscious of this principle, we can find ways to become
Meeting program cover.                                              more interactive every where. We can make conversations
            Santa Clara Council Pow Wow Book                        with our family and friends more interactive than they once
―Undoubtedly the mother‘s influence gives as a rule the first       were. The more thoughtful our questions get to be, the more
impetus to character. A mother cannot give that which she           interactive the conversations.‖ - Steve Chandler
does not possess herself. Therefore it is all-important that
Page 3                                                                                           BALOO'S BUGLE
―The assassin and the slanderer differ only in the weapon          Teach him gently, world, but don‘t coddle him because only
they use; with the one it is the dagger, with the other the        the test of fire makes fine steel.
tongue. The latter is worse than the former, for the first only    This is a big order, world, but see what you can do. He‘s
kills the body, while the other murders the reputation.‖ -         such a nice little fellow…
Tyron Edwards
―My family is really boring. They have a coffee table book                       TRAINING TIP
called 'Pictures We Took Just to Use Up the Rest of the
Film.'‖ - Penelope Lombard                                           Remember for your new leaders – Fast Start training and
                                                                        Youth Protection training is available on-line -
 ―Associate yourself with men of good quality if you esteem                          Fast Start training
your own reputation; for 'tis better to be alone than in bad   
company.‖ - George Washington                                                     Youth Protecti on Online
―Your reputation is in the hands of others. That's what a       
reputation is. You can't control that. The only thing you can
control is your character.‖ - Dr. Wayne W. Dyer                                        Scouting Is A Game.
                                                                                  Bill Smith, the Roundtable Guy
―Many a man's reputation would not know his character if
they met on the street.‖ - Elbert Hubbard                          Den Programs revisited
                                                                   Last month I wrote about den projects and how they can
                     Families in the Bi ble                        fulfill some needs of boys and fit into Cub Scout programs.
5 ¶ Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the          Although projects are an important part of what we do with
coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD:                  boys, we should always be aware that….
6 And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children,
and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and    Scouting is a g ame.
smite the earth with a curse.                                      New den leaders sometimes think that den meetings should
                                                                   be filled fro m opening ceremony to snack-time with a fu ll
Old Testament | Malachi 4:5 – 6, King James Version
                                                                   diet of craft projects. This is a poor choice. An occasional
           Worl d Take My Son B y The Hand                         project is perfectly fine but craft activit ies bring a lot of
                 Baltimore Area Council                            disadvantages:
You might want to try this as a Closing Ceremony. C D              1. It‘s expensive. Craft materials strain the budget.
                                                                   2. It can be boring. Many boys just do not like making
World, my son is growing up. He is starting on great
                                                                         things that adults and most girls find pretty or cute.
adventures that will include wars, tragedy and sorrow.
                                                                   3. Craft requires mo re adult help. There is strong
To live his life in the wo rld he has to live in, will require           likelihood of misbehavior without more assistants.
faith and love and courage.                                        Den meetings should really be filled with games interspersed
So, wo rld, I wish you would sort of take him by his young         with ceremon ies.
hand and teach him the things he will have to know.                Advantage of g ames.
Teach him…but gently, if you can.                                  Games are important elements in Cub Scouting because they
He will have to learn, I know, that all men are not true.          are as natural to the behavior of boys as are breathing,
Teach him that for every scoundrel, there is a hero, that for      laughter and food.
every crooked politician, there is a dedicated leader. Teach       1. Games are fun.
him that for every enemy, there is a friend.                       2. Games with clearly understood rules promote good
Let him learn early that the bullies are the easiest people to
                                                                   3. Games easily connect to character development.
                                                                   Robert Baden Powell, the founder of Boy Scouting, said that
Teach him the wonders of books. Give h im quiet time to            "Scouting is a game with a purpose." The game is our fun
ponder the eternal mystery of birds in the sky, bees in the        and exciting program, but the purpose is to prepare boys to
sun, and flowers on a green hill.                                  become better adults. York-Adams Area Council
Teach him that it is far more honorable to fail then to cheat.     The Brit ish Scout Association describes games and play in
Teach him to have faith in his own ideas, even if every one        its Scout Base web site,
else tells him they are wrong.                           
Try to give my son the strength not to follow the crowd            The importance of play
when everyone else is getting on the bandwagon. Teach him          A child's life is largely made up of play, but that play is very
to listen to all men - but to filter all he hears on a screen of   real to the child. Children not only pretend to be jet planes or
truth and to take only the good that comes through.                astronauts, while the game is going on they are jet planes or
Teach him to sell his brawn and brains to the highest              astronauts. They are disappointed and disillusioned if a
bidders, but never to put a price tag on his heart and soul.       grown-up takes a game lightly, finishes it abruptly before it
Teach him to close his ears on a howling mob - and to stand        is played out, or does not worry about keeping the rules.
and fight if he thinks he is right.                                The play-world is a very real wo rld to children. In it they are
                                                                   learning and testing out the rules of life which they have to
                                                                   observe as adults later on. They will learn to give and take,
Page 4                                                                                        BALOO'S BUGLE
to co-operate with others, to accept defeat without             Remember, reflecting on an activity should take no more
complaining, and succeed without being boastful.                than five to ten minutes and are often much shorter than that.
Cub Scout Leaders need to appreciate this world of              The mo re you do it, the easier it becomes for both you and
imagination and to use it in their approach to Cub Scouting.    the participants. Remember that the value and the values of
Every activ ity of the Cub Scout programme could be, or         Scouting often lie beneath the surface. Reflection helps you
could include, a game.                                          ensure that these values come through to Scouting
                                        Games for Cub Scouts    participants.
The best sources of games for Cub Scouts are the Cub Scout      Pack Games – A game or two always adds spice to a pack
Leader How To Book (HB) and the Den Chief Handbook              meet ing. Just make sure that all boys get to participate.
(DC). Every den needs a copy of each. Both have excellent       Gathering games and relays are usually good. If you think
hints on leading games (HB p 3-1 and DC p47.) Even old          about it, audience participation sparklers and songs like
printings, available at used book stores or on eBay, can be     Throw It Out The Window are essentially games that involve
useful to any den. If your den doesn‘t have these, try to get   everyone – even the parents and siblings.
them.                                                           Parent Partici pation – Cub Scouts enjoy seeing their
Competiti ve Games – Vary the games so that all boys can        parents join in the games. Try it at Tiger den meetings and
excel. Games like the Rooster Fight (DC p60) that favor the     pack meetings. You would certainly want to involve the
larger, stronger types should be mixed with games like          parents at your pack camp overnights or other outings.
Sleeping Guard (HB p3-6) where a s maller more agile boy        Your Game Chest – Make a den game chest: simply a bo x
has an advantage. Boys with good sens e of balance can look     where you can store common game equip ment. So me
good in the Astronaut‘s Test (DC-p62) and observant ones        examples:
will probably win out at Kim‘s Game (HB p3-34).                  Throwing things – an assortment of balls, Frisbees, bean
Cooperati ve Games – While many games are played                     bags etc.
competitively, good den leaders will also use more that a        Tying things – lengths of rope, cord, clothes pins, etc.
few games that require cooperation or ones that have no          Markers – tin cans, news papers, chalk, etc.
winners. The How-To Book has a whole section on them.            Containers – boxes, pie pans, muffin t ins, pails balloons,
Games like the Forehead Squeeze Relay (HB p3-22) and the             bottles.
Nature Hunt (DC p59) require teamwo rk and cooperation.         You get the idea. Make it suit your den.
Perpetual Motion (HB-p3-20 and The Snail (HB p3-22) are         Your Game List – Make a list of different games. Writing
good examples of fun games where no one wins or loses.          (or glu ing) each on a separate 3x5 index card may work for
Reflection – The How-To Book describes reflect ing as:          you. Have a variety of indoor, outdoor, active and quiet
guiding the players to think about what has happened as a       games that your den likes. Keep it handy. This is a resource
result of the game or activity and try to learn from it.        that you can use in a pinch when you need something to
                                                                rescue your meeting.
As a leader, avoid the temptation to talk about your own                     And remember: - Scouting is a game.
experiences. Reserve judgment about what the participants
say to avoid criticizing them. Help the discussion get going,
then. let the participants take over with limited guidance              PACK ADMIN HELPS
fro m you. If you describe what you saw, be sure your                             The Training Conti nuum
comments do not stop the participants from adding their own     Ever get lost trying to figure out how all the different
thoughts. Above all, be positive. Have fun with the activity    training courses interconnect?? Ever forget which Train ing
and with the session.                                           you have had and which you still need?? Carol has posted a
These types of questions are useful in reflecting:              great chart (created by a Scouter in Seattle) that shows how
 Open-ended questions prevent yes and no answers.              all the Trainings interconnect and created a scorecard for
    "What was the purpose of the game?" "What did you           you to track them all. Check it out at
    learn about yourself?"                             ing.htm
 Feeling questions require participants to reflect on how      Once on the page, scroll down to the blue and yellow NEW
    they feel about what they did. "How did it feel when        Star and you will see the Adventures in Training Chart and
    you started to pull together?"                              the Training Card as blue lin ks
 Judgment questions ask participants to make decisions                    RECOGNITION FOR UNIT LEADER
    about things. "What was the best part?" "Was it a good      Many of your leaders are now fully trained; why not present
    idea?"                                                      them with their Trained Strip at your next Pack meeting?
 Gu iding questions steer the participants toward the                      Den Leader Appreciati on Ceremony
    purpose of the activity and keep the discussion focused.               Timucua District, North Florida Council
    "What got you all going in the right direct ion?"           Have you hugged your kids today? This is a question you
 Closing question help participants draw conclusions and       see on bumper stickers and hear on television commercials
    end the discussion. "What did you learn?" "What would       promoting good mental health. Fortunately, most of us do
    you do differently?"                                        not let a day go by without giving your kids at least one
                                                                good hug. In fact, if you would like to, it is perfect ly OK to
Page 5                                                                                         BALOO'S BUGLE
just reach over and give your kids a great big hug right now!    help them earn money towards their mission trips. Check
(To encourage audience participation, have your child close      with your school - some areas will allo w you to use the
by for you to hug as an examp le and/or have a few parents in    school.
the audience who have been told beforehand to hug their          Budgeting for the Dinner - Check with your Pack
kids when you give the word.)                                    Co mmittee to see what type of money has been set aside for
The next question is, have you thanked your den leaders          the Blue & Go ld Dinner. You may see if the Co mmittee will
today? Unfortunately, this is one thing that many of us          set money aside from the Popcorn sales to pay for
forget to do. Your den leaders are all volunteers and the        professional entertain ment. You may decide to charge each
only pay they receive is your thank you and a warm feeling       family a s mall fee to cover the cost of the meal or
all over when seeing the look of p ride on you son's face as     entertainment.
he successfully accomp lishes his achievements. These            Planning Your Menu
people have given your sons a very special gift. They give       Cover Dish dinners - This is a fun way for families to show
him the gift of their time. They give of their time when they    off their best dishes. It is fun to share you favorite dish with
attend training sessions, plan your son's den meetings, work     a friends. The down fall to this is - most parents work. If
on our pack committee, take your sons on field trips, plan       your dinner is on a wee k night it is hard to get home fro m
picnics, overnights, and banquets. The den leaders' time,        work and prepare something for the dinner. Th is is why we
which is very well spent, helps mo ld these Cub Scouts into      see a lot mo re hot deli in the grocery stores now.
the type of men we wish them to become in the future--           Have a s paghetti di nner - You r co mmittee could prepare a
trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind,          simp le spaghetti dinner for the Pack. Ask for volunteers to
obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent.          help with the dinner. There is always a Mother or
                                                                 Grand mother that would enjoy helping with something like
I know we all want what is best for our children, so tonight I
                                                                 this. Don't be afraid to ask.
would like you to help me thank those who have given your
                                                                 Check with a l ocal restaurant - Local restaurants may have
sons their very best.
                                                                 catering for family style meals. Often you can get a good
(Call leaders by name to co me fo rward and present them         deal on chicken or p izza if you mention you are fro m a
with gifts, certificates or other tokens of appreciation.)       Scout group.
Now, will everyone please stand and help me THA NK               Check with a local church youth group - Several area youth
YOUR DEN LEADERS with a great big round of applause              groups are always raising money for Mission trips. Contact
(Better yet – Lead a cheer!!).                                   your local churches to see if they do any dinners as fund
                                                                 raisers. Check with other parents from the Pack they may
                Your Blue & Gol d B anquet                       know of so me groups looking for fund raisers. Often these
                 Kommissioner Karl                               are full d inners that cost under $5 per person.
           Seneca District, Buckeye Council                      Entertainment - Entertain ment is the lynch pin of the Blue
NO – It is NOT too early!!! CD                                   & Go ld event. If you are skipping this, you are missing out
The Blue & Gold banquet is the highlight of the winter           on making the dinner something that everyone looks forward
months for most Cub Packs. If yours isn‘t, it probably needs     to. You may consider some or all of these options:
help. Here are some simp le guidelines to help you plan a        Skit night - Each Den Prepares a skit or song to present as
successful Blue & Gold.                                          part of the program. Great suggestions for skits can be found
2 to 3 months before the Blue & Gol d B anquet.                  at Roundtable Meetings or at . It
You need to make your final decision on your date & time         doesn't matter if the boys get it perfect. It is the pride they
with the Pack Co mmittee. Ask some of the parents to help        have performing for their parents and friends.
with the arrangements (this is your Blue & Go ld                 Poll your Parents - See if there are any parents with hidden
Co mmittee). This will make the job much easier. You will        talents. Again don't be afraid to ask if anyone would like to
have a lot of ideas to share with each other.                    entertain at your dinner. You may find a Mariach i bank
Dates - Dates for the Banquet are usually set by the Pack        member, a juggler, mag ician or storyteller.
Co mmittee at the beginning of the calendar year. You may        Book outside entertainment - if your pack is big enough to
use the date that corresponds with your monthly Pack             add a small amount to the dinner cost, or if you budget some
meet ing. So me groups like to choose a Friday night,            funds from the popcorn sale, you may consider hiring a
Saturday night or a Sunday afternoon.                            professional entertainer. There are a lot of people out there
Locations - Use your regular Pack meet ing place. So me          to choose from. If you local school has a program, check
groups are allowed to use the Charter Organization facilities    with them to see who they have used. Check with local
to hold their Blue & Go ld dinner. Check with your Charter       Colleges - They may have students that will perform for a
Organization to see if this could be a possiblity for your       fee, or maybe for free.
Pack. Check with local Churches. So me local churches will       4 - 6 Weeks before the Banquet
allo w you to use their Fellowship Hall to have your dinner.     Send out flyers reservation flyers. You need to include the
Don't be afraid to check with the church you attend or maybe     date, time, cost and location on your sign up sheet. Always
that of another member of Pack Co mmittee. Other churches        include a date when you need your RSVP turned back in by.
will allo w you to use their Fellowship Hall if you use their    It works best to collect the money ahead of time. You will
Youth Group to help with the dinner. So me youth group           always have a few people call at the minute wanting to
raise money by preparing and serving dinners. This will          attend. Always include a person‘s name on the flyer that the
Page 6                                                                                          BALOO'S BUGLE
family membe rs may contact if they have a question. Make         call the day before or the day of the dinner wanting to attend.
your den leaders responsible for co llect ing the flyers and      Remind Pack Treasurer, wh ich checks need to be issued and
money to turn into you.                                           amounts the night of the dinner. Often your entertain ment or
Select a Theme for the Blue & Gol d Dinner                        caterer wants paid the night of the dinner. Make a sign in
Your imagination does not even limit you here. There is a         sheet. Check everyone in as they arrive, if any one owes
wealth of information of the internet for decorations, themes,    money, collect it then.
and often with instructions and pictures. Simp ly search for      Programs - The banquet is a special celebrat ion. You
―cub blue gold‖ and see what you like. There are also             should consider printing a simp le program. Include all the
several other resources such as:                                  award that the boys are receiving that night. Everyone likes
Cub Scout Program Hel ps - Each year the Program helps            to see there name in print. It is nice if the Den Leaders plan
will give you a theme idea. You may want to want to use           for the boys to get their rank badges during the Blue & Go ld.
this idea or use it as a building block fo r something similar.   It also a great time to print a s mall thank you to everyone
I have used old ideas from the old Program helps.                 that has helped put the dinner together. You should also
Roundtable Meeting - Each month the Roundtable will               include a thank you to the parents for their support during
focus on a theme that could be used for your dinner. The CS       the year.
