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                                September 6, 2006 – Chesapeake

ATTENDANCE: Alicia Brown (chair), Janet Sydenstricker (acting secretary), Joyce Banks,
            Paula Wood, Gwen Smith, Monica Terry, Wendy Webb, Martha Burns, Liz Olson,
            Alex Monroe

Meeting was called to order at 1:30 p.m. by the chair. August minutes were approved as amended.


      2006/07 Goals:

       1.   Classified Recognition Program: Martha Burns reported that she has a meeting planned
            and will report back.

       2. Stipend for Classified Association Officers: Alicia Brown is still pursuing.

       3. How to Address Classified Issues/Concerns: Leann Tomesch is no longer working at
          the college.

       4. Association Continuity Book: Alicia Brown and Christie Bradley are still working.

       5.   Professional Development Funds for Wage Employees: Martha Burns is still

       6. President’s Fellows Program: Alicia Brown is still pursuing.

      Governance Committee Representatives:

            1.    Curriculum and Instructional – Janet Sydenstricker 2006-07
            2.    Internal Relations, Chesapeake – Margaret Dutton 2005-06
            3.    Internal Relations, District Administration – Jennifer Gray-Hooks 2005-06
            4.    Internal Relations, Norfolk – Liz Olson
            5.    Internal Relations, Portsmouth – Monica Terry 2006-07
            6.    Internal Relations, Virginia Beach – Arvie Larson
            7.    International Education – Shirley Rentas 2005-06
            8.    President’s Advisory and Planning Council – Marie Linton
            9.    Student Success – Diane Armstrong 2005-06
            10.   Teaching and Learning with Technology – Jim Hines 2006-07
            11.   Workforce Development – Alicia Brown and Martha Burns 2004-05

      Lunch with Dr. DiCroce – Was held on August 22, 12:00 p.m. at Town Point Club. Alicia
       Brown sent “Thank You” from the Association.
     Classified Professional Development Day:

      Location:     Chesapeake Conference Center, Taylor-Tyler Room
                    Dress Casual
      Facilitator:   Marquetta Williamson, Patrick Henry Community College – will present her
                    with a gift basket.
      Theme:        Diversity; celebrating differences and making a difference “one starfish at a
                    time”. Need Computer/Projector Set up – Alex Moore.
                    Martha Burns (Fliers)
      Gift Bags/Give-a-ways:
                    Joyce Banks and Paula Wood
      Community Service Project Manager:
                    Wendy Webb – “The Write Stuff”, Back to School project through Salvation
                    Army. Salvation Army would like to come and pick up and take a picture.
      Registration Manager (RSVPs):
                    Sivia Jones
      Manage Registration Table:
                    Monica Terry and Gwen Smith
      Survey:       Alicia Brown
      Time:         We need to be ready at 8:00 to begin so we need to arrive at 7:30 a.m.

     Classified Leadership Academy – Martha Burns reported that there are no criteria for
      selection of candidates. Each college chooses its own using their individual criteria. Monica
      Terry and Gwen Smith will work on establishing a criteria and report back to the association.

     Joint Assembly: It has been proposed to combine the Norfolk Campus Assembly and the
      District Administration Assembly. Martha Burns made the changes and will email them to the
      Assembly chairs. The chair will present the changes to the assemblies and report to the


     The Classified Association needs to begin work on a budget for next years Professional
      Development Days.

     Race for the Cure will be held on Saturday, October 21, 2006. Send donations to Monica Terry.


     Chesapeake:

      Good news - Christie Bradley is back
      Debbie Sowers retired
      Peter Ziegler passed away. He was a long time employee in automotive.
       District Administration and Norfolk:

        Working on building membership
        Starting Secret Pals
        Getting speakers each month

       Portsmouth:

        96 have signed up for Day of Caring 9-8-06
        Picnic will be held at Portsmouth Campus 9-8-06
        CVC campaign kick off will be in October – Monica Terry is College Coordinator
        September 21 is the Classified Appreciation Breakfast
        Assembly will participate in the Heart Walk “PC Movers”
        October project will be snacks for Edmarc
        Continuing Secret Pals
        Penny Remick is new in Women’s Center
        Crystal Harrison is new in Business Office.

       Visual Arts Center

        Anne S. Iott, Retrospective will open on September 17, 2006, The Opening Reception will be
        held on September 16 with a presentation by President DiCroce.

       Virginia Beach:

        Testing center will be up next week.
        Enrollment is good.

NEXT MEETING: Scheduled for October 4, 2006, at 1:30 p.m., at the Norfolk Campus.



Janet Sydenstricker, Acting Secretary
Christie Bradley, Secretary
Alicia Brown, Chair

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