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									 A publication of the Better Business Bureau serving Nebraska, South Dakota and southwest Iowa.                              4th Quarter 2009 | Vol. 11 No. 4

In This Issue:
                             A Message from Our President
                             Jim Hegarty
                                 During this season of thankfulness,        “Secure Your ID” events in April and

                             goodwill, and high hopes for the               October, received a record number of

                             future, we, at the Better Business             applicants for both the BBB Business

                             Bureau, want to say thanks for your            and Student of Integrity Awards,

                             support. With your help, we continue           had numerous BBB news releases

                             to provide the highest quality services        and scam alerts covered by the
BBB and Azigo
Launch Accredited            to you, our members, and to the                media, made many presentations to           the Greater Omaha Chamber of
Business Locator             public, your customers and clients.            organizations requesting information        Commerce and BBB. This year we
Page 2
                                 I am pleased to inform you that                                 about the BBB          participated in the creation of an
2010 Student of
                             our membership has grown to over                                    and scams that         online “Toolkit” to help businesses
Integrity Award
Scholarship Publicized       7,000, and 2009 has been a year                                     are targeting          develop their own ethics program,
Page 3
                             filled with innovative programs and                                 consumers,             the writing and execution of “Toolkit”
BBB Retreat                              initiatives for BBB! We                                 and published          workshops that have been presented
Page 3
                                                launched the new                                 200,000 BBB            to representatives from all sizes of
Secure Your ID Event
                                                  rating system with                             membership
a Success
Page 4                                            grades that has           directories, “The Solution,” that have

Handling Online                                   been well-received        been distributed throughout our
Complaints                                      by both consumers           service area.
Page 5
                                         and businesses, started                Another big improvement for BBB
H1N1 Scams                   marketing and implementing Google              is our Lincoln office located at 3633
Page 5
                             SEO (Search Engine Optimization)               O St, Suite 1. It has been updated
Two New Member
Benefits                     to make it easier for consumers to             with new paint, carpeting, furniture        businesses, and I served on a panel

Page 6                       find BBB Accredited Businesses on              and signage. The Lincoln staff will be      for a BEA event that discussed ethics

                             the Internet, and                              happy to show you around!                   in the financial industry. I encourage

                             made “BBB Senior                                   I am also proud to say that BBB         you to check out all of BBB’s

                             Line” public and                               has played a significant role in the        programs, member benefits, news

                             operational.                                   development of the Business Ethics          and alerts at and also go to

                                 In addition,                               Alliance (BEA) which is a partnership

                             we had extremely successful                    between Creighton University,               to learn about the BEA.

                                           The staff and Boards of BBB join me in wishing you all the
                                        joys of the holiday season. Enclosed is a computer calendar to
                                         help keep you on track in 2010, and to remind you that BBB
                                          is here for you too. Again, thank you for your membership!

                              BBB CONTACT INFORMATION

                            Omaha Office:                     Lincoln Office:                 Sioux Falls Office:
                            11811 P Street                    3633 O Street, Suite 1          300 N Phillips Ave, Suite 202
                            Omaha NE 68137                    Lincoln, Nebraska 68510         Sioux Falls, South Dakota 57104
                            Jim Hegarty, president and CEO
                                                              Sharon Brodhagen, Lincoln
                                                              branch manager
                                                                                              Jim David, operations director
                                                                                              Public Line – (605) 271-2066
                            Public Line – (402) 391-7612      Public Line – (402) 436-2345    Member Line – (605) 271-2067
                            Member Line – (402) 391-7647      Member Line – (402) 476-8822

                                                             Toll Free (800) 649-6814
    B     e    t    t   e    r         B    u     s    i   n     e    s   s     B     u     r    e   a     u         B       u   l    l    e     t      i   n

     New Tool makes it Faster and Easier to Find
    Trustworthy Businesses When Searching Online
   Furthering its commitment to create a community of trustworthy                   “Consumers rely on the BBB seal to help them quickly and easily identify
businesses, BBB has partnered nationally with Azigo, a leader in user-centric   trustworthy businesses, and the new ‘Accredited Business Locator’ makes it
technologies, to help consumers find businesses they can trust when they        even easier for shoppers to find businesses they can trust online,” says Steve
search and shop online. Through this partnership, consumers can download        Cox, President and CEO, Council of Better Business Bureaus. “With more than
BBB’s “Accredited Business Locator” powered by Azigo’s free browser             $150 billion being spent online this year, we see our partnership with Azigo as a
plug-in to see the “BBB Accredited Business” seal whenever they search for      distinct way to help bring our advice and services directly to consumers at the
products or services using popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo!        point in time when they need help the most.”
and Bing. Now, BBB can more easily deliver the most up-to-date information          “Azigo is committed to putting individuals in control of their
about trustworthy businesses to consumers in real time when it matters          digital experiences and to helping businesses build trusted customer
most — before they buy.                                                         relationships,” says Jack Connors, President of Azigo. “Trust is an
                                                                                essential component of this new user-centric model, and it’s also at the
                                                                                core of BBB’s mission. We are very excited about this partnership.”
                                                                                    These in-browser reminders are powered by Information Card
                                                                                technology, a new standard endorsed by industry leaders such as Google,
                                                                                Microsoft, PayPal and Equifax. Information Cards simplify the Web,
                                                                                reducing login and website registration to a “one-click” experience while
                                                                                maintaining user privacy and safety. Azigo’s service uses Information
                                                                                Cards to create new and exciting Web experiences such as cross-site
                                                                                shopping reminders.
                                                                                    You can download the “Accredited Business Locator” at http://www.
                                                                       or go to our website at and find the
                                                                                link to Azigo under the “Announcements Section” of our homepage. For
                                                                                more information about Azigo, please visit

                                                                                BBB Accreditation
                                                                                Standards Enforced
      Instant Access to BBB
                                                                                   From January 1, 2009 to December 1, 2009, BBB Corporate Board of
                                                                                Directors had to take expulsion or suspension actions against Accredited
                                                                                Businesses that failed to meet the membership standards set forth by the

