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									HOLY FAMILY CATHOLIC CHURCH                                                                              PEORIA, ILLINOIS

                                                  We w a r m l y w e l c o m e n e w p a r i s h i o n e r s &
                                                  visitors! New parishioners may register
                                                  b y p h o n i n g t h e o ff i c e s a t 6 8 8 - 3 4 2 7 , d u r i n g
                                                  n o r m a l o ff i c e h o u r s ( 8 : 3 0 A M – 3 : 3 0 P M ).
                    3720 N. Sterling Avenue 309-688-3427
                       Peoria, Illinois 61615                    `táá \ÇàxÇà|ÉÇá
                  PARISH ADMINISTRATION                          MONDAY, March 29—Monday of Holy Week
    Very Rev. Michael J. Glastetter, OFM Conv. 688-3427           7:00 AM Mass at the Poor Clares
                                       Pastor                     5:30 PM James Rohman by Herb Wahrenburg
             Rev. Alejandro López, OFM Conv. 688-3427
                            Parochial Vicar                      TUESDAY, March 30—Tuesday of Holy Week
                                                                  7:00 AM Intentions of Fr. Alejandro López, OFM Conv.
                     Deacon Joseph LaHood 681-9360                5:30 PM NO MASS
                             Parish Deacon
                                                                 WEDNESDAY, March 31—Wednesday of Holy Week
                         Marty Fredericksen 686-1664
                            Music Minister
                                                                  7:00 AM Terri Gilfillan by her Family
                                                                  5:30 PM Angela Nocera by Dick & Sue Cain
                                John Clark 681-9228
                           Church Organist                       THURSDAY, April 1—HOLY THURSDAY
                                Joe Waugh                         7:00 AM No Morning Mass
                              Robin Beran                         7:00 PM Mass of the Lord’s Supper
                            Parish Trustees
                                                                 FRIDAY, April 2—GOOD FRIDAY OF THE LORD’S PASSION
                              Janet Rocke 688-4041                3:00 PM Liturgy of the Lord’s Passion
          Parish Pastoral Council President
                                                                  7:00 PM Tenebrae
                             Nicole Arendell 688-3427
             Director of Religious Education                     SATURDAY, April 3—HOLY SATURDAY
                                                                  8:00 AM No Morning Mass
                                  Joel Gray 686-1960              7:30 PM Easter Vigil
          Eucharistic Adoration Coordinator
                                  Gina Betz 688-2076
                                                                 SUNDAY, April 4—THE RESURRECTION OF THE LORD
                          Elizabeth Ministry                      7:00 AM Intention of the Celebrant
                                                                  9:00 AM Intention of the Celebrant
                      Mike & Angie Dobbs 685-6561
      Natural Family Planning Coordinators                       11:00 AM Intention of the Celebrant
                          Barbara Koepple 688-1844
                     Mary & Martha Society
                              Chris Russick 686-9219
                               Men’s Club
                             Dennis Lippert 692-0163
                         Mission Committee
                         Julie Beckenbaugh 686-2852              fvÜ|ÑàâÜx yÉÜ à{x jxx~
                       Compassion Ministry
                                                                 29   Mon Is 42:1-7/Jn 12:1-11
                              Mary Kaufman 688-4018              30   Tue Is 49:1-6/Jn 13:21-33, 36-38
      Prayer Circle (for intentions in prayer)                   31   Wed Is 50:4-9a/Mt 26:14-25
                  SCHOOL ADMINISTRATION                          1    Thu Ex 12:1-8, 11-14/1 Cor 11:23-26/Jn 13:1-15
                           Sharon Zogby 688-2931                 2    Fri Is 52:13—53:12/ Heb 4:14-16; 5:7-9/Jn 18:1—
                           Administrator                                  19:42
                              Maria Rudloff                      3    Sat Vigil: Gn 1:1—2:2 or 1:1, 26-31a/Gn 22:1-18 or
                                  Secretary                               22:1-2, 9a, 10-13, 15-18/Ex 14:15—15:1/Is 54:5-
                                                                          14/ Is 55:1-11/Bar 3:9-15, 32—4:4/Ez 36:16-17a,
                             Dave Poehls 693-9265
           Education Commission President                                 18-28/Rom 6:3-11/Lk 24:1-12
                                                                 4    SUN Acts 10:34a, 37-43/Col 3:1-4 or 1 Cor 5:6b-8/Jn
                  Roque & Mila Evangelista 689-0577
                                                                          20:1-9 or Lk 24:1-12 or, Lk 24:13-35
                  Home & School Presidents
PALM SUNDAY OF THE LORD’S PASSION                                                                                 MARCH 28, 2010

