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Illinois Foia Blank Forms - PDF

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Illinois Foia Blank Forms document sample

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									                                   TABLE OF CONTENTS

   I.   FOIA Management Directive Freedom of Information Act (revised 20091207)

  II.   FOIA Forms (revised 20100127)

           a. Sample FOIA Request for Information

           b. Police FOIA Request for Information

           c. Sample FOIA 5 Day Extension

           d. Waiver Reduction of Copy Fees

           e. Form for Pre-Approval of Exemption

           f.   Sample Response Granting a FOIA Request

           g. Sample Response Denying a FOIA Request

           h. Sample Response Granting FOIA in Part and Denying Request

 III.   Council District Map

 IV.    Elected Officials

  V.    FOIA Departmental Records Officers

 VI.    FOIA Frequently Asked Questions Regarding FOIA Act

VII.    FOIA General Information

VIII.   FOIA Index of Records

 IX.    Organizational Chart

                                                                              Revised 100112
                    Office of the City Manager
TO:            Department Heads and Staff

FROM:          Scott Moore, City Manager

DATE:          December 7, 2009


This directive constitutes the rules and procedures for access to the records of the City
of Peoria, Illinois. It shall be included in all copies of the City’s Freedom of Information
Act directory.

This order sets forth procedures to ensure that citizen requests for access to public
records of the City of Peoria, Illinois, will be processed with the timeliness and
cooperative spirit envisioned by the Illinois Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Illinois
Compiled Statutes, 5 ILCS 140/1).


Each department head shall:

               1. Formally designate a department records officer and a deputy records
                  officer to act in the absence of the regularly designated records
                  officer, who shall be responsible to the department head for oversight
                  and administration of the responsibilities of the department and its
                  employees under the FOIA and the Local Records Act; and

               2. Provide a procedure within the department to promptly refer all written
                  requests for records and/or phone calls asking for the department
                  records officer to the proper individual during all business hours of the
                  department, including the periods of illness and vacation or other
                  absence of the designated records officer.

               3. Have FOIA forms readily available to facilitate citizens who seek to
                  make a request for public records.

The department records officer (or designee) shall:

               1. Receive and process all requests for records received by said
                  department within the time frame of the FOIA and following the
                  procedures outlined in the FOIA and this directive; and
               2. Maintain a file of all requests for records, responses to requests, time
                  extension notices, and letters of denial of access to records; and
                  promptly forward to the City Clerk a copy of all such items.

               3. Immediately hand deliver or fax (please do not send the request by
                  inter-office mail) the City Clerk’s Office, a copy of all FOIA requests to
                  enable them to prepare a cover memo and ensure that the request is
                  directed to the appropriate department(s) for response.

               4. Begin processing the request immediately upon its receipt without
                  waiting for the Clerk’s Office to return the request with the cover


The City Manager shall designate a City Records Officer who shall have the
responsibilities listed below. Until further notice, the Communications Manager shall
serve as the City of Peoria Records Officer.

Responsibilities of the City of Peoria Records Officer shall be to:

   1. Annually update and distribute the City of Peoria FOIA directory (or more often
      should there be a change by law or court decision);

   2. In conjunction with the City Corporation Counsel and the City Clerk, annually
      provide training for department records officers;


   1. Request for Records and Response: Upon response to a request for records,
      each department records officer shall immediately forward to the City Clerk for
      filing a copy of the request form and the response. If the City’s request form has
      been used, a copy of the fully completed form (both the request portion
      completed and signed by the requester and the response portion as completed
      and signed by the department) shall be sufficient. If the City’s form was not
      used, a copy of the written request and the department’s written response must
      be forwarded to the City Clerk. Each department shall also maintain a file of all
      requests and the responses as received and processed by said department.

   2. Denial and/or Time Extension Records: If a denial of request or an extension
      of response time is made, a copy of the written request and the letter (or form) of
      denial and/or letter (or form) extending response time shall be forwarded to the
      City Clerk at the same time the letter of denial or time extension is written and

   3. FOIA Required File of Denial and/or Time Extension Records: As required
      by the FOIA, the City Clerk shall maintain the file of all denials of records and
      letters extending response time within the City government of Peoria, Illinois.
      Any subsequent letter or written record of an action which modifies or changes a

     denial previously made shall be copied to the City Clerk so that the Clerk’s file
     can be kept accurate.


  1. To Place a Request for Records: Whenever possible, a citizen should place a
     request with the department serving as the keeper of the particular record(s)
     requested. Information on the appropriate department to contact may be
     obtained from the City’s Records Officer or the City Clerk. For the time
     requirements of the Illinois FOIA to be in effect, the request must be made in

  2. Request Form: Each department shall have available a supply of City of Peoria
     Request for Information forms. A blank copy of the request form is printed in the
     front of each City of Peoria FOIA directory. Additional copies of the request form
     are also available from the City Clerk’s Office, Room 401, City Hall.

  3. Written Request: Receipt by the City of a written request for access to public
     records invokes the provisions of the FOIA and starts the time running for the
     required response time as mandated in the Illinois FOIA. Therefore, all written
     requests shall be signed by the individual making the request and be dated,
     timed, and signed by the staff person receiving the written request. Each
     department receiving a written request for information shall forward a copy of the
     request and response to the City Clerk.

  4. Timeliness of Response to Request for Records: The Illinois FOIA requires
     that any copy of public records requested by a citizen must be furnished within
     five business days. In addition, the FOIA provides seven reasons for which the
     reply time may be extended for an additional five business days. The person
     placing the request for information must be notified in writing within the first five
     days if the City is extending the response time an additional five days. In
     addition, a copy of the extension notification must be filed with the City Clerk.

         a. Any employee receiving a written request for access to public records
            shall immediately forward such request to their department’s records
            officer for review.

         b. The request should be granted immediately and the record produced at
            that time if:

                   1) a citizen merely desires to see and read and/or make a
                      handwritten copy of the record;

                   2) the department records officer determines that the requested
                      record contains no information to which access could be
                      questioned and possibly denied under the FOIA; and

                   3) proper supervision of the person and record can be conveniently
                      maintained without unduly disrupting the necessary work of the
                      department at that time.

           c. If prompt access would obstruct or hinder work of the department at that
              time, the request for record(s) should be accepted and the information
              provided at a subsequent date within the time frame outlined in the FOIA.

   5. Denial of Access to Records: A denial shall only be rendered by a department
      records officer after consultation with the assistant corporation counsel normally
      providing legal advice to their department. The legal opinion shall prevail.

       All denials shall be made in writing within five working days after receipt of the
       request (or within ten business days after receipt of the request if the City has
       taken appropriate action to seek an extension). Per the Illinois FOIA, the denial
       must be in writing and must include:

           a. the reason for the denial;

           b. the names and titles or positions of each person responsible for the

           c. reference by section number and letter to the specific section of the FOIA
              used to authorize the denial; and

           d. a sentence informing the requester of their right to appeal the decision in
              writing to the Public Access Counselor or initiating an action for judicial
              review in the Tenth Judicial Circuit Court of Peoria County.

Whenever possible, the department making the denial should use the City’s Denial of
Request for Record form which is included in each City of Peoria FOIA directory.
Additional copies of the form are also available from the City Clerk’s Office.

For the City of Peoria, the “head of the public body” is the City Manager.

   6. Furnishing Copies: If it appears that the cost for copying the requested records
      will exceed $5, the requester should be advised of the approximate cost before
      the copies are made.

   The requester can ask for a waiver of fee or a reduced fee for copying charges. The
   City of Peoria Request for Waiver of Fee or Reduced Charge form is included in the
   City’s FOIA directory.

   According to the Illinois FOIA, a request for waiver/reduction will be granted only if:

   a. the person requesting the documents states the specific purpose for the requests,

   b. indicates that a waiver or reduction of the fee is in the public interest.

   The Illinois FOIA defines waiver for public interest as such: “waiver or reduction of
   the fee is in the public interest if the principal purpose of the request is to access and
   disseminate information regarding the health, safety and welfare or the legal rights of
   the general public and is not for the principal purpose of personal or commercial

   In setting the waiver or reduction, the City may take into account the amount of
   materials requested and the cost of copying them.


   1. Copy charge: 10 cents per copy (per side), 50 cents per color copy (per side);
      unless otherwise posted. Said posting must be prominently displayed at all
      photocopy machines in all City departments. No fees may be charged for the
      first 50 pages of black and white, letter or legalized copies.

   2. Charge for booklets and other specially produced items printed in-house shall
      include all material costs (i.e. cover, binders, etc.) – but in no case can any labor
      costs of City employees be included in the charge.

   3. Charge per item for booklets and other specially produced materials printed by a
      commercial firm shall be determined by dividing the actual charge to the City
      from the printer by the number of copies printed.

   4. Cost for certifying public records shall be $1 for each certification attached to the
      record or records.

   5. The cost of furnishing a copy of microfilm, photographic prints or negatives, EDP
      tape, computer diskettes, audio recording tape, movie film, video tape of film
      cassettes, etc., shall be the actual cost of materials, any commercial contractual
      charges incurred (per copy),– in no case can any labor costs of City employees
      be included in the charge.


Requests for records stored in electronic data processing/computer (EDP) form only,
and requiring specific action by EDP operations employees such as programming or
setting up batch retrieval or report printing operations, etc., shall be referred to the
department records officer in the department responsible for the information requested.
The department records officer shall confer with the EDP operations manager as to the
best manner to meet the request.