     Reliability Reports Now                                                    Council of better Business Bureaus (CBBB). Companies with unanswered
                                                                                complaints have had numerous opportunities to respond to BBB and take

     Available through smart                                                    advantage of the conciliation and/or arbitration services that BBB offers.
                                                                                Once the companies have been presented to the BBB Local Boards, and then

         Phones and WiFi                                                        to the Corporate Boards, they receive letters notifying them of their rights to
                                                                                appeal the decision before the Corporate Board. No report of membership
                                                                                revocation is made until after the appeal period.
        Another technological innovation recently made available
                                                                                BBB Accreditation of the following companies has been revoked and they
     by BBB to the public is the ability for consumers to instantly             now have an “F” rating.
     access BBB’s Reliability Report database through smart phones                  •	 Bessey Painting — Omaha, NE
     and other mobile devices by using an easy-to-remember Web                      •	 CBC Remodeling — Gretna, NE
     address:                                                            •	 Hanna Roofing & Construction — Omaha, NE
        “The mobile device address is an extremely valuable tool for                •	 Jeff Hinkeldey Construction & Equipment Rental — Friend, NE
                                                                                    •	 Leisure Limousine & Sedan — Lincoln, NE
     consumers who want to check on the marketplace record of
                                                                                    •	 Nationwide Construction — Omaha, NE
     any type of business from retail stores to mail vendors and auto
                                                                                    •	 Petersen Home Improvement — Omaha, NE
     dealer,” stated BBB President Jim Hegarty. “The Better Business                •	 Your Energy Solutions — Lincoln, NE
     Bureau always recommends consumers check a company’s
     report. Now they can do so when they are on the go.”
        The mobile Web address,, offers an uncluttered
     interface that allows consumers to simply enter the name                   BBB BULLETIN (USPS 183-500)               Periodical Postage paid at:
     of a company, and retrieve Reliability Reports on both AAA                 is published quarterly by:                Omaha, NE
                                                                                Better Business Bureau, Inc.
     accredited and non-accredited businesses.                                  11811 P Street
                                                                                                                          Send address changes to:
                                                                                Omaha, NE 68137
                                                                                                                          BBB Bulletin
                                                                                Subscription Rate:                        11811 P Street
                                                                                $8 per year                               Omaha, NE 68137

 PAGE 2       4th Quarter 2009 | Vol. 11 No. 4                                                                                         
    B     e    t    t    e    r        B     u    s    i     n     e    s     s        B     u     r    e     a     u          B     u     l    l    e        t   i    n

      BBB Releases Information for
    the 2010 Scott Mecham Student
     of Integrity Award Scholarships
       BBB Foundation has begun publicizing                   academic and business communities in Omaha,
    information for the 2010 Student of Integrity             Lincoln and Sioux Falls will select the scholarship
    Award scholarships worth $2,000. Now in its fourth        recipients. Applicants must be nominated by
    year, BBB will be presenting three scholarships to        a high school principal, counselor, teacher or
    students who reside in the geographic area served         community/religious leader. The application
    by this BBB. These awards were established to             material, including an essay and letters of
    honor the memory of Scott Mecham who served as            recommendation must be sent to a BBB office
    BBB president from 1991 until January 2006.               by March 5, 2010. The scholarship winners will be
       “High school juniors and seniors are invited           announced in April, 2010 and formally recognized
    to apply for these prestigious awards,” stated            at one of BBB’s Business Integrity Award
    BBB President Jim Hegarty. “Unlike many other             luncheons in September.
    scholarships, grades and ethnicity are not major             Specific information about these awards, the
    factor in selecting the three winners. This award         application guide, application and nomination
    recognizes students’ understanding of ethics              forms are available on our website (
    and demonstrated commitment to honesty and                To learn more, click on the link called Integrity
    accountability inside and outside of the classroom.”      Awards/Student Scholarship Programs under the
       Independent panels of judges form the                  “Announcements” section on the home page.

BBB Staff Participates in Retreat
    At the end of October, BBB staff from all three
offices attended a retreat at the Carol Joy Holling
Center located near Mahoney Sate Park in Nebraska.
The retreat’s theme was gratitude, and it began with
                               a message of blessing
                               and thankfulness
                               delivered by Maximo
                               Shechet, one of BBB’s
                               1st responders. His
                               heartfelt words
                               were followed by a
                               presentation about
                               Social Media.
                                   Erica Cenci
                               Chandler from Bailey
                               Lauerman Advertising
Shechet                        and Communications
                               educated the staff
about Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and blogs. “We
learned that ‘social networking’ extends business
contacts and can increase awareness of their
brands,” said BBB Communications Director Margo
Riekes. “We also found out that in approximately
five years, URL’s are going to be obsolete.
Therefore, you can be
certain, that BBB both
locally and nationally
will be using Social
                                                           •	 rateful people are happy and ungrateful people             Y
                                                                                                                        •	 our employees will treat you like you treat them;
Media much more in
                                                            are not; happy people run to, unhappy people                 they will also treat you like you treat yourself
the coming years as a
                                                            run from
fundamental way we                                                                                                     The staff was
communicate.”                                               O
                                                           •	 n the days you want to feel good, during the          overwhelmingly impressed
    Next, the staff was                                     first five minutes of the day, think of three things    with Ms. Mueller’s
treated to a wonderful                                      for which you are grateful                              presentation and she
concert performed by                                       •	 hen you feel good, good things happen
                                                            W                                                       provided some fantastic
the Omaha Northwest                                                                                                 tools to help us all in
                            Chandler                        I
                                                           •	f you are waiting for just one person for your life
High School Show Choir.                                                                                             both our professional and
                                                            to change, you have no power                            personal lives. To learn more
This was followed by team building games and
lunch. Mary Kay Mueller, “The Gratitude Guru”               Y
                                                           •	 ou are never given a dream without the power          about Ms. Mueller, keynote
carried the rest of the day. BBB would like to share        to make it come true                                    speaker, author, coach
some of her words and insights with you.                                                                            and trainer go to www.
                                                           •	 hinking about something is not the same as
     •	 Most people quit their jobs because of lack                                                        and learn
                                                            believing that you can do it                                                            Mueller
        of appreciation                                                                                             how to “grow the gratitude.”