                                                                LITURGICAL MINISTERS SCHEDULE
                                                                For the TRIDUUM April 1-4

                 HOLY WEEK                                      Holy Thursday, MASS OF THE LORD’S SUPPER—7PM
                                                                   Readers: Mike Simmons, Mary Jo Zacher
                                                                   Eucharistic Ministers: Maurice & Maureen Alouan,
                                                                   Marc Burnett, Mat Jennett, Ed Maubach
                                                                Good Friday, LITURGY OF THE LORD’S PASSION—3PM
 PARISH PENANCE SERVICE—TUESDAY, 7PM                               Readers: Mila Evangelista, Chris Brown
     The Parish Penance Service will be Tuesday of Holy         Good Friday, TENEBRAE—7PM
     Week, March 30, at 7:00PM. Extra priests will be on           Readers: Colleen Gratton, Tom Mueller, Bill Fischer,
     hand to facilitate individual confession.                     Diane Warbritton
                                                                Holy Saturday, VIGIL MASS—7:30PM
 FASTING & ABSTINENCE—GOOD FRIDAY                                  Readers: Nickie Roberson, Gina Cooley, Tom Morss
     1. Everyone of 14 years of age or over is bound to            Eucharistic Ministers: Don Buczynski, Joe Ernst,
        abstain from meat on Good Friday.                          Jackie Glastetter, Terri LaHood, Bernie Giacabazi
     2. Everyone 18 years of age and under 59 years of          Easter Sunday, 7:00AM
        age is bound to fast on Good Friday. Only one full         Greeters: Therese Jennet
        meatless meal is allowed. Two other meatless               Readers: Lisa Brown, Bob Mueller
        meals, sufficient to maintain strength, may be             Eucharistic Ministers: Jeanine Best, John Ham, Joe
        taken according to each one’s needs, but together          Waugh
        they should not equal another full meal. Eating         Easter Sunday, 9:00AM
        between meals is not permitted, but liquids                Greeters: Laurie & Dennis Zehr
        including milk and fruit juices are allowed. When          Readers: John Quinn, Perry French
        health or ability to work would be seriously               Eucharistic Ministers: Carla Cramer, Marguerite
        affected, the law does not oblige.                         Everts, Francois Tshibanda, Kathy Wilkins, Bernie Zer-
     3. To disregard completely the law of fast and                bonia, Rosemary Wiltz, Sally Wagner
        abstinence is a serious matter.                         Easter Sunday, 11:00AM
                                                                   Greeters: Janet Rocke, Lisa Sanderson
 TRIDUUM SCHEDULE                                                  Readers: John Szentes, Darlene Anstett
 HOLY THURSDAY 7:00PM          Mass of the Lord’s Supper           Eucharistic Ministers: Erick & Oliva Enriquez, Lisa
 GOOD FRIDAY         3:00PM    Liturgy of the Lord’s Passion       Forsman, Mark Hill, Jerry Sanderson, Bill Sollberger,
                     7:00PM    Tenebrae (Evening Prayer)           Juliana Szentes