The EDP operations manager shall not provide any data for FOIA access requests
without approval of the department records officer responsible for the data.

If the records are furnished in the form of printed, plain language reports, the department
records officer shall ensure data labeling is adequately communicative. Other forms
(tapes, floppy discs, raw data dumps, etc.) shall be adequately labeled/described by
EDP operations personnel.

If the records data requested are available in part on different printed reports, EDP
personnel shall attempt to consolidate the information into one report if such action does
not result in undue special programming. When it is not possible to reduce the
information to a single report, the department records officer shall remove non-
accessible information from the records before presenting them to the requester.


The City of Peoria FOIA publication shall be displayed in a suitable manner in the public
reception area of each of the City’s administrative offices.

Copies of the City’s FOIA publication are available from the City Clerk or the
Communications Manager.

U: FOIA Act memo 091208 revised 

                                          Request for Information
                                       From the City of Peoria, Illinois
                                Under the Illinois Freedom of Information Act

Name (Please print):________________________________________________________________________________

Street Address:____________________________________________________________________________________


Home Phone:_______________________________Work Phone:____________________________________________

I hereby request to inspect/copy the following records: (List records sought to be inspected) Circle whichever choice is

Is this a request for Commercial Purposes.    _____Yes______No

Month, day, date, year, time records requested:______________________________________

Signature of individual making request:_____________________________________________

I hereby verify that I received on the date so noted those records requested which are available for inspection under the
Freedom Of Information Act.


                                                   Office Use Only
The records so requested have been reviewed and are appropriate for release under the guidelines of the Illinois Freedom of
Information Act.

Except for the following records:_____________________________________________________________________________

Reason access was denied to above listed records (list names and titles of all persons authorizing denial and specify
exact section of the Illinois FOIA which applies):


Signature, title and department of employee reviewing records:


Of the records requested, copies were provided of the following:______________________________________________


The records requested were presented to such an individual for inspections at:

_____________on the______________day of_____________________, __________________.
  Time                 Date                 Month               Year

Date Due,__________ Date Extension requested___________, New Date Due________

Signature, title and department of employee presenting records for inspections:

___________________________________________ Fee Collected: $_________________________________

                                                                                            Sample FOIA Request for Information
                                                                                                              Revised 100127
#                   Date Due______ _ Date Extension requested____ ____ _ New Date Due___                                        _____

                                       PEORIA POLICE DEPARTMENT
                                    FREEDOM OF INFORMATION REQUEST
                                                                 MJH 01/10

The Freedom of Information Act is an act in relation to access of public records and documents. Other State or Federal laws
such as the Privacy and Security Act or the Juvenile Court Act, may take precedence over the Freedom of Information Act,
and may prevent your access to all or part of the information you have requested.

The Act allows us five (5) business days, excluding weekends and holidays to comply with your request. You will be
notified by mail as to whether your request was approved or denied. If denied, the reason for denial will be included in your
letter. If approved, your letter will indicate when and where your copy will be made available. The first fifty (50) pages are
free for black and white copies. There is a .10 cents fee for each additional copied page of information. The Ciy may
require payment of fees prior to making copies, depending on the amount of documents requested. Otherwise, fees
are payable upon receipt of documents.

To assist a search pertaining to your request and help us determine your right to access, please complete the information
requested below.

Your Name (please print)                                          Address

City/State/Zip                                                   Telephone Number

                                             INFORMATION REQUESTED
POLICE INCIDENT REPORT NUMBER (if known): ____________________________________

Incident Type: _______________________________________________ Incident Date: _____________________.
                      (e.g.: burglary, assault, battery)

Incident Location: _____________________________________________________________________________

Is this request for commercial purposes?                     YES                  NO
    Commercial purpose means the use of any part of a public record or records, or information derived from public records, in any form,
    for sale, resale, or solicitation or advertisement for sales or services.


Name: _______________________________________________ D.O.B.: _________________                               Sex: M        F

Address: _____________________________________________________________________________________

Name: _______________________________________________ D.O.B.: _________________                               Sex: M        F

Address: _____________________________________________________________________________________

OTHER INFORMATION: ___________________________________________________________________



_________________________________ ____                                                       ___________________________
          Your Signature                                                                            Date of Request



Your request dated _______________ and received by the City of Peoria on
_____________________ for records of ________________________________
requires additional time to respond to your request as provided by Section 3(d) of the
Illinois Freedom of Information Act ILCS 140/3. This additional time is required

      a) the requested records are stored on whole or in part at other locations that the
         office having charge of the requested records;
      b) the request requires the collection of a substantial number of specified records;
      c) the request is covered in categorical terms and require an extensive search for
         the records responsive to it;
      d) the requested records have not been located in the course of routine search and
         additional efforts are being made to locate them;
      e) the requested records require examination and evaluation by personnel having
         the necessary competence and discretion to determine if they are exempt from
         disclosure under sections 7 and 7.5 of the Act or should be revealed only with
         appropriate deletion;
      f) the request for records cannot be compiled with by the public body within the
         time limits prescribed by paragraph (c) of this Section without unduly burdening
         or interfering with the operations of the public body;
      g) there is a need for consultation, which shall be conducted with all practical
         speed, with another public body or among two or more components of a public
         body having a substantial interest in the determination or on the subject matter of
         the request.

The records you have requested will be made available by _________________.



cc:      Mary L. Haynes, City Clerk, MMC
         Clifton Mitchell, Senior Attorney
         Alma Brown, Communications Manager

                                                                Sample FOIA 5 Day Extension Letter
                                CITY OF PEORIA

Pursuant to the Illinois Freedom of Information Act, the undersigned hereby certifies:

   1. That the undersigned desires to inspect and copy the following documents:

   2. That the undersigned seeks to receive these documents without fee or at a
      reduced charge.

   3. That the specific purpose for this document request is as follows:

   4. That the waiver or reduction of the duplication fee is in the public interest.*

   Signature of applicant: __________________________ Date: ___________

   Check appropriate action: _________ Waiver or _________ Reduction in Fee

   _____________ Granted _______________ Denied

   Staff signature and title: ____________________________ Date: _________

   *Note: A fee waiver/reduction will be granted only if it appears that the principal
   purpose of the request is to access and disseminate information regarding the
   health, safety and welfare or the legal rights of the general public and not for the
   principal purpose of personal or commercial benefit. Explanation as to why the fee
   waiver or reduction should be granted.

Please explain why the waived reduction of fee is in the public interest.

                                                                   Waiver/Reduction of Copy Fees
                                                                                 Revised 100119
** Note to Public Body: Before denying a request, in whole or in part, based on an exemption
in Section 7(1)(c) or 7(1)(f) of the Freedom of Information Act, you must provide written notice to
the Public Access Counselor and the requester of the intent to deny the request on this basis.
5 ILCS 140/9.5(b). Completing and submitting this form to the Public Access Counselor and to
the requester will constitute written notice of the public body’s intent to deny the requester’s
FOIA request in whole or in part based upon the exemption in Section 7(1)(c) of 7(1)(f) of the
Freedom of Information Act.

Name of Public Body:

Contact Information for FOIA Officer: ______________________________________________


Signature of FOIA Officer: _______________________________________________________

Exemption claimed by public body (check which applies):

       ___The requested records contain personal information and the disclosure of this
information would constitute a clearly unwarranted invasion of personal privacy. 5 ILCS
140/7(1) (c).

       ___The requested records are preliminary drafts, notes, recommendations, memoranda
or other records in which opinions are expressed, or policies or actions are formulated.

Proposed response to the requestor’s FOIA request by the public body (attach additional pages,
if necessary):




Detailed summary of the basis for asserting the exemption (attach additional pages, if




                       ***ATTACH A COPY OF THE FOIA REQUEST***

     The Public Access Counselor will not accept this Notice of Pre-Approval without
                  attachment of a copy of the FOIA request in question.

                                                              Form for Pre-Approval of Use of Exemption
                                                                               (Notice of Intent to Deny)
                                                                                        Revised 100127


Thank you for writing to (name of public body) with your request for information pursuant to the
Illinois Freedom of Information Act, 5 ILCS 140/1 et seq.

On (insert date received by public body), you requested the following documents: (insert
description of information requested, or restate their request). Your request has been granted.

(If the number of black and white copies is 50 copies of fewer:) We have enclosed copies of the
documents that you requested.

(If the number of black and white copies is greater than 50, or if the copies are color in a size
other than letter or legal size, state the following:) In keeping with the copying fees allowed by
the Illinois Freedom of Information Act, 5 ILCS 140)6(b), the cost of your copies is $________.
Please send us a check or money order, made payable to _________________for this amount.