Start With Trust                                                                                                         4th Quarter 2009 | Vol. 11 No. 4             PAGE 3
    B     e     t   t    e    r         B     u     s    i    n      e     s    s      B     u    r     e       a   u       B     u      l   l    e     t    i    n

                                                                                BBB Wins National Acclaim Again
                        secure Your Id day
                                                                                 for Its “Secure Your ID” Events!

                                                                                       way BBB works toward building                  Sioux Falls
                                                                                       trust in the marketplace by                    Shred-It Sioux Falls
                                                                                       providing free shredding services              Apple Tree Children’s Center
                                                                                       and take-home materials which
                                                                                       tell the attendees how to protect              Your BBB invites you to partner
                                                                                       themselves from identity theft on          with us for our next “Secure Your
                                                                                       a daily basis,” he said.                   ID Day” on April 17, 2010. This is
                                                                                          BBB sincerely thanks the sponsors       an excellent opportunity for your
                                                                                       for their support in making our            company to take an active and
                                                                                       identity theft prevention event            tangible role in a community service
   BBB’s “Secure Your ID” days in                                                      possible and so successful.                initiative that directly benefits the
October were a huge success thanks          “Our local BBB shredded                                                               public and marketplace. We are in
to all of the sponsors, volunteers          23 tons of documents and                       Omaha Sponsors                         need of additional sponsors for food,
                                                                                           KETV- Channel 7                        printed bags, signage, T-shirts and
and participants involved. Our local         served 1,400 vehicles!”
BBB shredded 23 tons of documents                                                          Shred-It Omaha                         especially volunteers to work at the
                                                   Jim Hegarty, BBB president
and served 1,400 vehicles! “From                                                           Methodist Health System                events. If you would like to help BBB
among the 53 BBBs that participated         provides a great community service             NP Dodge Real Estate                   in our on-going effort to educate
in October events throughout                by holding these shredding events.             Two Men And A Truck                    our communities about Identity
the US and Canada, our BBB was              CBBB reported that as a result of              Curbside Rewards                       Theft, please contact BBB Member
recognized by the Council of Better         the October Secure Your ID Days,”                                                     Retention Director Pam Atz at 402-
                                                                                           Lincoln Event
Business Bureaus (CBBB) for the             there were a total of approximately                                                   898-8538, 800-649-6814 #5838 or
                                                                                           KLKN –TV
second time in a row, for shredding         385 tons of documents shredded and                                           BBB will
                                                                                           Paper Tiger Shredding
the most documents!” exclaimed              about 14,847 individual cars coming                                                   welcome your support and your
                                                                                           West Gate Bank
Jim Hegarty, BBB president. “BBB            to the various BBB sites. It’s just one                                               business will receive great publicity.
                                                                                           Lincoln Food Bank

Mail-In Rebates: Now Available in Paper or Plastic
     Once the excitement of the                                   significantly reduce the stress associated              the rebate—such as if a gift card is the
holidays wears off, it’s time to start                               with redeeming rebates.”                             default option—and include all the necessary
reaping the promised rewards of                                             In the previous 12 months, 70                 paperwork and proof of purchase. Also make
mail-in rebates. Retailers and                                            percent of consumers have taken                 a point to thoroughly read the fine print
manufacturers are changing                                                 advantage of manufacturer rebates              details that are included when you receive
the way they issue rebates and                                             on products, according to a recent             your rebate card or check in the mail.
Better Business Bureau advises                                             survey by Consumer Reports. The
                                                                                                                        •	 Keep the packaging. Rebates often
that it’s more important than                                              national telephone survey also
                                                                                                                           require UPC bar codes or other parts of
ever to read the fine print when                                          found that, of those who applied for
                                                                                                                           the packaging to be included with the
filing for a rebate.                                                     a rebate, 21 percent of people were
                                                                                                                           paperwork for processing, so don’t throw
     According to CreditCards.                                        unsuccessful. Typically, consumers
                                                                                                                           boxes away until you’re sure you don’t
com, retailers and manufacturers are                               simply didn’t receive anything or were
                                                                                                                           need them.
increasingly opting to provide rebates in                      turned down because of a technicality.
the form of pre-loaded cards as opposed to paper                                                                        •	 Make copies of everything. Keep a copy of
checks. Unlike checks, which can be deposited in             BBB offers the following advice to holiday                    all the paperwork you mailed back to the
a bank and used to pay bills, to get the benefit,         shoppers on how to make the process of                           retailer or manufacturer for the rebate. It’s
consumers must spend. These cards can often only          redeeming rebates as painless as possible:                       the only record you’ll have of the transaction
be used where credit cards are accepted. In most               •	 Don’t wait. Some rebates have a time                     if anything goes missing.
cases, the cards can be used at any merchant—much                 window in which they can be redeemed                  •	 Contact the business if the rebate doesn’t
like a debit card—but some retailers are also handing             or must be redeemed within a certain                     arrive. Some retailers and manufacturers
out rebate cards that can only be used at their                   amount of time following purchase. Waiting               use third-party fulfillment companies for
stores. The cards may also have expiration dates and              also increases your chances of misplacing                processing rebates so keep in mind that you
added fees that could whittle down their value.                   necessary receipts or packaging.                         might be dealing with a different business
     “Rebates are a great way to get a deal, but                                                                           when it comes to tracking down your rebate.
                                                               •	 Read the instructions carefully. The
they can also be a great source of frustration for
                                                                  guidelines for redeeming a rebate can be              •	 Help is available if you need it. If the rebate
consumers,” said Jim Hegarty, BBB president. “By
                                                                  extensive and missing steps may delay the                never arrives or is significantly late, file
acting quickly to redeem the rebate and reading
                                                                  process or result in loss of the rebate. Be              a complaint with BBB, the Federal Trade
the mail-in instructions carefully, consumers can
                                                                  sure to indicate how you want to receive                 Commission or your state Attorney General.