RT Planning Guide calls for a Blue & Gold presentation in         Blue & Gold‘s are should be the showcase of your winter
the Pack Ad min break Out this (October) month. In January        program. If your unit has special awards, you may want to
the Roundtable will focus on the February theme, wh ich you       give them out there. Other units plan the a father/son cake
may want to consider for the banquet.                             bake auction as a fund raiser to help pay for the
Traditional Blue & Gol d - Many groups like to use the            entertainment. Be sure to recognize the Pack Co mmittee at
traditional Blue & Gold theme. Decorate your tables with          the banquet for a big round of applause. An ―atta-boy‖ goes
Blue & Gold table clothes, placemats, napkins and balloons.       along way to getting people to help in the future.
This is great, and underscores the theme of a celebration of
Scouting.                                                                               TIGERS
Use your i maginati on - Have fun with your ideas. You can         Starting last month (September’s Theme issue) and for
use any type of theme you would like. Examp les: Happy            the next four issues in the Tiger section B aloo will feature
Birthday Cub Scouts, Fiesta, Celebrate Oh io Anniversary,              a di fferent Tiger Achievement. Last month was
Celebrate your Pack Founding Date (Milestone Marks),                 Achievement #5, the outdoor acti vi ties achievement.
Red/White/Blue                                                                       Here is Achievement #1.
Plan Decorati ons
                                                                  Before beginning the Achievements - The first step in
Use decorations that go along with your theme. The
                                                                  earning the Tiger Cub Badge is learn ing the Tiger Cub motto
decorations could be made by the committee or ask the dens
                                                                  (Search, Discover, Share), the Cub Scout sign, and the Cub
to help make the centerpieces for the dinner. Demonstrate
                                                                  Scout salute. The Tiger will then be awarded the Tiger Cub
the centerpiece project at your Pack Co mmittee meeting and
                                                                  totem to be worn on his uniform shirt. This award is
have each den make their own centerpieces for the banquet
                                                                  presented at a pack meeting.
theme. This can be especially helpfu l if you are
shorthanded. Purchase placemats or allow each den to make         The Tiger Cub must then complete one Den Activity, one
their own placemats for their families. Be sure the Scout         Family Activity, and one Go See It Activ ity within each of
makes enough for his entire family so no one is left out. If      the five achievement areas to earn the Tiger Cub rank. He
you want to go with purchasing, there are special Blue &          works with his adult partner to do this. As he completes
Go ld placemats at most Council stores. Use Blue & Go ld          each of the 15 requirements, he receives the appropriate
Balloons tied in the center of each table or on the backs of      orange, white, or black bead at the next den meet ing to add
chairs. Plan for some special treats at each place setting:       to his totem.
theme cookies, candy, nut cups.                                   Achievement #1 Making My Famil y S pecial
Send Out Invi tations                                             1F Family Acti vity
Make sure you include a name and phone number for them            During the time the Tigers are learn ing the Tiger Cub Motto ,
to follo w-up with. Unit Co mmissioners, your Church              the Cub Scout Sign and Salute you can also work on this
Minister, Chartered Organization Rep, District Executive,         Achievement. The Tiger Cub, along with his adult partner
District Co mmissioner and District Chairman can all be           can make a chart using poster board outlining family
invited. Be sure and contact the District Family Friends of       activities, job and fun activities. Allow the Tiger Cub to
Scouting Chair to schedule your FOS presenter, and confirm        assign some jobs. This will give the adult partner and the
the time you have allotted them.                                  Tiger to a chance to plan ways to keep things clean and tidy
1 to 2 Weeks before the B anquet                                  in their ho me. For example, the Tiger can clean his roo m o r
Finalize EVER YTHING - Get your final count together.             take out the trash. Let the Tiger assign a chore and a fun
Collect and balance your money fro m families ahead of            activity to plan with his adult partner, remember this is a
time. You may have to call the den leaders and remind them        growing up process for them. Working together can
that the counts are due. If your are having another group         reinforce in your Tiger the importance of the family and how
catering your banquet, call them and confirm the date and         every family member p lays an important part in keeping
count for the dinner. Also check to see if they plan for any      their home in good shape.
additional people. There is always a few people that will
Page 7                                                                                          BALOO'S BUGLE
Den Acti vi ty 1D                                                numbers were also. The magician has the audience member
Make a family scrapbook                                          turn over the dice and total the two bottom nu mbers. The
Materials: Three-p rong folder for each boy; 3-hole-             bottom nu mbers, a one and a two, total three. The magician
punched typing paper; markers, crayons, stickers and other       asks the audience member to add the bottom total to the top
materials to decorate the cover.                                 total. This results in the number fourteen.
Directions: Have the Tiger Cubs decorate the folder and          The mag ician removes the deck fro m its case and hands it to
fasten the paper into it.                                        the audience member, saying, "You ro lled he dice and
These scrapbooks are great if the Leader can keep them           arrived at a random nu mber, the number fourteen. Please
while the boys progress through the program. They can add        take the deck and count down to the fourteenth card." The
many projects to their scrapbook, even though it is a Family     fourteenth card is turned face-up and revealed to be the king
Scrapbook. Discuss with the adult partners whether they          of hearts. The mag ician has the envelope opened and the
want the Tigers to get the books upon graduation from            prediction read aloud. It reads: "I predict that you will select
Tigers or fro m Cubs or presented earlier for the families to    the king of hearts."
take home and keep up. Another thought may be to have
enough material for 2 scrapbooks. Then have the Tigers
                                                                 Prior to the performance write "I predict that you will select
make one to be a Cub Scout Scrapbook and one to be a
                                                                 the king of hearts" on a piece of paper. Place the paper in an
Family Scrapbook. In the Family Scrapbook the Tiger can
                                                                 envelope, seal it, and write the word PREDICTION on its
put items in there that remind him of special memories of
                                                                 face. Remove the deck of cards fro m the case, locate the
things he has done with his family.
                                                                 king of hearts and place it in the fourteenth position. Place
Go and See It-1 G
                                                                 the deck back in the case and you are ready to perform.
Go to a library, historical society, museum, o ld farm,
historical building or v isit an older person in your            If you perform the trick exactly as it's described, the
community. Discover how life was the same, and how it            audience member will always select the fourteenth card. The
was different for a boy your age many years ago.                 reason for this is really quite simple. The top and bottom
The following ideas come fro m the York Adams Council            numbers of any single die always total seven. This is a fact
PowWow book.                                                     that most people are not aware of. Therefore, when the
1. Share the family photo albu m. Identify special family        numbers on the top and bottom of a pair o f dice are totaled
     members.                                                    the number will always be fourteen. Needless to say, since
2. Share family histories and traditions.                        the total is always fourteen, it is important that you do not
3. Have a ‗families‘ picn ic. Get to know one another.           repeat this trick before the same group of people.
4. Have a group party. Use a holiday fo r theme. How             Den Acti vi ties
     about a Valentines Party in October?
                                                                 MAGIC HATS
5. Design and make a family t ree. Share it with others in
     your den.                                                   Have the boys decorate their very own magic hat. You can
                                                                 buy pre-made black top hats and have them decorate them
6. Design a family coat of arms. Have the Tiger include
                                                                 with glitter, ribbon, pom-po ms, and other fun materials that
     special areas of the family‘s past.
7. Conduct your own ‗Family‘ activity.                           you find at a local craft store.
                                                                 MAGIC COSTUMES
                  Tiger Fun wi th Magic                          Have the boys and their partner's dress up as magicians, or
                     Circle Ten Council                          as Harry Potter. Then perform one of the tricks they learned
Magic is always a big hit with Tigers. Be sure to check out      as a family. Give a prize for best effort, best performance,
the magic tricks in the Tiger Book at Elective 19, too. CD       best costume, and orig inality.
Family Acti vi ties                                              KNOT TRICK RELAY
Learn to do the tricks yourself and teach one or two of them     What you'll need:
to the children.                                                 A 3-foot long rope or piece of string
One or both parents, or an older sibling can learn and then      Tie a knot in a p iece of rope without letting go of the ends.
choose a night to have a family mag ic show.                     Once the boy's and their partners have learned the trick.
"DICEY"                                                          Div ide into two teams and have a relay to see who can
This mysterious bit of mental magic can be performed just        complete the trick the quickest or give each a piece of rope
about anywhere due to the fact that it utilizes items that can   and see which boy/partner team can finish the quickest.
be found in almost any household.                                              1. Lay the string down on a table.
The mag ician passes the dice to an audience member,                           2. Cross your arms and grab an end of the
saying, "Take the dice and roll them onto the table." The                            string in each hand.
audience member does so and the dice roll to a stop. We will                   3. When you uncross your arms, a knot will
assume that the uppermost numbers are a six and a five. The                          appear in the middle of the string!
mag ician asks the audience member to add the two numbers        WANDS
together. This results in a total of eleven.                     All you need is a dowel, some paints, and other craft
The mag ician points out that if the two top numbers were        materials if you so desire. Have an adult cut the dowels to
arrived at by random, then certainly the two, unseen, bottom     appropriate size. Let the boys paint the dowel black with a
Page 8                                                                                        BALOO'S BUGLE
white tip on the end. They can add gold streamers or use star     The project should be age-appropriate. Youth should
stickers and let them decorate their wands after they have          not be asked to participate in activ ities that are beyond
dried.                                                              their physical, mental, and emotional capacity.
WORD MAGIC                                                       There should be proper adult supervision during all
Try to see how many s mall words the boys can make using            phases of the project.
the word "MAGICIAN.‖ (This may be a little hard in               Appropriate safety guidelines related to the project
September as Tigers have just started First Grade and               should be communicated to all part icipants.
really learned too much spelling or reading yet. But with        Those within Scouting should follow the Gu ide to Safe
an Adult partner’s help … CD)                                       Scouting.
Go See It                                                       Food dri ves
                                                                 Conduct or expand Scouting for Food programs
     Take the boys to a magic shop
                                                                 Participate in collaborative food drives and collect food
     Visit a magician or have them co me see the boys              donations for food pantries
        Go see a magic show                                    Provi de meals to the hungry
                                                                 Assist agencies that provide meals to the needy by
   SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY                                              helping them prepare and serve the meals
                Good Turn for America                            Help deliver meals and food to the homebound and
                   Kommssioner Karl                                 elderly in conjunction with organizat ions such as Meals
             Seneca District, Buckeye Council                       on Wheels
A Good Turn is more than simple good manners. It is a           Assist organizations that buil d homes for the needy
special act of kindness.                                         Take part in a Habitat for Hu man ity homebuilding
               The Boy Scout Ha ndbook, 11th Edi tion, p. 55        project
                                                                 Assist community beautification projects, including
                                                                    repairing/repainting homes and sprucing up the yards of
                                                                    those in need
                                                                 Assist organizations that provide home maintenance
                                                                    services for those in need
                                                                Assist shelters and their occupants
                                                                 Collect clothing, toiletries, and supplies for people
                                                                    liv ing in shelters.
                                                                 Collect books and school supplies for children liv ing in
The Boy Scouts of America's Good Turn traces back to
American businessman William D. Boyce who was lost in a          Collect toys and gifts for children of p risoners or those
London fog. A boy offered to take Boyce to the address he           liv ing in shelters
wanted and refused a tip, saying he was a Boy Scout.             Conduct visits and reading programs for residents
Boyce's curiosity was aroused. He later had the boy take him     Conduct entertainment programs for residents
to Scouting's Brit ish founder, Lord Baden-Powell. Fro m this    Provide other volunteer services that improve the
chance meeting, the Boy Scouts of America was born.                 quality of shelter life
Since 1912, Boy Scouts nationally have been called to serve,     Conduct a fund-raiser for a not-for-pro fit shelter
fro m selling war bonds during World War II to collecting       Offer unit-level community and school-based sports and
canned goods in the 1980s.                                      fitness clinics
Good Turn for A merica is a national call to service by the      BSA Physical Fitness Award and the Venturing Quest
Boy Scouts of America to address the issues of hunger,               Sports and Fitness Award
homelessness, and poor health in our nation.                     Take a unit h ike day/weekend
In this effort, the Boy Scouts of America is partnering with     Fun run/walk/cycle event
some of the nation's most respected service organizations,       Scout field games
including The Salvation Army, Habitat for Hu man ity, and
Special Presentation the American Red Cross. These              Conduct a community health awareness project
organizations, and thousands of others, will work to provide     Blood drives
opportunities for youth and volunteers to fight hunger and       Distribution of healthy liv ing and drug abuse awareness
homelessness, and teach the habits of healthy living. Youth          literature
and volunteers are looking for ways to serve their               Distribute organ donor cards to the public
communit ies. At the same time, service organizations need       Conduct a child fingerprint ing event
dedicated volunteer help. By working together, we can           Conduct service projects to buil d healthier environments
improve our young people, our communit ies, and the nation.      Tree-planting and revegetation projects
Project Ideas                                                    Park or camp t rial maintenance and repair
                                                                 Projects to enhance wildlife habitats
Page 9                                                                                            BALOO'S BUGLE
 Conservation and recycling projects                               Everyone who enters will get a free patch like the green one
 Beautification and litter cleanup projects                        above. (The patch is a temporary insignia, so it can be worn
How Do I get Invol ved?                                             on the Boy Scout uniform shirt. Proudly display it there o r
Go to http://goodturnforamerica.o rg/                               anywhere!) In coming years, you'll have the opportunity to
Click on the ―TELL US ABOUT YOUR PROJECT‖ in the                    earn the other patches.
left side menu.                                                     The contest is open to all Boys' Life readers. Be sure to
Click ―click here to log in or create an account.‖                  include your name, address, age and grade on the entry.
Click the red underlined ―Click here.‖                              Send your report, along with a business -size, self-addressed,
Click ―I agree.‖                                                    stamped envelope, too:
You will need your unit Good Turn fo r A merica Unit ID
number for the first line. You may get this fro m your                       Boys' Life Reading Contest, S306
District Executive.                                                          P.O. Bo x 152079
Co mplete the rest of the information on this page to                        Irving, TX 75015-2079
complete your account creation. Be sure to let others in your       For more details go to
unit know what your unit‘s ID, registration and password is         Entries must be postmarked by Dec. 31, 2005.
so they can log their hours as well. Or designate someone to
enter all of the in formation fo r your unit and have the den                    The International Scouter Award
leaders submit the necessary information to them for entry.
When you need to enter your service hours, be sure to login
fro m the ―Tell us about your project‖ menu selection.
Simp ly fo llo w the pro mpts to enter your project hours and
details. The website will keep track of the info rmation fo r       This award is available fro m the World Scouting
you.                                                                organization. The International Scouter Award encourages
Information you will be asked to provide will include:              Scouters to broaden their involvement in Scouting through
 The organization or group benefiting fro m the project            participation in world Scouting activit ies and recognizes
 Partnering organizations                                          Scouters for their contributions to world Scouting. It is a b it
 Date of the project                                               unusual in that it does not preclude the Scouter fro m earn ing
 Nu mber of Scouts participating                                   more than one knot at a time fo r the same activ ity.