(Name of FOIA Officer and contact information)

CC:    Mary Haynes, City Clerk
       Clifton Mitchell, Senior Attorney
       Alma Brown, Communications Manager

                                                          Sample Response Granting a FOIA Request 



Your request dated ________________ and received by the City of Peoria on
__________________ is hereby denied. The record(s) you requested are exempt from
disclosure under Section 7 ____ of the Illinois Freedom of Information Act, 5 ILCS
140/7, because:

If you believe this interpretation of the law is incorrect, you may, in accordance with
Section 9 of the Illinois Freedom of Information Act, 5 ILCS 140/9, seek review of this
decision by the Public Access Counselor Cara Smith, Office of the Attorney General,
500 South 2nd Street, Springfield, IL, 62706, FAX: 217-782-1346, email:, or, alternatively, you may seek judicial review of this
decision by filing a lawsuit on the Tenth Judicial Circuit Court of Peoria County,
pursuant to §11 of the Act.



cc:     Mary L. Haynes, City Clerk, MMC
        Clifton Mitchell, Senior Staff Attorney
        Alma Brown, Communications Manager

                                                       Sample Response Denying a FOIA Request



Your request dated ________________ and received by the City of Peoria on
__________________ is hereby granted in part. Some portion(s) of the record(s) are
exempt from disclosure under Section 7 ____ of the Illinois Freedom of Information Act,
5 ILCS 140/7, because:

If you believe this interpretation of the law is incorrect, you may, in accordance with
Section 9 of the Illinois Freedom of Information Act, 5 ILCS 140/9, seek review of this
decision by the Public Access Counselor, Cara Smith, Office of the Attorney General,
500 South 2nd Street, Springfield, IL, 62706, FAX: 217-782-1346, email: or, alternatively, you may seek judicial review of this
decision by filing a lawsuit on the Tenth Judicial Circuit Court of Peoria County pursuant
to §11 of the Act.



cc:     Mary L. Haynes, City Clerk, MMC
        Clifton Mitchell, Senior Attorney
        Alma Brown, Communications Manager

                                                  Sample Response Granting a FOIA Request In Part
                                                                  And Denying the Request in Part
                                                                                 Revised 100127
                                          CITY OF PEORIA
                                          419 Fulton Street
                                           Peoria, IL 61602

                                           Elected Officials

Officials                  Address                                 Office/Cell   Residence

Mayor (Term expires: May 5, 2013)

Jim Ardis                        6141 N. Evergreen Circle, 61614   494-8519      692-1149

Councilmen-At-Large (Term expires: May 1, 2011)

George F. Jacob                  10727 N. Dana Dr, 61615           692-2883      243-1838

Jim Montelongo                   3015 Brookside Drive, 61615       740-7230      688-3439

Gary V. Sandberg                 1810 N. Bigelow St, 61604         678-2280      682-2564

Ryan Spain                       6502 N. Post Oak R., 61614        253-2489      550-5021

W. Eric Turner                   6212 N. Teal Wood Cir, 61615      253-2489      686-8615

District Councilmen (Term expires: May 5, 2013)

1st Clyde E. Gulley, Jr.         1303 S. Arago St, 61605           253-0827      673-9868

2nd Barbara S. Van Auken         2807 N. Linn St, 61604            265-6233      688-3039

3rd Timothy D. Riggenbach        521 W. Stonegate Rd., 61614       369-5233      688-5149

4th William R. Spears            2225 E. Overhill Rd, 61615                      688-0960

5th Dan Irving                   10708 N. Alex Drive, 61615        369-8391      243-9981

City Clerk (Term expires: May 5, 2013)
Mary L. Haynes                 4615 N. California Ave, 61614       494-8565      685-8174

City Treasurer (Term expires: May 5, 2013)
Patrick Nichting               10507 N. Sleepy Hollow Rd., 61615   494-8545      692-5580

City Assessor (Term expires: December, 2013)
Bonnie Gavin                  5735 N. Woodlawn Ct., 61614          494-8180      688-3833
                                 City of Peoria – Departmental Records Officers 

Department                                  Records Officer                            Phone 

Animal Shelter                              Lauren Malmberg                            494‐8160 
2600 N.E. Perry, 61603                      Vicky Jones                                494‐8944          
City Clerk’s Office                         Mary Haynes                                494‐8565 
City Hall‐Room 401                          Beth Ball                                  494‐8567 
City Treasurer’s Office                     Patrick Nichting                           494‐8545 
City Hall – Room 100                        Darlene Coates                             494‐8541 
Communications Manager                      Alma Brown                                 494‐8554 
City Hall – Room 207                        Communications Manager 
Economic Development                        Susan Schlupp                              494‐8644          
City Hall – Room 403                        Stephanie Doss                             494‐8641 
                                            Rachel Parker                              494‐8646          
Emergency Communications                    David Tuttle                               494‐8035 
542 S. W. Adams, 61602                      Connie Dunkin                              494‐8000 
                                            Kathleen Clark                             494‐8000 
ESDA                                        Duane Deppolder                            494‐8077 
3615 N. Dr., 61614                          ESDA Planner 
Equal Opportunity                           David Watkins                              494‐8528          
City  Hall – Room 303                       Dawn Henson                                494‐8529 
Finance Department                          Connie Colvin                              494‐8511 
City Hall – Room 111                        Bob Golden                                 494‐8517 
Fire Department                             Greg Walters                               494‐8732 
505 N.E. Monroe, 61603                      Melanie Anderson                           494‐8794 
                                            Emil Steniseifer                           494‐8755 
Information System                          Mike King                                  494‐8113 
542 S. W. Adams, 61602                      Rachel Cook                                494‐8106 
Inspections Department                      Joe Dulin                                  494‐8631 
Twin Towers – Room 402                      Kay Burroughs                              494‐8622 
                                            Linda Lard                                 494‐8617 
Legal Department                            Clifton Mitchell                           494‐8594 
City Hall – Room 207                        Kimberly King                              494‐8595 
                                            Randy Ray                                  494‐8592          
Mayor/City Manager                          Kristie Collier                            494‐8558 
City Hall – Room 207                        Linda Cooper                               494‐8555 
Human Resources                             Janet Tomlins                              484‐8586 
City Hall – Room 203                        Joe Smith                                  494‐8577                   
                                            Ed Hopkins                                 494‐8585          
                                                                                                   Revised 100107 

Planning & Growth                     Kimberly Smith                   494‐8612 
Twin Towers – Room 402                Gene Lear                        494‐8604 
                                      Ross Black                       494‐8601          
Police Department                     Martha Hammer                    494‐8346 
600 S.W. Adams, 61602                 Mary  Songer                     494‐8342 
                                      Doug Ward                        494‐8329          
Public Works                          Patti Pitcher                    494‐8805 
City Hall – Room 307                  Jeffrey Smith                    494‐8658 
                                      Bob Tyler                        494‐8885 
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                                                                                   Revised 100107 

 Frequently Asked Questions About the Freedom of Information
                Act and City of Peoria Records


All records maintained by the City of Peoria, except those exempt from
inspection by the Illinois Freedom of Information Act or other applicable State


Generally not.

The purpose of the Freedom of Information Act is to make public records
available for public inspection. It is the responsibility of individuals who request
to inspect records to do their own research and compilation from the records they
request for inspection.

If information is easily retrievable in a statistical or report format – such as
information stored in computer data programs, the requester can ask that the
information be produced in a specific format. However, the City is not required to
make staff available to research through files and other records to compile
statistical or other information upon request.


According to State law and the City’s FOIA Directive, requests to inspect records
of the City of Peoria should be made in writing to either the department which is
the keeper of the requested records or to the City Clerk’s Office in Room 401 of
Peoria City Hall.

The provisions of the FOIA are only triggered after receipt by the City of a written


The City has five business days to respond to a request. However, as provided
by State statute, the City can request an additional five (5) business day
extension for limited reasons – such as when the requested records are stored,
in part, in several different departments.

Peoria is a home rule City using the     Peoria has Sister City agreements
Council-Manager         form      of     with   Friedrichshafen,   Germany,
government.     Voters adopted the       Benxi, China, and Clonmel, Ireland.
Council-Manager         form      of
government on January 22, 1952, by       COUNCIL-MANAGER
a 2-1 margin (15,872 to 7,095).          GOVERNMENT

The Mayor and ten City Council           Council-Manager government is
Members        (five  elected    from    modeled on the organization of a
individual districts and five elected    business firm. The intent of Council-
from the City at-large) perform the      Manager government – as opposed
legislative function.                    to other styles such as the Strong
                                         Mayor or the Commission form of
The Mayor presides at all meetings       government – is to separate the
of the Council and is the policy         policy-making      and     managerial
spokesperson for the City.        The    functions of a City. Under Council-
Mayor is the official head of the City   Manager government, the City
recognized by the Courts for the         Council is the policy-making body,
purpose of serving civil process and     the “board of directors.” The City
by the Governor for all legal            Manager, appointed by and serving
purposes. The Mayor is also the          at the pleasure of the City Council as
Liquor Commissioner for the City.        a body, is the Chief Executive
The City Manager, appointed by and
serving at the pleasure of the City      A chief feature of the Council-
Council as a body, is the Chief          Manager system is the centralization
Executive Officer. The City Manager      of administrative authority. The City
exercises general supervision over       Manager appoints all department
all City departments, except as          heads and is responsible for
otherwise provided by law.               managing the day-to-day operations
                                         of the City. The Manager also keeps
The City Clerk and City Treasurer        the Council advised of the financial
are both elected by the citizens at-     condition and future needs of the
large.                                   City and makes recommendations to
                                         the Council on a variety of issues.
Peoria has been designated an All
American City three times by the         Peoria is one of the 140 Council-
National Civic League – 1953, 1966,      Manager forms of local government
and 1989.                                in the State of Illinois (ICMA:1997).

