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          mpact make one.

	   2010	Komen	Southeast	Wisconsin
	   Race	for	the	Cure®
    SponSorShip opportunitieS
    Sunday, SeptemBer 26, 2010 • miLWaukee LakeFront
Join the Fight and                                           CaUSe	maRKetinG	matterS	
maKe	an	impaCt                                               a 2008 cone/duke university Behavioral cause Study
you and companies like yours have made the komen             revealed that american consumers continue to have
Southeast Wisconsin race for the cure® one of the            high philanthropic expectations for companies even
largest and most influential not-for-profit fundraising      amid the current economic crisis.
events in the region. nearly 14,000 participants,
                                                             • 79% of respondents said they would likely switch
scores of corporations, and the determination of the
                                                              from one brand to another, when price and quality
Southeast Wisconsin community have established this
                                                              are about equal, if another brand is associated with
event as the best of its kind, raising millions of dollars
                                                              a good cause.
in its quest to cure breast cancer by funding research
and local breast health and breast cancer programs.          • When replicating the study online, results revealed
race support comes in all shapes and sizes. We                that participants spent nearly twice as long reviewing
encourage you to join in the fight to end breast cancer.      cause-related ads versus general corporate advertise-
                                                              ments resulting in a 19% sales lift. consumers have an

BenefitS oF invoLvement                                       interest in corporate responsibility and they act on it.

Based on your level of sponsorship, your company may:        • “this is clearly great news for brand managers, as
• receive high visibility before the event and on             every percentage increase can translate to millions
 race day                                                     of dollars in revenue” – gavin Fitzsimons, lead

• reach an audience of more than 14,000 people                researcher for study

 on one day
• test-market and showcase products
• Build employee morale and company pride
• retain and increase customer loyalty
• align yourself with one of the top fund-raising
 events in Southeast Wisconsin

    participant	DemoGRaphiCS
    in JuSt 12 yearS, the SoutheaSt WiSconSin race haS:
    • grown from 3,500 to nearly 14,000 participants
    • distributed more than $5 million to the Southeast Wisconsin community


                                35%                                           9%
                          AGES 40-59                                          AGES 60+



                                                                                  AGES 0-12                  30,000




                                32%                                           16%
                          AGES 25-39                                          AGES 13-24                      5,000


                                           PARTICIPANTS BY AGE GROUP

WayS	to	SponSoR	the komen SoutheaSt WiSconSin
race For the cure®
From caSh and in-kind SponSorShipS to underWriting SpeciFic eLementS oF the event,
the race oFFerS SeveraL opportunitieS at a variety oF LeveLS to match your company’S
marketing goaLS and Budget.

corporate SponSorShip packageS                            in-kind SponSorShip
Broad reach                                               our goal is to underwrite race expenses through
corporate Sponsorship packages, ranging in price          both cash and in-kind contributions. this ensures
from $2,500 to $25,000, allow you full participation      that more money can go into the fight against breast
in all aspects of the race. as excitement and public      cancer. the 2009 race kept expenses to less than
awareness build, depending upon your level of             17% of revenue — a tremendous accomplishment!
sponsorship, your name or logo may be on t-shirts,        nearly $500,000 worth of products and services were
race posters and applications, and pre-event              donated to the race, helping to offset costs.
advertising. on race day, you will reach an audience
of more than 14,000 people with your message,             in-Kind	Sponsorship	opportunities
via on-site signage and product sampling.                 pre-race day

                                                          • Billboards      • printing, production and copying
targeted marketing packageS
                                                          • advertising     • a variety of prizes for pledges, teams
SeLect audienceS
                                                                              and survivors
Starting at $500, targeted marketing packages
                                                          race day
allow you to market your message toward a more
                                                          • awards                   • Signage
specific audience — teams, survivors, spectators, and
                                                          • decorations              • Walkie talkies
transportation — within the race. your company may
choose to underwrite a portion of the race festivities,   • Sound Systems            • Survivor gifts

thereby gaining direct access to a select group of
                                                          nonessential in-kind donations of products or services are
race participants. these packages do not constitute       categorized at half of the retail value for sponsorship purposes.
                                                          the race committee must approve all in-kind donations.
or include any benefits of corporate Sponsorship
packages [some companies do both].

    CoRpoRate	SponSorShip packageS

                                                                                   Local	presenting	        Cure	Sponsor           Vision	Sponsor
                                                                                      Sponsor                 ($25,000                ($20,000
                                                                                    $50,000	cash	          cash minimum)           cash minimum)

                                                                                 RetURn	on	inVeStment*   RetURn	on	inVeStment*   RetURn	on	inVeStment*
                                                                                          10:1                    9:1                     10:1

      company viSiBiLity

      14,000 race t-shirts DeaDLine	6/15                                                  Logo                   Logo                    Logo

      race application brochures DeaDLine	6/15                                     3 Logo pLacementS             Logo                    Logo

      right to use race logo with affiliate approval                                      U                       U

      magazine/newspaper thank-you ads (post-race)**                                      name                   name                    name

      race posters DeaDLine	6/15                                                          Logo                   Logo                    Logo

      registration pads (25,000 registration sheets)                                      Logo

      race Web Site Link to company Web page                                              Logo                   Logo                    Logo

      rotation of company Logo on race Web Site                                           Logo                   Logo                    Logo

      race day recognition

      14,000 race Bibs                                                                    Logo