                                                                    Applicants must be currently registered adult Scouters of the
 Nu mber of non-Scouts helping
                                                                    Boy Scouts of America.
 Nu mber of adults participating
                                                                    All applicants must receive the approval of their local
 Total hours worked
                                                                    council's international co mmittee chairperson or
Service pro jects may be entered throughout the year as they
                                                                    international representative and their council Scout
are done, no matter how big or s mall. After you enter the
                                                                    executive. For more in formation, go to
data for each project, your unit will be elig ible to receive the
Good Turn for A merica patch and year segment which can
                                                           m/square-knots.asp and click on
be obtained from the Scout Shop.
                                                                    the knot For an application go to
               Boys' Li fe Readi ng Contest                
     Enter the 18th Boys' Life Readi ng Contest Now!
                                                                       GATHERING ACTIVITIES
                                                                     Note on Word Searches, Word Games, Mazes and such –
                                                                     In order to make these items fit in the two column format of
                                                                     Baloo’s Bugle they are shrunk to a width of about 3 inches.
                                                                    Your Cubs probably need bigger pictures. You can get these
                                                                    by copying and pasting the picture from the Word version or
                                                                      clipping the picture in the Adobe (.pdf) version and then
Write a one-page report titled "The Best Book I Read This                           enlarging to page width. CD
Year" and enter it in the Boys' Life 2005 "Say Yes to
Reading!" contest.
The book can be fiction or nonfiction. But the report has to
be in your own words—500 words tops. Enter in one of
these three age categories: 8 years old and younger, 9 and 10
years old, or 11 years and older.
First-place winners in each age category will receive a $100
gift cert ificate good for any product in the Boy Scouts
Official Retail Catalog. Second-place will receive a $75 gift
certificate, and third-p lace a $50 certificate.
Page 10                                                                                       BALOO'S BUGLE
                                                                been to the same place or know the same people in a
          Family Tree Hi dden Picture Puzzle                    faraway location, reminding us that the world really isn‘t as
               Santa Clara County Council                       big as it seems at first. Let‘s have some fun with the idea of
 We found at least 10 faces in the picture belo w, how many     our small world, by playing a game where we get to travel
                        can you find?                           the world through the experiences of our fellow scouts and
                                                                their families. I‘ll pass out a Cub Scout passport to each
                                                                family, and until the Opening Ceremony (or in the next 5
                                                                minutes (if doing this for a game during the meet ing) ), I
                                                                want you to talk to as many other families in the room as
                                                                possible who have been to another country (or maybe to
                                                                better fit the theme, have them tell you about a country from
                                                                which where their family came.) Ask each person you meet
                                                                where they‘ve been and something interesting they saw or
                                                                learned in that country or where their family is fro m and
                                                                something they know about the country. When they‘re done
                                                                ―taking you to that country,‖ have them sign their last name
                                                                and write the name of the country in one of the squares of
                                                                the passport. No fair using the same country twice.
                                                                On your mark, get set, travel!
                                                                (If doing this as game during the meeting, give them 5
                                                                minutes for passport signing to take place. Give a few extra
                                                                minutes if it looks like people are still having fun.)
                                                                If you want a winner, have them count up the number of
                                                                countries they‘ve been to by counting the number of bo xes
                                                                with signatures. Who has 5? Ho w about 10? Awesome!!!
                                                                (Keep going until you find the scout with the most
                                                                signatures. Have a prize or treat to recognize h im.)

                                                                                Thanksgiving Word Search
                                                                                  Baltimore Area Council

                 Birth Month Logic Puzzle
                Santa Clara County Council
 Four children have different birth months, but were all born
in the same year. Find out who was born in each month.
                     Sept     Oct       Nov      Dec
         Carol         .        .         .        .
         Debbie        .        .         .        .
          Amy          .        .         .        .
          Ben          .        .         .        .
    1.   Caro l was born before Debbie.
    2.   Debbie was born two months after Ben.
    3.   Ben was born after A my but before Carol.              APPLES         NEW WORLD             CORN
                                                                NOVEM BER   CAPT. BRADFORD        PILGRIM
                 Answer at the end of Baloo
                                                                DINNER      PLYM OUTH ROCK            FISH
             Around the Worl d in 5 minutes                     POCAHONTAS      FREEDOM          PRA YERS
                 Santa Clara County Council                     GOD             PUMPKIN          HARVEST
Materials: 1 Passport Cover and 2 or 3 passport pages           SAMOSET         HOLIDA Y        SETTLERS
             stapled and folded into a booklet. (One booklet    INDIANS         SQUANTO      JOHN A LDEN
             per family.)                                       THANKS         JOHN SMITH           MAIZE
Directions (You may have a leader say this as he/she passes     THANKSGIVING              MASSACHUSETTS
out the books and welcomes people to the meeting) Have          THURSDA Y        TURKEY       MASSASOIT
you ever heard the saying, ―It‘s a small world‖? What does      VENISON       MAYFLOW ER         WORSHIP
that mean? Usually, fo lks say this when two people have        WILLIAM BREW STER         MILES STANDISH
Page 11                                                                                              BALOO'S BUGLE
                                                                     stand in front of the group when it is time to start. Each boy
                     Family Tree Puzzle                              or group, in turn, should then say, ―Good evening‖ or
                   Heart of America Council                          ―Hello‖ in the language of the country they represent. And
                                                                     then teach the entire group how to say it. After each
                                                                     language has been practiced, the audience is divided into
                                                                     smaller groups, one for each country represented. The Den
                                                                     Chief, at a given signal, then leads the entire group in saying
                                                                     ―Good evening/Hello‖ all at once in all the languages.

                                                                                           Family Tree Openi ng:
                                                                                         Santa Clara County Council
                                                                       You can have the Cubmaster read this or divide it upand
                                                                        have Cubs do the different parts. Or maybe you would
                                                                        want to use it as a Cubmaster’s Minute for closing. CD
                                                                     A family is like a strong and beautiful tree. The family‘s
                                                                     faith in God are in its roots. The parents make up the trunk
                                                                     of our family tree, and the children are the branches. A poet
                                                                     named Helen Crawfo rd made that comparison in a poem I
AFFECTION             ARGUM ENTS                CLOSENESS            would like to read to you. It‘s called ―The Family Tree‖ and
COMFORT                COMMUNE                   CONCERN             it goes like this:
COZINESS               DEVOTION                    DREAMS             There‘s one thing in God‘s nature world that means a lot to me.
ENJOY                    FOLKS                         FUN                       It symbolizes much of life; it is a lovely tree.
HARM ONY                  HELP                   HEREDITY               With roots so deep in God‘s rich earth, it‘s not disturbed by
HOM E                     HOPE                      JOYFUL                                          weather,
KIDS                       KIN                  LAUGHTER                 Like families with faith in God who live in peace together.
LINE                      LOVE                    LOYA LTY              It‘s trunk, the body strong and firm like parents everywhere,
MOM                       PAPA                   PEACEFUL             To guide, control, direct, sustain the offspring which they bear.
PLEASE                   PRIDE                      RELATE                The branches which like children spread in every known
RESPECT                  SHA RE                       TEAM                                          direction.
TRAITS                   TRUST                       UNITY              Until the fruits of their growth has reached it full perfection.
WARMTH                    YOU                                              And so a tree appears to me the gem of God‘s creation,
                                                                            As it portrays our families which constitutes a nation.
            American Ancestors (Brain Teaser)
                                                                     Each of us can do our part to make our family tree stronger
                   Baltimore Area Council                            and more beautifu l. How? By loving all the family members.
Match these real and fict ional Ancestors of America with            Children can do it by obeying their parents, and parents
why they are remembered -
                                                                     showing love and fair p lay to their children. Let‘s all
Hero                                        Why remembered           resolve to strengthen out family ties.
Paul Bunyan      A. Told everyone the British are co ming
Blackbeard                               B. Samuel Clemens                                 A Family Is...
Rip Van Win kle               C. Very big man with blue o x                   Timucua District, North Florida Council
Benjamin Franklin                          D. Freed the slaves       Cub # 1: A FAMILY IS people giving and receiv ing love.
Paul Revere                         E. Slept for t wenty years       Cub # 2: A FAMILY IS people getting angry, but still
Daniel Boone          F. Congressman turned frontiersman                       loving each other.
Davy Crockett                     G. Discovered Electricity          Cub # 3: A FAMILY IS people loving the differences
Casey Jones                   H. Father of mass production                     about each other.
Mark Twain                              I. Was a pirate at sea       Cub # 4: A FAMILY IS people talking and listening to
Henry Ford               J. Established apple tree nurseries                   each other.
Johnny Appleseed                             K. Railroad hero        Cub # 5: A FAMILY IS people caring about what happens
Abraham Lincoln                       L. Hunter of Kentucky                    to each other, and letting it show.
Answers: 1. C, 2. I, 3. E, 4. G, 5. A, 6. F, 7. L, 8. K, 9. B, 10.   Cub # 6: A FAMILY IS people laughing and crying
H, 11. J, 12. D                                                                without feeling ashamed of it.
                                                                     Cub # 7: A FAMILY IS people sharing with each other.
OPENING CEREMONIES                                                   Cub # 8: A FAMILY IS people reaching out and leaning
                                                                               on each other.
                Opening in Other Languages                           Cub # 9: A FAMILY IS people having fun together.
                 Santa Clara County Council                          Cub # 10: A FAMILY IS people giving strength to each
Use the resources of the boys and their families to come up                    other and feeling loyal to each other.
with costumes fro m various other countries. Each boy can            Cub # 11: A FAMILY IS people LOVING one another,
represent a different country or you can have several boys                     through good times and bad.
represent the same country. Have all the boys in the den
Page 12                                                                                      BALOO'S BUGLE
                               Our Family
                     Baltimore Area Council                                            Thanksgiving
Personnel: 4 Cub Scouts                                                          Santa Clara County Council
Equip ment: A merican Flag                                      Assign parts to seven Cubs (Or six Cubs and a Leader for
Setting: Cubs standing around flag.                             the Pledge). Have them draw pictures of Pilgrims and
Our families have fun by being involved in all the Cub Scout    Thanksgiving on cards. Put their parts in LARGE letters on
activities, like co ming to Pack meetings.                      the back.
                                                                Cub # 1: They came as strangers to a wild land, and none
Our families have fun by helping our Cub Scouts with
                                                                           of them knew what day would be their last.
achievements, to advance in rank.
                                                                           Never in the old country had they known such
Our families have fun by thinking up projects for our Dens.                winter; the wind so cold, the food so scarce; the
Just as we have fun in our Dens and Pack meetings, we also                 enemy night so filled with dread.
can have fun in our families. We can do things together, like   Cub # 2: Never had they worked so hard, paying with
saying the Pledge of Allegiance together. (Lead the pledge.)               aching backs of every shelter raised against the
                                                                           cutting wind. Every where they went, famine and
                It Is Our Family’s Belief
                                                                           death watched them with pale, expectant eyes.
                  Baltimore Area Council
Arrangement: Eight boys, each boy reads a line - co lors are    Cub # 3: And, by the end of that bitter year, there was
posted and Pledge of Allegiance is recited.                              hardly one among them who had not lost to the
Cub # 1: It is our family‘s belief                                       cold earth someone he could not live without.
Cub # 2: And one for which we pray                              Cub # 4: Then, these great men and wo men who had
Cub # 3: That Thanksgiving become a lifestyle                            nothing, sat down to a hearty feast, filled with
Cub # 4: And not just a day.                                             gratitude for what they had. We, who fo llo w
Cub # 5: We‘re thankful for our family,                                  them, so metimes wonder why. Did they know
Cub # 6: And for good friends it‘s true,                                 some secret of happiness, denied to us, that made
Cub # 7: For all the blessings we‘ve received                            them so glad for so little?
Cub # 8: Today, and all year through...                         Cub # 5: And then, we think back…back to some personal
                                                                         wilderness we have all been through in our time.
                                                                         Perhaps there was once a day when simply to feel
                   Baltimore Area Council
                                                                         the sun again, to smell another morning‘s
Personnel: 8 Cub Scouts
                                                                         freshness, to hear a child laugh again, was
Equip ment: 8 Boys each holding a letter that spells out
                                                                         miracle enough…a t ime when, just to find
FAMILIES - with their lines written in LARGE p rint on
                                                                         oneself alive was as a gift beyond belief.
Cub # 1: F: Folks, we are here to welco me you.                 Cub # 6: They had their lives; no one has more. They had
Cub # 2: A: Advantages, we have so many.                                 freedom, too. They were where they chose to be.
Cub # 3: M: Mom and Dad, we‘re g lad you are here.                       All the days ahead were theirs to use as they
Cub # 4: I: Imagine how much fun we‘re going to have                     pleased. The owned themselves. No one owns
               this year.                                                more.
Cub # 5: L: Laughing and playing together as a family.          Cub # 7: Remembering this, we jo in their feast,
Cub # 6: I: I think it‘s great to be a Cub Scout.                        descendants of all the wise people who m trouble
Cub # 7: E: Everyone, let ‘s all please stand.                           has taught to look at what they have and not at
Cub # 8: S: Saluting together as we Pledge Allegiance to                 what they lack. Let us start now by showing our
               our flag so dear.                                         thankfulness for our country with the Pledge of
                       Family Openi ng
                   Baltimore Area Council                                              Our Forefathers
Have each boy hold a sign with one of the following letters     The flag is posted on stage, center front. A Cub Scout
on the front and the script on the back in LA RGE print:        stands nearby, blindfolded, gagged, and bound with a rope
Cub # 1: F - is for Father who is my role model as I g row      (at hands).
Cub # 2: A - is for Akela                                       Cub # 1: This is an American boy. Ou r forefathers in the
Cub # 3: M - is for Mother who shows me how to help the                     American Revolution won him his freedom. (Den
                Pack go who my patches will sew                             Chief or Den Leader unties the boy).
Cub # 4: I - is for Me who can Cub Scout like a pro             Cub # 2: Our forefathers who wrote the Constitution
Cub # 5: L - is for leader who keeps me in the know                         guaranteed him free speech. (Den Chief or Den
Cub # 6: Y - is for You in the audience, so ON WITH                         Leader removes the gag).
                THE PACK M EETING                               Cub # 3: Our forefathers, who helped establish free
                                                                            education gave him the ability to see and
                                                                            understand. (Den Chief or Den Leader removes
                                                                            the blindfold).
Page 13                                                                                         BALOO'S BUGLE
Cub # 4: And now YOU can help Cub Scouting teach him             center in the world and they open their centers to people of
         to preserve and to enjoy his glorious heritage and      any denomination.
         to become a good citizen. Let‘s remember to             Files are arch ived in many different ways including
         strengthen our resolve to become good citizens          computers and microfiche. Info rmation is gathered from all
         by going to the polls when it‘s time to vote.           over the world fro m other churches baptismal and
Cub # 5: (Turn out lights. Turn spotlight or flashlights on      christening records, census files, vital statistic records,
         American Flag and repeat the Pledge of                  immigrat ion, and military resources too. Information is
         Allegiance.)                                            quite accurate and has record of over 200 million people
                                                                 dating back earlier than the 1500's.