According to the 2000 census, the
City’s population is 112,936.
Elected Officials                         CITY COUNCIL

OFFICE OF THE MAYOR                       At-Large Council
                                          George F. Jacob
Jim Ardis                                 Jim Montelongo
Mayor                                     Gary V. Sandberg
                                          Ryan Spain
Under Peoria’s Council-Manager            W. Eric Turner
form of government, the Mayor is the
official head of the City. He is          District Council
elected at-large for a four-year term.    1 – Clyde E. Gulley, Jr.
In Peoria, the Mayor chairs and is a      2 – Barbara Van Auken
voting member of the City Council.        3 – Timothy Riggenbach
                                          4 – William R. Spears
The Mayor fulfills a leadership role of   5 – Dan Irving
interpreting City Council policies and
formulating      community       goals.   The City Council of Peoria consists
Because the City operates under a         of eleven Council Members. Five
Council-Manager          form        of   Council Members are elected from
government, the Mayor is neither          districts, and the Mayor and the
required nor expected to administer       other five Council Members are
the operation of the City departments     elected from the community at-large.
or personnel. The autonomy from           Council Members serve four-year
administrative responsibility allows      terms with elections staggered every
the Mayor to concentrate on policy        two years. (Mayoral and District
matters.                                  elections: 2013…; At-large elections:
                                          2011, 2015…)
The Mayor is the intergovernmental
leader of the City and is the City’s      It is the responsibility of the Council
liaison to elected officials and other    to establish policies and direction for
dignitaries throughout the world.         the City government, to be
The Mayor also signs all legal            responsive to the needs of the
documents, ordinances, resolutions,       community, and to be well informed
and proclamations of the City of          on issues before the Council.
Peoria.    He is the local Liquor

With the concurrence of the Council,
the Mayor makes appointments to
the    City’s    various    boards,
commissions and committees.
                                          hearings before the Council.      The
OFFICE OF THE CITY CLERK                  Clerk keeps the official seal and
                                          records and is responsible for
Mary L. Haynes, MMC                       properly managing and executing the
City Clerk                                official records of the City to ensure
                                          the integrity of the records for the
The City Clerk is an elected official,    citizens and the Courts. The Clerk
elected at-large and has the primary      and has developed an indexing
responsibility of keeping the official    system for City documents and has
record and documents of the City.         implemented the Paperless Agenda.
Known as the link to City
Government, the City Clerk and her        The Clerk is responsible to maintain
staff can assist you in reaching your     up-to-date City Codes and to provide
Council Representative, linking the       accurate information to citizens and
citizens to areas within the City         to the City Administration.         The
Administration and assisting in           Clerk’s office is responsible for
researching Council action, City          administering the Alcoholic Beverage
Regulations, Laws and Policy. For         Ordinance      and     issues    liquor
consultations or extensive research,      licenses, as well as keeping
citizens may contact the office at        complete files for the licensees.
494-8565.                                 The Clerk coordinates the Freedom
                                          of Information Act for the City.
Documents are the wheels that
move        government;       however,    By State Statute, per State Statute,
documents and Council action are          the Clerk sits as Trustee on the
usually not accepted by the Courts        Firemen’s Pension Fund Board. The
or other governmental entities until      Clerk has traditionally been elected
the Clerk certifies and verifies those    secretary and maintains all of the
documents or specific Council action      records of the fund, as well as
as official. The City Clerk's Office is   figuring     pension        benefits,
dedicated to meet the requirements        coordinating all of the meetings,
and deadlines prescribed by City,         proceedings,       notices      and
State and Federal law to ensure the       correspondence.
proper function of government; to
keep the official records of the City     The Clerk is ex-officio Town Clerk
Council, such as Proceedings,             with the Town of the City of Peoria
Resolutions Ordinances, Contracts,        formed as a Co-terminus Township.
Agreements,       and     all     other   The boundaries of the Township are
communications of the Council.            no longer contiguous with the
                                          boundaries of the City; however, the
The City Clerk attends all meetings       State has instructed the Township to
of the Council, including Council         operate as a co-terminus township.
Committees, Policy Sessions, and          The Township has its own Freedom
Executive    Sessions,     and    is      of Information Directory. The Clerk
responsible for the Council Agenda        reconciles the General Assistance,
and Notices of meetings and               General Town and IMRF funds and
coordinates meeting administration         Imprest,  and      Health    Benefits
for   this  separate   form      of        accounts.
                                           As an appointee of the Mayor, the
For further information, The Clerk’s       Treasurer serves as Trustee and
website can be accessed at                 Treasurer on the Firemen’s Pension, click officials,      Fund Board.         The Treasurer
click City Clerk.                          receives, deposits, and records all
                                           pension receipts daily.         The
                                           Treasurer also invests the pension
OFFICE OF THE CITY                         fund money. A financial report is
TREASURER                                  submitted monthly to the Pension
                                           Board     Trustees   on    receipts,
Patrick Nichting                           disbursements, and bank balances.
City Treasurer
                                           By statute, the Treasurer also serves
The City Treasurer, as an elected          as Treasurer of the Police Pension
official, has primary responsibility for   Fund.     The Treasurer receives,
the administration and management          deposits, and records all pension
of the collection and deposit of all       receipts daily. A financial report is
monies due the City. The Treasurer         submitted monthly to the Pension
oversees the collection, verification,     Board     Trustees    on     receipts,
receipt, deposit, and computer entry       disbursements, and bank balances.
of monies received in independent
departments such as the Animal
Shelter, Police, Fire, Library, Election
Commission,         and      Workforce
Development, as well as in the
Treasurer’s Office.

The City Treasurer records receipts
and disbursements for all funds. All
funds are reconciled to their
checking accounts. Financial reports
are prepared monthly and annually
for the City Council, and a
condensed version of the annual
report is published for the public.
Monthly reports are also created
from the division of fines and fees
collected by the County.       Dual
records are maintained with the
Finance Department for the check
and balance of City funds. Aside
from the revenue accounts, the
Treasurer balances the Payroll,
  Administrative                         animals and is responsible for
  Departments                            implementing programs that educate
                                         the public on the humane treatment
                                         of animals.     A humane educator
CITY MANAGER’S OFFICE                    visits all schools within Peoria
                                         County        teaching     students
Scott Moore                              responsible pet ownership, animal
City Manager                             safety, and how to humanely care for
The City Manager is the chief
administrative officer of the Peoria     The City of Peoria Animal Control
City government. He is appointed by      program conducts activities in the
and directly responsible to the City     community to reduce the number of
Council. The Manager is appointed        animals running at large, responds to
on the basis of his executive and        citizens’   complaints      regarding
administrative qualifications and his    nuisance or dangerous animals, and
experience     and     education    in   provides rescue for sick injured,
municipal     affairs.       As   the    abused, or abandoned animals.
administrative head of the City, the
Manager makes recommendations            The    Rabies    Control     program
to and implements the policies of the    prevents the spread of rabies,
Council.                                 provides animal control services, and
                                         reduces the threat of rabies to the
The City Manager is responsible for      community.
all   City   equipment,    facilities,
personnel, and services.          His    COMMUNICATION MANAGER
management responsibilities require
that he enforce all ordinances and       Alma Brown
regulations. The Manager appoints        Communications Manager
all department heads.
                                         The Communications Manager is
Each administrative department is        responsible for developing and
directly  responsible     for    its     coordinating    with  other    City
performance to the City Manager.         departments’ internal and external
                                         efforts to communicate with the
                                         citizens of Peoria about the City’s
Community Services                       programs,                 services,
                                         accomplishments, and goals using a
                                         variety of mediums.
                                         The office is the primary liaison
Lauren Malmberg                          between the citizen and City Hall.
Animal Shelter Director                  The office monitors and responds to
                                         citizen complaints and coordinates
The Animal Shelter provides humane       the production and dissemination of
housing for stray, lost or abandoned     materials to the public.
The     Communications        Manager    portable radios. They install and
serves as the City’s spokesperson        maintain most electronic equipment
for media inquiries, is the designated   that is used by public safety
records officer under the City’s         personnel. They also provide fixed
Freedom      of    Information     Act   base station support at numerous
procedures, and is the liaison with      antenna sites located around the
public event speakers.                   City.


