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MSC Malaysia Capability
Development Programme
    n an increasingly demanding, competitive and world-class services.
    sophisticated global market, MSC Malaysia Capabil-                         CDP not only assists companies and individuals
    ity Development Programme (CDP) is designed in achieving these certifications more cost-effectively
    to help local ICT organisations to maximise their (nearly 50% cost reduction) but it also enables ad-
potentials by adopting global good practices and ditional benefits from monthly dialogues, seminars,
process improvements.                                                    clinics and workshops developed to gear the MSC
    CDP introduces a systematic approach in the deliv- Malaysia status companies to achieve certifications
ery of products and services and prepares companies that would ensure competitive advantage.
into the next phase of growth.
    The programmes are aimed at enabling companies
to focus on their core competency and hone their
competitive edge.
    This is in line with                                                                                    high
                                                                                                    offers and
the MSC Malay-                                                                              b that         g
                                                                                 bal ICT hu y developin
sia initiatives                                                         the gloservices b
                                                                sia as
in catalysing                                      MSC   Malay oducts and ompanies.”
                          ION              sition petitive pr ia Status C
wealth cre-           MISS         and po         om             s
                          brand globally c MSC Malay
ation for             “To y and                   s                                                 s capa
the nation.
                       qua ing wor       ld clas                                       com  panie
                               r                                               Status
Today, there                                                   SC Ma
                                                        the M         ”
are 13 or-               GOAL                   velop etitiveness                                                    al
                                         nd De                                                               s Glob e
ganisational                     ture a lobal comp
                          “Nur ure g                                                                  ysia a        h
                                                                                        f MS C Mala creasing t
development                 to ens                                              ness o rvices by in .
                                                                        etitive         e              s
programmes                             TIV ES                    comp ucts and s ertification                    panies
                               OBJEC                      s and          d
offered together                                  a ndard quality pro tices and c                      us Com
                                          the st rovide                 ac                     ia Stat s.
                                   Raise that p                  est pr                   lays
                                                                                   SC Ma etitivenes
with a new ini-                          b               ards, b           s to M                                panie -
tiative for profes-              ICT hu ion of stand              itiative global com
                                                                                                         s Com
                                  a dopt               tan ce & in y and                   ysia   Statu pment Pro
sional capability                              h assis       pabilit               C Malaility Develo
                                      Furnis ce their ca                   all MS
development called                          an                tunity for ysia Capab                                o mee
                                     to enh           oppor          Mala                                  mes t
CDP Professional                              ovide te in MSC                                      ogram
                                           Pr                                                 e pr
Development.                                   rticip
                                                      a                                ovativ s.
                                       to pa es.                               fer inn       d
    This initiative fo-                        m                      and of panies nee
                                        gram                  evelop s Com
cuses on improving the                                ually d      atu
                                             Contin alaysia St
skills of ICT professionals                all M SC M
in Malaysia in delivering

     Domain                             Specialist                   Contact
     CDP CMMI                           Ahmad Syahrir      
     CDP Project Management             Aiza Zeyati Zamani 
     CDP Software Testing               Azdilizan Abdullah 
                                                                                                                               EDITORIAL COMMITTEE
     CDP Six Sigma                      Ahamad Syahrir                                           Dr. Karl Ng Kah Hou, Muhundhan
                                                                                                                           Kamarapullai, Edi Hezri Hairi &
     CDP ISMS                           Muhundhan                                                                       Jezamin Abdul Razak
     CDP ITSM                           Jezamin Abdul Razak
     CDP QMS                            Nur Aida Mohd Ghouse                             Multimedia Development Corporation
                                                                                                                     MSC Malaysia Headquarters, Persiaran APEC,
     CDP Showcase                       Marzuki Ahmad                                     63000 Cyberjaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan
     CDP Leadership                     Aiza Zeyati Zamani                               Tel: 1-800-88-8338 (within Malaysia); +603 8315 3000
                                                                                                                 (outside Malaysia)
     CDP Strategy & Management          Ahmad Syahrir      
     CDP Marketing                      Jane Goh                                       MEDIA ASSISTANCE:
                                                                                                                 Word Labs Media: 27-1, Metro Centre, Jalan 3/146, Bandar
     CDP Innovation                     Norizham Abdul Razak                        Tasik Selatan, 57000 Kuala Lumpur Tel: +603-90564770;
                                                                                                                 Fax: +603-90564771, E-mail:;
     CDP TÜV STAR*                      Jezamin Abdul Razak                         URL:

