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2010 Best in Housing Awards
CUSTOM HOME is the premier business-to-business magazine focused on the
business and design issues faced by builders of one-of-a-kind homes. residential
architect is the only business magazine written specifically for architects and
designers who specialize in residential design.

The Best in Housing Awards Dinner is the combined awards presentation and
dinner for winners of the CUSTOM HOME Design Awards and the residential
architect Design Awards. The awards dinner takes place during the AIA National
Convention & Expo.

CUSTOM HOME Design Awards
Now in its 18 year, the CUSTOM HOME Design Awards program is recognized as
one of the most prestigious awards competitions in the industry. Great design
and innovation define each winning custom home, selected in eight
categories based on quality of design, function, and craftsmanship. The contest is
open to all builders, remodeling contractors, architects, developers, planners,
kitchen and bath specialists, and other industry professionals. More than 500
entries were received in 2009.

Categories include:

 Custom Home Less Than 3,000 Square Feet

 Custom Home 3,000 to 5,000 Square Feet

 Custom Home More Than 5,000 Square Feet

 Custom Kitchen

 Custom Bath

 Renovation

 Accessory Building

 Custom Detail
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residential architect Design Awards
The 11 annual residential architect Design Awards program is the largest and
most competitive residential design awards program in the nation. Winning
projects are selected on the basis of aesthetics, functionality, and craftsmanship.
The contest is open to architects and designers. More than 1100 entries were
received in 2009.

Categories include:

 Custom Home / 3,000 Square Feet Or Less

 Custom Home / More Than 3,000 Square Feet

 Renovation

 Multifamily Housing

 Single-Family Production / Detached

 Single-Family Production / Attached

 Affordable Housing

 Kitchen

 Bath

 Campus Housing

 Outbuilding

 Adaptive Reuse

 Architectural Interiors

 On The Boards

 Architectural Design Detail

Awards Selection
CUSTOM HOME Design Awards entrants submit a detailed form that includes
complete information on the entrant, builder, and architect or designer. A listing of
manufacturers is also included for each of the products used in the project. Entry
binders include color photography of the project floor plans and a complete project
write up. Entries are $125

An independent jury of custom builders and architects chooses grand and merit
winners. From among the winning projects, they also name a Custom Home of
                                               Special Project Prospectus

the Year. All award-winning homes are featured in the May/June issue of CUSTOM
HOME and online at customhomeonline.com.

The residential architect Design Awards entrants complete a detailed form with
complete information on entrant and architect. A listing of manufacturers is
provided for each product included in the project. Entry binders include color
photography of the final project, before and after photos, floor plans, site plans
and schematic drawings. Standard entries are $125 and special entries are $95.

An independent jury of architects chooses grand and merit winners. From among
the winning projects, they also name a Project of the Year. All award-winning
homes are featured in the May/June issue of residential architect and online at

Your sponsorship demonstrates your commitment to excellence in design in the
residential housing industry. As a valuable part of your overall marketing
campaign, your sponsorship will reinforce your in print and interactive efforts. You
also have the opportunity to network with important product specifiers on-site
when they are most receptive.

 Attendance for up to 10 personnel from your company at the Best In Housing
  Awards Dinner

 Opportunity to personally invite up to 15 architects or custom builders to the
  awards dinner

 Presentation of a gift-bag to the Best in Housing Awards Dinner attendees

 Receive five minutes of speaking time during the awards dinner

 Full rights to all photography taken of the Best in Housing Awards Dinner

 Your company identified as the exclusive sponsor of the Best in Housing
  Awards Dinner on all event promotion and signage

 Two-time use of the CUSTOM HOME Design Awards and residential architect
  Design Awards entries list and two-time use of the Best in Housing Awards
  Dinner attendee list.

Date: June 2010
Place: TBD
Location: Miami, Florida
Event Sponsorship Cost: $50,000
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Best in Housing Integrated Sponsorships include a coordinated schedule of in-
person, advertising and Web components to increase your exposure to top-level
custom builders and architects. These exclusive marketing efforts for Best in
Housing sponsors reinforce your support of and value to this essential customer

Best in Housing e-Newsletter Sponsorship Package
Sponsors will receive an e-newsletter ad in the mid-June special awards editions
of both the residential architect Business Update- circulation 38,000 and the
CUSTOM HOME Business Update- circulation 51,000.
Benefits include:
 180x150 e-newsletter ad
   10 word headline
   75 words of ad copy
   URL link

             Awards Dinner/e-Newsletter combo package: $52,950 net
             Maximum of 4 sponsorships available

Best in Housing Webinar Package
For the first time ever, we’ll be taking highlights from the impressive CHDA and
RADA winner portfolios online via an on-demand webinar that will be hosted in
both of Hanley Wood’s industry-leader residential design-oriented websites,
residentialarchitect.com and customhomeonline.com.