David Tuttle                             Vacant
ECC Manager

The Emergency Communications             The    Economic      Development
Center (ECC) is responsible for all      Department is responsible for all
emergency             communications     economic development in the City.
coordination for the City of Peoria.
The ECC answers all 9-1-1 calls for      Activities include conferring with City,
the City of Peoria, and Peoria           State, and Federal officials and
County,       outside     Bartonville,   private developers on financing,
Chillicothe, and Peoria Heights.         marketing and economics involved in
                                         redeveloping urban areas; project
Activities include: answering 9-1-1      monitoring, negotiations, revenue
calls, dispatching Police, Fire, and     forecasting and other statistical
Emergency Medical personnel to           analyses; meeting with City officials,
emergency incidents.      Answering      business leaders and developers to
non-emergency request after hours        analyze and strategize on structuring
for Public Works, PAWS, Peoria           the financing involved to successfully
County Coroner, and JULIE locates        undertake       major     development
for the City.                            projects;      and     assisting      in
                                         development and implementation of
The ECC provides service to Peoria       a business retention program.
Police, Peoria Fire, Peoria County
Sheriff, Advanced Medical Transport,     EQUAL OPPORTUNITY OFFICE
and 9 volunteer ambulance services.
They also provide service to the         David Watkins
Peoria Park District Police, Peoria      EO Manager
School District 150 Police, Bradley
University Police, and the IL Air        The office of Equal Opportunity is a
National Guard Fire Department.          division of the City’s administration,
                                         which also includes the City
The Electronic Radio Shop provides       Manager’s Office.        The Equal
services to Peoria Police, Peoria        Opportunity Manager serves as an
Fire, Public Works, and PAWS.            advisor to the City Manager in all
They provide installation services for   matters related to the enforcement of
mobile radios and support for
the City’s fair practice ordinances       The     Finance     Department       is
and related federal and state laws.       responsible for all accounting,
                                          auditing, budgeting, payroll and
The Equal Opportunity Office is           purchasing functions for the City. All
responsible for the enforcement of        checks are issued and financial
the City’s Municipal Code pertaining      statements      compiled    by     the
to fair practices in the areas of         accounting division.      Under the
employment,        housing,    public     direction of the Director/Comptroller,
accommodations,       and    contract     the department performs fiscal
compliance. The office also provides      services for all City funds, special
staff support to the Fair Employment      funds, and those of the six (6) semi-
and Housing commission and the            independent boards.
Mayor’s Advisory Committee for the
Disabled. The office’s jurisdiction is    The Budget Coordinator assists the
restricted to Peoria’s corporate City     City Manager in the preparation and
limits.                                   administration of the annual budget.
                                          The budgeting division also works
The City Manager appointed the            with all City departments to create
Equal Opportunity Manager as the          the annual budget and monitors
ADA Coordinator. In this capacity,        revenues and expenditures against
the Equal Opportunity Manager             the budget throughout the year.
oversees the City’s efforts to comply
with the Americans With Disabilities      All major purchases are bid through
Act of 1990. Those responsibilities       the Purchasing Division as well as
include investigation of complaints       smaller purchases which require
alleging noncompliance with the           quotes to be received.
ADA with respect to all City
sponsored programs, services, and         The Payroll Division is responsible
activities.                               for processing all City payroll as well
In addition to its mandated activities,   as the payroll for election judges and
the Office of Equal Opportunity           the library. All the City’s financing
frequently      provides     technical    investing needs are handled by the
assistance with regard to the             Finance Department.
application and enforcement of City
fair practice ordinances to City          The Accounts Receivable Division is
officials and staff, business owners,     responsible for tracking all amounts
government agencies, community            due the City.          This division
organizations, advocate groups, and       processes invoices and issues
the general public via telephone,         licenses and permits as required by
office visits, public speaking and        City ordinance.       The Accounts
media contacts.                           Receivable Division also issues
                                          invoices and tracks payments from
FINANCE DEPARTMENT                        individuals and businesses for
                                          services and loans provided by the
James Scroggins                           City.      This division is also
Finance Director/Comptroller              responsible for the collection of the
Hotel, Restaurant, and Amusement         corrected through enforcement by
tax (HRA).                               the Fire Prevention Bureau. A well-
                                         organized ongoing smoke detector
The City received the GFOA               program is coordinated through the
Certificate of Achievement for           Bureau as are public education
Excellence in Financial Reporting for    programs and assistance with
the years 2000 through 2006.             evacuation plans.

FIRE DEPARTMENT                          Emergency Medical Service provides
                                         quick basic life support to persons
Kent Tomblin                             having heart attacks, strokes,
Fire Chief                               accidents,    or    other   medical
                                         emergencies. Firefighters are State-
The Peoria Fire Department is            certified   Emergency       Medical
charged with three primary functions:    Technicians (EMT’s) and receive
fire/rescue      services,        fire   frequent comprehensive training.
prevention/public education, and
emergency medical services.              The Peoria Fire Department support
                                         services provide training to ensure
Fire fighting encompasses the            that personnel are equipped to know
extinguishment of fires, educating       what to do and how to do it,
the public about fire safety,            maintenance to ensure that vehicles
inspecting businesses and industries     and equipment operate properly, and
to help owners guard against             suppression to coordinate the
accidents and property loss, and         personnel and equipment needed to
preparing for the handling and           meet the three primary activities.
containment of hazardous chemical
emergencies in industrial and            HUMAN RESOURCES
transportation settings.                 DEPARTMENT

Rescue Service includes responses        Vacant
to emergencies where individuals
are trapped or in danger, such as
vehicle accidents, fires, or natural     The     City  has     790   full-time
disasters. Firefighters are trained in   employees, many of whom are in
rescue tactics which seek to free        one of the eight bargaining units.
victims from their circumstances with    The department’s activities impact
as little trauma as possible.            applicants, employees, retirees,
                                         department heads, supervisors and
The Fire Prevention Bureau has the       union leadership on a daily basis to
responsibility of overseeing the fire    provide programs, services and
inspection program. All commercial       advice in many areas.
structures and many multi-residential
units are inspected by the Fire          Administration and Training: The
Department. Any violations noted as      director is charged with the strategic
a result of these inspections are        planning and overall direction of
Citywide Personnel, Labor Relations        responsibility     level,    required
and Risk Management functions.             education and knowledge, and work
The Director serves as an internal         environment are conducted by this
consultant on personnel matters and        division to provide an ongoing review
as a community liaison with outside        which addresses changes in the
agencies. The division administers         organizational structure, technology
the employee recognition program           and the marketplace.
and provides a wide variety of
coordinated training in support of all     Labor Relations: The division is
City departments. Major areas of           charged with administering labor
training     include       supervisory,    contracts,        processing         and
computer, office skills, technical,        investigating                 grievances,
health and wellness, and legislative       participating in labor/management
issues. Training is conducted by           meetings, coordinating and directing
contracted providers and City staff        the         collective         bargaining
who are professionals in their given       negotiations,        arbitration,    and
areas of expertise. This essential         providing advice to management on
investment     in    our    employees      labor issues.
enhances quality and cost effective
services to the citizens of Peoria.        Risk Management:              The Risk
                                           Management Division is responsible
Human        Resources      is     also    for administration of the worker’s
responsible for coordinating the           compensation, general and property
selection and promotional processes        liability, and safety programs of the
of all candidates for vacant City          City of Peoria. This division initiates,
positions, both commissioned and           investigates,     and    litigation   of
civilian.     The process includes         worker’s compensation and general
recruitment, evaluation, testing and       liability claims.
orientations of employees.         The
division also administers the health       INFORMATION SYSTEMS
benefit plan which covers several          DEPARTMENT
outside groups as well as City
employees and retirees, with over          Cathy Roger
1,200 individuals plus participating       Director
dependents. The self-funded health
plan includes dental coverage, a           The        Information        Systems
prescription drug card program and         Department is responsible for the
retiree coverage.       This division      administration,     direction,    and
serves as an authorized agent for          coordination of all data processing
the Illinois Municipal Retirement          functions for the City. Its mission is
Fund and administers the life              to provide support services that will
insurance,         Section         125,    provide all City departments with the
unemployment        and        deferred    automation techniques needed to
compensation programs.             The     improve public service and increase
evaluations     of    City      position   staff productivity.
classifications regarding job scope,
The staff confers with department        until the Certificate of Occupancy is
heads, other City employees, and         issued.
other governmental agencies to
determine management information         Code Enforcement ensures that
system needs. The staff also assists     substandard       and     deteriorated
users in implementation of systems       structures are either repaired or
and provides training and support.       demolished and those environmental
                                         nuisances are eliminated. Activities
The department is responsible for        include   response      to    housing
maintaining the City’s two mid-range     complaints and processing of
computer systems and network             complaints through the Hearing
architecture 24 hours a day, 7 days a    Officer and/or Circuit Court; and
week.                                    issuance of citations and work orders
                                         on environmental complaints.
The department prepares equipment
and systems for operation, and           LEGAL DEPARTMENT
produces data tapes, reports,
checks, and other output for             Randall Ray
distribution to users and the            Corporation Counsel
                                         The Legal Department provides
INSPECTIONS DEPARTMENT                   services to City elected officials,
                                         administrative staff, boards and
John Kunski                              commissions, and the Peoria Public
Director                                 Library. The department prosecutes
                                         all ordinance violations, defends the
Building     Inspections     provides    City     in   civil   lawsuits   and
enforcement       of     the     2003    administrative      hearings,    and
International Family of Codes and all    prosecutes cases before various City
related codes and ordinances to          and state administrative agencies.
serve the public’s need for safe,
sound, and progressive construction      The     department    also    drafts
regulations in both public and private   ordinances     and    other    legal
buildings.                               documents as requested. The City’s
                                         Legal Department consists of four
These codes are enforced to ensure       attorneys, two legal assistants and
public safety, health, and welfare for   two secretaries.
proper occupancy and utilization of
structures erected within the City.      PLANNING AND GROWTH
Activities include residential and       MANAGEMENT DEPARTMENT
commercial building plan reviews;
coordination with Fire, Planning,        Patricia Landes
Engineering, and Traffic Engineering     Director
of the commercial plan review
process; issuance of building            The   Planning    and    Growth
permits; and provision of inspections    Management Department consists of
Planning   and     Zoning,         and    including the development and
Neighborhood Development.                 implementation     of     the   City’s
                                          comprehensive          plan       and
The department is responsible for         neighborhood plans; and planning
the City’s land use planning and          for special areas or projects such as
zoning enforcement programs. The          the riverfront, downtown, and capital
department administers the zoning,        improvements.
subdivision       and      historical
preservation ordinances, and is           The Neighborhood Development
accountable for the development and       Division       is     responsible      for
administration of the City’s long         administration and implementation of
range comprehensive plan.       The       the City of Peoria’s housing and
department provides technical and         neighborhood                 development
professional staff support to the         programs. The Division also fulfills a
Zoning Commission, Zoning Board           liaison     role     with    other   City
of Appeals, Planning Commission,          departments, neighborhood groups,
Housing Commission, Construction          and private entities on issues or
Commission, Historical Preservation       activities       that      impact     the
Commission, and City Council; and         development,          preservation      or
chairs the Site Plan Review Board         stabilization      of     housing    and
and    One-Stop     Shop.       The       neighborhoods.
department also staffs and gives
professional advice and service to        These codes are enforced to ensure
the Heart of Peoria Commission and        public safety, health, and welfare for
its’   Form-Based       Code/Design       property occupancy and utilization of
Committee, Warehouse Committee,           structures erected within the City.
Transportation     Committee    and       Activities include residential and
Neighbors Committee.                      commercial building plan reviews;
                                          coordination with Fire, Planning,
The Zoning Division processes             Engineering, and Traffic Engineering
petitions for rezoning, special uses,     of the commercial plan review
zoning        variances,     appeals,     process;    issuance      of  building
subdivision plats, and annexations.       permits; and provision of inspections
Zoning      administration   activities   until the Certificate of Occupancy is
include the issuance of zoning            issued.
certificates, which are required prior
to the issuance of any license or         POLICE DEPARTMENT
permit by the City; management of
the City’s zoning enforcement             Steven Settingsgaard
program; and counseling of the            Police Chief
general public and the development
community regarding land use and          Serving the needs of the community
zoning issues.                            is the number one priority of the
                                          police department.        Delivering
The Planning Division is responsible      exemplary service, with a focus on
for project and area planning,            community policing, the department
is committed to enhancing the quality      •   Neighborhood Crime Initiative
of life in Peoria’s neighborhoods by              - SCU
“building a partnership” with those               - POP Team
the department serves.                            - NEAT Team
                                                  - FTO
The department is structured as            •   K-9 Unit
                                        PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT
Office of the Superintendent of
Police                                  David Barber
    • Public                            Director
    • Professional                      The Public Works Department is
       Standards/Internal Affairs       comprised of seven major units;
    • Strategic       Planning/Crime    Office of the Director, Engineering
       Analysis                         Division, Facility Operations, Fleet
    • Personnel/Recruiting              Management        Services,   Permit
    • Budgeting                         Section, Public Services, and Traffic
    • Accreditation                     Engineering.