             PACK AND DEN                                        Call ahead of time and arrange a tour. Given basic family
              ACTIVITIES                                         informat ion, the guide can assist you in finding informat ion
                 Santa Clara County Council                      about your specific family branch. If available, take along
The word genealogy can sound boring or even                      your family tree so you can fill in any missing blanks on
overwhelming to children and adults alike. The study of the      birth dates, birth place or marriage in formation, etc.
family pedigree can p lay a very important part of teaching                        Climbi ng Your Family Tree,
children about their family history, respect for their                           A Beginners Gui de to Geneal ogy
ancestors and pride of their heritage. Genealogy can be fun                          Scouter Jim, Bountiful UT
too. These activity suggestions can help you focus on family     Start at the beginning. Start with you. Gather all the
values and traditions.                                           original records you can find on yourself, birth cert ificates,
VISIT A CEMETER Y                                                school records, photograph, and church records, whatever
Take your boys to a cemetery—perhaps where one of your           you have. Put a box in the middle of the front room.
or their ancestors is buried. Bring a family h istory book or    Whenever you come across any records that should be part
old family letters or journal along with you and spend some      of you personal or family history put that in the box. Leave
time telling stories about the deceased person.                  it there for a few weeks while you gather informat ion.
You could also use this time as a den service project to clean   Work fro m the inside out. Each generation doubles in size.
off the gravesite. You could bring flo wers or send the          Genealogy is like a bull‘s eye. Each generation is a circle,
flowers to a surviving spouse or child as a tribute and          twice a large as the next. Work fro m the inside out means to
remembrance.                                                     progress from you to your parents, then grandparents and so
                                                                 on. Interview you Parents next. Gather all the info rmation
MAKE HEADS TONE ETCHINGS                                         they have and copies of the original document they have.
Boys will also enjoy making an etching of the headstone.
Many tombstones have interesting quotes or sayings. Hold a       At this point it may be wise to discuss different type of
piece of paper over the stone and rub the side of a pencil       documents. There are primary docu ments and secondary
lead back and forth across the paper with gentle pressure.       document. Orig inal docu ments are documents created at the
                                                                 time of the event. These are primary docu ments. Birth,
                                                                 marriage, and death certificates are examp les of orig inal or
Scrapbooking is a process that cannot be done overnight but
                                                                 primary documents. These are the best and normally the
you could start by making a page or two together. Ch ildren
                                                                 most accurate. Secondary documents are documents created
love this project but will get discouraged if you do not have
                                                                 after the event. Family and local h istories, newspapers
everything needed to start and finish the project quickly. Ask
                                                                 articles, and other collected histories are examples of
the parents for help in p roviding photos and informat ion for
                                                                 secondary documents. These documents are not always as
the boys. Be prepared with all of the materials needed ahead
                                                                 accurate as primary documents.
of time. You will need cardstock, glue sticks, page
protectors, and maybe decorative scissors, themed                As you build you family your family tree, don‘t forget the
embellishments like d ie cuts, paper punches or stickers. (As    bark. There is more to a family tree that names, dates, and
popular as scrapbooking has become, you could probably           places. There are also the lives of the people that are part of
find someone in your pack who would be happy to help your        it. Interview older family members and record their life
den with this project.)                                          stories. Things they remember as children, memo ries of
The boys may enjoy interviewing living family, showing           relatives long gone. These are the stories that give life and
them pictures and asking for details about their ancestors,      color to the family tree.
which they could then write down and include in their            Don‘t judge you ancestors. Every family tree has skeletons
albums. They could then take turns sharing their stories with    hanging from it. Own ing slaves might be one of those
the rest of the boys in the den.                                 family skeletons. These are also things that give the history
GEN EALOGICAL LIBRARY FIELD TRIP                                 color. Don‘t leave out the dark portions of your family
Schedule a visit to your nearest genealogical library. If you    history; it is still part of what makes you who you are.
cannot find one locally, check the yello w pages for The         And finally don‘t believe everything you read. As we grow
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The LDS             older, somet imes we embellish the past. We claim credit, or
church owns the largest genealogical and family h istory         are given credit for things we did not do. Histories are
Page 14                                                                                        BALOO'S BUGLE
created fro m word of mouth sources as well as primary
sources, and no one has a perfect memory
                     Happy Hunting!!

                  Geneal ogical Research Kits
                     Baltimore Area Council
Kit List For Library Research / Archives / Court House:
 A three ring binder one with a zipper to keep the papers
     fro m falling out.
 2 Pens.
 1 Yellow highlighter Note: This is for highlighting your
     copies after you have made them not to highlight the
     books you are reading at the library.)
 1 Pack of pencils.
 1 Pencil sharpener.
 1 Pack of loose leaf paper.
 Maps of the areas you are researching.
 Copies of your pedigree charts and/or group sheets.
 Magnifying glass for small o r hard to read print.
 Your notes for that day‘s research.
Kit List For Cemetery Research:
 A tote bag or backpack.
 2 Pens or Pencils.
 Paper and clip board.
 A camera, if you don‘t have one and your parents won‘t
     let you use their camera get yourself a disposable
 A 4 inch soft bristle paint brush. Get the cheapest you
     can find as you will be using it to clean the headstones.
     If you look, you will probably find an old one lying
     around your house.
 A spray bottle filled with water.
 Baby powder or flour to sprinkle onto older headstones
     so it will be easier to read them. Make sure after you
     have gotten your shot to clean off the powder with the                                Family Crest
     brush.                                                                 Timucua District, North Florida Council
 Insect repellant spray.                                        Cubs can begin to think about their family histories and their
NOTE: You might want to get your parents to go with you to       own lives by creating a family crest.
cemeteries that are on personal land. They will need to get      Before you start
permission to go onto the land to get to the cemetery. Also      Discuss family crests. Have a few to show
note to watch out for snakes during the summer months            Have them p ick a shape
hiding in weeds and in high grass.                               Then brainstorm to get ideas that could represent their
                                                                 family h istories or lives.
                       Pedigree Chart                            Here are just a few of the many possibilit ies:
                    Baltimore Area Council                           Flags that represent the countries fro m which their
The simp le pedigree chart on the next page can be used to           families came
chart your ancestors. This is a very simple chart. There are         Pictures of foods that are common to their ethnicity
charts with more detail available fro m many different               Pictures that represent first or last names
locations on the Internet.                                           Drawings that depict favorite family events
Male ancestors go on the lines with even numbers and                 Photos that show family celebrat ions
female ancestors go on the lines with odd numbers.                   Symbo ls that represent family character (Sports,
Therefore, your fathers info rmation goes on line 2 and your         Camp ing, Cooking … what ever the family likes to do
mother‘s on line 3. You r paternal grandfathers informat ion         together)
goes on line 4 and your paternal grandmother‘s info rmation
goes on line 5. Please always use your mothers,                                      Shield/Coat of Arms
grandmothers, etc. name she had before she got married. It is                     Santa Clara County Council
referred to as her maiden name.                                  Supplies:
                                                                 For a poster - Pattern paper; heavy cardboard; tacks; foil;
                                                                 glue; colored paper; wire/string. 11‖ by 14‖ is a good s ize.
Page 15                                                                                       BALOO'S BUGLE
                                                                 paper and fasten it to the hanger. Hang your mobile in the

                                                                                 Tissue Box Picture Frame
                                                                                   Baltimore Area Council

For a Neckerchief Slide – a s mall circle of foam board or
other stiff material, a 1‖ long piece of ¾ inch PVC pipe for
the slide loop, markers to draw shield
1. First, make a paper pattern for the shield by fold ing a
     piece of paper in half lengthwise, then drawing half a
2. Cut out and open.
3. Draw lines on the pattern to divide it into four sections;
     or, draw a band diagonally across the shield.
4. Using the pattern, cut the shield fro m corrugated               Cut off t wo opposite sides of a square boutique tissue
     cardboard.                                                      box at X‘s (see illustration).
5. Fro m foil, cut another shield, about an inch larger on all      Open up the box to form a strip; strip may be left as is,
     sides.                                                          covered with fabric or g ift-wrap, or covered with paper
6. Glue it to the cardboard form, fold ing the excess foil           and decorated.
     around to the back, and gluing it in place.                    Re-fold along all the lines.
7. Place the pattern on the shield and trace the dividing           Glue or tape section ―E‖ to the back of ―A‖ (see
     lines or sash.                                                  illustration). Tape a photo or drawing behind the
8. Remove the pattern and insert tacks along the lines.              opening.
9. Make designs from the colored paper (perhaps scout-
     related, perhaps symbolic of the boy‘s heritage) and                     AUDIENCE
     glue or tack them in place. Put a different design in
     each section of the shield
10. Attach wire or string to back for hanging.
                                                                                          Heritage Lost
                      Family Trees                                                   Baltimore Area Council
                Santa Clara County Council                       Our A merican Heritage is filled with heroes. Everyone here
                And Baltimore Area Council                       has heard of Paul Revere and the story of his heroic ride to
                                                                 warn the people of Lexington and Concord, Massachusetts
                                                                 about the approach of the British army. His famous ride took
                                                                 place during the revolutionary war, on April 18, 1775. Paul
                                                                 was able to take his ride because he was signaled by a
                                                                 sentry, who watched for soldiers fro m the tower of the Old
                                                                 North Church in Boston. Paul and the sentry worked out a
                                                                 simp le set of signals: The sentry would light
                                                                 lantern if the soldiers were approaching by LAND and two
                                                                 lanterns if they were arriving by SEA. Paul, mounted on his
                                                                 horse would be watching for the signal, and ready to ride
                                                                 and warn the people of Lexington and Concord to be ready
                                                                 for the soldiers when they arrived.
Give your Cubs a picture like either o f the ones above and      Have you ever thought what a hard time Pau l and his sentry
have them fill in the blanks. Tell them they should talk with    would have had today? Just think of all the ways those
relatives (Grandparents, Great-grandparents, Aunts, Uncles       British soldiers could come! Let‘s rewrite a little A merican
and such to get info like birth, baptism, wedding and death      history and you can help me and you‘ll see just how
years                                                            confusing it would be today. I want you to stomp the floor
                                                                 with your feet when I say the follo wing words:
                        Family Mobile                            Stomp once every time I say LAND
           Timucua District, North Florida Council               Stomp four times fo r TRAIN
Instead of building a standard Family Tree, have your Cubs       Stomp t wice for SEA
make mob iles. Illustrate a picture of each member of the        Stomp five t imes for SUBMA RINE
family. Include the pet if the child has one. Cut out each       Stomp three t imes for AIRPLANE
family member. Glue each picture on strong paper or              Stomp six times for ROCKET
cardboard. Hang your pictures on a hanger with yarn or           Now we are ready to take another look at h istory!
string to make a mobile. Print the last name on a piece of
Page 16                                                                                           BALOO'S BUGLE
In a steeple of the old North Church in Boston, a sentry            one of the things respected by the Pilg rims and Indians alike.
looked out over the SEA. His eyes strained as he looked             The Pilgrims even made a rule that if a person did not work,
across the LAND. All was very still. It was late at n ight.         they would not eat. For your work we give you your Bear
Next to him was a lantern. He took a sheet of paper that a          badge and also a kernel of corn, as the Indians gave to the
Boston citizen had given him fro m his pocket. It read,             Pilgrims.
―Signal with your lantern when you see the Brit ish army            Advancement Chair: Would these boys please come
approaching. The signals are: 1 if by LAND, 2 if by SEA, 3          forward? (Read the names of the boys receiving Webelos
if by AIRPLANE, 4 if by TRAIN, 5 if by SUBMA RINE,                  badges/activity pins) You boys have been working for a long
and 6 if by ROCKET.‖                                                time and you have learned many new skills in your Den.
After reading it, the sentry began to put it in h is pocket, Just   You have wo rked with wood and leather and metal, using
as a gust of wind blew the paper out of his hand. Out across        the same skills that the Pilgrims had to learn in o rder to
the LAND and into the SEA it went. The sentry thought.              survive. They helped build this great country where we live
―I‘m sure I can remember it‖ Just then he saw a                     today. For these skills we give you your badges! Activity
SUBMARINE surface a short distance from the LAND. He                pins and a kernel of corn, as the Indians gave to the Pilgrims.
grabbed his lantern to wave it 4 times. ―Oh, No!‖ he thought,       Cubmaster: Good work, Cub Scouts. Continue to work
―4 times for ROCKET, or is it for LA ND? No it‘s 1 for              together to build an even better America. Use the skills you
LAND, so it must be 2 for SUBMARINE, no, 2 is for                   have learned here in Pack And remember, always do your
AIRPLA NE. It must be 3.‖ As he started to raise his lantern,       best.
he remembered that 2 was for SEA, not AIRPLANE. ―Oh
dear, what is SUBMARINE? Let‘s see, SUBMA RINE                                           Family Advancement
comes after TRAIN but what‘s ROCKET? Oh, now I                                          Baltimore Area Council
remember, ROCKET is 6 and TRAIN is 4 so SUBMARINE                   Personnel: Cub master
must be 5.‖                                                         Now we‘re ready to honor the boys who have achieved a
While the sentry was trying to remember his signals, the            new rank. Have you ever wondered why we call you and
British SUBMARINE had loaded its passengers into                    your parents up together when you get your awards? After
launches and hundreds of Brit ish soldiers were now on              all, it‘s your award, right? Your Mo m can‘t wear a Wolf
LAND. ―Oh my , thought the sentry, ―they are not in a               badge on her blouse and your Dad can‘t wear Arrow Po ints
SUBMARINE any more they are on LAND. I‘ll have to                   on his suit coat. Well, stop and think about what you did to
signal that.‖ But he couldn‘t remember what the signal was          earn these awards. Who was there to help you, to cheer you,
for LAND. He desperately tried to remember. I remember              and to sign your book when you were working on your
ROCKET and TRAIN. That leaves SEA, AIRPLA NE, and                   Bobcat, Wolf and Bear badges? I betcha‘ it was Mo m and
LAND. Oh now wh ich is it? He set there hopelessly                  Dad.
confessed. He Just couldn‘t remember any signals. He                Because you work together as a family in Cub Scouts, we
couldn‘t unscramble ROCKET, AIRPLANE, LA ND,                        like to present your awards to your whole family. And
SUBMARINE, SEA and TRAIN. The British marched onto                  because your parents are so proud of your work on your
Lexington and Concord and since all the people were sound           achievements, we g ive them the honor of awarding you your
asleep the soldiers had no trouble in capturing them.               badges.
The only person they met was a man sitting on a horse. Who          Would the following boys and their parents please come
he was or why he was there, no one seemed to know.                  forward? (Call the names of the boys who have earned their
                                                                    Bobcat badge) With the help of your parents you have
              ADVANCEMENT                                           learned the Cub Scout pro mise, Motto, and the Law of the
                                                                    Pack, plus all the signs of Cub Scouting. In thanks, I‘d like
               CEREMONIES                                           all you new Bobcats to give your parents the Cub Scout
                                                                    salute. (Give the parents the badges to present to their sons.)
                      Corn Ceremony                                 Congratulations.
