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					                                                                     STATED INCOME
                                                                       HOME LOANS
                                                                                     You Need It, We Have It!

PROGRAM DETAILS                                         T R U E S TAT E D I N C O M E H O M E L O A N S
                                                                           SIVA, Lite Doc, No Ratio
                                                      Finance One now offers Stated Income Home Loans (limited to CA,
700 MINIMUM FICO                                      NJ, NY, GA, MA, TX, WA, CT, DE, MA, NH, PA, RI, NY and FL). We have
700 minimum FICO, 60% LTV to $1M,                     established private mortgage banking relationships with several
55% LTV to $3M. 680 FICO will be
                                                      institutions to bring this opportunity to our clients. Example: 3yr
considered case by case for loan
                                                      Arm, Owner Occupied, rates as low as 4.75%*, stated income, 60%
amounts above $200K, 50% LTV in
                                                      LTV to $1M, 55% LTV to $3M! True stated income program specifics:
some areas.

12 MONTHS CASH RESERVES                                           Self Employed and W2 allowed!
Requires 12 months liquid and seasoned                            Residential: OO, NOO, Investment, 1-4 Units
cash reserves for all loans. 36 months                            Purchase & refinance…investment property okay!
cash reserves required in some cases                              700 FICO minimum w/ no history of major derogs
(i.e., Foreign Nationals).                                        ARM: 3/1, 5/1, 7/1, 10/1 (30 yr non-owner case by case)
                                                                  12 months PITI required, liquid and seasoned
60% LOAN TO VALUE (LTV)                                           Foreign National w/ no credit history okay (36 mo PITI)!
LTV is limited to 60% to $1M; 55% to                              60% LTV to $1M; 55% LTV to $3M; 50% LTV to $10M+
$3M . Higher limits are available case by                         Non-occupant co-borrower allowed
case with compensating factors.                                   Rates starting below 5%...up to 8% for difficult deals
Purchase transactions are favored.                                CA, NJ, NY, GA, MA, TX, WA, CT, DE, MA, NH, PA, RI, NY & FL
                                                                  Nationwide case by case. Above average assets required!

                                                          * Note: This is not a VOE program. Agency VOE program is available. No banking
                                                           relationship necessary for loans $3M and under in most cases. Min 30 day close.
                                                               Rates and program details can change without notice. CADRE# 01359411

                                 CALL 888-814-8406 OR E-MAIL INFO @FIN AN CE1O N LINE. CO M
                                                  WWW.FIN AN CE1O N LIN E.CO M
                                      | Finance One | 26500 W Agoura Rd, #741 Calabasas, Ca 91302 |

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