The webinar is scheduled to go live in mid-June and it will be promoted across
both websites, their e-newsletters and via direct e-mail blasts to the over 80,000
architects, designers, custom builders and other pros on our e-newsletter list for
these two publications. The webinar will be hosted in both sites for 6 months and
all viewers must register in order to see the webinar. Our editorial webinars use a
Powerpoint with audio format and are broken into chapters so viewers can easily
see the areas they want to see most. Viewers can also download the audio and
visual content to their own computers for reference materials.

              Awards Dinner/Webinar combo package: $59,500 net
              Maximum of 4 sponsorships available
                                                     Special Project Prospectus

Robert Angstadt               Jaswant S. Chani                  Estes/Twombly Architects,
Ballinger                     Universal Architects              Inc
Jake Baer                                                       Robert Flaynik
                              Jan Conley                        RFA Architecture
Ron Barnes                    3g Studios
Burt Hill Architects                                            Gretchen Flesher
                              Stephane Corbel                   Flesher + Foster Architects
Edward M Baum
Edward M Baum FAIA,           Richard Correll                   Anne Fougeron
Architect                     Correll associates,               Fougeron Architecture
Scott Bechtle                                                   Sharon Francis
Bechtle-Slade PC              Carly Coulson                     Miro Rivera Architects
                              Salmela Architect
David Benn                                                      Andrew Friedman
Cho Benn Holback +            Maria Cunningham                  Prutting & Co. Custom
Associates                    Cunningham+Quill                  Builders
                              Architects PLLC
Ashley Bidwell                                                  Juliana Friedman
Travis Hamera, Architect      Ralph Cunningham, AIA             Prutting & Co. Custom
                              Cunningham+Quill                  Builders
Ati Blackwell                 Architects PLLC
                                                                Laura Garcia
Marlon Blackwell              Greg Dahl                         Bonstra Haresign
Marlon Blackwell              Eagle Window & Door               Architects
                              Ted Dickerson                     Jonathan Garland
Bill Bonstra                                                    Sterling Associates Inc.
Bonstra Haresign              William Dohe                      Architects
Architects                    R+D ARCHITECTURE

Louise Braverman              Mark Donohue                      Bohdan Gernaga
Louise Braverman,             Visible Research Office           tymedesign
                              Joseph Dreher                     Roya Ghaznavi Kalantary
Jeffery Broadhurst            Dreher Architecture &             Royal Elegance
Broadhurst Architects, Inc.   Design
                                                                Lauren Giglio
Randy Brown, FAIA             Steven Ehrlich                    Hutker Architects
Randy Brown Architects,       Steven Ehrlich Architects
llc                                                             Steven Glickel
                              Jeanette Elliott                  Louise Braverman,
Pam Budnick                                                     Architect
Streeter & Associates, Inc.   Rand Elliott, FAIA
                              Elliott + Associates              Amy Graves
Dudley Campbell               Architects                        Bonstra Haresign
Circle West Architects,                                         Architects
P.C.                          Kenneth T. Emanuelson,
                              AIA                               Mary Griffin
Jim Cappuccino                JKJ ARCHITECTS, PLLC              Turnbull Griffin Haesloop
Hutker Architects
                              Lonnie Emanuelson, AIA            Nancy Griffin
Conrado Cardenas              JKJ ARCHITECTS, PLLC              Steven Ehrlich Architects

Lance Carlson                 Marsha Emanuelson, AIA            William Hallisky
Carlson & Mosley              JKJ ARCHITECTS, PLLC              Meridian Design
                                                                Travis Hamera
Thomas Cestarte               Marcie Errico
WWCOT Architects              Studio Errico, LLC                Jared Hammerand
                                                                Eagle Window & Door
                              James Estes
                                                                David Hanawalt
                                                     Special Project Prospectus

David Hanawalt, Architect     Todd Jonas                        Joeb Moore
                              TJJA Architects                   Joeb + Partners Architects
Donna Hanson
DeStefano + Partners          Penny Karas                       Tamar Myers
                              Bonstra Haresign                  Studio Dwell Architects
Douglas Hanson                Architects
DeStefano + Partners                                            Jason Nirenberg
                              Moazam Khan                       Roldan Pasion AIA
Marilyn Harwick               Circle West Architects,           Architect
james harwick partners        P.C.
                                                                Richard O'Dwyer
Ron Harwick                   Lynn Koliopoulos                  ICON architecture inc
james harwick partners inc
                              Peter Koliopoulos                 Scott Oliver
Aaron Henderson, AIA          Circle West Architects,           noroof architects
Arbel-Henderson &             P.C.
Associates                                                      Charles Orr
                              Miho Kolliopoulos                 Hutker Architects
Ali Heshmati
Salmela Architect - LEAD      Miho Kolliopoulos, AIA            Scott Osborn
Inc.                          Elliott + Associates              R2R studio, llc
Brett Honeycutt                                                 Roldan Pasion
3g Studios                    Daria Krol                        Roldan R Pasion AIA
                              R2R studio, llc                   Architect
Eric Howeler
Höweler & Yoon                Rachel Kros                       Mark Peters
Architecture LLP              Kros Consulitng, LLC              Studio Dwell Architects