2   | Maximising Your Potential | December 2009
                                                                                                                    KNOW US
                                       List of our
                                      programmes                                              goal of these companies to be
Development                                                                                   successfully appraised with the
» As the ICT industry continues                                                               CMMI Maturity Level Rating.
to grow, the demand for skilled
ICT professionals is increasing                                                              Marketing
even more. ICT Professionals                                                                 » A sale usually does not happen
need to keep abreast with emerging                                                      the minute you knock on the door. It
technologies to remain competitive in                                                   usually takes time to establish contact
the global market.                                                                      to close the sale. It is critical to look into
» Therefore, MDeC has launched the                                                      your urgent marketing issue.
CDP Professional Development (CDP PD)                                                   » CDP Marketing is designed to meet
to enhance capability and skills of local                                               the needs you have. It prepares a
ICT professionals.                                                                      platform for idea generation and for
                                                                                        professional development in marketing
QMS                                                                                      in the ICT field for MSC Malaysia
» If the next step in your company’s                                                        Status companies as well as the ICT
business goal is to advance in the global                                                    industry.
market, you will probably be looking to
improve the processes and practices                                                          Strategy & Management
in your organisation to surpass high                                                         » As competitive environment
standards of quality.                                                                        changes and becomes fierce,
» CDP QMS will get you started in the                                                       Business Strategy of a company
journey to process excellence. It provides                                                 becomes the most important thing
assistance to MSC Malaysia Status firms                                                   to develop.
in implementing and adopting the ISO                                                      » The programme is designed
9001:2000 certification.                                                                 to increase the Business Strategy
                                                                                        capability of the MSC Malaysia
ITSM                                                                                    companies as well as the general
» One of the key challenges faced by IT                                                 Malaysian ICT companies.
managers today is to provide IT services
that will cross many platforms to                                                       Leadership
work cohesively with all core business                                                  » Leaders are the change agents
functions internally and externally. If                                                 guiding their followers and along the
this is one of your major considerations,                                               way, grow them and develop them. For
perhaps you should think about                                                          an organisation to be more competitive,
implementing industry best practices                                                    leaders can make the change.
in the area of Information Technology                                                   » CDP Leadership will provide an avenue
Service Management (ITSM).                   certain limitation; either it requires     for leaders and future leaders to hone
» ITSM is an approach that combines          complex processes, highly skilled staff    their inner leadership skills.
proven methodologies and process             or expensive equipments.
management frameworks.                       » For an easy, all-in-one solution to      Innovation
                                             enhance the quality of your product,       » ASTRA – The Alliance for Science
ISMS                                         CDP Software Testing offers you            & Technology Research in America
» Today, Information Security is no          the perfect solution through its           defines that Innovation is a process by
longer just a technological problem          programmes.                                which value is created for customers
BUT a business issue. Information is                                                    through public and private organisations
an asset, which, like other important        Project Management                         that transform new knowledge and
business assets, has value to an             » Project Management is crucial to         technologies into profitable products and
organisation and consequently needs to       an organisation in achieving strategic     services for national and global markets.
be suitably protected.                       objectives. It is recognised that          » This programme prepares a platform
» The surest way to address this issue       successfully managed projects will         for idea generation and creativity,
would be by adopting a holistic and          increase productivity, bring Return on     besides increasing increase awareness
proactive approach to security. One          Investments (ROI), increase profits and    of innovation approach & educate on
such internationally renowned best           improve customer services.                 innovation understanding amongst MSC
practice or standard that can be looked      » The Project Management Professional      Malaysia & ICT companies.
at as a guide would be is the ISO 27001      (PMP®) certification issued by the
standard.                                    Project Management Institute is            TÜV STAR*
                                             the most prestigious and globally          » TÜV STAR* is a new and unique
Six Sigma                                    recognised project management              evaluation and rating service developed
» Reducing defects in your products          accreditation worldwide.                   by the TÜV Rheinland Group.
is part of achieving good standards                                                     » TÜV STAR* brings a new perspective
of quality control. What if there was        CMMI                                       and solution to the evaluation of
a system or method in which you can          » The New CDP CMMI programme is a          corporate sustainability and social
further minimise product defects?            combination of the previous Software       performance.
» If you are looking to achieve or           Process Improvement Programme (SPI
implement a ‘zero variation’ policy in       Programme) and the Quality Excellence      Showcase
your company, the Six Sigma system           for Software & Technology SMEs             » CDP Showcase provides a suitable
can help.                                    Programme (QuESTS).                        platform for the increasing number of
                                             » The programme is specially               MSC Malaysia companies for branding,
Software Testing                             designed to create awareness about         showcasing and promoting their
» Performing thorough testing on new         the CMMI Model among the MSC               products to generate leads and to
software product usually comes with          Malaysia companies; with the ultimate      increase sales.