 HOLY SATURDAY 11:00AM Blessing of Easter Baskets               EUCHARISTIC ADORATION CHAPEL
               7:30PM Easter Vigil Mass                         “The sovereigns of the earth do not always
 EASTER SUNDAY       Masses at 7AM, 9AM, and 11:00AM            grant audience readily; on the contrary, the
                                                                King of Heaven, hidden under the eucharistic
                                                                veils, is ready to see anyone.” St. Alphonsus Ligouri
 PRAY FOR FRANCISCAN VOCATIONS                                  Come to our Adoration Chapel and have an
 Joan Kirchgessner will have the Franciscan vocation picture    audience with your sovereign this holy week.
 and say the prayers for an increase of vocations to the        Stop by anytime to pray. To volunteer for a
 priesthood and religious life, especially to the Conventual    regular hour, call: Joel Gray 686-1960,
 Franciscans of Saint Bonaventure Province. Consider            Jeanine Best 682-1207, Joan Kirchgessner
 signing up in the vestibule. If you have any questions,        682-2720, Lisa & Jerry Sanderson 282-0840.
 please call Joann Murphy: 688-7250.
                                                                                          PARISH PENANCE SERVICE
 PRAY FOR OUR PARISHIONERS                                                                The annual Lenten Penance Service
 FUNERALS: Please remember and pray for all those of                                      will be this Tuesday, March 30 at
 our parish community who have died. In a special way,                                    7:00PM. Extra priests will be on hand
 remember those for whom we recently celebrated a funeral                                 to facilitate individual confession.
 at Holy Family: Robert J. Ward Jr. (3/16)                                                The Penance Service on Tuesday,
                                                                                          March 30 is the last time Confessions
                                                                                          are scheduled until after Easter.
                                                                                          Please Note: No Confessions on
 Visit us online for the weekly bulletin, a complete schedule
                                                                                          Saturday, April 3.
 of events, our current photo gallery, & much more.
HOLY FAMILY CATHOLIC CHURCH                                                                                    PEORIA, ILLINOIS

SOCIAL JUSTICE CORNER                                              HOLY FAMILY PARISH SCHOOL
 “It was for this world that Christ had died; the more evil you    REGISTRATION FOR 2010/2011
saw and heard about you, the greater glory lay around the          Registration is underway. We are accepting applications in
death. It was too easy to die for what was good or beautiful,      grades K-8 as well as for Preschool and Pre-K. Preschool
for home or children or a civilization—it needed a God to die      children must be 3 by September 1 and toilet trained; Pre-K
for the half-hearted and the corrupt.”                             children must be 4 by September 1. Please call the school
                   From Graham Greene, ‘The Power and the Glory’
                                                                   office to register 688-2931.

Thank you to all who participated in the 2010 Offering of          Support the Family Resource Center at the PND Commons
Letters. Your sacrifice of time will help strengthen tax           on April 17, 5-9PM. Tickets: $10/adult, $8/senior, $3/child.
credits to low-income families and put food on their tables.       Can’t attend? Then, help our Elizabeth Ministry group by
Updates will be published in future bulletins.                     donating an item for the Mother’s Basket they are preparing
                                                                   for the auction. Contact Gina Betz: 688-2076.
The Holy Family St. Vincent de Paul Society will collect non       VISIT THE DIOCESAN ARCHIVES MUSEUM
-perishable food items, paper goods and cleaning supplies          Learn about the pre-history of the Diocese of Peoria from
the weekend of April 11. A collection box will be located in       the discovery of America through the early years of
the church vestibule. At other times, items can be dropped         Christianity in Illinois. The display presents an excellent
off in the parish center, in the hall adjacent to the Adoration    opportunity for anyone, especially students, to learn many
Chapel. Cash contributions and food or gas gift certificates       interesting details about the history of Catholicism in
in $10, $15, or $25 denominations are always needed.               America and in the future Peoria Diocese. The exhibit
Through your generosity, in February, the parish Society           features pictorial material and historic artifacts. Learn about
responded to 7 calls for help, assisting with food and utility     the roots from which we have grown. The museum is
bills. We also provided our monthly Bingo game for the             located in the Spalding Pastoral Center and is open
folks at Sharon Woods. The game, snacks and donated prizes         Monday through Friday 9AM-4PM. For information, or
are a special treat for the residents, and the volunteers have a   to arrange a group tour, call the Archive Office: 671-1550.
great time too.
On Sunday, April 8 we will be serving a hot lunch at               ANNUAL DIOCESAN APPEAL
Neighborhood House for the homeless and poor of Peoria’s           The Diocese of Peoria is made up of 177 parishes and
South Side. We ask for your supportive prayers as we               missions, and more than 68,000 Catholic families. There are
continue this ministry.                                            many ministries and apostolates the Diocese can offer that
                                                                   we as a single parish cannot. Catechetical training for
Consider being a member: If you are interested in joining          school and CCD teachers, recruitment and training of
or knowing more about the St. Vincent de Paul Society              priests, medical care for retired priests, ministry to students
please call Marv Schneider (446-9027).                             on college campuses, evangelization, administration of
Please call if you need help! Our society’s mission is             many details of parish finances… these are just a few of the
serving those in need. We welcome parishioner referrals: as        many services we receive from the Diocese of Peoria. The
you identify people you know who are struggling and need a         weekend of April 17-18, we will ask your help to support
little help, please encourage them to call the parish office,      these good and necessary works through the Annual
688-3427 x200. All calls and personal information are              Diocesan Appeal. Please keep them in mind as the time
confidential.                                                      approaches. Our parish goal for 2010 is $59, 526.