 PAGE 4       4th Quarter 2009 | Vol. 11 No. 4                                                                                               
     B     e    t    t    e     r         B     u     s    i   n    e    s    s         B     u    r    e    a     u        B     u     l    l   e        t   i    n

An Element of Ethics
    The old adage is that a satisfied customer will tell       Customer complaints can be found on
three people and an unsatisfied customer will tell         customer review sites like and
ten. However, with the advent of blogs, Twitter, and, blogs, Twitter, YouTube
YouTube, disgruntled customers can now share their         and in comment sections of newspapers
rant about a company for the whole world to hear.          online. Regardless of where the complaint
Consumers are taking their complaints online and           is found online, BBB offers the following
your Better Business Bureau advises that responding        advice to small business owners when
to complaints is necessary if a company wants to           responding to customer rants:
maintain a reputation for great customer service.              Continually Monitor the Online
    In early July, a musician who felt United Airlines     Conversation. In addition to searching the
damaged his guitar on a flight was so fed up with          aforementioned review Web sites, there
trying to get reimbursed that he wrote a song, made        are many tools you can use to monitor
a video and posted it to YouTube. Titled “United           who is talking about your company online.
Breaks Guitars,” the video was viewed more than   and Google Alerts will
2.5 million times in less than a week and prompted         send you e-mail messages when people
national media attention. As a result of the video’s       post comments online or if your company
popularity, United contacted the musician and              is mentioned in the news, respectively.
offered to reimburse him for his guitar, but the           One of the easiest ways to monitor the                  responses polite and direct and ask the customer if
damage was already done.                                   conversation, however, is to simply do an Internet      you can contact them directly by e-mail or phone
     “The Internet empowers customers to air their         search of your company’s name every couple days,        to discuss the specific details of their complaint.
grievances like a megaphone to the world which             keeping an eye out for new results.                        don’t say anything privately that you wouldn’t
can be a scary prospect for a business owner,”                 Pick your battles. Depending on the size of your    want public. Just because you’ve taken the
said Steve Cox, BBB spokesperson. “Instead of              business, it can be extremely time consuming to         conversation offline, it doesn’t mean that your
being scared, companies should view the Internet           address every blog post, comment or tweet. When         e-mails and phone conversations won’t end up
as a great tool to work directly with disgruntled          choosing rants to respond to, look for ones that are    on the Internet, so always remain polite and
customers, fix the issue and hopefully turn them into      less than a few days old, on prominent sites and are    professional.
a repeat customer.”                                        about problems that you can solve.                         Follow through. Don’t drop the conversation
    In the same way that an online rant can damage             Offer full disclosure. When defending your          when resolving a dispute and always follow
a company’s reputation, successfully handling              company online, don’t pretend to be an unbiased         through on promises. Consider providing a little
complaints online can showcase a company’s                 consumer. Tech savvy individuals can easily deduce      extra perk, such as coupons, after the issue has
dedication to customer service, setting it apart           who is behind comments so it’s best to be honest        been resolved.
from the competition. Companies like Comcast and           and admit up-front that you represent the company.         Know when to walk away. There’s no satisfying, for example, have received a lot of                Take the conversation offline. Some companies       some angry customers and at times a small
praise for maintaining Twitter accounts to respond         have made the mistake of hashing out disputes           business owner can only offer a sincere apology
to tweets from unhappy customers.                          online for everyone to see. Instead, keep online        and walk away from the conversation.

Beware h1N1 and other Flu Vaccine scams
    With the current flu season upon us, and
extended media coverage regarding the
                                                                                                                   BBB offers some tips to
delay and low inventory of the H1N1 vaccine,                                                                       avoid swine flu scams:
scam artists are taking advantage of the                                                                              Avoid opening email from an unknown source
public’s anxiety and selling readily available                                                                     and do not click on any links in the body of the
“flu vaccines” online.                                                                                             e-mail or open any attachments. Instead, delete the
    Everything from vaccines to health                                                                             email or report it to the Federal Trade Commission
pandemic defense kits is being peddled via the                                                                     by forwarding the email to
Web right now. Flu vaccines and pandemic
                                                                                                                      Don’t believe online offers for vaccinations
defense kits offered via the Web and in emails
                                                                                                                   against swine flu because a vaccine does not exist.
are often simply placebos and some may
                                                                                                                   For more information on swine flu and updates on
actually be more dangerous than helpful to your
                                                                                                                   progress in fighting the outbreak, go to www.cdc.
health. Rather than jumping the gun and taking
things into your own hands, it is best, when it
comes to vaccines, for people to contact their                                                                        Don’t fall for false claims. Be wary of
health care professional rather than seeking a                                                                     promotions using words such as “scientific
quick and possibly risky solutions.                                                                                breakthrough,” “miracle cure,” “secret ingredient,”
    BBB warns that scammers are putting                                                                            or “ancient remedy.”
consumers’ health at risk by encouraging them                                                                         Don’t fall for personal testimonials or claims
to purchase drugs from sites that don’t require                                                                    that a product is a quick, effective way to treat or
a prescription. People purchasing these drugs                                                                      cure an illness. They may sound convincing, but
may think they are saving themselves time and              the lookout for fraudulent websites and also emails     are not substitutes for scientific proof. To report
money, but in fact they are often putting themselves at    looking to take advantage of the public’s heightened    a suspicious ad claim regarding a health product
a real health risk by not consulting legitimate medical    focus on the potential pandemic.                        you can file a complaint with your state’s Attorney
professionals about their health concerns.                    According to F-Secure Corp., an online security      General’s office or BBB.
    Federal agencies have found contaminated and           company, more than 250 websites with the term
                                                                                                                       Go to official sources of information. Follow
counterfeit pharmaceutical products, including             “swine flu” have been registered within the first few
                                                                                                                   health advice only from a trusted source, and don’t
Tamiflu, a prescription drug used to treat H1N1            days following the announcement of the outbreak.
                                                                                                                   believe product claims to prevent or cure swine
patients. What was sold as the generic version of          The scams artists are now using such websites in
                                                                                                                   flu. The Federal government website
Tamiflu actually contained vitamin C and other             a variety of different online scams. F-Secure also
                                                                                                                   can provide you with current information about
substances that cannot treat nor prevent the H1N1          reports that one website is selling a “Swine Flu
                                                                                                                   prevention, treatment and H1N1 statistics.
virus. Both businesses and consumers must be on            Survival Guide” PDF for $19.95.