                                                                                  December 2009 | Maximising Your Potential |       3

Adopt leading practices
and standards
                                          by Datuk Badlisham Ghazali, CEO, MDeC

                                                          alaysia is in the midst of       to adopt global best practices and processes
                                                          transforming ourselves into      to ensure their continuing competitiveness
                                                          a knowledge-based economy        in global ICT markets. CDP does this
                                                          and the information and com-     through the “Get IT Certified!” Campaign
                                          munications technology (ICT) industry has        – a path to earning internationally rec-
                                          been identified as a focus area for national      ognised organisational and professional
                                          development. The Multimedia Super Cor-           certifications. CDP’s efforts provide Ma-
                                          ridor (MSC) Malaysia was launched in the         laysian ICT professionals with accessible
                                          1990s to be the key driving and guiding          and affordable continuous education.
                                          force behind the growth and development          Certifications offer several benefits to ICT
                                          of the Malaysian ICT industry.                   professionals such as:
                                              When the MSC Malaysia was first              » Establishing unequivocal credibility of
                                          launched, there were only around 300 ICT         expertise in a particular area,
                                          companies in Malaysia. Today there are           » Proving that the professionals are com-
                                          over 3000 ICT companies in the country,          mitted to the subject matter they study,
                                          many of which are earning renown in global       » The process of achieving and maintain-
                                          markets. MSC Malaysia is proud to be the         ing certification ensures that skills and
                                          home of over 2000 local and multinational        knowledge are current and aligned with
                                          technology companies involved in various         the needs of business, and
                                          ICT sectors such as outsourcing, software        » Offering advantages for career develop-
                                          development, creative multimedia, hard-          ment.
                                          ware design, Internet-based businesses,              Through facilitating the development
                                          and support services.                            of a highly skilled workforce, CDP directly
                                              Through our efforts, MSC Malaysia            contributes toward helping MDeC achieve
                                          has created over 90,000 skilled jobs to          our three targets. Firstly, through raising
                                          date, and, by 2010, this number will have        the skills and knowledge of the Malaysian
                                          grown to at least 100,000 jobs, especially       workforce we make our nation even more
                                          in creative multimedia, shared services          attractive to foreign ICT investors as
                                          and outsourcing clusters. Sustaining this        they can now find the talent they need
                                          growth and Malaysia’s future economic            locally without having to pay for costly
                                          competitiveness in the ICT sector is de-         foreign workers. Secondly, by helping our
                                          pendent upon the educational readiness           local ICT companies raise their internal
                                          of our workforce. The ICT industry is            competencies, CDP is empowering them
                                          one of the most dynamic industries is the        to drive innovation and create exceptional
                                          world today and ICT professions demand           made-in-Malaysia products. And finally,
                                          life-long continuing education in order for      by providing Malaysian professionals
                                          professionals to maintain the currency of        with affordable and accessible continuous
                                          their skills and knowledge.                      education, CDP is helping these individuals
                                              A critical challenge facing the Malaysian    improve the quality of their lives.
                                          ICT industry is that of finding, developing           To ICT professionals looking for a way
                                          and retaining skilled professionals. The         to turbo-charge your careers, I urge you
                                          continuous education of workers and              to explore earning globally recognised
                                          professionals is a vital component for the       ICT certifications as a means to achieve
                                          prosperity of a company.                         this. Your talents are the building blocks
                                              In today’s information age, the shelf life   of Malaysia’s future in ICT and CDP is
                                          of technology is very short, and the skills      ready to help you achieve your greatest
                                          and knowledge of the past quickly become         potential.
                                          out of date and no longer relevant. A
                                          knowledge-based workforce must continu-          “WHAT THEY SAY”
                                          ously strive to equip itself with new skills
                                                                                                      Tee Kee Ming, MD (South East Asia) – Atos Origin
                                          in order to meet the rapid changes and the                  Services (M)
                                          demands of the workplace.
                                              To help the Malaysian ICT industry
                                          address this challenge, MDeC launched
                                          the MSC Malaysia Capability Development
                                          Programme (CDP). CDP is an initiative to
                                          raise internal competencies among MSC
                                          Malaysia Status companies by providing
                                          them with the awareness of and the means

4   | Maximising Your Potential | December 2009
                                                         TURBO CHARGE YOUR COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE

    We can help you
    get there …
                                                      by Ng Wan Peng, COO, MDeC