      Banners on race grounds (provided by sponsor)                                        3                       3                       3

      Banner on Booth at race day expo (provided by sponsor)                              U                       U                       U

      Booth at race day expo                                                       Free-Standing tent     Free-Standing tent      Free-Standing tent

      product distribution/Sampling at race day expo
      (required approval by race committee)
                                                                                          U                       U                       U

      company participation

      Local category exclusivity                                                          U

      complimentary race entries**                                                         12                     12                      12

      vip parking on race day                                                             U                       U                       U

      invitation to pre-race vip event                                                    U                       U                       U

    the value of the entries will be deducted from total amount that is acknowledged.
    **inclusion in editorial and advertising dependent upon media sponsor negotiations.

                            media	Sponsor
  promise	Sponsor
                           $25,000	in-kind*           hope	Sponsor            passion	Sponsor           pink	Sponsor        friend	Sponsor
                          Reserved	for	media	           $10,000                   $5,000                   $2,500               $1,000
   cash minimum)
                            and	advertising

RetURn	on	inVeStment*                             RetURn	on	inVeStment*    RetURn	on	inVeStment*    RetURn	on	inVeStment* RetURn	on	inVeStment*
          10:1                                              8:1                      9:1                      10:1                 8:1

         Logo                     Logo                     name                     name                      name

         Logo                     Logo                     name                     name                      name

         name                     name                     name                     name                      name                name

         name                     Logo                     name                     name                      name

         Logo                     Logo                     name                     name

         Logo                     Logo

           3                        2                        2                        2                        1                    1

          U                        U                        U

  Free-Standing tent       Free-Standing tent       Free-Standing tent           group tent              group tent

          U                        U                        U                        U

           10                       8                        4                        2                        2                    2

          U                        U                        U                        U

          U                        U                        U                        U                        U                    U

race day product sampling/participation giveaways must be approved by the race committee prior to race day.

    taRGeteD	maRKetinG	packageS

    SLeep	in	foR	the	CURe® • $5,000
    target market: pre-race and poSt-race participantS

    RetURn	on	inVeStment:	15:1

    pre-promotional item   Logo on Sleep-in t-shirts

                           Logo on race registration brochures, company name on 50,000 race programs and 800,000 milwaukee
    pre-race promotions
                           Journal Sentinel Special sections
                           Logo on “Sleep in for the cure” targeted marketing opportunity, with hotlink to your company’s
                           website page

    pLeDGe	pRoGRam • $5,000

    target market: race participantS and potentiaL donorS
    RetURn	on	inVeStment:	4:1

    pre-race promotions    Logo on race registration brochures

                           Logo on every web page associated with the pledge targeted marketing opportunity, with hotlink to your
                           company’s web page

    race day visibility    company banner on “pledge” tents

                           name included in confirmation e-mail sent to on-line donors and pledge-raisers who receive donation in
    direct mail
                           their name

    teamS • $5,000 per Spot • Limited to 1 company
    target market: corporationS
    RetURn	on	inVeStment:	9:1

    team captain kits      Logo on team captain kits

                           Logo on team captain pre-event promotional item (any item deemed appropriate by the race)
    promotional item

    race day               company banner at team staging area

                           Logo on web pages associated with the teams targeted marketing opportunity, with hotlink to your
                           company’s web page

    miLe	maRKeR	SponSoRS • $1,000 per miLe • Limited to 3 companieS

                                                                  L	SoLD
    target market: race day participantS

    RetURn	on	inVeStment:	5:1

    Website                Logo on website race map

                           Logo at mile marker on race map in registration materials and opportunity for company employees to
    race day visibility
                           serve as mile cheering squad

    Signage                corporate banner at mile marker

    SURViVoRS • $7,500 per Spot • Limited to 1 company
    target market: SurvivorS and co-SurvivorS
    RetURn	on	inVeStment:	6:1

    Survivor postcard      Logo on emails to 1,000 survivors

                           ability to host breakfast on race day including corporate introduction, banner at location, emceeing duties
    Survivor Breakfast
                           and staff visibility

    Survivor gift          may supply additional gift with sponsor logo on it at sponsor’s expense

    Website                Logo on web pages associated with survivor information with hot link to your company’s web page.

pinK	LiGht	SpeCiaL	• $1,000 per Bridge • 1 company per Bridge (3 BridgeS totaL)
target market: race day participantS and SpectatorS • 14,000+ participants
RetURn	on	inVeStment:	8:1

                                               2 	SoLD
 Banner                        Logo included on prominently displayed banner positioned on 1 bridge along the race route.

