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Tax Lawyer Review document sample

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									Vace Board Meeting 4/25/07
Wyndam Hotel in Roanoke, VA
In attendance: Jennifer Wiggins, Blake Wingfield, Christine Harriger, Scott Robert, Erin
Ogburn, Christy Walker, Claire Childress, Denise Meadows

Meeting called to order at 8:02 a.m.
Move to dispense with the reading of the minutes by Christine Harriger, Seconded by
Scott Robert

Treasurers Report:
         Sponsorships include $8400, which is better than last year. Gift in Kind for
presenters gifts by Mill Mountain Coffee. Net Worth of $56,000+ in Cash/CDs. Not
sure if we will dip into this fund for conference. As a non profit, our investments should
be non-aggressive. If membership asks about rate increase with such good financials, we
will tell that that the extra monies will be put towards professiona l development by ways
of keynote speakers, drive- ins, webinars. Has been $30 for at least 10 years. Perhaps we
will look at the Homestead after Williamsburg so that people see the value, too. We are
the midpoint of membership costs for similar organizations. Scott posed the question
about keeping line items for committees since he is not seeing any invoices. This should
be decided at the next meeting. Erin reported that the audit was complete. Scott
suggested a full fledged audit next time to ensure there are no glaring non-profit errors.
Also asked abut a legal review and perhaps having a tax lawyer review documents to
ensure they are in line. Paying the Board was another option. Recently donated $400 for
Recruiters Forum at UVA which got us a logo on gifts. Also, included new VACE
brochure to all attendees.

Membership Report. (Denise Meadows)
        201 members currently which is pretty standard. More affiliate members (8) than
in years past. 58 New members, many of which resulted from the Tidewater event.
        Gigi purges Listerv in March. Many questions regarding purge in relation to
conference registration.
        Mary Ann Cole finished brochure.
        Cristie Lucas helped pick our gift (neoprene wine cooler) for Recruiters Form and
spoke to attendees about VACE.
        Denise is working with Laura Hickerson to take over membership after the
        Ellen Masters and Alice Jones will be giving out membership pins at newcomers
        Summer meeting should have discussion about: referral program, advertising to
increase membership, institutional rate – membership should stay with organization

Conference Report (Claire and Erin)
        Everything organized, announcements that need to be made should be pointed to
to Erin or Claire. Help is needed to introduce breakout speakers. Spreadout at
newcomer’s lunch. Erin and Claire will open, President’s comments, moment of silence
for VT tragedy, Introduce Darlene Burcham, then Erin and Claire to make
announcements after keynote speaker.

       Will vote on slate at Friday Business meeting. Nominations from the floor first.
If unopposed, vote. If not, send out ballot later.

      Will need to get new criteria for awards at summer meeting

       Chaundra Lane mentioned
       Christy to create Dreamweaver prototype
President’s report
       Thanked Board for hard work. VACE local consortiums with local liaison in the
following areas: Tidewater, NoVa, Greater Richmond, Southwest. Need a committee?

Meeting adjourned at 9:13 a.m.

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