                                                                  s Malaysia pursues our goal            scheme, Malaysian ICT professionals
                                                                  of becoming a global ICT hub,          who:
                                                                  MSC Malaysia is very aware of          » Have successfully earned technology-
                                                                  the need to develop the capacity       based certifications will receive reimburse-
                                                      of our country to provide the infra and            ment of 75% of their total exam fees up to
                                                      info-structure to meet the demands of the          a maximum of RM2,500.00,
                                                      global ICT market. MSC Malaysia Capabil-           » Earn non-vendor-based certifications
                                                      ity Development Programme (CDP) was                will receive reimbursement of 75% of
                                                      developed as one of the key initiatives in         their total exam fees up to a maximum of
                                                      the Multimedia Development Corpora-                RM1,000.00, and/or
                                                      tion’s (MDeC’s) efforts to encourage the           » Complete recognised training programs
                                                      adoption of international best practices and       will receive reimbursement of 50% of their
                                                      the development of internal competencies           total training cost up to RM1,500.00.
                                                      among MSC Malaysia status companies.                   ICT professionals seeking to receive
                                                          CDP launched the “Get IT Certified!”            reimbursement of their exam fees from
                                                      Campaign to encourage individual capabil-          CDP PD must seek prior approval from the
                                                      ity development that focuses on improving          Programme Secretariat before beginning
                                                      the skills and knowledge of ICT profession-        their certification programme.
                                                      als in Malaysia.                                       MSC Malaysia Status companies that
                                                          A challenge facing individuals pursuing        sponsor their Malaysian employees for
                                                      professional ICT certifications has been            professional ICT certifications will also
                                                      that of cost. Certain certifications require        qualify to receive the reimbursement.
                                                      candidates to sit for multiple exams that              Over 100 professional ICT certifications
                                                      then cause the total examination fees to           are available through CDP PD among them
                                                      increase while other certifications require         certifications from Cisco, Microsoft, Sun,
                                                      candidate to travel overseas to approved           IBM, EMC and many others. ICT profes-
                                                      testing labs which causes them to incur            sionals who are keen to pursue certifica-
                                                      travel and hotel charges.                          tions that are not listed by CDP PD may
                                                          CDP works with several partners to find         approach the Programme Secretariat to
                                                      ways to deliver accessible and affordable          discuss further on the new certifications.
                                                      opportunities for ICT professionals in                 It is interesting to note that, from early
                                                      Malaysia to pursue certification.                   2009 till now, we have seen an additional
                                                          A recent agreement between MDeC                uptake of 300% in CDP PD participation.
                                                      and IMS Asia established the CDP-CCIE                  CDP also strives to offer other benefits
                                                      Lab Preparation Programme that allows              through monthly dialogues, seminars, clin-
                                                      Malaysian ICT professionals to earn the            ics and workshops to raise the standards and
                                                      Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert                competitiveness of ICT industry.
                                                      (CCIE) certification at up to 83% less than             Moving forward, MSC Malaysia Capabil-
                                                      it would have previously cost.                     ity Development Programme will continue
“CDP also strives to offer                                Additionally, CDP Professional Devel-          our efforts to facilitate the development of
additional benefits through                           opment (CDP PD) provides the following             a world-class workforce of highly skilled
monthly dialogues, seminars,                          financial assistance to significantly reduce         and knowledgeable ICT professionals
clinics and workshops to                              the burden on Malaysian ICT professionals          in Malaysia. We urge all Malaysian ICT
raise the standards and                               when taking up professional certifications          professionals to take advantage of this
competitiveness of ICT                                as well as to encourage these professionals        opportunity to further themselves.
industry.”                                            to pursue multiple certifications.                      More information can be found at: www.
                                                          Through the CDP PD reimbursement     

           Hasan Ganny Hanif, President (Malaysia Chapter) –                  Jason Yuen, President (Malaysia Chapter) – Information
           International Association of Software Architects (IASA)            Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA)