                                                                                                                       3rd Quarter 2009 | Vol. 11 No. 3           PAGE 5
  B      e    t    t   e    r         B    u    s   i    n     e    s       s    B     u     r     e    a     u          B     u      l    l    e     t    i    n

                    Member Benefit Programs
                  for BBB Accredited Businesses
                  CRedIT CARd PROCessINg                                              •	 (:20) twenty second message about your company
                                                                                      •	 You may use an existing commercial, picture or graphics or KETV
  American Payment systems (APs) — New Program for all BBB Accredited                    will produce a new spot at a 50% discount
                                                                                 Torch Program: One Sponsor per Ad
      •	 This Merchant Processing Program features:
                                                                                 You will be featured in thirty-five 30 second (:30) commercials per month
      •	 Rates as low as 1.39%
                                                                                 that include your company’s 25 second message (:25) followed by 5
      •	 Transaction fee of only 16 cents and a low $4 statement fee
                                                                                 second (:5) BBB/KETV message. Your business receives:
      •	 Month to month contract — may cancel any time
                                                                                     •	 A (:25) twenty second message about your company
      •	 NO application fee, NO annual fee and NO monthly fees
                                                                                     •	 You may use an existing commercial, picture or graphics, or KETV
      •	 Lower your net cost or receive $500
                                                                                        will produce a new spot at a 50% discount
      •	 Special rates for large companies and keyed rates available for mail,
                                                                                     •	 KETV will design an animated Internet banner ad that rotates
         phone order and Internet businesses
                                                                                        throughout that links directly to your website and be
      •	 No need to change equipment or point of sale (POS) systems
                                                                                        viewed by about 50,000 people per month
      •	 Local support — APS is family owned with over 25 years combined
                                                                                 Contact Katherine Ramirez at 402-978-8943
         history in merchant processing
  Contact Jim or Aaron Barnes at 402-502-9985 or 888-692-5285                    Journal Broadcast Radio group (Omaha and Lincoln metro areas) New Program
                                                                                 Option #1 on z92 — One Sponsor per Ad
                                                                                      144 radio & streaming ads per month over a 2-3 week period with an
                                                                                      average savings of 40% (additional fee/month to add button link to
    BBB ACCRedITed BusINess dIReCTORY                                       

  The Solution — A Marketplace Guide and Yellow Page Directory of BBB            Option #2 on star 104.5 — One Sponsor per Ad
  Accredited Businesses in Nebraska, South Dakota and southwest Iowa.                 135 radio & streaming ads per month over a 2-3 week period with an
  There are many different advertising opportunities available to all BBB             average savings of 50% (additional fee/month to add button link to
  Accredited Businesses. The printed version is published by our BBB        
  annually in July, and the one on our website is updated daily.        Option #3 on Cd 105.9 — One Sponsor per Ad
  Contact: Pam Atz at 402-898-8538 or 800-649-6814 #8538                              41 radio & streaming ads per month over a 2-3 week period with an
                                                                                      average savings of 50% (additional fee/month to add button link to
                                                                                 Option #4 on Big sports 590 — One Sponsor per Ad
                              PRINT MedIA                                             102 radio ads per month over a 2-3 week period with an average
  Omaha World herald — Companies are listed by Type of Business                       savings of 50% (streaming is unavailable on this station)
  (TOB) Categories. These listings run twice a year. There is a special          Contact Patti Jaynes at 402-898-5376
  pull-out supplement, for only BBB Accredited Businesses, which
  comes out in March. This includes helpful tip from BBB. In August,
  there are dedicated BBB pages in the Metro Guide. These publications
  reach 225,000 households and have a readership of over 400,000.
  Contact Terri Campbell at 402-444-1422
                                                                                 Two New Benefits for
  Norfolk daily News — Ads run once a month
  Contact elaine Thelen at 402- 371-1020
                                                                                 BBB Members
                                                                                    BBB is now offering a discount on your next dues payment for each
  Kearney hub — Ads run two times a month                                        new business that you recruit and then qualifies and joins BBB in 2010.
  Contact darrell Bostick at 308-233-9763                                        The discount will be 10% of your annual dues for each new membership,
  Lincoln Journal star — Ads run once a month                                    up to a maximum of $500.
  Contact Beth Corrick at 402- 473-7421                                             You can put the BBB Accredited Business logo/seal below your
                                                                                 email signature and make it a “hot Link” to your BBB Reliability Report.
                                                                                 This is a great way to promote your company’s rating and information.
                                                                                     1. Go to
                        BROAdCAsT MedIA                                              2. Enter your zip code, which will take you to our BBB’s home page
  KLKN-TV 8 (Lincoln metro area) — Fourteen shared 30 second messages                3. Click on “Find a Business or Charity”
  a month for every two non-competing Accredited Business sponsors, or               4. Type in your company’s name and click on “Search”
  fourteen exclusive 30 second commercials per month.                                5. Under your company’s name, click on “View Report”
  Contact Kay Wunderlich at 402-436-2240                                             6. Your report will appear and the link to your report will be in your browser
  KeTV (Omaha metro area)                                                            7. The browser address is your “hot link” — either you can connect it to
  Value Program: One Sponsor per Ad                                                     the BBB logo/seal or have your IT person do it for you
  You will be featured in twenty 15 second (:15) commercials per month
  that include a short 7 second (:07) BBB message along with information         Except for the BBB Accredited Business Directory, ‘The Solution’
  about your company. Your business receives:                                    that is sold by BBB staff, all co-op advertising programs are
      •	 An (:8) eight second message about your company                         managed and sold by the participating media/businesses. BBB
      •	 Message includes: audio, video, your logo, phone number, email and
                                                                                 Accredited Businesses pay for being featured in the ads.
      •	 No production cost for your company (client provides video or           If you are interested in learning more about any of BBB’s member
         graphics). Audio is a voice over by KETV announcer                      opportunities listed above, call the contacts indicated or BBB
  ethics Program: One Sponsor per Ad                                             Communications Director Margo Riekes at 402-898-8526 or 800-
  You will be featured in twenty-five 30 second (:30) commercials per
                                                                                 649-6814 #8526.
  month that include a short (:10) BBB message along with your company’s
  message. Your business receives:

PAGE 6       4th Quarter 2009 | Vol. 11 No. 4                                                                                              
        B      e         t   t     e    r           B       u        s   i      n    e       s      s            B    u       r    e      a      u             B        u       l       l      e      t     i      n

     Welcome New BBB Accredited Businesses
         The following companies have joined us during October 1, 2009–November 30, 2009. BBB Accredited Businesses must meet our high stan-
                   dards. Those listed below have been accepted because they believe in fair play and ethical conduct in the marketplace.