Administration                          Office of the Director is responsible
  • Training                            for the coordination, budget, and
  • Records Unit/Data Entry             quality control of all Public Works’
  • Identification Services             functions.    In addition, the office
                                        develops and administers contracts
  • Fleet/Facility
                                        for residential garbage and yard
  • Community       Services/Crime
                                        waste collection; provides property
                                        acquisition       and           contract
  • Traffic                             administration for operation of the
  • Parking Enforcement                 jointly-owned City/County Landfill
                                        and      Compost      Facility;     and
Criminal & Special Investigation        accomplishes right-of-way property
   • Adult Investigations               acquisitions,    easements,         and
   • Juvenile Investigations            vacations.
   • Fraud Investigations
   • Vice/Narcotics/Liquor              Engineering Division is responsible
      Investigator                      for development and managing
   • Asset Forfeiture                   capital projects to support the City’s
   • Criminal Intelligence              neighborhood and infrastructure
   • Crime Scene Unit                   needs; administering drainage fund
   • Cyber-Crime Unit                   programs; and providing technical
   • Domestic Violence                  engineering support and assistance
   • Property Evidence                  to other units of the City and the
                                        public.     The Division provides
Uniformed Operations                    support to citizens through a variety
   • Patrol                             of assistance programs designed to
address      public   and      private    cleaning of City-owned streets,
infrastructure needs.                     alleys and storm sewers.     The
                                          division meets this responsibility
Facility Operations Division is           through preventative maintenance
responsible for the maintenance of        programs and by responding to
City-owned buildings, ground and          service requests and conditions
trees; installation, maintenance, and     brought on by weather.
management traffic signs, traffic
signals, street signs, and pavement       Traffic Engineering Division analyzes
markings; and maintenance of              traffic flow, accidents, pedestrian
communication        cable,  electrical   safety, bicycling and parking needs,
systems in City-owned buildings, and      both present and future, throughout
Emergency Services and Disaster           the City. The division also manages
Agency (ESDA) sirens.                     parking decks and surface lots in the
                                          downtown area through a private
Fleet Management Division is              management           contract        and
responsible for the purchase,             administers        parking        meter
maintenance,        repair        and     installation, operation, collection, and
replacement of City vehicles and          maintenance.
equipment (excluding Fire.) These
functions are performed through           WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT
developing      and      maintaining
preventative maintenance and repair       Bashir Ali
programs,     feet    recapitalization    Director
strategies, contracts and contract
management.                               The Central Illinois Workforce
                                          Development has a mission of
Permit Section is responsible for         leadership in developing a quality,
managing the activities of others on      adaptable workforce which enables
the City’s right-of-ways through the      individuals and businesses to reach
issuance     of   permits.        New     their full potential in the changing
development projects are reviewed         global marketplace.
in conjunction with other City staff      The     excellence     of  Workforce
and private developers. The City’s        Development’s human resource
street lighting system and the            development and research has lead
Sidewalk Replacement Program are          to the creation of innovative
administered as well.         Citywide    programs.
sewer, plat, street, and alley records
are maintained by the Division.           Workforce development offers a “one
Issues are handled and information        stop shop” for workforce issues
is disseminated regarding storm           including; education and training,
water retention, erosion control, and     vocational     counseling,       job
flood plain ordinance.                    preparation    and      placement,
                                          employer personnel services, and
Public    Services     Division   is      economic development. Workforce
responsible for the maintenance and       Development also acts as an
instrument of institutional change –
bringing business, education, and
social service organizations together
to respond to community needs in a
changing environment.

Equal     Employment    Opportunity         employment discrimination.              An
Affirmative Action Executive Policy         effective affirmative action plan
Statement                                   benefits everyone, at all levels of the
                                            work force, in the full utilization of the
This statement is to reaffirm the City      talents, resources, and skills of
of Peoria’s policy to be fair and           protected class members.
equitable in all its relations. It is the
City of Peoria’s obligation to execute      Americans with Disabilities Act
and deliver equal opportunity to all
its employees and applicants for            The City of Peoria is committed to
employment without regard to                providing equal opportunities without
applicable protected class status in        regard to disability to the general
all job classifications.                    public in admission to, access to, or
                                            operation of its programs, services,
The City of Peoria continues to be          or activities. The City of Peoria is
committed to the concept of                 further committed to its policy of anti-
affirmative action, a necessary             discrimination on the basis of
element in a system of merit                disability in its hiring or employment
principles, and to broaden the              practices.
employment opportunity of traditional
victims of job discrimination. The          This notice is provided as required
City of Peoria supports special             by Title II of the Americans With
efforts aimed toward outreach,              Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA)
recruitment, training, retention, and
advancement of qualified protected          Questions, concerns, complaints, or
class members.                              requests for additional information
                                            regarding the ADA may be
The     major    purpose     of    the      forwarded to the City of Peoria’s
Administrative Action Plan for Fair         Designated    ADA       Compliance
practices is to provide a set of            Coordinator:
specific results oriented procedures
whereby the City is committed to the        Equal Opportunity Manager
application of every good faith effort,     City Hall
to insure that decisions on selection       419 Fulton Street
and advancement are based on valid          Peoria, IL 61602
requirements.                               Phone: (309) 494-8530
                                                  (309) 494-8532 (TTY/TDD)
The City of Peoria believes that an               (309) 494-8559 (Fax)
effective affirmative action plan
cannot be passive. We must be               Individuals who need auxiliary aids
receptive    and     willing   to  be       for effective communication in
aggressive in both the identification       programs and services of the City of
of and the elimination of inequitable       Peoria are invited to make their
policies, practices, and procedures         needs and preferences known to the
which could result in unlawful              ADA Compliance Coordinator.
Individuals with speech or hearing
impairments may contact City offices
without TTY/TDD listings through the
Illinois Relay Center’s toll free
number: 1-800-526-0844.
                                    INDEX OF RECORDS

CITY CLERK’S OFFICE                                Township Agreements
Records that can be obtained upon request are:     Township Bills Presented for payment
Agendas, Minutes, Council Communications,          Township Meeting Minutes
Ordinances with specific Dates and/or Numbers      Township Meeting Agendas
City Code Sections Disclaimer: Those records       Township Resolutions
requiring research may require more time. The      Township Ordinances
Clerk’s Office will make every effort to           Vouchers for Township Checks
accommodate the request.                                (Welfare Payment & Office Payroll)