                                                                                                 December 2009 | Maximising Your Potential |        5

Succeeding in
economic downturn
By Dr Karl Ng

           uring challenging times, the         always had to run lean and tight to compete           methodology to introduce the new pro-
           knee-jerk reaction of most           in global markets, Malaysian companies                cesses and policies into your business
           companies is to tighten their        are fairing better than many of their for-            model. This means that the changes can
           belts and knuckle down to work.      eign rivals during the present economic               be realised quickly, with less cost and with
That’s not a bad idea, in the short term.       downturn. And their management is largely             minimal disruption to workflow.
Cost controls and a rededicated focus           aware that if their companies are to survive,         » There are defined metrics to measure
into business fundamentals can buy an           or possibly even succeed, over the next few           the results of new processes and policies
organisation that little bit of time it needs   years then they must increase business effi-           so that ROI can be quickly and accurately
to access the situation and to develop and      ciencies, achieve prudent spending, explore           determined.
implement a survival plan. Every company        new ways to work, develop employee skills,            » Components of a certification work
comes up with its own unique survival plan      advance products and services, rethink                together so that the whole is greater than
but there is a single common theme shared       sales and marketing, and raise customer               the sum of its parts. By adopting well
by all plans with any chance to succeed:        satisfaction. The challenge everyone is               chosen processes and policies it may be
innovation. No matter the times, companies      facing is crossing the gap between realising          possible to realise economies of scale and
cannot afford to remain stationary. In          what’s needed and achieving it.                       synergistic benefits for even greater ROI.
today’s economy innovation is imperative           Although management understands                    » Adopting parts of a certification are an
for corporate survival.                         the need for innovation and is able and               investment that can be built upon toward
   Whether it’s because of lessons learned      willing to commit resources to achieve                achieving full certification at a later time
a decade ago during the Asian Financial         this the fact is that in 2009 most companies          when resources permit.
Crisis or because our companies have            don’t have the luxury of making multi-year                Every company faces its own unique
                                                investments. They need quick wins with                challenges but its possible and even desir-
                                                ROI delivered as soon as possible. The way            able to find effective solutions from a
                                                they can achieve this is to be innovative             common pool of knowledge. The key to
                                                about innovation.                                     finding a quick win is focus and specificity;
                                                   Global Standard Certifications are an               this is what the company will invest, this
                                                assurance that the certified organisation              is what the company will receive, with as
                                                has in place policies and processes that              little ambiguity as possible.
                                                are based on international best practices                 Some areas management should look
                                                and that meet the certification guidelines.            at are in better cost management through
                                                Achieving certification can be a signifi-               CDP Six Sigma, improvements in IT service
                                                cant commitment of time and resources;                delivery through CDP ITSM, enhanced
                                                two commodities that are presently in                 marketing capabilities through CDP Mar-
                                                extremely scarce supply.                              keting, and great ability to transform new
                                                   However, and this is where the in-                 knowledge and technologies into profitable
                                                novative twist to achieving innovation                products and services for national and
                                                begins, organisations achieve certification            global markets through CDP Innovation.
                                                through the implementation of several                     The value of global standards certifica-
                                                small changes and many of these changes               tion is documented and well known. CDP
                                                require minimal investment and yield rapid            is a keen advocate urging Malaysian com-
                                                ROI. It makes sense for a company that’s              panies to pursue and achieve certification
                                                looking for quick wins to adopt just these            as a means toward business success.
                                                parts of a certification.
                                                   But without all the parts my company
                                                won’t achieve certification so what’s the              Dr Karl Ng is the Head of Capability
                                                point? The points are simple:                         Development Department of Multimedia
                                                » Each part of a certification is based on             Development Corporation (MDeC).
                                                international best practices of proven                His responsibilities include directing
                                                value. There is no guesswork whether                  the development and implementation
                                                these changes will help your company.                 of capability development programmes
                                                They will.                                            to enhance the competitiveness of MSC
                                                » There is a tried and tested structured              Malaysia companies.
                                                “WHAT THEY SAY”
                                                            Anamika Singh, Head of Process Management –   Dr Hiew Pang Liang, CEO – BT Multimedia M’sia
                                                            Pentasoft Malaysia

6   | Maximising Your Potential | December 2009
                                                                                                   SNAP SHOTS

‘How To Change The Game of Doing Business                     ‘Social Media & Search Engine Optimisation
for A Profitable Growth’ (Workshop)                           In Maximising Business Growth’ (Dialogue)

                                           of CDP
                                         incentives                        ‘Cost Optimisation with Supply Chain
‘CMMI for Services’ (Talk)
                                        Visit       Management’ (Talk)

                                                                        ‘Enterprise Innovation through Architecture
                                                                        Resilience’ (IT Architect Regional Conference 2009)

   ‘Six Sigma Green Belt’ (Workshop)

 ‘Best Practices in Restructuring for                          ‘World Class Breakthrough IT
 Growth’ (Workshop)                                            Solutions: Innovation’ (Dialogue)

                                                                         December 2009 | Maximising Your Potential |   7

                                                                                             Les’ Copaque
                                                                                             TEAMS from the MSC Malaysia
                                                                                             status companies competed
                                                                                             in the first computer simulated
                                                                                             management game organised
                                                                                             by MSC Malaysia Capability
                                                                                             Development Programme. The
                                                                                             game was held on the 15th and 16th

Flash back: Firms earn                                                                       April 2009 at Putrajaya International
                                                                                             Convention Centre.
                                                                                                 “We found the game very

global standards certs                                                                       interesting as it is an eye opener
                                                                                             for us on how to run a company in
                                                                                             a different industry. What we learnt

