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           Maurice Strong and the Cap & Trade
           Crime of the Century

           Posted by barrypopik (Profile)
           Thursday, May 13th at 8:22AM EDT
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           Maurice Strong is the environmental George Soros. Most people don’t know who
           Maurice Strong is. You shouldn’t be one of them.

           Glen Beck discussed the Chicago Climate Exchange (where Strong is a board
           member) about a week ago, and I’ve been waiting for Beck to return to the “Crime Inc.”
           topic and bring up Strong’s name. Beck did so for a segment on Wednesday. Beck
           then said to his audience: “You find everything you can on this man.” The
           “” address was listed on the screen. Beck warned that the
           internet was in the process of being scrubbed.

           First, a personal confession. I’m tired. I have a 10-month-old and a 2-year-old. Every
           day is a long day. My mother-in-law went into the hospital this past week. A firend of
           mine (in his 50s) passed away unexpectedly. I try my best every day to tell people not
           to kill Jews. I try my best to tell President Obama to stop spending money this nation
           doesn’t have. I’m tired. I’m tired that I have to defend the Constitution from the
           President and from Congress. I have worked all my life to tell the truth of this country’s
           history, and I’ve become modestly known–though penniless–for my work. This is my
           second RedState post this morning. I’ll try to tell the story about Maurice Strong, but it
           will be in more than one part. I’m tired.

           Glenn Beck connected the dots to the “crime of the century” over a week ago, and the
           MSM was silent. He showed the union leader here, and the union leader there, and

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           the Soros-funded groups over there, and there’s Bill Ayers’ brother over here, and
           there’s Barack Obama. The press yawned.

           This post by Newshounds Beck critic Aunty Em on May 2nd, “The Beck Week That
           Was;Beck Whines About The Media Ignoring His Expose Comparing Regulation To
           One World Government And Slavery,” sums up the MSM thinking:

           The official transcript doesn’t mention a “Global Government” and “New World Order,”
           but Beck knows what dog whistle will have his audience baying at the moon when he
           lays out his new phony-boloney, connect-the-dots, conspiracy between Al Gore, Cap &
           Trade, Goldman Sachs, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae and, of course, Socialist
           President Barack Obama. He was right in his opening, though. Not a single media
           outlet picked up on the story and he was left whining about it the next morning on his
           Radio Drama Theatre. Media Matters said other media didn’t report it, quite rightly,
           “Because it’s delusional and stupid, Glenn.” Simon Maloy wrote a very funny article,
           well worth reading for yourselves.

           What Beck fails to take into account, whenever he whines about one of his exposés
           being ignored, is how rapacious the media is at uncovering real news. Try and stop it.
           However, Beck would rather have the Fourth Estate connecting the dots between non-
           related coincidences and natural business connections, as he does, to find a
           conspiracy behind every bush. The simple fact is this: Even the most passionate
           Obama-loving reporter would chase a real story that could bring down the Obama
           administration, because journalists covet Pulitzer Prizes more than administration
           gratitude. If there were any reality to a single one of ‘Jimmy Olsen’ Beck’s Big Scoops,
           a real reporter would jump on the story faster than he could jump on a chocolate éclair.
           No, Glenn, the deafening silence you hear is the sound of reporters ignoring nothing at

           I let Aunty Em have it, even pointing out that she used a fake quote of Samuel Adams.
           While she immediately replied to someone else to correct the spelling error of a word,
           she wouldn’t reply to me. I said that the MSM interest doesn’t mean there’s nothing
           here. I solved the origin of “the Big Apple” and no newspaper in New York City would
           cover it, even though they daily put a teenage whore named Amy Fisher on their front
           pages. A guy connected the dots to the SEC and said “I THINK BERNIE MADOFF IS
           RUNNING A PONZI SCHEME” and the SEC did nothing. The John Edwards scandal

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           was discovered by the National Enquirer.

           You expect the MSM to tell you about Maurice Strong and to connect the dots? Who
           has the time or the resources to look into this? Why not just run photos of Tiger Woods’
           150th mistress?

           Plus, Glenn Beck connected the dots. Strike one. Obama is the president, and he’s
           very powerful. Strike two. If one of the MSM picks up this story and accuses people in
           power, bad things could happen. If the MSM doesn’t pick it the story, who will take
           notice of something that isn’t reported?

           Beck confessed last night that his producer cried when going over this stuff. It could be
           dangerous to them. Friends of Obama have been organizing a boycott of Beck’s
           advertisers for the past year.

           “Question with boldness,” my friend.