IOWA                                        MCHITCH                                      Caring for People Services                stanton                                          Miller
                                            One in A Million Salon & Spa, LLC            Certified Property Management, Inc.       Stamm Electric #1, Inc.                          Frameworks Plus
Carter Lake                                 Professional Cabinet Concepts, LLC           Crossfit Omaha                                                                             Miller Feed Service
DDRS Express, LLC
                                            grand Island                                 Darst & Associates, P.C.                                                                   Mitchell
                                                                                                                                   A Clean Cut Lawn
Council Bluffs                                                                           Designco, Inc.
                                            Craig HomeCare                                                                                                                          Certified Recovery
Bethany Luthern Home                                                                     Discount Laundry
                                            Grizzly Construction & Design                                                                                                           Independent Viking Glass
Custom Design & Renovations                                                                                                        D & D Construction
                                            Lacy Construction Co.                        Frankel Zacharia, LLC                                                                      Puetz Construction and Architecture
Cutler, O’Neill, Meyer, Woodring                                                         Galvin Design Studio, LLC                 Waterloo
                                            Lebensraum Assisted Living                                                                                                              Mobridge
 Funeral Home                                                                            Gardner Management Group, LLC             The Depot Eatery & Lounge
                                            McLamb Construction                                                                                                                     Eastside Motel & Cabins
Husker Hardwood Floors                                                                   Gerald Video Productions
                                            Quality Cut Shrub & Lawn Care, Inc.                                                    Wayne                                            Renner Equipment
Larsen Concrete Construction                                                             H & J Counseling, LLC
                                            Roe Buick, Inc.                                                                        Bright Smiles Family Dental
Midlands Living Center, LLP                                                              Hoffman Electric, Inc.                                                                     Onida
                                            Simmons Electric, Inc.                                                                 York
elk horn                                                                                 Home Theaters Etc., Inc.                                                                   Lankenau Construction, Inc.
                                            State Farm Insurance-Leigh Lillibridge                                                 York Aviation, Inc.
Danish Mutual Insurance Association                                                      Hotsy Equipment Co.                                                                        Philip
glenwood                                                                                 Hughes Administration                                                                      Les’ Body Shop
Unique Creations
                                            Professional Building Inspection
                                                                                         Jill Janke Photography                    sOuTh dAKOTA                                     Pierre
                                            hartington                                   Jone-Z Party Bus                          Aberdeen
Harlan                                                                                                                                                                              Bears Den Log Homes & Quilts
                                            Miller Painting, Inc.                        K & S Carpentry                           Climate Control, Inc.
Keast Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, Inc.                                                                                                                                                  Friman Oil & Gas, Inc.
                                            holdrege                                     Law Office of Eric R. Chandler, PC, LLO   CNL Embroidery
                                            Rath Concrete Construction                   Leslie Kline Lukas & Associates           J F Construction
NeBRAsKA                                                                                 Luxury Grounds Management                 Woehl Construction
                                                                                                                                                                                    Myron’s Repair
                                            humphrey                                                                                                                                Rapid City
Alda                                                                                     Maureen Raynor Interiors
                                            D-K Performance & Repair                                                               Belle Fourche                                    Amda Technologies, Inc.
Tri City Meters, Inc.                                                                    Mid-Continent Repair
                                            Eisenmenger Farms, Inc.                                                                Hauck Electric & Controls, Inc.                  Architectural Specialties
Allen                                                                                    Midwest Woodworkers
                                            Preister Excavating                                                                    Black hawk                                       Beltone Hearing Aid Center
Isom AG                                                                                  Morrissey Engineering, Inc.
Ansley                                      Kearney                                      Mr. Granite                               Britton Engineering & Land Surveying             Black Hills Properties
Bailey Crop Service, Inc.                   Ward Laboratories                            Nebraska Hearing Instruments              Brandon                                          C & K Janitorial Enterprizes
                                            La Vista                                     On Pointe Dance Centre                    Prairie Video, LLC                               Claussen Photography, Inc.
                                            Central Spec, LLC                            Overland Constructors, Inc.               Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park Camp-                Countryside Appraisal Service
                                                                                                                                    Resort of Sioux Falls                           Culligan Water Conditioning
                                            Lincoln                                      R.J. Delivery, Inc.
Aurora                                                                                                                                                                              Curtain Call by Judy Bauer
                                            ALLways Towing, Inc.                         S.O.S. TV & VCR Repair                    Britton
Abbott Aviation                                                                                                                                                                     Deals 4 U
                                            Burgher Family Dentistry                     Sable Refrigerated                        Davidson Plumbing & Heating Co.
Aurora Veterinary Clinic                                                                                                                                                            Foust Construction, Inc.
                                            Capital Humane Society                       Sacky’s Lawn & Landscaping                Brookings
Interstate Battery System of Nebraska                                                                                                                                               Gold Pages Publishing, Inc.
                                            Cappy’s Hot Spot Bar & Grill                 Schmidt Construction Services             AWC Accuracy with Care
Todd’s Body & Glass                                                                                                                                                                 Hart Ranch Camping Resort Club
                                            Classic Custom Cabinetry                     Scrap Central, Inc.                       Ideal Properties, Inc.
Beatrice                                                                                                                                                                            Olson Remodeling & Construction
                                            CSF Construction, Inc.                       SMC Shared Mobility Coach                 Narragon Masonry
Pup’s Pet Supply                                                                                                                                                                     Services
                                            Drohman Drywall                              Smith, Gardner, Slusky, Lazer, Pohren     Total Eyewear
Bellevue                                                                                                                                                                            Piesano’s Pacchia
                                            Four Brothers, Inc.                            & Rogers, LLP                           Victory Martial Arts, LLC
Livingston Painting, Inc.                                                                                                                                                           Precision Mechanical
                                            Hernandez Painting                           Spanish Chat
Bennington                                                                                                                         Canton                                           Professional Land Art Associates
                                            Hofeling Enterprises, Inc.                   T.G. Healthcare, LLC
Atlas Engineering                                                                                                                  Total Image                                      The Allergy Clinic