           ultimedia Development Cor-         ISO 9001 certification, a Quality Manage-       may not be applied directly with
           poration (MDeC) recognised         ment Standard. Four more MSC Malaysia          our daily jobs but we did learn a tip
           the achievements of 47 MSC         Status companies were honoured for             or two which can be used in the
Malaysia Status companies that earned         sending their personnel to earn individual     future maybe … for example, never
global standards certifications in 2008.       professional certification through the MSC      to buy other people’s information
At a gala dinner held in Kuala Lumpur         Malaysia CDP Professional Development          as we felt that it could cloud
early this year, representatives from the     programme (CDP PD).                            our judgments,” Mohd Safwan,
companies received letters of recogni-           Badlisham said: “It is not a coinci-        Production Director, Les’ Copaque
tion from Deputy Minister of Science          dence that in 2007 MSC Malaysia Status         Production Sdn Bhd
Technology and Innovation Y.B. Tuan Haji      companies that had participated in CDP
Fadillah bin Haji Yusof and MDeC CEO          programmes achieved export growth of           MSC Malaysia
Dato’ Badlisham Ghazali.                      79.18%, which is more that three times the     Management Game results:
   In 2008, through the MSC Malaysia          23.40% export growth of all MSC Malaysia       Winner: Les’ Copaque Production
Capability Development Programme              Status companies for that year.”               Sdn. Bhd.
(CDP), 15 MSC Malaysia Status companies          He added: “Through the efforts of           First runner up: Prudential Services
were awarded a CMMI Maturity Rating; 19       CDP, a June 2008 Software Engineering          Asia
companies earned certification in software     Institute report ranked Malaysia 1st in        Second runners up: Multimedia
testing; four firms achieved the ISO 27001     South East Asia and 14th in the world for      Development Corporation Sdn. Bhd.
certification, an Information Security        the number of CMMI-rated companies in          (Host)
Management Standard; and five earned           our country.”                                  Second runners up: ALCIM Sdn Bhd

CDP Roadshow in Penang                                                                       IT security risks
                                                                                             are for real
                                                                                             AS PART of its on-going efforts to
                                                                                             develop the internal capabilities of
                                                                                             MSC Malaysia status companies and in
                                                                                             conjunction with National ICT Month,
                                                                                             MSC Malaysia Capability Development
                                                                                             Programme (CDP) organised an IT
                                                                                             Security showcase at the MSC Malaysia
                                                                                             Innovation Centre in Cyberjaya.
                                                                            In the thick
                                                                            of action ...       The month-long showcase – which
                                                                            Open forum       began on July 30, 2009 – focused on
                                                                            between the      making Malaysian companies aware of
                                                                            speakers         the IT security risks they face in today’s
                                                                            and              connected world and the realistic and
                                                                            attendees.       cost-effective steps that can be taken to
                                                                                             manage these risks.
“SUCCEEDING in the Downturn: Innovate         hear from the experts and consultants in          The showcase brought spokesper-
IT!” Seminar was held at the Equatorial       the area of innovation, business continuity    sons from leading MSC Malaysia status
Hotel, Penang on April 30, 2009 in conjunc-   management and software improvement.           security firms and industry consultants
tion with the MSC Malaysia Industry               The seminar focused on how companies       to address delegates on a range of IT
Briefing & Dialogue.                           can benefit from best practices during         Security related topics. Participants also
   This is a series of briefings on how       current gloomy economic climate.               benefited from networking opportuni-
companies can benefit from the financial            The event was concluded with an open       ties over lunch and through a guided
incentives provided by MDeC.                  forum between the speakers and attendees       tour of the showcase that facilitated
   The seminar had attracted more than        where numerous topics were discussed;          knowledge sharing and information
100 individuals from 50 local and foreign     and the audience were attracted to ask         dissemination about current global best
companies.                                    critical questions especially in the area of   practices, the latest methodology and
   The audience had the opportunity to        innovation.                                    emerging trends in IT Security.

8   | Maximising Your Potential | December 2009
                                                                                                                                IN BRIEF

MSC Malaysia companies see great
savings through Six Sigma
                                                                                                                   Facts and Figures
                                                                                                                   ANALYSE THIS!
                                                                                                                   THE high-profile The
                                                                                                                   Green Belt training
                                                                                                  One for          programme has led to:
                                                                                                  the album        i. Paradigm Systems
                                                                                                  ... The          Berhad saving RM 1.3
                                                                                                                   million by improving
                                                                                                  are all
                                                                                                                   their total resolution
                                                                                                  at the           time for support
                                                                                                  graduation       service.
                                                                                                  ceremony.        ii. Mexter
                                                                                                                   MSC Sdn Bhd

        p to 21 participants from 12 MSC Malaysia        Peng said at the Graduation Ceremony held on              saving RM621,000
        companies have graduated from MSC                Nov 25 in Putrajaya.                                      by improving their
        Malaysia Six Sigma Programme, which                 Wan Peng said: “This programme has indeed              average software
was conducted as training-led consultancy for a          helped companies attract investors and build client       deliverables’ delivery
duration of four months in 2009.                         confidence, besides enhancing competencies.”               time.
   The Green Belt training programme was                    She added: “I sincerely hope that the partici-
conducted in three modules with a total of               pants will continue to strive for improvements even       iii. EA Consulting
seven days from July to Oct, 2009. The training          though they have completed the programme.”                Asia Pacific Sdn
utilised a transactional simulation to create a             Conducted by CDP – the event was one of the            Bhd (eacap) saving
problem and demonstrated application of DMAIC            20 specific programmes organised throughout                RM145,000 by
methodology in solving it. The main objective of         2009 in key areas for “quick-wins” such as in             reducing bid iterations,
the training is to equip all the participants with       customer service, systematic innovation, cost             errors and resource
Lean Six Sigma skill set to enable them to make          optimisation, process improvement, product                over allocation of their
continuous improvement in their own area.                performance enhancement, brand management                 RFP activities.
   The Green Belt Programme was initiated                and others.                                               iv. 12 participating
early of the year in response to the request of             About 250 companies have benefited through              companies seeing
MSC Malaysia community to assist them in the             these series of programmes to assist them in              total projected savings
challenging year of 2009, MDeC COO Ng Wan                weathering current economic situation.                    of RM 3.13 million.