           To find out about Maurice Strong, go to his Wikipedia page. You’ll notice at the top:
           “Editing of this article by new or unregistered users is currently disabled.”

           A check of the page’s history shows about 30 edits on May 12th alone.

           The Maurice Strong Wikipedia page intro is this:

           Maurice F. Strong, PC, CC, OM, FRSC (born April 29, 1929) is a Canadian
           businessman. He is an entrepreneur, environmentalist, and one of the world’s leading
           proponents of the United Nations’s involvement in world affairs.

           Born in Oak Lake, Manitoba, Strong had his start as a petroleum entrepreneur and
           became president of Power Corporation until 1966. In the early 1970s he was
           Secretary-General of the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment and
           then became the first Executive Director of the United Nations Environment
           Programme. He returned to Canada to become Chief Executive Officer of Petro-
           Canada from 1976 to 1978. He headed Ontario Hydro, one of North Americas largest
           power utilities, was national President and Chairman of the Extension Committee of

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           the World Alliance of YMCAs, and headed American Water Development

           Today Strong lives in the People’s Republic of China,[citation needed] and is
           President of the Council of the United Nations’s University for Peace. UPEACE is the
           only university in the UN system able to grant degrees at the masters and doctoral. He
           is an active honorary professor at Peking University and Honorary Chairman of its
           Environmental Foundation. He is Chairman of the Advisory Board for the Institute for
           Research on Security and Sustainability for Northeast Asia.[citation needed]

           The short fact about Maurice Strong is that he’s a very rich man. Whether he believes
           the climate crap he proposes or not, it’s certain that he’ll become wealthier if
           governments go along with his plans. There’s a certain honesty to that. Like: “Al Gore
           is making $100 million off of this scam. Joe Lieberman.Lindsey Graham, what’s your

           What Maurice Strong professes top believe are things that I firmly do not believe.
           Maurice Strong has worked with the United Nations for a very long time and trusts it to
           be a leader on Cap & Trade schemes. (I believe that the United Nations is a fraud.)
           Maurice Strong is a socialist and believes that rich countries should share the wealth.
           (I don’t believe that it’s the role of any government to redistribute earned income.)
           Maurice Strong believes that the world is overpopulated, as Malthus predicted, and
           that a China one-child policy, abortions, wars, sterilization, low sperm counts and such
           are all good things. (I believe that my wife should have as many babies as she wants.)
           Maurice Strong believes in a “New World Order,” with global rules with global courts
           and a global currency. (See my opinions on the United Nations failed experiment
           when talking about anything “global.” The United States must never surrender its

           Maurice Strong’s views are a direct danger to the United States of America. The only
           “good” thing about him is that his name is now an obvious red flag to us.

           Glenn Beck has asked for Maurice Strong videos. There are plenty.

           I’ve cautioned everyone here before about Jesse Ventura’s conspiracy theories (such

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           as 9-11). There is a nine-minute video, “Maurice Strong at root of Global Warming
           Scam,” and it’s probably the most accessible summary of the Maurice Strong story. I
           know it’s Jesse Ventura and Tru TV, but the opening is pasted from other videos and
           the interview of a Strong associate is OK.

           There’s a nine-minute CBC (Canada) documentary, “Maurice Strong’s unprecedented
           rise to power.” It’s OK, but it doesn’t exactly ask tough questions of its subject.

           Definitely check out “Lord Christopher Monckton exposes Climate Change scam and
           Maurice Strong.” Lord Monckton is the anti-Strong. God bless Monckton! (Also Tru TV,
           For what that’s worth.)

           There is a lengthy, four-part “Alan Watt on Alex Jones Tv 1/4:Who is Maurice Strong?”
           Skip it. There’s very little here about Maurice Strong. It’s mostly Alex Jones on the
           usual New World Order stuff–some of which I agree with, some of which I most
           certainly do not agree with. The visual is just a talking head.

           Good stuff:

           The Maurice Strong File
           Posted on May 12, 2010. Filed under: General Info | Tags: Maurice Strong |

           Thank God Glenn Beck is finally catching on to this. We have been telling you about it
           for the better part of a year. Below is some of the info we have on Maurice Strong and
           you can find much more about him and others targeting our way of life on our sister
           site Watchdog Central, at the last link. Please tell your friends. We must stop this now,
           although it may be too late. The more people that know, the better our chances.

           These Include:

           Maurice Strong, Agenda 21 and more from Lord Moncton
           Posted on October 20, 2009.
           (Monckton mentions Strong during an interview with Glenn Beck — B.P.)

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           Maurice Strong – The Interview
           Posted on December 16, 2009
           (Four videos of a Maurice Strong interview–B.P.)