                   Baltimore Area Council                           Boys working on their Wolf badges work with their families
 Personnel: Cub master and advancement Chairman                     to learn more about how they worship God, how to play
Cubmaster: Tonight we are remembering the Pilgrims and              games and have fun together, and how to work together
Native A merican Indians. The p ilgrims came to this country        around the house. Would the following boys and their
for religious freedom. When they got here they found new            parents please come forward? (Call the names of the boys
friends, the American Indians. The Pilg rims and the Indians        who receive their Wolf badges.) I‘d like fo r each of you
shared many things to survive.                                      to thank your parents for their help by giv ing them a Cub
Advancement Chair: Would these boys please come                     Scout handshake. (Give the badges to the parents to present
forward? (Read the names of the boys receiving the Wolf             to their sons.) Good work, guys.
badge) You boys have shared with each other the gift of             Boys working on their Bear badges have a opportunity to
working together in your Dens and homes. For this, we g ive         explore with their families the great outdoors, household
you your badge, and also a kernel of corn, as the Indians           repairs, family finances, the fa mily tree and making the
gave to the Pilgrims.                                               family some of their favorite treats. Would the following
Cubmaster: Would these boys please come forward? (Read              boys and their parents please come forward? (Call the names
the names of the boys receiv mg the Bear badge) Work was            of the boys who have earned the Bear badge.) Your parents
Page 17                                                                                         BALOO'S BUGLE
have been a lot of help so far in your Cub Scouting career. I     Memorization Acti vi ties
think they deserve a great big Cub Scout salute in thanks,        The Cubs have more fun if you set up a few of these for
don‘t you? (Give the badges to the parents to present to their    each meeting. Set up
sons.) Bravo, Bears.                                              stations and divide the Cubs into groups. Have each group
Webelos Scouts start depending more and more on their             rotate through
leaders and themselves to complete the requirements for           each of the stations.
their activity pins, but can still use some help at home. By      # 1. Line up the Lines - Take the Pro mise (or the Law o f
the time a boy reaches Webelos Scout age, his parents have             the Pack) and write it out on strips of paper in large
spent a lot of quality time help ing them in their Scouting            letters. If you want, you can cut the lines up into chunks
activities and families have had many opportunities to work            or half-lines. Then have a team challenge for the whole
together and play together. We‘d like to recognize now the             group. Mix up the strips on the floor or in a bo x. One
boys who have earned activity pins this month. (Call the               by one, a Cub hops to the box, grabs a strip, and brings
names of the boys and the awards they have earned. Have                it back to the group. The next Cub hops up and gets
the boys line up in front of the audience as you pass out the          another strip and brings it back to the group. Hopping is
activity pins.) For all the time and help your parents have            done to give the group time to arrange the strips in
given these past years, I think it would be n ice if you gave          order. The group has to agree on how to arrange the
your parents a round of applause. (Lead the boys in giving             strips. When done, they recite the Pro mise together.
―round of applause‖.)                                             # 2. Line up the Li nes Relay
The following boys have earned their Webelos badges of                 Div ide the team in half or thirds (2-4 per team), putting
rank. Would they and their parents please come forward?                stronger Cubs with weaker Cubs to even things out.
(Read the names of the boys who are to be presented their              Each group has their own set of strips. Repeat as in
Webelos badges.) To earn these badges, these boys have                 "Line up the Lines."
explored the meaning of what it is to be a Boy Scout. To be
                                                                  # 3. Line up the Li nes Contest
a good sport, a good friend, a good citizen is what your
                                                                       Set up strips for each individual Cub. No w they play
parents want for you. That is why they let you join Cub
                                                                       "Line up the Lines" by themselves and try to finish
Scouting and that is why they have stood by you and helped
                                                                       correctly first.
you in your advancement and other activities. Would you
please thank your parents now by giving them a Boy Scout          # 4. Sort and Assemble Challenge
handshake? And now it‘s your parents‘ turn to honor you.               Once they are really good, challenge them. Put all the
(Give badges to parents so that they may present them to               paper lines (or seg ments) of both the Promise and the
their sons.) Congratulations, Webelos!                                 Law of the Pack together. Play this game as a group, in
The Arrow of Light is the highest honor we can bestow on               relay or as individuals. This game can keep the faster
Webelos Scouts. To earn it takes real dedication on the part           learners occupied while the less adept practice more.
of the boys to continue to participate in the Scouting            # 5. Pick-up Sticks Game
program and to make decisions in their lives that will help            Write the Pro mise (or Law of the Pack) on craft sticks
them grow into men their families, friends, and country can            or paint stir sticks. Div ide the Cubs into teams, with
depend on. It is with real pride that we present these awards          each team having a set of sticks. One by one, the Cubs
tonight. Would the follo wing boys and their parents please            go to the table, pick-up then drop the sticks on the table
come forward? (Call the names of the Arro w of Light                   and reassemble them. Have an adult tally the score for
recipients.) We know your parents are behind you 100% and              each team (award 1 point each time the Pro mise or Law
we would like to give you an opportunity to thank them for             is assembled correctly).
their support. I think they deserve a big hug and I know that     # 6. Interlock Puzzle
they are bursting with pride for you and would appreciate              Glue a blank paper to the back of an assembled child's
being able to tell you so in this way. ( Let the boys hug their        puzzle (20-25 pieces). W rite out the Pro mise (or the
parents and then give the parents the Arrow of Light badges            Law of the Pack) on this page and then carefully cut
to present to their sons.) Good work, Webelos.                         through the sheet and around the pieces with an Exacto
                                                                       knife. Let the Cubs practice putting the puzzle together
                       GAMES                                           as a gathering activity. You may want to use different
                                                                       colored sheets for each puzzle you make.
             Games to Hel p New Cub Scouts
                                                                  # 7. Picture Craft
            Learn the B obcat Requirements
                  Jamie, Pack Trainer &                                Each boy writes the Pro mise (or the Law of the Pack)
                                                                       on craft sticks. Have them use pens and try to write one
          Cub Scout Training Chair in Minnesota
   Jamie said she found these after an extensive internet              full line on each stick. Cut out a piece of posterboard
     search into archived materials. Thank you CD                      slightly taller than the assembled sticks. Glue the sticks
                                                                       to cardboard in order. Punch holes in the top of the
Repetiti on - Write the Pro mise (or the Law of the Pack) on           cardboard and bend a pipe cleaner through these so it
a posterboard and display it at every den meeting. Be sure to          can be hung on the wall.
recite it every meeting. At each meeting, ask if any Cub can
                                                                  # 8. Be a Reporter Game
recite it fro m memory and let h im t ry.
                                                                       This requires a tape recorder and microphone. Each boy
Page 18                                                                                              BALOO'S BUGLE
     records the both the Promise and the Law of the Pack on         figure between 1 and 10. They then start counting aloud
     the recorder. Then he plays it back. This repetit ion           around the circle, starting with 1. If the agreed figure is 7,
     works really great, while the boys get a blast listening        each time the number being called includes seven or a
     to their recorded voices.                                       mu ltip le of 7, the player keeps quiet and clasps his hands
# 9. Roll the Dice Game                                              together. Every time anyone makes a mistake, a point is
     This requires one dice (a b ig one if you have it). Each        counted against him. When the boys become good at this
     boy rolls the dice and depending on what number                 game, add one or two other numbers, so they will have to
     comes up, he performs one of the parts of the Bobcat            stay alert to not get caught with numbers four, six and eight
     trail. Score points for each boy who does the task              going at once. For one number, the player clasps hands. For
     correctly. Add some flavor - let a ro ll of 4 yield an ext ra   the second number, he will put both hands above his head.
     roll. Here are the tasks for each number:                       For the third nu mber, he can nod his head. Most players will
     1 = recite the Cub Scout Pro mise                               find thinking of two nu mbers at once difficult enough.
     2 = recite the Law of Pack and tell its meaning                 The Li ttle Holes This is a tag game fro m Mexico. (Similar
     3 = recite the Cub Scout Motto & tell what Webelos              to horseshoes.) Two s mall holes (hoyitos) about the side of
           means                                                     a dollar and one or two inches deep are dug fifteen to twenty
     4 = show the Cub Scout sign & tell its meaning                  feet apart on a level stretch of ground. Stones are used as
     5 = show the Cub Scout handshake & tell its mean ing            counters. Two players, or two pairs of players, take part.
     6 = show the Cub Scout salute & tell its mean ing               Standing by one of the holes, each of the two players,
# 10.      #10: Mystery Bag                                          alternately, pitches four counters at the opposite hole, one
     Let the Cubs earn a chance to grab a prize fro m the            stone at a time. Every counter entering the hold counts five
     "mystery bag". This is a bag filled with trinkets and           points; those lying closer to the hole than the opponent‘s
     small stuff like pencils, stickers, coins, etc. At the          count one point each. The players then reverse the throwing
     beginning of the meeting, announce the "secret phrase"          of the pieces, fro m the second hole to the first. The game is
     (i.e. one line fro m the Pro mise). Let the Cubs repeat it a    played for a total of 21 points. When partners play, each
     few t imes right then. At the end of the meeting, each          pair of opposing players remains by the same hole, instead
     Cub must whisper it to the leader and get it correct for a      of going fro m one to the other, but they change places at the
     chance to reach into the mystery bag. Each time this            beginning of a new game. (Note: make sure the players can
     method is used, make the secret phrase longer and               tell their counters apart.)
     longer until it's the whole Pro mise.
                                                                                         Cross-Over Dodge Ball
Remember -                                                                               Baltimore Area Council
                           K IS M I F                                Equi pment: 3-5 soft balls
PS - For those of you who are new Webelos leaders,                   Object: To get everyone on one side
substitute the Boy Scout Oath and Scout Law for the Cub              Div ide group in half. If a player is hit by an air ball, they
Scout Promise, and Law of the Pack, and use the same                 join the team that threw the ball. If a ball is caught in the air,
tactics.                                                             the player who threw it must cross to the other side. Balls
                                                                     MUST h it below the waist. The team with all the players
             Tag Games from Around the Worl d                        wins - there is no loser!
                  Santa Clara County Council
Encourage each den to learn a game fro m a country fro m                                 Count Your Blessings
which the families of several o f its members came. They                                 Baltimore Area Council
should plan to teach the game to the rest of the pack at the            Boys sit in a circle.
pack meeting. Here are so me examp les                                  The first boy starts out by saying ―I am gratefu l for
Dak panay This is a tag game fro m the Philippines. Make                 apples‖ or some-thing beginning with the letter A.
three small circles on the ground (use hula hoops?), each               The next boy is grateful for something starting with a B.
with roo m for one or t wo players to stand in. Also make one           Continue around the circle and through the alphabet.
large ―rest circle.‖ One player is the Chaser, the rest are             If a boy fails to think of a word beginning with the
circle players. The Chaser must stay outside all circles; the            proper letter he drops out.
others run from one circle to another. As soon as the Chaser            The one remaining in the circle the longest is the
tags a circle player (while outside a circle), that circle p layer       winner.
becomes the new Chaser.
                                                                                        Thanksgiving Dinner
Calling the Chickens This is a tag game fro m Ch ina. One
                                                                                       Baltimore Area Council
player is blindfolded and plays the part of the owner of a
                                                                        Place empty food containers or pictures of food at one
flock of chickens. The blindfolded player calls to the others,
                                                                         end of the playing area.
―Co me ho me, my little chickens, co me ho me.‖ Then all the
                                                                        Make most of them nutritious foods, but scatter some
other players must run forward, and each one must touch the
                                                                         junk-food items like potato chip bags, candy wrappers,
blindfolded player without being tagged. The first chicken
                                                                         and pop cans among them.
to be tagged becomes the next owner.
                                                                        Arrange teams in relay formation and have the boys in
Multi ples This is a tag game fro m Taiwan. Th is is a game              each team nu mber off.
for older children. Players sit in a circle and agree on a
Page 19                                                                                          BALOO'S BUGLE
   Then call out a nu mber and the starting letter of a food:                          Family Showti me
    3-C. The number 3 boy in every team runs to choose a                             Baltimore Area Council
    carton or picture representing a food that starts with that                 Tune: Did You Ever See a Lassie?
    letter and races back to his line.                            My mother plays the banjo,
   Give the boy who has chosen the most nutritious food a        The banjo, the banjo.
    peanut to hold in his hand, then call out another number      My mother plays the banjo
    and letter.                                                   On her knee.
   When everyone has run, the boys divide up the peanuts         My sister plays the violin,
    and eat them.                                                 The violin, the violin.
                                                                  My sister plays the violin
                       SONGS                                      With sound so sweet.
                                                                  My father plays the bass drum,
                    It’s a Cub Worl d
                                                                  The bass drum, the bass drum.
                Santa Clara County Council
                                                                  My father plays bass drum
                 Tune: It‘s a Small World‖
                                                                  With tones deep and low.
                                                                  My brother plays the tuba,
It‘s a Cub world after all.
                                                                  The tuba, the tuba,
It‘s a Cub world after all.
                                                                  My brother plays the tuba
It‘s a Cub world after all.
                                                                  With loud, strong blows.
It‘s a Cub Scout World!
                                                                  My auntie plays the guitar,
There are Cubs in England and Italy,
                                                                  The guitar, the guitar.
There are Cubs in France and Germany.
                                                                  My auntie plays the guitar
When the Cub flag‘s unfurled,
                                                                  With her feet.
All around this big world,
It‘s for Cubs like you and me.                                    My uncle plays the bagpipes,
                                                                  The bagpipes, the bagpipes.
                                                                  My uncle plays the bagpipes
There are Bears and Wolves and Webelos,                           With hums and squeaks.
We wear different patches on our clothes.
                                                                  I am the band conductor,
But, I‘ll tell you, it‘s true,
                                                                  Conductor, conductor.
We all wear gold and blue,
                                                                  I am the band conductor
In our great big Cub Scout World!
                                                                  And lead the song.
                                                                  Won‘t you join our fun band,
Akela guides us all, you see,                                     Our fun band, our fun band.
To learn and do and grow and be.                                  Won‘t you join our fun band
And we all meet the test                                          And play along.
Cause we all do our best
In our great big Cub Scout World!                                                        Grandfather’s Cl ock
Chorus                                                                                  Baltimore Area Council
                                                                   This was the first song I learned in Cub Scouts. Mr. Nagy
             Bring Back My Neighbors to Me                          taught it to us at a Pack meeting in the Fall of 1957, CD
                 Santa Clara County Council                       My grandfather‘s clock was too large fo r the shelf,
           Tune: My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean                    So it stood ninety years on the floor.
One night as I lay on my p illow,                                 It was taller by half than the old man himself,
One night as I lay on my bed,                                     Though it weighed not a pennyweight more.
I stuck my feet out of the window,                                It was bought on the morn of the day that he was born,
Next mo rning my neighbors were dead.                             And was always his treasure and pride;
                                                                  But it stopped, short, never to go again
                                                                  When the old man died.
Bring back, bring back,
Oh, bring back my neighbors to me, to me.                         Chorus:
Bring back, bring back,                                           Ninety years without slumbering,
Oh, bring back my neighbors to me, to me.                         tick, tock, t ick, tock,
                                                                  His life seconds numbering,
My neighbors looked into the gas tank,
                                                                  tick, tock, t ick, tock,
But nothing inside could they see.
                                                                  And it stopped, short, never to go again,
They lighted a match to assist them,
                                                                  when the old man died.
Oh, bring back my neighbors to me!
                                                                  In watching its pendulum swing to and fro,
                                                                  Many hours had he spent as a boy;
                                                                  And in childhood and manhood the clock seemed to know
Page 20                                                                                      BALOO'S BUGLE
And to share both his grief and his joy.                        In spite of many hardships,
For it struck twenty-four when he entered at the door           They still bowed their heads and prayed.
With a blooming and beautiful pride.                            ―We are thankful for the growing crops,
But it stopped, short, never to go again                        The beauty of our land,
When the old man died.                                          And freedom to live as we p lanned.‖
Chorus:                                                         Chorus:
My grandfather said that of those he could hire,                Our Pilgrim fathers make us proud,
Not a servant so faithful he found;                             They accomplished what they vowed,
For it wasted no time, and had but one desire                   We will sing their praises loud,
At the close of each week to be wound.                          And freedom marches on.
And it kept in its place, not a fro wn upon its face,           Squanto was an Indian
And its hands never hung by its side.                           Helped the Pilgrims out,
But it stopped, short, never to go again                        He taught them how to plant their corn
When the old man died.                                          And how to fish for trout.