Philip Hresko                 Peter Larsen                      Vincent Petrarca
Hresko Associates Inc.        Aiden Darling Design              Tonic Design & Tonic
Lisa Huang                    Lou Lenz
Office dA                                                       Greydon Petznick
                              Peter Lenz                        Steinbomer and
Heather Hubert                Lenz Architecture                 Associates Architects
John Hubert Architects,llc
                              Peter Lenz, AIA                   Trevor Pierson
John Hubert                                                     Bechtle-Slade PC
John Hubert Architects, llc   Meret Lenzlinger
                              Stelle Architects                 Elisa Pimiento
Carla Hutker                                                    Miro Rivera Architects
Hutker Architects             Millescent Lizares
                              Burt Hill Architects              Brian Pittman
Mark Hutker                                                     McCarty Holsaple
Hutker Architects             Phong Luang                       McCarty, Inc.
                              Luang Design
Erla Ingjaldsdottir                                             Rui Ponte
MINARC                        Andrea Mayes                      Ponte-Mellor Architects
                              Miro Rivera Architects
Brian Johnsen                                                   Nora Pou
Johnsen Schmaling             Beverly McGeehan                  Miro Rivera Architects
Architects                    Prutting & Co. Custom
                              Builders                          Joel Pullman
Derek Johnson                                                   Eagle Window & Door
Machado and Silvetti          Dave McGeehan
Associates                    Prutting & Co. Custom             Bob Raimo
                              Builders                          Eagle Window & Door
Paul Johnson
Circle West Architects,       Margarita McGrath                 Karen Ramsey
P.C.                          noroof architects                 R+D Architecture

Terri Johnson                 David Miller                      Stephanie Randazzo
Bonstra Haresign              Miller/Hull Partnership,          Dwyer
Architects                    Architects                        Machado and Silvetti
                                                   Special Project Prospectus

                            Benvenuti & Stein Design,         Marlon Blackwell
Frank Rascoe                LLC                               Architects
Miro Rivera Architects
                            Jatinder Sharma                   Cheryl Weber
Silvia Rascoe
Miro Rivera Architects      Dan Shipley                       Sandy Welker
                            Shipley Architects                Hutker Architects
Sharon Rea
Eagle Window & Door         Jeff Sittner                      Terry Welker
                            360 Architecture                  Hutker Architects
Phil Regan
Hutker Architects           Tom Soyster                       Takashi Yanai
                            SOYSTER TAYLOR                    Steven Ehrlich Architects
Patti Rhee                  DESIGN
Steven Ehrlich Architects                                     Meejin Yoon
                            Carmen Stan                       Höweler & Yoon
Miguel Rivera               Robert M. Cain, Architect         Architecture LLP
Miro Rivera Architects
                            Bjorn Steinbekk                   Juliann Young
Marcelo Rizzo               MINARC                            Robert M. Cain, Architect
Spalding Tougias
Architects, Inc.            Sanford Steinberg                 Tom Zahlten
                            Steinberg Design                  Steven Ehrlich Architects
Brandon Rogers              Collaborative, LLP

Candid Rogers               Frederick Stelle
Candid Rogers Architect     Stelle Architects

Mrs. Ron Harwick, AIA       Louisa Stelle
James, Harwick +            Stelle Architects
Partners, Inc.
                            Dave Stork
Viola Rouhani               Eagle Window & Door
Stelle Architects
                            Kevin Streeter
David Salmela               Streeter & Associates, Inc.
Salmela Architect
                            Joe Svatos
Gladys Salmela
Salmela Architect           Tom Taylor
                            Soyster Taylor Design
Kai Salmela
Salmela Architect           Tryggvi Thorsteinsson
Bob Saxler
Andersen Windows            Carol Trefethern
                            Simple Space
William Schaefer
WS & Assoc                  Peter Twombly
                            Estes/Twombly Architects,
Scott Schaus                Inc
Salmela Architect
                            Eric Ubersax
Anapaula Schock             Circle West Architects,
Michael Schock Architecs    P.C.
Michael Schock              Sarah Urtz
Michael Schock Architects   Burt Hill Architects
                            Tom Urtz
Donna Schumacher            Burt Hill Architects
                            Thomas Waite
Donna Schumacher            Miro Rivera Architects

Edward Shannon              George Warner
                                                            Special Project Prospectus

Sponsorship Confirmation
Date: June 2010
Place: TBD
Location: Miami, Florida

□ Best in Housing Awards Dinner Sponsorship Only
$50,000 net
□ Awards Dinner & E-newsletter Integrated Sponsorship
on Custom Home and residential architect Online $52,950
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Custom Home and residential architect Online $59,500 net

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