Tribute to a dedicated Technopreneur
MSC Malaysia joins YGL Group and its                                                                   Upon his return to Malaysia, he joined
staff in saluting Yeap Kong Tai – a much-                                                          YGL Consulting in 1993 as a Director,
respected figure in the Malaysian ICT                                                              initially overseeing the consulting business,
scene. The former COO of YGL passed                                                                and thereafter directing the Group’s own
away on April 27, this year. He was 46.                                                            software development and deployment
   Yeap played an instrumental role in                                                             and the setting up of YGL Multimedia
YGL’s success in obtaining a CMMI certi-                                                           Resources Sdn Bhd.
fication, helping the company to go truly                                                               At the age of 42, he was appointed as
global. With the certification, YGL was                                                            the COO in YGL Convergence on June 1,
able to standardise, improve processes and                                                         2005. YGL Convergence is principally an
performance to ensure quality service and                                                          investment holding company having two
solutions to its customers.                                                                        wholly owned subsidiary companies, i.e.
   Humphrey Ho, Group Marketing Man-              Yeap (centre) receives the CMMI                  YGL Consulting and YGL Multimedia.
ager of YGL, said: “As the founder of YGL,        certificate from Chairman of MDeC                It was incorporated to be the investment
Yeap was a great leader. Over the years he        Tan Sri Abdul Halim Ali (left) and Dato’         holding company of the Group in conjunc-
had instilled in his staff’s mind to persevere,   Badlisham Ghazali, CEO of MDeC in this           tion with the listing of the Group on the
learn and be willing to accept changes.”          Dec 14, 2006 file picture.                       MESDAQ Market.
   Yeap also paved the way for YGL to                                                                  He was very active in the software
attain Information Security Management            leader and has always guided and encour-         industry and partakes in the development of
System (ISMS) certification before his            aged us to move forward. With that, the          local software industry through identifica-
untimely death.                                   team is able to adapt to challenges to drive     tion of new technologies, new markets and
   Ho said: “As YGL grew – data and IP            his mission.”                                    growth areas/clusters.
assets had be protected in a secured zone.            Yeap was born in Penang, Malaysia                He was one of the founders of the
And to ensure it, there was a need to achieve     in 1963. He graduated from University of         Software Consortium of Penang (SCoPE),
ISMS and Yeap clearly understood and              Melbourne in 1985 with a double major in         which was established in 2003.
pushed for this. Today, YGL is able to            Accounting and Computer Science. In 1986,            In 2007, he represented SCoPE to sign
increase the confidence level of customers         he began his career with Price Waterhouse        an MOU with Multimedia University, aims
towards our company.”                             Malaysia and was subsequently seconded to        in order to enhance the industry-academia
   He added: “Yeap is truly a visionary           Price Waterhouse Australia in 1987.              partnership.

                                                                                             December 2009 | Maximising Your Potential |     9

Gap between Four                                 Malaysia is way behind
and Six Sigma
Most companies still work in a Four Sigma
environment that roughly produces 6210
                                                 Malaysia’s national software test-
                                                 ing board (MSTB) claimed that
                                                 software testing in the region is 30                Do
                                                                                                    kn yo
failures per million transactions. General       years behind the times. Common
Electric estimated that the gap between          practices need to be raised to the
Four Sigma and Six Sigma was costing them        next level of best practices as set

                                                                                                      ow u
between US$8-12 billion per year.                by the International Software
    Source: Six Sigma Online                     Testing Qualifications Board
ISMS: Giving you                                    Source: Malaysia Software

a ‘peace of mind’                                Testing Board (MSTB)
Senior management is aware that it can
never have a 100% secure environment,            Soft skills critical
while ISO: 27001 provides the “peace of          to long term career
mind” that ISMS is risk base and built on        Study found that 75% of long term career
continuous improvement where proactive           success depends on soft skills and only 25%
approach had been taken to minimise the          on technical knowledge.
risk of securing beaches occurring.
   Source: Ultima Risk Management