*this is a minimum return on investment, which is often exceeded. roi is calculated based upon impressions, cost of materials and company visibility.

**inclusion in editorial and advertising dependent upon media sponsor negotiations.

Fifty percent of sponsorship dollar amount must be received by June 15, 2010 to be eligible for inclusion in any race advertising (including materials listed
on pages 4-7). Sponsors who sign a race contract prior to June 15, 2010, but submit payment after that date will forfeit inclusion in materials that have
already gone to press. Sponsor shall pay its entire sponsorship fee no later than 30 days prior to the event.

advertiSing/photography and promotionaL opportunitieS
if you are looking for ways to maximize your exposure with the race, there are plenty of opportunities. many
advertising vehicles are available, from underwriting the cost and production of billboards to buying ads in
newspaper, magazine, radio or television outlets to reinforce your sponsorship.

in addition, please consider:
• purchasing additional advertising to highlight your sponsorship
• donating advertising space you would normally
  use in august and September to the race
• tagging your advertisements during September
  with the name, date, website and phone number
  of the race
• instituting in-store/cash register donation

these ideas, and others like them, can maximize
your exposure and help the komen Southeast
Wisconsin race for the cure® increase its reach
in the community.

    aDDitionaL	taRGeteD	maRKetinG	packageS

    team	taiLGate • $5,000 • avaiLaBLe to 1 SponSor

    pre-race promotion    Logo on 35,000 race brochures and 500 posters

    Website               Logo on race website

                          Signage with your logo at team tailgate; your logo on team tailgate wristbands; public announcements on
    race day visibility
                          race day

    WateR	StopS • $2,500 • avaiLaBLe to 2 SponSorS – one	SoLD

    pre-race promotion    name on 35,000 race brochures and 500 posters

    Website               name on race website

    race day visibility   Banner with your logo at water stops; public announcements on race day

    SUzie’S	GaRDen • $2,500 • avaiLaBLe to 1 SponSor

    pre-race promotion    name on 35,000 race brochures and 500 posters

    Website               name on race website

                          company presence in the garden; opportunity to provide branded giveaways or sampling;
    race day visibility
                          company logo at garden; public announcements on race day

    RaCe	CoURSe	CoRneR	SponSoRS	 • $500 • avaiLaBLe to 7 SponSorS

                                                                               1	SoLD
    race day visibility   Signage with your logo

aBoUt SuSan g. komen                                           Supporting our miSSion:
For the cure®                                                  USe	of	fUnDS
nancy g. Brinker promised her dying sister, Susan g.           our objective is to provide maximum return to
komen, she would do everything in her power to end             support our mission of saving lives and ending breast
breast cancer forever. in 1982, that promise became            cancer through education, screening and research.
Susan g. komen for the cure, now the world’s largest           75% of all funds raised, through our race and other
breast cancer organization and the largest source of           events, are spent on our mission. over the past 12
nonprofit funds dedicated to the fight against breast          years the komen Southeast Wisconsin affiliate has
cancer with more than $1.3 billion invested to date. For       raised over $5 million!
more information about Susan g. komen for the cure,
breast health or breast cancer, visit or         up to 75% of the net proceeds fund local breast
call 1-877 go komen.                                           cancer programs and at least 25% supports the
                                                               national Susan g. komen for the cure grants
                                                               program to fund research. thousands of Southeast
                                                               Wisconsin women and men who could not afford
                                                               breast healthcare have received screenings, education
                                                               and treatments as a result of funds raised through
                                                               the komen Southeast Wisconsin race for the cure®
                                                               each year.

thank you to our
2009	LoCaL	SponSoRS
american equity mortgage                m&i marshall & ilsley Bank                pettit national ice center
anthem Blue cross and Blue Shield       marcus hotels & resorts                   pick ‘n Save
Brewers charities                       marcus theatres                           prohealth care
Briggs & Stratton corporation           mcdonald’s restaurants of                 Quarles & Brady LLp
                                        Southeastern Wisconsin
cancer treatment centers of america                                               reinhart Boerner van deuren s.c.
                                        milwaukee Journal Sentinel
caribou coffee                                                                    Sentry Foods
                                        national city
discovery World                                                                   therapease cuisine, inc.
                                        99.1 WmyX
Froedtert & medical college                                                       verlo mattress company
of Wisconsin                            oncology alliance
                                                                                  von Briesen & roper, s.c.
ge healthcare                           103.7 kiSS-Fm
harley-davidson motor company 
                                                                                  Welke’s house of roses
Jonco industries                        organicgirl
                                                                                  Wheaton Franciscan healthcare
m magazine                              pellman center for medical imaging

For more information about the 2010 komen Southeast Wisconsin race for the cure®,
visit our website:
For sponsorship, call Sally Sheperdson at 414-805-2900

the komen promise: to save lives and end breast cancer
forever by empowering people, ensuring quality care for
all and energizing science to find the cures.

9200 West Wisconsin avenue, milwaukee, Wi 53226
phone 414.805.2900
Fax 414.805.2877
race hotline 414.805.2900

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