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Sustainability was declared by unesco as highest priority of by ColeBer


									                  Action-Research within Communities of Learners,
                                as a prerequisite for
                              Sustainability Education

Sustainability was declared by UNESCO as the highest priority of education for 2005-
2014. Accordingly, issues of education about and for sustainability have been
repeatedly raised in higher education institutes, reporting on sustainability curricula
development (e.g. Blewitt and Cullinford, 2004). Following their lead, a growing
number of teacher education programs restructured their curricula so that they are
more integrative and engaging for pre and in-service teachers. They constructed new
learning environments that support teacher education for sustainability, complexity
and diversity.
Our understanding of education for sustainability is that it develops and strengthens
teachers' capacity to make judgments and choices in favor of sustainable development
and thereby to improve the quality of life for them and for their pupils. Research
shows that teachers develop that capacity within professional learning communities
that support collaborative inquiry into authentic problems raised by the participants
and engage in action research.

We call for researchers in the field of action research, from different countries, or
different cultures, who are interested in curricula for sustainability, complexity and
diversity, to join our symposium.

Shoshana Keiny                                        Michal Zellermair
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev                    Levinsky College of Education
Beer-Sheva, 84230 Israel                              Tel-Aviv, Israel

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