Chorus:                                                         They hunted in the woods for deer
It rang in alarm in the dead of the night,                      And caught wild turkeys, too,
An alarm that for years had been dumb.                          He was a friend so true.
And we knew that his spirit was plu mbing its flight,           Chorus:
That his hour of departure had come.                            Bradford was the governor,
Still the clock kept the time, with a soft and muffled chime,   He was just and fair,
As we silently stood by his side                                He thought it important that
But it stopped, short, never to go again                        Each man received his share,
When the old man died.                                          He planned the first Thanksgiving
Chorus:                                                         Holiday to celebrate
                                                                A harvest good and great.
                      People in a Famil y
                    Baltimore Area Council                                         Peanut B utter and Jelly
                   Tune: Supercalifrafilistic                                    Santa Clara County Council
Mom and dad should take the time,                               This is an action song –
You‘ll be glad you did,                                         Dig :       pretend to dig.
To be a parent and a friend                                     Smash:      squash something between your hands.
Do something with your kid.                                     Spread:     use one hand to spread peanut butter and jelly
One day they are tiny,                                                      over the other hand.
and next day they are grown,                                    Pick:       pretend to pick berries.
And before you know it,                                               The last time through the chorus, after eating the
You‘ll be all alone                                               sandwich, mumble the words as though there is peanut
Chorus:                                                                    butter stuck to the roof of your mouth.)
People in a family should do a lot together                     Chorus:
In the house or out of doors                                    Peanut, peanut butter – jelly! Peanut, peanut butter – jelly!
No matter what the weather,                                     First you take the peanuts and you dig ‗em, and you dig ‗em,
Do not try to put it off                                        And you dig ‗em, d ig ‗em, d ig ‗em.
It‘s either now or never,                                       And you smash ‗em, smash ‗em, smash ‗em, s mash ‗em,
People in a family should do a lot together.                    smash ‗em.
Go to a museum, see a show,                                     And you spread ‗em, and you spread ‗em,
or ride a bike,                                                 And you spread ‗em, spread ‗em, spread ‗em.
Try your hand at fishing,                                       (Chorus)
Or at camp ing, or a hike.
                                                                Next you take the berries and you pick ‗em, and you pick
Swimming in a swimming pool
Or skiing on the snow,
                                                                And you pick ‗em, p ick ‗em, pick ‗em.
Lots of things that you can do
                                                                And you smash ‗em, smash ‗em, smash ‗em, s mash ‗em,
And places you can go.
                                                                smash ‗em.
                 Our Pilgrim Forefathers                        And you spread ‗em, and you spread ‗em,
                  Baltimore Area Council                        And you spread ‗em, spread ‗em, spread ‗em.
            Tune: Battle Hy mn of the Republic                  (Chorus)
They came as strangers to a land,                               Then you take the sandwich and you bite it, and you bite it.
So brave and unafraid,                                          And you bite it, bite it, b ite it.
Page 21                                                                                        BALOO'S BUGLE
And you chew it, and you chew it, and you chew it, chew it,         When eggs are done cooking, mix in the bacon pieces.
chew it.                                                            Line the pita pockets with salsa (although not necessary)
And you swallow, and you swallow,                                   Fill with egg and bacon mixture.
And you swallow, swallow, swallow.                                  Top with shredded cheese and enjoy
                                                                                 Mashed Potato “Candy”
(Mumb le it this time as if there is peanut butter on the roof
                                                                                  Baltimore Area Council
of your mouth)
                                                                 Another chance to play with your food
                   CUB GRUB                                      Ingredients
                                                                           ¼ cup warm mashed potatoes
 Have a Pack International Night and have each Scout
Family bring a snack from one of the countries t hey know                  1 cup powdered sugar
                of in their family history                                 2 Tbsp. Butter
                                                                           1 tsp. almond flavoring
               Grandma’s Cinnamon Crisps                                   ½ cup powdered milk
                   Baltimore Area Council                                  Food coloring
The writer’s Grandma used to make these every time she           Directions
made pies – it was how she used up the leftover pie crust.        Stir the flavor and butter into the potatoes while they‘re
                                                                     still warm.
                                                                  Sift together the sugar and milk.
         pie crust dough (homemade or packaged)
                                                                  Stir them into the potatoes.
                                                                  Chill this in the fridge.
                                                                  Take it out and with clean hands, knead in a little more
         baking sheet
                                                                     milk -- enough to make it feel like clay.
                                                                  Sculpt any kind of shape you want,
 Roll p iecrust about ¼‖ thick.
                                                                  Mix in the coloring or paint it on afterward.
 Sprin kle with cinnamon sugar.
                                                                  If you want to use the ―candy‖ for a party or family
 Prick with fork and cut into shapes with a table‘ knife.
                                                                     dinner, chill the shapes again before serving.
 Place on lightly greased baking sheet
 Bake at 350º for about 5 minutes.                                             Peanut B utter and Jelly Shake
                                                                                  Santa Clara County Council
                      Make a Turkey
                                                                 Try this healthy alternative to soda pop.
                   Baltimore Area Council
                                                                  Small microwave-proof bowl,
         1 large gu mdrop
         13 small gu mdrops                                       Small b lender,
         tooth picks                                              Tall drinking glass or cup, straw
Directions                                                       Ingredients:
 Stack 2 s mall gu mdrops on 5 toothpicks for tail.              1 Tbsp. peanut butter
 Break one toothpick in half and stick 1 s mall gumdrop          1 cup skim or low-fat milk
    on each half for feet.                                        1 cup nonfat or low-fat strawberry frozen yogurt
 Put a small red gu mdrop on another toothpick half.             1 Tbsp. strawberry jam
 Stick the feet into the bottom of the large gumdrop,
 then add the tail feathers across the back.                    Directions:
 Put the head on over the feet, positioning it so that your     1. Put the peanut butter in the small bowl and microwave it
    turkey balances.                                                 until it has softened (a few seconds).
                                                                 2. Place milk, fro zen yogurt, and strawberry jam in a
              Bacon and Eggs in a Pita Pocket                        blender.
           Timucua District, North Florida Council               3. Run the blender until the mixtu re is well mixed and
This is a great way to eat breakfast without creating lots of        frothy.
dirty dishes in the morning.                                     4. Pour into a tall g lass and swirl in the peanut butter using
Ingredients:                                                         the straw. Serves 1.
 3 strips bacon or sausage
 2 eggs                                                                           Peanut B utter Noodles
 2 pinches grated Parmesan                                                      Santa Clara County Council
 2 tablespoons salsa                                            Ingredients:
 2 pita pockets                                                  ½ cup unsweetened peanut butter
 Shredded cheese (cheddar or other favorite)                     ¼ cup read wine vinegar
Directions:                                                       ¼ cup soy sauce
 Fry the bacon and chop into small bits.                         4 cups cooked pasta, such as spaghetti or spirals
 Then scramble the eggs on a non - stick pan if availab le.      ½ cup water
Page 22                                                                                        BALOO'S BUGLE
   2 Tbsp. sugar                                                 Chilies (optional)
   2 cloves garlic, peeled                                      MICROWAVE DIRECTIONS:
   2 cups frozen green vegetables, such as chopped              1. Spread tortilla ch ips on flat microwave-safe plate.
    broccoli or peas, thawed                                     2. Sprin kle chicken and onions over chips.
Directions:                                                      3. Place nacho dip in small microwave-safe bowl.
1. Put the peanut butter, red vinegar, soy sauce, water, and        Microwave on HIGH (100% power) 30 seconds;
    sugar in the mixing bowl. Stir well with the large spoon     4. Pour over chips, chicken, and onions.
    until all the lu mps in the peanut butter are broken up.     5. Microwave on HIGH 30 seconds more o r until nacho
2. Place the peeled garlic cloves into the plastic bag. Push        dip starts to bubble.
    the air out of the bag and seal it.                          6. Serve hot. Garnish with chilies, if desired.
3. Use a rolling pin to smash the garlic until it is well
    smashed. Use a small spoon to add the smashed garlic
    to the mixing bowl. Stir well with a large spoon.              STUNTS AND APPLAUSES
4. Pour the peanut butter mixture into the skillet. Cook
    over med iu m heat for 1 minute, stirring constantly with                   APPLAUS ES & CHEERS
    a wooden spoon.                                                             Santa Clara County Council
5. Add the thawed frozen green vegetable and the cooked          Fan Applause:         Pretend to open up fan and fan your
    pasta to the skillet. Cook, stirring constantly for 3 to 5          face with it and say, ―Fannnn-tastic!‖
    minutes more.                                                Holland Windmill: Hold both arms out straight at
6. Remove skillet fro m heat, and serve the awesome                     shoulder level. Standing on one foot (or both feet),
    Peanut Butter Noodles. Serves four.                                 spin around while rotating arms in a circle. Make a
                                                                        loud whoosh noise like wind.
              Edi ble Thanksgiving Turkeys                       Family Cheer:         All sing while swaying back and
               Santa Clara County Council                               forth: ―We are family. We are family‖
Ingredients:                                                     Oh Brother Cheer: Div ide group in two. One side says,
 1 Bag candy corn (beak and eyes)                                      ―Oh, brother‖ then the other side replies ―Oh,
 1 Bag caramel candy squares (body)                                    sister!‖ Go back and forth several t imes getting
 1 Bag Dove chocolate (base/feet)                                      louder each time.
 1 Bag striped chocolate cookies (tail and feathers)                                    RUN-ONS
 Thanksgiving cup cake liners                                             Timucua District, North Florida Council
Directions:                                                      My uncle can shoot faster than any other man in the west.
1. Unwrap a piece of Dove chocolate to use as the base of        He can even shoot without removing his gun fro m the
    the turkey.                                                  holster.
2. Place on a microwavable plate.                                What do they call your uncle?
3. Unwrap a piece of caramel and stick on top of the Dove        Toeless Joe.
    chocolate bar for the turkey's body.
                                                                 Mom just bawled me out for eating with my fingers.
4. Take a p iece of candy corn and push down on top of the
                                                                 Well, you should have known better. It isn‘t very clean.
    caramel (pointed end out). This makes the turkey's
    beak.                                                        If the food isn‘t clean enough to pick up with your fingers, it
                                                                 isn't fit to eat.
5. Take another piece of caramel and push down on top of
                                                                                     Santa Clara County Council
    the first caramel. This is the head of the turkey.
6. Break off the little wh ite ends of 2 candy corns and push    Scout, holding a can of Crisco shortening, runs up to the
                                                                 front of the meeting and shouts, ―I have it, I have it! My
    in the top caramel for the eyes.
                                                                 leader told me we were studying ancient Greece this month.
7. Take one striped chocolate cookie and apply to the back
    of the body to form the feathers.                            This is the oldest grease I could find!‖
8. Put the turkey in the microwave for a few seconds to          Teacher:         Please tell us what your Father does
    about 8 seconds just so that the candy and cookie can        Johnny:          My father‘s dead.
    fuse together. (Watch this! Not too much time, or it         Teacher:         Oh, I‘m sorry, Johnny. In that case, what did
    will melt.) .                                                                 he do before he died?
9. Place in freezer for a few minutes to help the turkey "set    Johnny:          He went blue and collapsed.
    up" quicker.                                                                     Baltimore Area Council
10. Serve in a Thanksgiving cup cake paper.                      How do you keep a turkey in suspense?
                                                                 I don‘t know, how‘?
                     Chicken Nachos
                Santa Clara County Council                       I‘11 tell you tomorrow!
Ingredients:                                                     What are you doing?
 22 tortilla chips                                              Writing a letter to my little brother.
 1/2 cup cooked shredded boneless chicken breast                Why are you writing so slowly?
 1/4 cup chopped green onions                                   Because my little brother can‘t read very fast.
 1/4 cup Nacho Dip (mild or spicy)
Page 23                                                                                         BALOO'S BUGLE
                 JOKES & RIDDLES                                             The True Hardshi p of Our Ancestors
              Santa Clara County Council                                             Baltimore Area Council
Why does a room fu ll of married people looks so empty?          Have boys holding pictures pertaining to their lines (with
                            There’s not a single person in it.   lines written on back).
                 Baltimore Area Council                          Cub # 1: O Ancestors! O Ancestors!
What has nothing left but a nose when it loses an eye?                       Your courage we ad mire…
                                                    Noise!                   Not for the reasons history gives
                                                                             Do you our awe inspire!
How do you make gold soup?
                                                                 Cub # 2: It‘s hard for us to understand
                                        Put in 14 carrots.
                                                                             And know what it was like
Why does a. cook always wear a high wh ite hat?                              You d idn‘t have the things we have…
                                         To cover his head.                  A car, a p lane, a bike!
What is the tallest building in my town?                         Cub # 3: We heard you crossed the mountains,
                          The Library, it has lots of stories.               Through forests thin and thick
What can a person wear that is never out of style?                           In only covered wagons…
                                                     A smile.                Now, that was a trick!
                                                                 Cub # 4: We heard how then you had no roads,
                         SKITS                                               No highways lined with p ines;
                                                                             One questions we must ask you…
                      How Di d You Get Here                                  What‘d you do with ail the signs?
                Santa Clara County Council                       Cub # 5: An then we read about your meals
Narrator introduces the skit by saying, ―Transportation                      Of wild bear… there‘s a stopper!
played a very important part in the settling of A merica.                    The one thing we say is this…
How d id you get here?‖                                                      Your wife was quite a shopper!
Any number of Cubs can participate by dividing the lines         Cub # 6: Yes, we read of all your hardships
accordingly.                                                                 But you beat us on one thing…
                                                                             You had the true orig inal,
Cub #___:     If the Pilgrims came over on the Mayflower,                    Indoor-outdoor carpeting!
              how did the Scouts get here?
                                                                 Cub # 7: It‘s true you had no phones, no gas,
Cub #___:     I don‘t know. How?
                                                                             No lights, no cars about…
Cub #___:     On Handy Crafts. (As he says this, a Cub                       But there‘s one thing you didn‘t have
              comes on stage with a sample of a handicraft
                                                                             That we couldn‘t do without!
              project and sign identifying it.)
                                                                 Cub # 8: But one thing does amaze us,
Cub #___:     If the Pilgrims came on the Mayflower and                      When we read about your deeds;
              Scouts came on Handy Crafts, how did the
                                                                             You made it through your travels,
              doctors get here?
                                                                             minus something each man needs!
Cub #___:     On Blood Vessels. (Cub dressed as a doctor         Cub # 9: O Ancestors! O Ancestors!
                                                                             We salute you, long and hard!
Cub #___:     How d id the students get here?
                                                                             You went across this whole wide land…
Cub #___:     On Scholar Sh ips. (Cub enters, carrying a load                Without a credit card!
              of books.)
Cub #___:     How d id all of the ordinary people get here?                          Discover Our Heritage
Cub #___:     On Cit izen Ships. (Cub enters, carrying a                             Baltimore Area Council
              ―Don‘t Forget to Vote‖ sign,)                      Cub #1: Where are you fro m?
Cub #___:     I know how the barbers got here.                   Cub #2: Fro m just a little ways down the street.
Cub #___:     How?                                               Cub #1: No. I mean where did your family co me fro m?
Cub #___:     On Clipper Sh ips. (Cub enters, dressed as a       Cub #2: 1 think they all came fro m Californ ia.
              barber, with towel and razor.)                     Cub #1 : Mine came fro m California, too.