RECORDS                                            Code Information
Agreements Approved at Council                     BOCA Codes
All Ordinances, 1845 to Present                    Fire Codes
Annexation Agreements                              Municipal Code Books
Budget Hearing Minutes                             Subdivision Code Book
City Council Agendas                               Supplements (Amendments) to the Municipal
City Council Communications                               Code
City Council Minutes                               Zoning Code Books
City of Peoria Ordinances
City Council Members-Mayors List                   Electronic Records
City Council Written Proceedings, Open,            Some Ordinances, Minutes and Agreements are
        Closed (Not available until released) &    stored on disk, microfilm and optical disk. A 15-
Released                                           Year Index of Council Communications,
City Manager Issues Updates – 2004 to Present      Agreements and Ordinances is computerized
Committee Reports (Policy Session Minutes)         and these items are also noted on index cards.
Council Agendas                                    The Council Proceedings and Agendas are
Ledger Books of Council Records, 1845 To           available over the Internet at Web Site
        Present                                    ( – Click on Department
Ledger Books of Old Area Governments               Focus, City Clerk, Agenda or Minutes). The
        (North Peoria, South Peoria, Averyville)   Clerk’s Office will assist you in obtaining
Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Reports              information stored electronically by this office.
        Submitted to Council from Departments
               Correspondence                      Firemen’s Pension Records
Tapes of Closed Sessions of the Council – 2004     Application Forms
        to Present                                 Annual Statements
Town of the City of Peoria Minutes                 Audits
Special Reports & Studies Presented to Council     Correspondence
                                                   Firemen’s Pension Agendas
Riverfront Commission – 1995 – 2004                Firemen’s Pension Files (Active, Retired,
Agenda & Minutes                                          Inactive, Deceased, Widows)
Contracts & Agreements                             Firemen’s Pension Minutes (Open, Closed,
Sister City Commission                             Oaths
Agendas                                            Invoices
                                                   Legal Opinions
Township Records
Copies of Township Checks                          Liquor
Liquor License Applications                    City Council
Liquor License Files-Current and Out of        City Hall Plans
Business                                       City Services Information
Liquor License Green Card Record History       Civic Center
Liquor License Stubs                           Contracts
List of Liquor License Issued most current     Franchises
                                               Governmental Units
Miscellaneous                                  Issues Update
Bonds – Demolition Bonds, General Obligation   Miscellaneous
       Bonds, Industrial Development Revenue   Correspondence
City Audits                                    Miscellaneous Lists
City Budgets                                   Payroll Records
City Seal                                      Personal & Confidential Personnel Information
Comprehensive Plan & Amendments                Trades
Correspondence                                 Union Activities
Deeds to City-Owned Property (Limited)         Urban Renewal
Elected Officials List
FOIA Requests and Answers                      COMMUNICATIONS MANAGER
                                               All America City Information
Miscellaneous (cont.)                          Articles
Comprehensive Plan & Amendments                Cable TV/PEG Commission
Correspondence                                 City Commissions
Deeds to City-Owned Property (Limited)         Correspondence Files
Elected Officials List                         FOIA Booklet
FOIA Requests and Answers                      Legislative Action Program
Heart of Peoria, Illinois Plan                 Newsletters
Legal Notices Posted as Prescribed by Law      News Releases
Lists of Boards & Commissions as               Peace and Harvest Statues
Presented by the Mayor’s Office                Peoria History
Oaths of Office – Elected Fire, Police         Public Events
        Commissions, City Officials            Springdale Cemetery
Records of the Municipal Band                  State Legislation
Schedules of Regular Public Meetings
Traffic Regulations                            ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT
Utility Franchises
Various Maps                                   Immediate Release
                                               Business Development Fund Loans
CITY MANAGER’S OFFICE                          Brownfield
                                               Designated Zone Organization (DZO), Minutes
Immediate Release                              & Agendas 2006 -2009, Applications and
Issues Update                                  Renewal      Applications
Citizens Complaints                            DZO Financial Reports for 2000-2008
City Council                                   Economic Development Council Contract
City Hall Plans                                Economic Development Stakeholders, Minutes
                                               and Agendas
Agreements                                     Enterprise Zone, Maps, Ordinance and
Association & Organizations                           Expansions
Boards & Commissions                           Façade Improvement Program
Citizen Complaints                             Intergovernmental Agreements
Joint Review Board (JRB), Minutes and                     Business Park, Central Business District,
       Agendas 2007-2009                                  Southtown
LAWCON-Land and Water Conservation Grant           TIF Plans and Project, Current
Museum Square Project                                     Warehouse District, Eagleview,
Park Street (PACE)                                        Hospitality Improvement Zone
Peoria Business Initiative (PBI)
Peoria Park District Contract                      EMERGENCY SERVICES & DISASTER
Real Estate, City Owned Properties and Tax         AGENCY
       Exempt Certifications
Redevelopment Agreements                           Administration
Renaissance Park Commission and                    Affirmative Action Plan/EEO
       Advisory      Council, Minutes and          Budget
       Agendas 2007-2009                           COP/COPMEA Agreement
Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Financial            Council Communications
       Reports for 2000-2008                       Departmental Correspondence
TIF Redevelopment Agreements                       Employee Insurance Plan
Water Street Improvement                           Energy Conservation
                                                   Financial Files
Not for Immediate Release                          Forms Files
B’nai B’rith, Sam J. Stone                         Goals & Objectives
Business Development Fund Loans, old               Information & Referral
City/Cilco Property Exchange                       Library & Publications
Constitution Ave. Reconstruction                   News Releases
DZO Minutes and Agendas 2000-2003                  Office Procedures Manual
Economic Development Projects                      Payroll/Classification Plan
EDA                                                Personnel Files, Employee & Volunteers
Festival Park                                      Project Impact
Gateway Building                                   Storm Ready Program
Hospitality Improvement Zone Business              Volunteer Communication Program
       Development District                        Worker’s Compensation
IHDA –Illinois Housing Development
       Authority                                   Disaster/Public Information & Education
Niagra Parking Deck                                Citizen’s Aid Radion Emergency (CARE)
Peoria NEXT Project                                Citizen’s Band Radio
Private Activity Bonds                             Disaster Forms/Facilities
Medical Technology District Commission and         Disaster Sattistics
       Advisory Council, Minutes and Agendas       Earthquake Information
       2003-2006                                   Economic Stabilization & Resources
Real Estate, properties sold or acquired, Leases   Emergency Exercises
&      Agreements                                  Family Disaster Education Program
Revolving Loan Fund (RLF)                          Floods & Flash Flooding Information
Riverfront Business District Commission,           Hazardous Materials Information
       Minutes and Agendas 1995-2003               Maps
Riverstation Lease & Agreements                    National Alert Warning System (NAWAS)
Sears Block                                        Radiological Defense
Southern Gateway                                   Sandbags
TIF Plans and Project, Past                        Severe Weather/Tornado Information
       Downtown Stadium, Campustown,               Winter Preparedness Information
       Midtown Plaza, PMP, Northside
Governmental Agencies                             Peoria Area Amateur Radio Club
Agency                                            Proctor Community Hospital
CitiLink                                          Retired Senior Volunteer Program
Civil Air Patrol                                  Salvation Army
Country Emergency Board
FEMA/NETC/EMI Board of Visitors                   Plans/State & Federal Guidelines
Federal Emergency Management                      American Red Cross/Chapter Disaster Plan
Federal Communications Commission                 City of Peoria Comprehensive Disaster Plan
Illinois Department of Nuclear Safety             Comm. Equipment: Pagers, Radios, Scanners
Illinois Department of Transportation             Emergency Broadcast System
Illinois Emergency Management Agency              Emergency Operating Center Files
Illinois Environmental Protection Agency          FEMA Civil Preparedness Guides
Military County ESDA                              IEMA Act and Regulations
Peoria Public Schools                             Illinois Plan for Radiological Accidents
Surplus Property Program                          Misc. Property Inventory
Tri-County Regional Planning Commission           Outdoor Warning System/Sirens
USDA                                              Peoria/Peoria Heights Flood Mitigation Plan
US Department of Transportation                   Peoria County LEPC Plan
US Environmental Protection Agency                Peoria County ESDA Disaster Plan
                                                  Property Receipts & Vehicles
Incidents/Special Events
Requests for Services                             EMERGENCY COMMUNICATIONS CENTER
Statistical Reports                               Audio of 9-1-1 calls and non-emergency calls for
                                                  a period of one year
Legislation                                       Radio transmissions of Police, Sheriff, Fire and
City, State, and Federal Statutes & Regulations   EMS calls for a period of one year
on Emergency Management                           Radio transmissions from Public Works, PAWS,
Illinois Register                                        County Highway, EMA for a period of one
Mutual Aid                                        Computer Aided Dispatch Records of
Medical Agreements                                       Transactions of Police, Sheriff, Fire and
Mutual Aid Agreements                                    EMS Units Either Dispatched or From
                                                         Self-Initiated Incidents. Terminal
Organizations/Agencies                                   messages between Police officers and
American Red Cross                                       dispatchers.
American Society of Professional Emergency        FCC License information for City owned
Planners                                                   radiofrequencies and radio tower sites
Association of Public Safety Communications       Tower light information for City owned radio
Officers                                                 tower sites.
Central Illinois Employers Association
Central Illinois Weather Network                  EQUAL OPPORTUNITY OFFICE
Illinois Emergency Services Mgmt. Assoc.          Affirmative Action Program/Reports
Illinois Fire Chiefs Association                  Budget Expenditure Records
Insight Communications                            Contractor Compliance Files/Records
International Association of Emergency            EEO-4 Reports
Managers                                          FEHC Correspondence /Minutes(Regular Mtgs)
Methodist Medical Center                          MACD Correspondence/Minutes
Neighborhood Homeowners Association               Minority/Women Contractors Directory
OSF Saint Francis Medical Center                  Intake Questionnaire Blank Forms
Timekeeping/Payroll Records                        Annual Reports
                                                   Budget Expenditures
FINANCE DEPARTMENT                                 Contracts
Records that can be obtained upon request          Copy Machine Usage
are: Operating and Capital Budgets.                Daily Manning Roster
                                                   Department Goals & Objectives
Budget Records                                     Department Orders & Standard Operating
City Manager Recommended Budgets                          Procedures
(preliminary)                                      Equipment, Uniform & Supply Issue
Copies of Budgets (Annual and Capital)             Fire Incident Reports
Council Approved Budgets (final)                   Fire Losses
Expenditure Projection                             Maintenance Requests
Revenue Forecasts                                  Organizational Chart
CIP requests (applications)                        Payroll Data
Monthly CIP project financial summaries            Personnel Directory
Ordinances to amend the budget                     Petty Cash
                                                   Purchase Requisitions
Accounts Receivable                                Seniority List
Administrative Adjudication documents              Vacation List
Accounts Receivable Reports                        Vehicle Mileage Usage
Fire/Hazardous Materials permits                   Fire Suppression Division
HRA Tax Returns & Related Forms                    Basic Life Support
Library Materials                                  Company Journal
Licenses – General                                 Fire Apparatus Inventory
Central Billing, Assessments                       Fire House Journal
Misc. Billing (litter, hose rental, gas, radio,    Hazmat Information
repairs, Workforce fringes, insurance, etc.)       Hiring Book
Monthly Billings                                   Hose Records
Stationary Engineer/Boiler Tender                  Orders, Memos
Taxicab Owners Licenses                            Personal Leave Records
Vendor Licenses                                    Pre-Fire Plans
Yearly Billings (non-metered loading zone, rent,   Ride-Along Release
Parking Tickets                                    Fire Station Records
                                                   Apparatus Maintenance
Purchasing Records                                 Fire Department Orders, Memos
Annual Contract/Vendor Price                       Gasoline Pumping
Bid File                                           Pre-Fire Planning
Copies of Duplicating Requests
Correspondence                                     Battalion Chief Records
Master Bid List                                    Fire Department Orders, Memos
Master Bidder’s List                               Personnel Lists
Postage Distribution Record File                   Pre-Fire Planning
Vendor Catalogs and Advertisements                 Reports to Supervisors
                                                   Training Schedules, Materials
                                                   Fire Prevention Bureau
Administration                                     Budgets
Certificates of Occupancies                  Labor Relations/Bargaining Unit Agreements
Fire Department Orders, Memos & Procedures   Laws & Regulations Applicable to the
Fire Investigations                          Department
Fire & Other Code Permits                    Pensions (Employee) – IMRF
Inspections                                  Personnel Rules and Regulations
Library Materials                            Salary Administration
“One-Stop Shop” Plan/Site Review             Service Awards