GOOD FRIDAY COLLECTION                                             ST. JOSEPH NEWMAN CENTER
On Good Friday, our parish will take up the annual                 Save the Date: May 1 at the Spalding Pastoral Center.
collection for the Holy Land. We ask you to be generous.           Support the Catholic youth of today and our leaders of
Your financial contribution will support the works of the          tomorrow at a fundraising dinner. Tickets are $50/person.
Catholic Community in the Middle East and to protect the           Contact Phillip Lee: 674-0208,
Holy Places and Christian shrines.
                                                                   DIVINE MERCY SUNDAY AT ST. JUDE
DIOCESAN MEN’S MARCH & MASS—MAY 1                                  Celebrate the Feast of Divine Mercy on April 11 at 2PM at
Bishop Jenky invites all men to join him Saturday, May 1 for       St. Jude Parish with a video on the life of St. Faustina,
the annual Diocesan Men’s March & Mass. Witness to your            Eucharistic Adoration, and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy.
faith publicly with men from around the diocese. More info:        The Sacrament of Reconciliation will also be available. For
Office of Family Life, 309-671-1550,                  information, call Jackie Scott: 243-7811 x217.
PALM SUNDAY OF THE LORD’S PASSION                                                                            MARCH 28, 2010

                                                          HERITAGE DAYS 2010
                                       Spring is here which means that our annual parish festival, Heritage Days, is coming
                                       soon. The wheels are already in motion to ensure a fun and safe festival. We are in
                                       the process of finalizing our Booth Chairmen and we thank everyone who has
                                       already committed to chair a booth.
                                       Please take a moment to fill out the Volunteer Form at the bottom of this page. It
                                       takes all of us working together as a parish community to make the festival a
                                       success. If this is your first Heritage Days, you are certainly in for a treat. Getting
                                       involved makes it more enjoyable and is a great way to meet new people. For those
                                       of you who are veterans of this event, you already know the benefits that come from
                                       everyone working together and having fun. (By the way, it is never too early to start
                                       praying to St. Barbara, the patron saint against storms!!!)
 This year’s event will be Co-Chaired by Ed & Melissa Maubach and Randy & Amy Cornelison. We ask for your prayers
 for these couples as they work hard to showcase our Parish and community. (We are still looking for the 2011 Co-Chairs.)

 Watch the bulletin in the coming weeks for Heritage Days news and updates. Thank you in advance for your donations of
 time, talent, and treasure.
                                             2010 FESTIVAL CO-CHAIRS
                                         Ed and Melissa Maubach: (309) 685-2342
                                       Randy and Amy Cornelison: (309) 222-5707

                                           VOLUNTEER FORM
                                 Heritage Days 2010—June 10, 11, 12




 I will volunteer in any of the following areas:                         Time preference:
         Game Booth                  Raffle                                    Ticket Pre-Sales
         Food Booth                  Concierge                                 Thursday Evening (June 10)
         Grill                       Ticket Sales                              Friday Evening (June 11)
         Security                    Kitchen                                   Saturday Morning (June 12)
                                                                               Saturday Afternoon (June 12)
                                                                               Saturday Evening (June 12)
 Volunteers will also be needed to help set up the festival between Tuesday, June 7 and Thursday,
 June 10 during the day. Remember: All hours worked at Heritage Days count toward school
 volunteer hours.
                         Your help and support is greatly appreciated!!!
                            Ed and Melissa Maubach (309) 685-2342
                           Randy and Amy Cornelison (309) 222-5707

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