Cub #___:     How d id all the movie stars get here?             Cub #2: Do you know anything about your family fro m
Cub #___:     On a Show Boat. (Cub enters, well dressed,         California?
              wearing sunglasses.)                               Cub #1: No. Do you know anything abut your California
Cub #___:     I‘ll bet you can guess how all the hot heads got   family‘?
              here. (Cub runs on stage, shaking his fist and     Cub #2: No. Why don‘t we go to California and find out
              pretending to quarrel with everyone.)              what they were like‘?
All:          On Steam Ships, of course! (They bow as the        (The two Cub Scouts walk 10 steps, hopefully to the west
              curtain closes.)                                   side of the room. They stop and look down.)
                                                                 Cub #1: It is a lot easier to get to California since it sunk
                                                                 into the Ocean.
Page 24                                                                                        BALOO'S BUGLE
                    The Perfect Weekend                                                 Dad's Tools
                   Baltimore Area Council                                Timucua District, North Florida Council
There is a small speaking part fo r either a mother or father,   Characters: Narrator, Dad, Mo m, Cub Scout
and four other action parts. A small suitcase is the most        Narrator: As our plan begins, Dad is looking for his
important prop. Pack first those items used last.                         hammer...
Parent:     There! I‘m all packed. (Sets suitcase on table,      Dad:     Has anyone seen my hammer?
    opens it, and begins checking contents.) Everything‘s in     Mom: No dear, d id you look in your toolbox?
    order for my weekend trip! I‘ll just check to see if         Dad:     It's not there. No one ever puts anything back where
    Grand ma‘s here yet. (Exits right.)                                   it belongs around here.
                                                                 Cub:     Look, Dad. I found it. It 's over here behind the door
Scout 1: (Enters fro m left and peeks into suitcase.
                                                                          where you used it to fix the loose door hinges.
    Removes a map fro m top of bag. Makes fan and/or
                                                                 Dad:     Now, where is my saw?
    airplane out of it. Exits right, fanning self or flying
                                                                 Mom: It should be on your workbench.
                                                                 Dad:     Well, it's not there. No one ever puts my tools
Scout 2: (Enters fro m right, bouncing a ball. Looks into                 away.
    suitcase. Picks up magazine. Ro lls it up and holds in       Cub:     Dad, don't you remember? You left it out by the
    place with rubber band. Exits left and plays ball with                garage when you were sawing those boards to build
    magazine ―Bat‖.)                                                      my clubhouse.
Scout 3: (Carry ing several dolls wrapped in blanket,            Dad:     Good grief! Now where is my file?
    dressed like toddler and sucking thumb, enters fro m left.   Cub:     Oh, that's out in the yard where you used it to
    Looks into suitcase then exits right.)                                sharpen the lawn mower blade.
Scout 4: (Enters fro m right and removes sunglasses from         Dad:     I can't find my screwdriver now, and I just had it!
    suitcase. Puts them on and dramatically exits left.)                  Did you use it, son?
                                                                 Cub:     Yes, Dad. And here it is in the toolbox - right where
Scout 5: (Enters fro m left on skates or skateboard.
                                                                          I put it when I finished with it.
    Removes suntan lotion and skates out right.)
                                                                 Dad:     Oh! I never thought of looking for it there!
Scout 6: (Enters fro m right, removes first aid kit and fixes
    teddy bear. Exits left.)                                         CLOSING CEREMONIES
Scout 7: (Enters left, removes books from suitcase and
    exits right balancing books on head.)                                          Closing Family Ves pers
Scout 3: (With dolls reenters, looks into case, and exits.)                         Baltimore Area Council
                                                                                  (Tune: Oh Ch rist mas Tree)
3 Scouts: (Enter fro m left, removes vitamins, comb and
    shampoo bottle. They form rhythm band shaking bottle,        Have everyone in your pack stand and sing this family
    adding tissue to comb for hu mming, and removing cap         oriented version of Vespers
    fro m shampoo and blowing over top. Exit right.)             Quietly we join as one,
Scout 8: (Enters fro m right. Removes several pairs of           Thanking God for family fun.
    socks or pantyhose, rolls them up and juggles with them      May we now go on our way,
    as exits left.)                                              Thankful for another day.
Scout 9: (Enters fro m right removes shaving cream or co ld      May we always love and share,
    cream fro m suitcase, applies it to face. Then removes       Live in peace beyond compare.
    tee-shirt or slip and wipes goo off. Exit left.)             As a family may we find
                                                                 Friendships true with all mankind.
2 Scouts: (Enter fro m left and remove blo w dryer and
    curling iron. Begin p laying space gun game.)                                          Rope Closing
Scout 10: (Enters fro m left and removes clothing fro m case,               Timucua District, North Florida Council
    begins putting on clothing as exits right.)                  Distribute a 3 ft. piece of rope to everyone. Have them form
Scout 3: (With dolls enters again. Seeing the suitcase           a large circle and tie their ropes with a square knot to the
    empty, puts all dolls inside and covers with blanket,        person‘s on their left. When all the ropes are tied, hold on to
    putting babies to bed. Exits right.)                         the rope with the left hand, raise the right arm in the Cub
                                                                 Scout salute. ―This strong circle represents the bond of
Parent:    (Entering fro m right, stands in front of suitcase,   friendship we have in Scouting. Please join me in the Cub
    facing audience, not looking inside suitcase.)               Scout Pro mise.‖
    Everything is all set! This is going to be a perfect
    weekend! It certain ly pays to Be Prepared. (Closes                                     Family
    suitcase without ever looking in it , and exits carrying               Timucua District, North Florida Council
    suitcase.)                                                   Cub master begins to build a pyramid using 15 –20 child‘s
                                                                 building blocks. No, Cub Scouts, I‘m not really losing my
                                                                 mind. I‘m build ing something that has a lesson for all of us.
                                                                 There! Let‘s say this pyramid stands for our country. If th is
Page 25                                                                                          BALOO'S BUGLE
is the whole country, where is your family? That‘s right, you      one of them was hunted. Most were driven into hiding. They
and your family are one of the bottom blocks. Why?                 were offered immun ity, rewards, the return of their property,
Because families are the foundation of the whole country.          or freedo m of loved ones if they would give up their cause.
Without families, our society would collapse. And that‘s           That cause was freedom. No one did. Not one man bro ke his
why families are so important to the country. Of course,           pledge. Because of men like that… men of dedication and
your own family is very important to you, too. Your family         purpose… we enjoy liv ing in a free country today.
gives you food, shelter, clothing, the chance for an education
– and most important, your family g ives you love.                               Cubmaster Mi nute – Valley Forge
In return, you give your family some things. You give your                             Baltimore Area Council
parents respect and obedience – at least I hope you do. You        When we think of Valley Forge, we can‘t help but think of
help around the house. And you return their love fo r you.         the ragged army of George Washington. These men were
Now, on the count of three, I want to hear every Cub Scout         faced with death from starvation, fro m freezing, and fro m
here who loves his family and respects his parents to shout        the enemy. Each man had a co mfo rtable ho me somewhere in
―I‘ll do my best.‖ Ready, one, two, three, ―I‘LL DO M Y            the colonies. Many had wives and families wait ing for them
BEST!‖                                                             in these homes, and yet they chose to remain at Valley Forge
                                                                   in spite of the almost intolerable conditions that prevailed.
       Cubmaster’s Minutes                                         Why? Because these pioneers had a cause. The cause was
                                                                   freedom. Their families had been subjected to such stringent
                        Family Member                              laws under British rule that they decided it was better to
           Timucua District, North Florida Council                 fight and die if necessary, rather than continue to live under
This month we have learned about being part of a family and        those laws. They chose to put up with deplorable conditions
family h istory. I challenge you all do ―Do Your Best‖ to be       at Valley Forge rather than move back to the comfort o f their
special to someone else.                                           homes where they would have to accept the loss of freedom.
Do more than belong…part icipate                                   Some day, we too may be faced with such a choice.
Do more than believe…practice                                      Remember that the actions of thos e men at Valley Fo rge
Do more than be fair…be kind                                       made possible the life that we live today. We must be
Do more than forg ive…forget                                       prepared to do our part if the freedom they gave us is ever
Do more than dream…work                                            threatened.
Do more than teach…inspire
Do more than live…grow                                                                 WEBELOS
Do more than be friendly …be a friend                              Have you contacted a local Boy Scout troop yet?? Made all
Do more than give…serve                                            your arrangements for your outdoor adventure with them?
                                                                   Please don‘t wait until January (unless you are in Hawaii o r
                       Family Closing                              Florida) and then try and get it in before Blue & Go ld?
                 Santa Clara County Council
As I look out upon this audience, I can see many different
families. Each family is unique in its interests and activities.
But all of you have come together in this Pack to share a                TECHNOLOGY GROUP
very important activity – participating in a program designed                 Timucua District, North Florida Council
to give your son positive growth experiences in his life.          Purpose: Learn how to work with tools
                           Freedom                                 Challenges: Wide range of abilit ies, obtaining adequate
                    Baltimore Area Council                         supervision, making a mess, inexpensive materials,
We shouldn‘t take our freedo m fo r granted. Our right of          Solutions: This badge will be a favorite, but requires a lot of
free speech, to worship as we choose, and to enjoy the             preparation. So me p rojects, like leather work and cardboard,
freedom we have as Americans. Our freedo m is often taken          can be held at your regular meet ing place. Others, like
for granted. There was a time in our history when man              woodworking, should be held in a shop or garage where the
could only hope for these freedoms. And now they have              sawdust can be contained easier. Because every Cub wants
become reality. Our freedom is a result of courage and             to do something, you'll need a large supply of hammers or
sacrifice of thousands of our forefathers. Let us remember         set up cutting, sanding, nailing, and glu ing stations. Have
what is cost these men to provide our freedo ms today and          small groups rotate around as the work progresses. If
help our land free for those citizens of tomo rrow.                everybody is starting fresh, you may need a second project
                                                                   to keep all boys busy. An adult helper or guide with each
                     The Fifty Six Men                             group or an adult supervisor at each station are both good
                   Baltimore Area Council                          methods. Remember, everyone is included in the clean-up.
As we come to the end of our Pack meet ing, I would ask that       Resources: Co llection of materials will be a challenge.
you stop for a mo ment and think with me about the 56 men          Check with local co mpanies for wood scraps. Ply wood is
who signed the Declaration of Independence over 200 years          usable for most projects, but solid lu mber such as pine is
ago. Five were captured or imprisoned in the war that              better for some cutouts. Hardwoods like oak, ash, and
followed. Nine d ied of wounds or hardships. Twelve lost           walnut are too hard for most Cubs to cut and shape; they
their homes. Seventeen lost everything they owned. Every
Page 26                                                                                        BALOO'S BUGLE
may get frustrated. When hardwoods are needed, precut and             Some local ho me centers offer special weekend classes
rough sand them in advance, leaving the finishing work to             for Webelos age children.
the Cub.                                                              Invite someone to give a demonstration on the safe use
For leather crafts, check with companies for scraps that the          of tools.
boys can cut and tool. 6" square or round pieces of                   Visit a construction site or find out about helping with a
Masonite make good work surfaces for cutting and stamping             Habitat for Hu manity pro ject.
First projects should be simp le. Key chains are easy and
make good gifts.
Clay projects are good for gifts and puppet heads that can be
used for work in the Showman badge.
Try a ceramic shop for advice and possible help with glazing
and firing.
Planning : The Craftsman is a mult i-meet ing project, and the
Cubs may also do a lot of work at ho me. The Cubs require a
lot of supervision and help on most projects. Plan one adult
for every two or three Cubs. Remember that tools used
correctly are safe, but the incorrect use of tools can have
serious consequences!                                                 Visit a tannery or leather goods manufacturer.
Acti vi ties:                                                         Invite someone to give a demonstration of leather craft
The activities included in the Craftsman section of the               and exp lain how to use leather tools.
Webelos book help the boys grasp a basic understanding of             Invite someone to give a demonstration of metal work,
using hand tools while building something fro m scratch. As           using tin snips and a vise.
a Webelos den leader this leaves you with a lot of flexibility        Have a nail driving contest.
in helping the kids come up with ideas for FUN projects to            Build a bridge for pack crossover ceremonies; tie it into
build.                                                                the Engineering p in.
The key word here is FUN. If the project is not fun the kids          Tie in with the Scholar pin and discuss how education
will not participate and you will likely never finish. and            helps when doing crafts and working in the technology
remember these kids are 4th and 5th graders and do not yet            field.
have the skill level or attention span necessary to build a
                                                                                        Pedro Doorstop
work of art.
                                                                            Timucua District, North Florida Council
They will require a lot of one on one attention during these      Use grid method to enlarge Pedro pattern to about 7-by-6
activities. The best advise for you is to BE PREPARED for         inches.
each den meeting and have a lot of help. If you decide to         Trace on 1/2 inch ply wood or scrap and
build these projects during the den meeting I suggest that        Cut with coping saw.
you have everything set up and ready before the boys sho w        Paint as desired.
up. Most project will take a minimu m of 1 hour to comp lete.
The Webelos Scout Helps set a side both November and                                  Pothol der Hanger
December for the Crafts man activity badge. Your best                      Timucua District, North Florida Council
friends during this time are the boys‘ parents. Who can resist    Use scrap wood about 1-by-4-by-12 inches, L-shaped cup
a trip down to the local hardware store to get just the right     hooks, and picture hooks.
tool for the job. Remember also that these projects are just in
time fo r Christmas.
There are a lot of suggestions in the Webelos book for easy
to mediu m hard projects. Experience has shown that boys
this age are very eager to start cutting, hammering and
gluing but don't know how to use the tools properly. Most of
these young men have never used a coping saw or hammer
before. Begin by exp lain ing how to safely use the tools that
you will need to do the project. Next demonstrate on a scrap
piece of wood or plastic how to properly use each one. You
will be very surprised to see how hard it really is to use a
coping saw, if not properly done. This demonstration will
save you a lot of time later on when the boys begin cutting
on their projects. Let each boy try it on the scrap wood.
More Acti vities
   Visit furniture factory, lu mber mill or lu mberyard.
Page 27                                                                                        BALOO'S BUGLE
                                                                     Another branch of physics is called optics. You will
                     Name that Tool
                                                                     have a chance to learn something about sight and find
           Timucua District, North Florida Council
                                                                     out how your eyes work.
                                                                     Scientists learn a lot by experiment ing or trying things
                                                                     out. Try things for yourself.
                                                                     Scientists take nothing for granted.
                                                                     They may be sure an idea is true, but they always test it,
                                                                     if possible, to make certain they are right.
                                                                 Scientists And Engineers
                                                                     Aren't they the same thing? Not quite. Though they
                                                                     use many of the same ideas and methods, scientists and
                                                                     engineers are somewhat different.
                                                                 What do scientists want? Scientists want to know how the
                                                                 universe works. They may see it as an enormous jigsaw
                                                                 puzzle to solve for its own sake. So me things they find are
                                                                 useful right away, others not (though much of what scientists
                                                                 have found in the past has turned out to be useful in so me
                                                                 way). Though they certainly want to help people, their major
Pictured above are some basic tools Webelos Scouts may           goal is understanding, not usefulness.
use when working with wood, leather, o r tin. Place the          What about engineers? Engineers try to use the facts of
appropriate number next to the named tool.                       science and math to do things that are useful to people.
