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					     Better Business Bureau Serving East Alabama, W & SW Georgia
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                                Students of Integrity
               Essay Contest- Essay Contest Entry Form -

Submit this completed form along with three copies of your essay. Remember, your name must
NOT be on any pages of the manuscript other than this accompanying Entry Form. This ensures
that judges will see no identifying information about entrants.

Essay Title: ________________________________________________________________
Word Count (excluding words in title of essay): ____________
Your Name: _________________________________________________________________
Home Address: ______________________________________________________________
Home Telephone Number: (_____) _______-______________
School's name (or specify home school): ____________________________________________
School's telephone number (if applicable): (_____) _______-______________
Parent's or guardian's name: ____________________________________________________
Parent's or guardian's daytime telephone number: (_____) _______-______________

            Entries are to be received or postmarked no later than January 14, 2011
                                and should be mailed or delivered to:

           The Better Business Bureau serving East Alabama, West Georgia and SW GA
                             Students of Integrity Essay Contest
                               500 12th Street – P. O. Box 2587
                                Columbus, Georgia 31902-2587

I am submitting an original essay to the Better Business Bureau Students of Integrity Essay
Contest. I certify that this essay is my own work and that I have abided by all guidelines and
requirements of the Students of Integrity Essay Contest. I understand that my essay will not be
returned to me and will become the property of the Better Business Bureau to use at its discretion
in activities related to the promotion of ethics, trust and integrity in the American Free Enterprise
System and for publicizing the contest. I further understand that the judges' decisions are final
and that if I am selected as a winner of the contest, I will be asked to attend the BBB’s Annual
Luncheon and Awards Ceremony as a guest of the BBB.

Student’s Signature: _______________________________ Date: _____________

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