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					                                   ASSESSMENT TOOLS

I.     Interest Testing and Career Exploration
       1. Career Assessment Battery: Self-assessment utilizing video presentation
       2. Voc-Ties: Video of training alternatives and employment outcomes
       3. Reading Free Vocational Interest Inventory
       4. Career Occupational Preference Survey (Pictures, Reading levels, Professional)
       5. Wide Range Interest and Opinion Survey (picture presentation)
       6. CareerScope Interest Assessment (computer based)
       7. Vocational Research Interest Inventory
       8. Harrington O’Shea Career Decision System
       9. The Video Guide to Occupational Exploration
       10. CareerZone (

II.    Learning/Achievement
       1. Perceptual Memory Task
       2. Wide Range Assessment of Memory and Learning
       3. Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (for loan to districts)
       4. Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement
       5. Woodcock Johnson Psycho-Educational Battery
       6. Wide Range Achievement Test
       7. Vocational Learning Styles Inventory

III.   Aptitude Assessment
       1. Career Ability Placement Test – paper and pencil tests
       2. APTICOM – computerized assessment
       3. CareerScope - computerized assessment

IV.    McCarron Dial Vocational Evaluation System
       1. Verbal-Cognitive assessment
          a. Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test
          b. Utilize analysis of previous IQ testing
          c. WRAT
       2. Sensory Integration Skills
          a. Bender Visual Motor Gestalt test
          b. Haptic Visual Discrimination Test
       3. Motor Skills
          a. Assessment of Neuro Muscular Development
       4. Functional Living Skills
          a. Behavior Rating Scale
          b. Street Survival Skills Questionnaire
       5. Emotional/Behavioral
          a. Emotional Behavior Checklist
          b. Observational Emotional Inventory
V.    Personality and Work Behavior
      1. Myer’s Briggs Personality type
      2. Career Orientation, Placement and Evaluation Survey
      3. WorkMate: Self assessment of work values (offers video instructions/explanations)
      4. Local Work Behavior Matrices and Scales

VI.   Work Samples
      A variety of work samples are available to assess an individual’s ability to perform a
      specific work tasks. Additional work samples may be obtained or developed to address
      a specific need.
      1. MicroTower:
              Making Change, Lamp Assembly, Packaging, Mail Sorting, Record Keeping,
              Blue Print Reading
      2. Views/Vitas:
              Nuts, Bolts and Washer Sorting,; Nuts, Bolts and Washer Assembly; Nut
              Weighing; Matchbook Packaging; Tile Sorting and Weighing; Linen Press
      3. Valpar:
              Whole Body Range of Motion, Upper Extremity Range of Motion, Physical
              Capacities and Mobility Screening.

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