                                            Lee Contracting                              Tender Loving Tots Childcare
                                                                                                                                   Carthage                                         The Fence Company
Broken Bow                                  Lincoln Windustrial                          Terryl’s Flower Garden
Arrow Aviation, Inc.                                                                     Thiele Geotech, Inc.                      Prairie Inn                                      salem
                                            Money Smarts, Inc
Culligan Water Conditioning                                                              Three D Renovations                       Centerville                                      Home Motel
                                            Native Heart Fence and Snow
Varney Health Mart                           Removal                                     Titan Automotive                          Kut Kabanna                                      selby
Burwell                                     NU-Electric                                  Vic’s Corn Popper                                                                          Holder’s Repair, Inc.
Burwell Tribune                             TJ’s Electric                                Windy City Wealth Management                                                               sioux Falls
                                                                                                                                   Tierra Investigations and Consultants, LLC
                                            Valpar, Inc.                                 Winning Crown Boutique                                                                     Around the Clock/Drain Master Sewer
Cedar Bluffs                                                                                                                       deadwood
                                            Wubbels Windows & Improvements               Woodbridge Renovations                                                                      & Drain Service
MS Marine                                                                                                                          Deadwood Gulch Gaming Resort
                                                                                         WW Enterprises                                                                             Carnaval Brazilian Grill
Coleridge                                   Louisville
                                                                                         Oneill                                    estelline                                        CLA Estate Services
                                            Scott Grasso’s Garage
D. & K. Trailers, Inc.                                                                                                             Estelline Community Oil Co.                      Connie Buskohol Certified Public
                                                                                         K & K Welding & Manufacturing, Co.
Columbus                                    Malcolm
                                                                                         Needak Rebounders                         Flandreau                                         Accountant PC
                                            Roberts Brothers Construction
3D Designs, Inc.                                                                         Rasmussen Land Surveying                  Pulscher Brothers Construction, Inc.             Dragon’s Den Comics and Games
Bolte-Styskal Wireless, Inc.                Minden                                       The Seed House                                                                             Environ Services
Coufal Brothers Construction                Burgess Well Co., Inc.                       Wendell Auto Body                                                                          Graber & Associates
                                                                                                                                   American Siding
Hearing Aid Center of Columbus, PC          Newcastle                                                                                                                               Jaymar Business Forms, Inc.
                                                                                         Orchard                                   Build-Rite Construction Co.
Iwanski Construction, Inc.                  Dybdal Charolais                                                                                                                        Lebert Construction, Inc.
                                                                                         Hughes Construction Co.                   gregory
Johnson Sand & Gravel Company, Inc.         Norfolk                                                                                                                                 McGreevy & Associates
K-O Vending, Inc.                                                                        Oshkosh                                   The Orchard Lodge                                River Ridge Oral & Maxillofacial
                                            Oral Surgery Center, P.C.
Platte Valley Printing                                                                   Campbell Drug                             harrisburg                                        Surgical Center
                                            Pro Crane
R & S Track Maintenance, Inc.               Scranton Supply & Flooring                   Papillion                                 All-Star Travel                                  Science Nutrition
Rapid Lube & Oil                            Spracklen Physical Therapy                   Complete Ventures, Inc.                   Professional Building Maintenance                Sioux Falls Winlectric
                                                                                         Cornerstone Restoration, Inc.             hartford                                         Sioux Valley Services
Cornlea                                     Ogallala
                                                                                         Master Mechanical Service. Inc.           Hartford Plumbing & Electric, Inc.               The Growth Coach-South Dakota
Michael Wegener Implement                   Mirror Construction, Inc.
                                                                                         Nelson & Sons Glass, Inc.                 Nothdurft Construction                           Walls by Waldner
Creighton                                   Omaha
                                                                                         Phillips                                  hill City                                        sisseton
Charsan Borders                             A-1 Premier Painters
                                                                                         Henry Thompson Tree Service               Apex Technology Solutions Group                  Sisseton Realty
Crete                                       Advanced Electrical Services
                                                                                         TC Machine & Repair                                                                        spearfish
Maly Construction, Inc.                     Advanced Painting Contractors                                                          huron
                                                                                         Plainview                                                                                  Spearfish Extinguisher Service, LLC
                                            Advanced Surgery Center LLC                                                            Crist Locksmithing
                                            Alcove Contracting Services, Inc.            Steinkraus Service                        Dramstad Refrigeration & Electric, Inc.          Tea
Lee Pester Scrap Tires
                                            All Clear Windows, LLC                       Ravenna                                                                                    Kuba Construction
deshler                                     American Sewer & Drain Services                                                                                                         Pernell’s Alignment & Tire, LLC
                                                                                         Prince of the Road                        Price Medical Group
Loupin Roofing, Inc.                                                                                                                                                                Sundance Builders
                                            AMO Roofing                                  The Printed Page Bed & Breakfast
elgin                                       Arborwork                                                                                                                               Watertown
                                                                                         Rising City                               Lone Star Enterprises, Inc.
Starman Seed Service, Inc.                  Art Chelle Enterprises                                                                                                                  Aason Engineering Co., Inc.
                                                                                         Niemann’s Port-A-Pot
                                            Artisan Woods                                                                          Madison                                          Boydston Builders
                                                                                         schuyler                                  Dakota International Services, LLC
GP Industries, LLC                          Bergman Painting                                                                                                                        Cabinet Concepts, Inc.
                                                                                         Krula Hay
Keystone Design Center                      Beyond the Vine                                                                        Martin                                           Dakota Quilt Shop
                                                                                         QC Supply
                                            Binovia, LLC                                                                           Bair Ford-Mercury Sales, Inc.                    White
                                            Bloom Monument Company                       scottsbluff                               Lakota Country Times
Kesmann Custom Contracting, LLC                                                                                                                                                     Anderson Oil, Inc.
                                            Business Ethics Alliance                     Scottsbluff Paintless
                                                                                                                                   Milbank                                          Yankton
Fremont                                     C & K Lawn Care, Inc.                        sidney                                    Food & Fuel                                      J B Auto Body
Agrisun Land Management, Inc.               C America Siding                             Americ Inn Lodge & Suites