Branding: A major
challenge for ICT players
Marketers agreed that balance marketing
effort is a major concern for ICT compa-
nies, with half of the respondents ranking
branding with increased competition
and lead management as the top three
Top 3 Challenges:
1. Branding
2. Fierce Competition
3. Lead Management
   Source: HayMarket Media, 2009, Brand-
ing a major challenge to ICT industry
                                                                                                        Do not ignore quality failures
                                                     Source: Stanford Research Institute and Carnegie
                                                                                   Melon Foundation     have estimated that defective or unsatisfac-
 Immense CMMI benefits
                                                                                                        tory product have cause losses about 20 to
                     Benefits                                     Supported by                          30% of company’s annual gross sales.
  Reduced costs      10% decrease in overall                      Northrop Grumman                          Source: MetricStream Inc, 2009 What
                     cost per maturity level                                                            is Your Company’s Cost of Poor Quality
                                                                                                        (CoPQ) – Tools for calculating and reducing
  Faster Schedules 50% reduction in release                       Boeing                                it.
                   turnaround time
  Greater                                                                                               Value of project
  Productivity       25-30% increase in                           Lockheed Martin, Harris,              management practices
                     productivity within 3 years                  Siemens                               to organisations
                                                                                                        Organisations state that project man-
  Higher Quality     50% reduction of software defects            Lockheed Martin                       agement practices greatly assist the
                                                                                                        standardisation of practices, processes
  Customer           55% increase in award fees                   Lockheed Martin                       and terminology, which helps company
  Satisfaction                                                                                          activities to function more efficiently and
                    Source: Northrop Grumman Corporation. Achieving the Promised Benefits of CMMI       smoothly.
Challenges of ISO QMS
According to a Japanese study, following
findings were factors that cause downward
spiral for QMS adoption in recent years:

   driven down


   Source: Master Builders

                                                                                                            Source: Project Management Institute, April 2009

10    | Maximising Your Potential | December 2009
                                                                                                                                             INCENTIVES / LINKS


                                                                                                                                   The Carnegie Mellon Software
                                                                                                                                   Engineering Institute (SEI)

                                                                                                                                   International Organisation for
CDP Incentives                                                                                                                     CyberSecurity Malaysia
Programmes           Adoption                                Pre-Adoption                       Awareness                

CDP CMMI                                                                                                                           SIRIM
& CDP                                                                                                                    
Six Sigma            Upon completion,
                     programme participants                                                                                        BSI Management Systems
                     are reimbursed with 50%                                                                             

                     of total project cost,                                                     programme domains with             TÜV Rheinland Malaysia
                                                                                                experienced consultants, 
                                                             to help participants               certified companies and
                     Upon completion programme               acquire in-depth                   certification bodies               The Chartered Institute of Marketing
CDP ITSM             50% or maximum of RM50,000              chosen programme                   opportunities to participate

                     whichever is lower                      consultancy                        conferences held in Malaysia       Information Systems Audit and Control
                                                              Training-led Consultancy                                             Association (ISACA) – Malaysia Chapter
                                                             sessions for in achieving                                   
                                                             project goals
CDP QMS              Upon completion programme                                                                                     IT Service Management Forum –
                     participant is reimbursed with                                                                                Malaysia Chapter
                     50% or maximum of RM10,000                                                                          
                     of total certification cost,
                     whichever is lower                                                                                            Outsourcing Magazine

CDP Strategy,                                                                                                                      Service Desk Institute
CDP Leadership                                                                                                           
& CDP Innovation NA
                                                                                                                                   The Chartered Institute of Management
CDP Showcase         Opportunity to promote products                                                                               Accountants (CIMA)
                     and services at the renowned MSC                                                                    
                     Malaysia Innovation Centre
                                                                                                                                   Project/Open – open-source, internet-
                                                                                                                                   based ‘Project-ERP’
CDP Professional Development                                                                                                       PHProjekt – an open-source, internet-
(Individual Incentive)                                                                                                             based groupware suite
Technology based certification                                 Non Vendor based certification
                                                                                                                                   DotProject – open-source, internet-based
75% of total exam(s) fees leading to certification             75% of total exam(s) fees leading to certification        
or maximum of RM2500 per participant ;                         or maximum of RM1000 per participant ;
whichever is lower                                             whichever is lower                                                  ProjectWeb

(Company Incentive)                                                                                                      

Training track                                Certification track                        Non Vendor based certification            Infowit Creative Manager
50% of total training(s) cost or              Technology based certification             75% of total exam(s)
maximum of RM 1500 per participant;           75% of total exam(s) fees leading          fees leading to certification or          Project.Net
whichever is lower                            to certification or maximum                maximum of RM1000               
                                              of RM2500 per participant ;                per participant ;
                                              whichever is lower                         whichever is lower                        Business Technovise
‘Participants’refers to MSC Malaysia status organisation or its employees
For more information on latest incentives and qualifying criteria, log on to

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