_____ Awl                                _____ Ax (hand)         Many engineers are designers -- designing the many
_____ Brace & Bits                          _____ Chisels        products that we use in the world, fro m co mputers to cars to
_____ Coping Saw                         _____ Drawknife         camera lenses.
                                                                 What do they have i n common? Quite a few things,
_____ File                          _____ Half-round File        actually. Scientists and engineers both use the facts and
_____ Hammer (claw)                     _____ Hand Drill         methods of science, and both often use MATH and
_____ Leather Punch                         _____ Plane          COMPUTERS in their work.
_____ Pliers (slip -jo int)                   _____ Saw          PENDULUM PHENOMENON, An Optical Illusion
                                                                 Fasten a white disc, 3/ 4-in diameter on a 3 foot piece of
_____ Screwdrivers                          _____ Shears
                                                                 white thread. Have someone hold the thread so the disc can
_____ Spokeshave                          _____ Tin Snips        swing like a pendulum. Start the disc swinging in a
                                                                 perfectly straight line and view it fro m a distance of three
           SCIENTIST                                             feet against a plain wall. Notice how the disc swings in
       TECHNOLOGY GROUP                                          a line like a pendulu m. Ho ld a sunglass lens over one eye.
                                                                 Observe the path of the swinging object again. The
           Timucua District, North Florida Council               movement will no longer be in line but in a circle. If you
Remember the Scientist Activity Badge is a "doing" badge,        switch the lens to the other eye, the movement will appear to
not a "watching" badge.                                          be in the opposite direction.
For best results, follow this procedure:                         Principle demonstrated: Shows how important it is for the
 1. Demonstrate the experiment.                                  eyes to receive similar images.
 2. Exp lain the experiment.
 3. Ask questions to test understanding.                         HYDROMET ER
 4. Allow Webelos to do tile experiment.                         This measures the density of a liquid. An object can float in
 5. Have each boy log the experiment.                            a liquid only if it is less dense than the liquid. Prove this by
 6. Have each boy exp lain t ile experiment.                     placing a fresh egg in a glass of water. The egg will sin k.
 7. Ask again for questions                                      Then add 1 tablespoon of salt to the water and the egg will
                                                                 float. Try sticking a thumbtack into a pencil eraser and
What does a scientist do?                                        place the pencil in water, point up. Mark the waterline on
   A scientist studies things to learn how they behave and       the pencil. Add salt to the water. The pencil will ride higher
   why.                                                          in the water.
   Scientists try to find out the laws of nature about the       WHY? BECAUSE SA LT WATER IS M ORE DENSE!
   things they study. People can use these rules or laws in      PASCAL'S LAW
   making things.                                                "The pressure of a liquid o r a gas like air is the same in
   While working on this activity badge, you will learn a        every direction if the liquid is in a closed container. If you
   few of the main ideas in physics. Physics is a science        put more pressure on the top of the liquid' or gas. the
   with several branches.                                        increased pressure will spread all over the container."
   One of these branches will be weather. You can learn a        A good experiment to demonstrate air pressure is to take two
   litt le about weather in these activity badge requirements.   plumber's force cups (plu mber's friend) and fo rce them
                                                                 firmly against each other so that some of the air is forced out
Page 28                                                                                               BALOO'S BUGLE
fro m between them. Then have the boys try to pull them                crystals that have already formed, depositing more solids on
apart.                                                                 their surfaces, causing the crystals to grow.
When you drink something with a straw, do you suck up the              FLOATING EGG S ALTY MAGIC
liquid? No! What happens is that the air pressure inside the           The salt water of the seas is much denser than the fresh
straw is reduced, so that the air outside the straw forces the         water of rivers and lakes, and therefore it is easier to float in
liquid up the straw. To prove this fill a pop bottle with              the ocean. Show this by filling two glasses half fu ll of water.
water, put a straw into the bottle, then seal the top of the           In one of them, mix in about 10 heaping teaspoons of salt.
bottle with clay, taking care that the straw is not bent or
                                                                       Try floating an egg in each glass. In which g lass does the
crimped. Then let one of the boys try to suck the water out
                                                                       egg float?
of the bottle. They can't do it! Remove the clay and have
the boy put two straws into his mouth. Put one of the straws           Now take the eggs out of both glasses. Carefu lly and slowly,
into the bottle of water and the other on the outside. Again           pour the fresh water into the salt water glass. Gently lower
he'll have no luck in sucking water out of the bottle. The             an egg Into the water. It should float (remain suspended) at
second straw equalizes the air pressure inside your mouth.             the salt water level
Place about 1/4 cup baking soda in a coke bottle. Pour about           B ERNOULLI'S PRINCIPLE
1/4 cup vinegar into a balloon. Fit the top of the balloon             MATERIALS:
over the top of the bottle, and flip the balloon so that the           two Ping-Pong balls,
vinegar goes into the bottle. The gas formed fro m the                 two feet of thread,
mixtu re will blo w the balloon, up so that it will stand upright      some mending tape and
on the bottle and begin to expand. The baking soda and                 a drinking straw.
vinegar produce C02, wh ich pushes equally in all directions.          PROCEDURE: Tape each ball to an end of the thread. Ho ld
The balloon that can expand in all directions with pressure,           the center of the thread so that the balls dangle about one
will do so as the gas is pressured into it.                            foot below your fingers and about one or two inches apart.
For this next experiment you will need: A medicine dropper,            Have the boys‘ blow through a straw exactly between the
a tall jar, well filled with water; a sheet of rubber that can be      balls, front a distance of a few inches. Instead of being
cut fro m a balloon; and a rubber band. Dip the medicine               repelled, the balls will be attracted to each other.
dropper in the water and fill it part ly. Test the dropper in the      EXPLANATION: The air current directed between the
jar - if it starts to sink, squeeze out a few drops until it finally   Ping-Pong balls reduces the intervening air pressure.
floats with the top of the bulb almost submerged. No w, cap            Stronger pressure fro m the far sides pushes the balls
the jar with the sheet of rubber and fix the rubber band               together. The strength of the air fro m the straw will
around the edges until the jar is airtight. Push the rubber            determine how close the balls will co me
down with your finger and the upright dropper will sink.               FOAMING FOUNTAIN
Now relax your finger and the dropper will rise. You have              Place t wo teaspoonfuls of baking soda in the bottom of a
prepared a device known as a 'Cartesian Diver'. The                    quart glass bottle. Drop a burning match into the bottle. It
downward pressure on the rubber forces the water up into               will continue to burn. Next pour four teaspoonfuls of vinegar
the bottom of the diver, co mpressing the air above it,                on top of the baking soda, being careful not to pour directly
producing the effects of sinking, suspension and floating,             onto the match. Watch what happens. The seething, foaming
according to the degree of pressure applied.                           mass is carbon dio xide, released fro m the soda by the
DANCING RAIS INS                                                       vinegar.
Fill a 12 ounce glass three fourths full of water. Add a               What happens now to a lighted match? Why? Is carbon
tablespoon of baking soda and stir until clear. Drop raisins           dio xide gas heavier than air? Than o xygen? Tip bottle
into the glass. Pour vinegar into the glass. Use as much               slowly over it lighted candle. What happens? The heavy gas
vinegar as it takes to make the raisins come to the top of the         can even be poured so the flame flutters and may go out.
water. Bubbles will appear, and the raisins will "dance."              This is the principle behind some fire ext inguishers.
Mixing vinegar and baking soda together forms a gas called             BATTERY
carbon dioxide. Bubbles of carbon dio xide stick to the sides          Alessandro Volta, an Italian physicist, produced electricity
of the raisins, act like air bags, and float the heavy raisins to      by chemical reaction in 1800. He d id this with a device that
the surface. At the surface the bubbles break, the raisins sink        became known as a voltaic cell. It was the first wet cell
again, and the process starts all over.                                battery. Vo lta's battery was made with pairs of zinc and
                                                                       silver pieces. The electric current ran fro m the zinc to the
                                                                       silver through pieces of board soaked in salt water. You can
This is the classic way I d id it when I was a wee lad.
                                                                       make your own simp le voltaic cell.
Colorful, small, delicate crystals grow on a charcoal or brick
surface. You can also use pieces of sponge, coal, or
                                                                        piece of copper wire
crumb led cork to grow the crystals on. Crystals are formed
                                                                        fresh lemon
because the porous materials they grow on draw up the
                                                                        paper clip.
solution by capillary action. As the water evaporates on the
surface, deposits of solids are left behind, forming the
                                                                       Straighten out the paper clip and copper wire. They should
crystals. As more solution is drawn up, it passes through the
                                                                       be about the same length.
Page 29                                                                                       BALOO'S BUGLE
Thrust both wires deep into the lemon. They should be side          Let me know as soon as your date is set. I will post
by side, but not touching.                                       whatever I receive. I am hoping to retire in 2007 and visit
Put the free ends of the wires to your tongue. The slight                         lots of Pow Wows!!! C D
tingle and metallic taste you feel is due to the passage of
                                                                                     Southern NJ Council
electrons through the saliva on your tongue. The acid in the
                                                                                      Aloha, Cub Scouts
lemon acted as an electrolyte. An electrolyte is a substance
                                                                                     Pow Wow in Paradise
that is not metal that carries electricity. The chemical
                                                                                       January 21, 2006
reaction caused electrons to build up on one of the wires and
                                                                                 Lakeside School, M illv ille, NJ
decrease on the other wire.
                                                                 Call Southern NJ Council, 856-327-1700, extension 32, or
                                                                 visit the website, for more information
When you put the free ends of the wires to your tongue, you
closed the circuit between the two wires. Electrons flowed                    Sam Houston Area Council
fro m the wire with more electrons, through your saliva that                         Texas Proud
acted as a conductor, to the wire with fewer electrons. The                       November 5, 2005
entire system of lemon, wires, and saliva is a simple battery.                      Houston, Texas
It is similar to the first battery made by Alessandro Volta. Events1/CubScoutLeaderPowWow20/
The Beaufort Wind Scale was orig inally devised by Sir                              Longhorn Council
                                                                                  Reach for the Arrow
Francis Beaufort to describe wind speed in chart form. By
                                                                                    November 12, 2005
watching the effect of wind on objects in the neighborhood,
it is possible to estimate its speed.                                Tarrant County College, NE Campus, Hurst, Texas
Copy the scale on a large sheet of cardboard and hang it in
your den meeting place.
                                                                            Pioneer Valley & Mohegan Councils
 #  Title      Effect of Wind                    MPH                            Catch the Wave of Scouting
 0  Calm              Smoke rises vertically     <1                                   November 5, 2005
 1  Light                  Air Smoke drifts      1- 3                         Baird M iddle School Ludlo w, MA
 2  Light               Breeze Leaves rustle     4- 7              
 3  Gentle                   Breeze Flags fly    8 - 12              
 4  Moderate Breeze        Dust, loose paper                             Clinton Valley and Detroi t Area Councils
                                      raised     13 - 18                Uni versity of Scouting - Together We Serve
 5 Fresh Breeze             Small t rees sway    19 - 24                              November 5, 2005
 6 Strong Breeze Difficult to use umbrellas      25 - 31                Lamphere High School, Madison Heights, MI
 7 Moderate Gale           Difficult to walk     32 - 38        or
 8 Fresh Gale          Twigs break off trees     39 - 46
 9 Strong Gale        Slight damage to roofs     47 - 54                            Cape Fear Council
 10 Whole Gale                Trees uprooted     55 - 63                  The Winni ng Edge – Pit Crew Trai ning
 11 Storm               Widespread damage        64 - 75                            November 12, 2005
 12 Hurricane                   Devastation      Above 75               Camp McNeil, 3 miles west of White Oak, NC
We live under a b lanket of air called the earth's atmosphere.     San Gabriel Valley, Long Beach Area, Verdugo hills
The air in the at mosphere exerts pressure of almost fifteen                             Councils
pounds per inch on every surface of earth.                                       Rock Around the Pack
Hanging Water - Fill a glass to overflowing and lay a piece                          February 4, 2006
of cardboard atop it. Support the card with one hand, turn                   Arroyo HS, El Monte, California
the glass upside down, and remove your hand fro m the card.         
The card does not fall. It remains on the glass and allows no          
water to escape. Why? The air pressure fro m below the                 
cardboard is greater than the pressure of the water above and
presses the card tightly against the glass.                                        WEB SITES
                                                                                  Santa Clara County Council
              POW WOW                                            Geneal ogy for Beginners, Teenagers and Ki ds:
                                                                 Practical advice, p rojects, and lin ks guide you into the
It‘s that time o f year again when I begin to run out of         fascinating world of your family‘s past. The links lead the
material as last year‘s Pow Wow Books fin ish. So when           way to other informat ive sites including some created just
your Council has its Pow Wow, send me a CD of your Book          for kids.
and I will send you our CD. Just write me at                     US GenWeb Ki dz:                                     This easy to follo w website has a lot of good information on
Page 30                                                                                         BALOO'S BUGLE
genealogical facts. There are printable forms and pedigree
charts.                                                                      ONE LAST THING
Free Ki ds T-shirt and Stickers from Maytag® m/club/ m Kids -                        Eleven Rules for Being Human
join the Maytag® Junior Apprentice Club to learn mo re                               Baltimore Area Council
about saving water and energy and get a Junior Apprentice        1.   You will receive a body. You may like it or hate it, but
kit, a T-shirt and a set of stickers with tips on how to              it will be yours the entire period this time around.
conserve water and energy.                                       2.   You will learn lessons. You are enrolled in a fu ll-time
Signature Brands Cake Mate Birthday Club                              informal school called LIFE. Each day in this school                    you will have the opportunity to learn lessons. You
Register for the FREE Cake Mate Birthday Club and receive             may like the lessons or think them irrelevant and stupid.
a special surprise fro m Cake Mate on your birthday!             3.   There are no mistakes, only lessons. Growth is a
For a great listing of square knot awards go to                       process of trial and error; experimentation. The ―failed‖ m/square-knots.asp                        experiments are as much a part of the process as the
                                                                      experiment that ultimately ―works.‖
           Timucua District, North Florida Council
Http://                               4.   A lesson is repeated until learned. A lesson will be
Http://                     presented to you in various forms until you have learned
Http://                         it. When you have learned it, you can then go on to the                           next lesson. max/index.html                 5.   Learn ing lessons does not end. There is no part of life ml                      that does not contain its lessons. If you are alive, there
Http:// icles/roots3d.html               are lessons to be learned.
Http://                     6.   ―There‖ is no better than ―here.‖ When your ―there‖
Http://www.genealogy-                                                 has become a ―here,‖ you will simp ly obtain another ml                                 ―there‖ that will again look better than ―here.‖
Http:// m/catalog.html
                                                                 7.   Others are merely mirrors of you. You cannot love or
Http:// m/default.asp?Licensee=8605
                                                                      hate something about another person unless it reflects
                                                                      something you love or hate about yourself.
m                                                                8.   What you make of your life is up to you. You have all
                                                                      the tools and resources you need. What you do with
                                                                      them is up to you. The choice is yours.
Cub Scout Achievement, Electi ve, Rank, and Academics
     and S ports Trackers on their own website!!                 9.   Your answers lie inside you. The answers to Life‘s
                                        questions lie inside you. All you need do is look, listen
                                                                      and trust.
A lot of websites carry the Excel based trackers she
developed but have old and outdated versions. So Ro xanne        10. You will forget all this.
developed her own web page that will always carry the most       11. You can reme mber it whenever you want.
recent versions (with all known bugs fixed and many
enhancements recommended by users).
She recently revised the Cub Scout spreadsheets to –
 Include the Outdoor Activity Award                                            Birth Month Logic Puzzle
 Make them easier to work with in OpenOffice.                   Solution:
 Track Tiger beads and handle up to 15 tigers.                  Amy-September, Ben-October,
                                                                 Caro l-November, Debbie-December
Please direct your den leaders or advancement chairs to the
website for the most recent versions of the trackers. (feel
free to add a link to your pack's website if that is helpful!)
                Thank you Roxanne!! C D
PS – She, also, has Girl Scout and Boy Scout Trackers!!!

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