Start With Trust                                                                                                                                         4th Quarter 2009 | Vol. 11 No. 4                         PAGE 7
    B     e    t    t    e    r        B     u    s   i     n    e    s    s        B     u    r     e     a      u         B     u    l    l      e   t   i    n

                              BBB Activity Reports                                                                does BBB have
                                                                                                                  the Correct
                              October 1, 2009-December 30, 2009

                                                                                                                  Information on
Top 10 Local Inquiries                                 10. Real Estate/Property Management = 16
   1. Insurance = 4,000                                10. Television-Cable/CATV/Satellite = 16

                                                                                                                  your Company?
  2. Contractors-General/Remodeling = 3,103
                                                      Total Number of Complaints Opened = 1,908
  3. Heating/Air Conditioning Contractors = 2,651
                                                      Total Number of Complaints Closed = 1,784
  4. Roofing/Contractors = 2,304
                                                      Total dollar Amount Involved = $119,342.30
  5. Banks = 2,191
                                                                                                                       •	 have you moved?
  6. Home Builders = 2,076
  7. Auto Dealers Used Cars = 1,720                                                                                    •	 do you have a new phone number?
                                                          Comparative stats from BBB Member Pages
  8. Auto Dealers-New/Used Car = 1,615
                                                          on our Website before and after Initiation of                •	 have you added a location?
  9. Contractors-General/New Construction = 1,563
                                                          search engine Optimization (seO)
 10. Auto Repair & Service = 1,459                                                                                     •	 do you have a website?
                                                          Total Reliability Reports before SEO during
Total Number of Inquiries/Contacts = 183,768                                                                           •	 do we have your correct email address?
                                                          January, 2009 = 22,730
Company Reliability Reports From:                                                                                      •	 do we have the correct contact information?
                                                          Total Reliability Reports after SEO during
  Automated Voice Response System = 149
                                                          November, 2009 = 44,748
  BBB Staff = 1,128                                                                                                   You may check your company’s public
                                                          192.8% increase
  Web = 95,868                                                                                                    report and information at Let us know
                                                          Accredited Business Reports before SEO                  if we should update something by contacting
Top 10 Local Complaints
                                                          during January, 2009 = 413 average/day                  Accredited Business Relations Coordinator
  1. Advertising-Direct Mail = 167
  2. Credit Cards & Plans = 89                            Accredited Business reports after SEO during            Suzanne Hazuka at 402-898-8531, 800-649-6814
  3. Auto Dealers-New/Used Cars = 46                      November, 2009 = 981 average/day                        #8531 or email her at shazuka@bbbnebraska.
  4. Banks = 43                                           239.6% increase                                         org. We need the correct email address of the
  5. Financial Services = 32                              BBB Member Roster requested before SEO                  person at your company who should receive
  6. Auto Dealers Used Cars = 30                                                                                  BBB communications, as we have been sending
                                                          during January, 2009 = 1,840
  7. Collection Agencies = 28                                                                                     media releases and BBB news regularly to our
                                                          BBB Member Rosters requested after SEO
  8. Auto & Truck Brokers = 24                                                                                    Accredited Businesses via the Internet.
                                                          during November, 2009 = 11,132
  9. Insurance = 21
                                                          625% increase
 10. Cellular/Wireless Phones-Services/Supplies= 16

                                                       In our work at BBB, we often find ourselves in          A consumer in Albuquerque, NM sent
                                                       the midst of troublesome situations involving           this message to Nancy Malone regarding
                                                       businesses and consumers. However, we also              an online order she had placed with a
                                                       receive some very encouraging, unsolicited              company in Nebraska:
                                                       messages from BBB Accredited Businesses and
                                                       the people this organization has served.                “Thank you for taking the steps to resolve by
                                                                                                               problem. I’m definitely going to use the BBB

                                                                                                               in the future to find reviews for companies or
                                                       A grateful consumer wrote to Lincoln                    when I need help with an issue like this. My
                                                       Branch Manager Sharon Brodhagen:                        experience with BBB has been fantastic.
                                                       Thank you so much for being so helpful. I felt
                                                       relieved just talking to you. You are perfect for       A great idea from a BBB Accredited
                                                       your position. When I was ready to leave,               Business!
                                                       I wanted to give you a hug!
                                                                                                               The idea of having accredited businesses add
                                                                                                               the BBB logo/seal to their email signatures,
                                                       A consumer in Sun City, CA wrote to 1st                 with a link to their Reliability Report, was
                                                       Responder Nancy Malone, Lincoln office:                 suggested to Pam Atz, BBB membership
                                                       I was having trouble cancelling a magazine              retention director by Colyn Petersen, owner of
                                                       subscription that had an automatic renewal              Woodland Voices Flutes. Thank you Colyn for
                                                       which I was not aware of. No matter what I did          the great idea! (See article called ‘Two New
                                                       to cancel, I continued to receive bills. I then         Benefits for BBB Members’ on page 6 of this
                                                       contacted the BBB and after that, the company           publication)
                                                       finally relented. Thank you BBB and may God
                                                       bless you for helping seniors and all people
                                                       having vexing problems like this,

                                                                                                        Start With Trust
 PAGE 8       4th Quarter 2009 | Vol. 11 No. 4                                                                                               

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