           This includes articles from the Canadian press:

           Maurice Strong – Man Behind Agenda 21- Part 1
           Posted on October 19, 2009.
           The new world devised by Maurice Strong and George Soros
           United Nations and its carefully managed One World Order

           By Judi McLeod Monday, November 24, 2008

           According to financial experts, the world, as we know it will change dramatically by the
           year 2012. People, who provided for their families only three years ago, will be
           desperately searching for food. The story of the economic meltdown of 2008 begins
           and ends with the United Nations and its carefully managed One World Order. Behind
           the curtain of this dark chapter in human misery are ogres Maurice Strong and George

           This was written back in October 2009. RedState’s Cold Warrior added some

           My Epiphany – It all boils down to this!
           Posted on October 20, 2009
           As I assembled the Maurice Strong Database, all of a sudden I understood.

           I am not a researcher, I am not a journalist, I have a full time job away from here. I am
           just a citizen, like you. None the less, I think I have it figured out.

           Everything that is wrong with this country – all of it boils down to the United Nations
           and Agenda 21 but more importantly, it boils down to one man – Maurice Strong
           Cap and trade

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           *Strong in an interview at WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM – WASHINGTON, D.C. on
           APRIL 4, 2001 was asked about biodiversity and smart growth helping with energy
           issues: Absolutely and also paradox, we are going to see higher energy prices, and
           higher energy prices will provide a very strong incentive for people to use energy more
           efficiently [JV: like giving a dog a bone]. Not that one should advocate high prices, but
           high prices are not all bad, they will permit people, and even [encourage] people to
           use energy more efficiently.


           *Why am I not surprised to see his name involved with cap-and-trade? Let’s see, he
           was involved in Oil for Food, and cash funneled via U.N. agencies to North Korea, and
           under Kofi Annan received a million dollar check bankrolled by Saddam Hussein’s
           U.N.-sanctioned regime that was delivered by Tongsun Park—Maurice Strong
           embodies all that is sinister and shady.

           Today he is involved in the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX), the only firm in the U.S.
           that trades carbon credits, no doubt because he cares about the environment.

           This reveals the plots for 2012:

           Maurice Strong- Man Behind Agenda 21 – Part 2
           Posted on October 20, 2009
           The biggest threat to the sovereignty of the United States has to be United Nations
           Agenda 21. Its tentacles are so interwoven into our lives it is like an aggressive cancer.

           This cancer, Agenda 21, also known as Local Agenda 21 or LA-21, is nothing short of
           an attack on this country. It came to life in 1992 and is spreading across the globe with
           the help of anyone who happens to buy into the idea of a global threat. Its real purpose
           is hidden inside a cloaked presentation of environmental sustainability, however, it is
           about control of your life, your children’s lives, their children’s lives and on into

           Maurice Strong is an admitted socialist. His sister was a Marxist. He thinks you and
           yours have eaten too much, used too much and now must pay. Of course like every

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           elite socialist, that just means you, not him, or his fellow elitist.

           Youth must be indoctrinated, of course. Strong has the Earth Scouts:

           Maurice Strong and the Indoctrination of Our Youth
           Posted on December 16, 2009.

           Soldier for Liberty also tells us that Maurice Strong has his hands in our healthcare
           information as well:

           Soldier for Liberty Exclusive: “Roger” This? Maurice Strong connection to Future of US
           Posted on October 26, 2009
           Introducing “Roger”

           “Roger” is Preventive Medicine’s innovative and proprietary health and lifestyle
           behavioral change model for the health insurance sector. Information on their website
           says it was “created by physicians, psychologists, IT gurus, health and lifestyle experts,
           and e-learning wizards. It boasts it meets people where they are in their everyday lives
           and engages members through fun, visual and 3-D e-learning modalities to improve
           optimal health, wellbeing and your bottom line…

           “Roger” accomplishes it’s wellness goals by applying a browser based preventive
           care and lifesyle management approach that concentrates on daily personal
           encouragement, community support, and goal achievement indicators.”
           What’s the icing on top of the cake? Guess who’s on the board of directors for
           wonderful new friend “Roger”?

           Maurice Strong

           Oh, and by the way.. not that this necessarily means anything, the company is located

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           in the same building as The National Institute of Health in Bethesda, MD.

           This must be stopped. Maurice Strong’s plans are not in America’s interest. Cap &
           Trade has now been renamed “The American Power Act.” If passed, America will lose
           its power.

           “Soldier for Liberty” has done yeoman work on Maurice Strong. Glenn Beck should
           present all of it to his wider audience.

           I’m tired. Maybe more later.

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