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A scholar today, a success tomorrow

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					Business Community Overview

Investing in the Future
Implementation Overview New Mexico October 30, 2003

Presenter Name | Title {state} Scholars Program

 70% of the 30 fastest-growing jobs will require an

education beyond high school. associate’s degree.

 40% of all new jobs will require at least an

 Total college-level job openings between 1990-

2008 will nearly equal to the number of college educated entrants to the workforce.

Source: US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, The Outlook for College Graduates, 1998-2008, 2000, in Getting Ready Pays Off!

“The academic intensity of the student’s high school curriculum still counts more than anything momentum else…in providing momachelor’s toward completing a bdegree bachelor’s degree ff ffffffffffffffffff .”
C. Adelman, The Toolbox Revisited: Paths to Degree Completion from High School Through College. (Washington, D.C.: U.S. Department of Education, 2006).

Why is SSI important?
High school students know they are not prepared for college or the workplace
 According to a February 2005 survey conducted by Peter Hart

Research Associates, approximately 40 percent of graduates reported key gaps in their preparation. A majority noted that if they could do high school over again, they would work harder and take more challenging courses.

Peter D. Hart Research Associates/Public Opinion Strategies (Washington, D.C.: Achieve, Inc. February 2005)

Why is SSI important?
U. S. businesses know high school students are not prepared for college or the workplace
 According to the Committee for Economic Development, only

31 percent of high school students complete the rigorous complement of courses recommended by the National Commission on Excellence in Education.

Source: “Cracks in the Education Pipeline: A Business Leader’s Guide to Higher Education Reform.” Committee for Economic Development, (May 2005).

Why is SSI important?
The research supports it:
 Students who take a solid college preparatory curriculum are less

likely to need remedial classes in college and are more likely to earn a degree.

Source: Adelman, C. The Toolbox Revisited: Paths to Degree Completion from High School Through College. Washington, D.C.: U.S. Department of Education, 2006.

Motivating students
 Training businesspeople to make

presentations to 8th graders right before they select their high school courses.
understand the career options and monetary benefits of taking rigorous courses (defined in the Scholars Core). support, incentives, and special recognition to SSI students. This ongoing support helps ensure student success in the more difficult courses.

 Business volunteers help students

 State Scholars programs provide academic

What is SSI?
4-Year College Community or Technical College State Scholars Core Course of Study
9th Grade
English I Algebra I Biology World History

Workforce (Civilian
& Military)

10th Grade
English II Geometry Chemistry U.S. History

11th Grade
English III Algebra II Physics U.S. Govt.

12th Grade
English IV


2 years of the same Foreign Language

What is SSI?
Upper 25%

Minor focus
majority already motivated

Middle 50%

SSI’s Heaviest Focus
greatest opportunity

Lower 25%

special challenges

8th Grade Presentations

To encourage ALL high school students to

complete a defined, rigorous academic
course of study that prepares them for a successful transition to college or university coursework or vocational/technical training necessary to enter today’s competitive job market

How will effectiveness/success be measured or evaluated?
 Measure yearly  Measure yearly the

the percentage of 8th graders who sign up for the “State Scholars Course of Study”

percentage of seniors who successfully complete the “Scholars Core Course of Study”

Timing of Presentations

 Student presentations are normally made

within 2 weeks of “course sign-up day” at high school.  Parent presentations are made in the evening, normally in advance of student presentations.

Synopsis of 50-Minute Presentation
First Half
 Discussion of dynamic forces shaping world and

effect on U.S.’s ability to compete.  Discussion of relationship of properly educated workforce to economic success of any nation.  Emphasis on selecting the right courses in high school to be prepared for a lifetime of continual learning.

Synopsis of 50-Minute Presentation
Second Half Go through budget exercise based on…
 Hypothetical monthly income of $2,250.  Relate it to a full-time, minimum wage job.  Recap critical importance of preparing oneself

properly in high school.  Acquaint students with State Scholars.

State Scholars Key Components

“8th grade presentation” presentation by business reps

Incentives to stay on track

Senior recognition event(s)



9 10 11


Hypothetical Monthly Income
Item Federal Income Tax (15%) Social Security/Medicare (10.8%) Medical/Dental Insurance Housing (Rent: 1 Bdrm, Unfurn) Food Car Payments Insurance Gas, Oil, etc. Telephone Utilities Clothing Entertainment Savings Medical Expenses Furniture, TV, Appliances Miscellaneous Payment $300 243 215 400 300 300 100 60 25 100 50 50 50 25 15 17 Amount Left $1,950 1,707 1,492 1,092 792 492 392 332 307 207 157 107 57 32 17 0

Key Points
 Present program in classroom setting,

normally with 25–30 students per session.  Have logistics lined out well in advance of presentation day.  Do not dwell on introductions  It is difficult enough to complete in 45–50 minutes.  Use brief personal experiences.  Add, delete, modify slides as appropriate.

Lessons Learned
 No substitute for spending time in classroom.  Multiple presentations highly recommended.  Kids respond to messages involving money.

 High levels of energy, enthusiasm, and

commitment are an absolute must.  Presentation without student participation can be disastrous.

Lessons Learned
 Avoid extensive use of notes or script.  Do not shy away from being assertive and

frank.  Be alert for unexpected questions; i.e., “How much do you make?”  Stay in control of the presentation and the class.

The Bottom Line
Knowing or feeling you have “reached” the students is one of the most gratifying experiences in life!
 Plant an important seed.  Help shape their destiny.  Be remembered.

For an electronic copy of this presentation, go to:
The work reported herein was supported under State Scholars Initiative, PR/Award Number V051U050006, as administered by the Office of Vocational and Adult Education, U.S. Department of Education. However, the contents do not necessarily represent the positions or policies of the Office of Vocational and Adult Education or the U.S. Department of Education, and you should not assume endorsement by the Federal Government.

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