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					Freshman Science – Physical Science

Week 1 Academic Expectations 4.1 – 4.6
   Students are introduced to the Freshman Academy and Freshman Science.
   Expectations for behavior and assessment are introduced.
   Students are placed in lab groups for group activities.
   Students are given a Collaborative Work Skill Rubric to be used throughout the
      year for each activity.

Week 2 Academic Expectations 4.1 – 4.6
   Students are introduced to the teacher web site.
   Students are instructed in the method of accessing information on the computer
      and so general websites that will be helpful in the future.
   Students are asked to access the teacher web page and respond to questions on the
   Students are introduced to the Scientific Method.

      Assessment is the response to the questions on the web page.

Week 3 Academic Expectations 4.1 – 4.6

      Teach the Scientific Method.
      Use Smart Board presentations to help deliver the information with students
       taking notes.
      Discuss the different aspects of the scientific method and why each is critical in
       the overall development of a theory or law.
      Use united streaming as a resource for video on the scientific method :
      Lab activity: The Mobias Strip – Form a hypothesis, follow the procedure,
       analyze the data and form a conclusion based on analysis and observation.
       Students will work in lab groups for the activity.
      Assessment:
               o Turning point quiz
               o Collaborative work skills rubric

Week 4 Academic Expectations 4.1 – 4.6
     Introduce measurement as a tool. Introduce mass, weight, volume and length as
      types of measurement.
     Use the smart board presentation to introduce measures and numbers associated
      with those measurements.
     Review the metric system prefixes and how to convert numbers in the metric
     Use the scientific method to form hypothesis and experiment.
      In small groups: have the students write their own measurement experiment.
       Have the students trade experiments with others in the class and follow their
       procedures. If the students hypothesis was wrong they should reform the
       hypothesis based on the analysis and conclusion and rewrite the experiment to be
       traded again and compare the results from the first trial to the second. Did the
       results improve?
      Assessment:
                    o Metric conversion worksheets.
                    o Collaborative work skills rubric for group work.
                    o Unit test on the scientific method and metric conversion

Week 5 Academic Expectations 4.1 – 4.6
   Introduce scientific notation and significant digits using smart board presentation.
   Video – Cosmic Voyage – demonstrate the powers of 10 with the video and the
      relevance to everyday science.
   Introduce the calculator and calculator skills
   Lab – Power viewer activity with students demonstrating the power of 10.
   Assessment:
             o Turning Point quiz
             o Collaborative skills rubric
             o Math in Science worksheets

Week 6 SC-HS-1.2.1
   Using and understanding graphs.
   Use smart board notes and power point demonstration to show the significance of
    graphs and how they are read. Concentrate on using graphs with motion, speed,
    velocity and acceleration.
   Speed Lab: Measure speed using stop watch and tape measure. Calculate the speed
    and graph the results. Determine possible variables and the validity of the data.
   Graph match using motion detectors to match distance and time graphs.
   Assessment:
              o Lab worksheets
              o Collaborative skills rubric
              o Present graph match data
              o Turning point quiz

Week 7 SC-HS-1.2.1
   Explanation of motion and real life phenomena from evaluation and data.
   Smart board notes and discussion
   Brainstorming ideas related to real world measures
   Lab activity – measuring real world activities – graph distance/time
         o Lab papers
         o Collaborative skills rubric
         o Paper test covering weeks 5,6,7
Week 8 SC-HS-1.2.1
                Newton’s Laws
                Introduce Newton’s Laws with a movie:
                Lab activities – CBL and motion detectors
                Math in science worksheets
                Assessment:
                       o Make a poster of Newton’s Laws
                       o Do photograph of Newton’s Laws
                       o Turning Point Quiz

Week 9 SC-HS-1.2.1
   Introduce momentum and Conservation of Motion
   Use of simple machines and the concept of work.
   Sue the Smart board notes and power point presentation to discuss work, power,
      efficiency, work input, and work output.
   Internet: Amusement Park web quest
   Assessment:
          o Use the responses to the internet via web site

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