Fire Training                                Agreements & Contracts with Various Agencies
Budget                                       Correspondence
Daily Training Reports                       Disciplinary Rules & Procedures
Fire Department Orders, Standard             EEO/Affirmative Action Coordination
Library Materials                            Employee Training
Magazines, Textbooks, Movies, Slides         Employment/Hiring Procedures
Monthly Training Reports                     Fire & Police Commission
Operating Procedures, Memos & Expenditures   Forms (various)
Personnel Training Jackets                   Inter-Office Memos
Reimbursement Records                        Labor Relations/Bargaining Unit Agreements
Training Reports                             Liability Insurance
Training Schedules, Curriculum, Yearly       Performance Appraisals
                                             Personnel Appeals Board File
Fire Garage                                  Salary Surveys Employee Personnel Files
Apparatus History Files                      Unemployment Compensation Proceedings
Catalogs, Part Lists & Price Lists           Workers Compensation
Gasoline Records                             INSPECTIONS DEPARTMENT
Repair Orders
Monthly Engineer Reports                       The Animal Shelter Division
Purchasing                                     Ad Hoc Committee on Pet Overpopulation
Specifications                                         Correspondence and Minutes
Inventory(s)                                   Adoption Records
                                               Animal Bites Reports
HUMAN RESOURCES DEPARTMENT                     Animal Cruelty Reports
                                               Animal Review Board Correspondence and
Available for release under the Freedom of             Minutes
Information Act – should questions arise       Billings
regarding the release of any Personnel         Budget Expenditures
information, a legal opinion shall be obtained Check Requisitions
to protect the rights of employees.            Citations Issued
Immediate release:                             Daily Call Log
Deferred Compensation                          Dangerous Dog Notices
Department Budget                              Department Goals and Objectives
Employee Benefits                              Deposit Advice
Health Insurance Plan/Information (Replaces    Euthanasia
Medical Programs)                              Grievances
Job Classification                             Incoming Animal Receipts
                                               Monthly and Annual Reports
                                               Officer Run Log
Operating Manual                                Rental Registration & Inspections
Orders, Memos, Procedures                       Supplements (Amendments) to the Municipal
Personnel Files                                 Code
Petty Cash                                      Weed & Litter Specifications & Contracts
Purchase Orders
Rabies Registration Records                     Records available for immediate release
Special Incident Report                         Environmental Codes
Time Records                                    Housing Codes
                                                Fire Codes
The Building Division                           Municipal Code Books
International Codes                             Supplements (Amendments) to the Municipal
Building Plans/Plan Review Files                Code
Certificates of Occupancy
Construction Commission Meeting Minutes         LEGAL DEPARTMENT
Citations                                       Record available for immediate release
                                                Minutes of Liquor Commission from 2006 to
Electrical Contractors
HVAC Contractors                                Agenda for Liquor Commission mtgs 2006 to
Notice of Dangerous Buildings                   Present.
Permit Statistics, Monthly, Quarterly, Annual   Weekly Docket for Housing Court.
Permits:                                        Copies of Pending Housing (Hearing Officer)
        Building                                cases if an address is provided.
        Demolition                              Copies of court-filed complaints and Notice of
        Electrical                              Dangerous Buildings in pending demolition
        HVAC                                    cases provided that an address and/or case
        Plumbing                                number if given.
Stop Work Orders
                                                Attorney/Client Files
Code Enforcement Division                       Collective Bargaining Files
Board-up Contracts                              Miscellaneous Correspondence
Environmental Complaints, Notices & Citations   Research Files
Housing Complaints, Notices & Citations
Environmental Court Cases                       Litigation – Past & Pending
Housing Court Cases                             Car Fleet Accident files (open)
Court Ordered Demolition Information:           Collection Files (weed, sidewalks, garbage,
       Notices                                  property damage, insufficient checks)
       Purchase Orders                          Demolition files
       Salvage Material                         General Litigation Files
       Specifications                           Housing Administrative Hearing Cases
Environmental Codes                             Special Assessment Collections
Environmental Work Orders
Fire Codes                                      Office Records
Housing Commission Cases & Meeting Minutes      Accident files (closed)
Housing Codes                                   Agreements
Housing Notices                                 Annexations
International Codes                             Budget
Mobile Home Inspection Files                    Franchise Material with Utility Company
Municipal Code Books                            Liquor Commission Minutes
Notices of Dangerous Buildings                  Liquor Hearing Violations
Liquor License Site Approval Files          Group Occupancy Permits
Office Supplies                             Growth Cells I, II & III
Personnel Files                             Historic Preservation Commission
Real Estate Transactions                    Home Occupations Permits
                                            Land Use Maps
Microfilm Records                           Neighborhood Housing Services
Civic Center Material                       Neighborhood Statistics Program
Closed Accidents                            Neighborhood Studies
Closed Demolitions                          Northside Averyville Neighborhood
Condemnation Proceedings                    Northwest Area Planning Study
ICC Material                                One Stop Shop
Miscellaneous Correspondence                Payroll Data
Miscellaneous Lawsuits                      Personnel Records
Sale of City Property                       Planning Area Profiles
                                            Planning Commission
MAYOR/COUNCIL OFFICE                        Planning Study
Boards and Commissions                      Private Street Maintenance Agreements
Budget                                      Redistricting of Council Districts
Citizen Complaints                          Setback Agreements and Variances
City Council Files                          Site Plan Review Board
Civic Center                                Street Dedications
Confidential Files                          Street Maps
Convention & Visitors Bureau                Street Name Changes
Correspondence – Business                   Street Vacations
Correspondence – City Departments           Subdivision Ordinance
Correspondence – Education                  Surveys
Correspondence – Government                 Warehouse District
Correspondence – Miscellaneous              Zoning Board of Appeals
Correspondence – Social, Civic, Community   Zoning Certificates
Correspondence - Utilities                  Zoning Maps
Illinois Municipal League                   Zoning Ordinance
Mayor Files                                 Zoning Verifications
Sister City                                 Neighborhood Division
                                            Affordable Housing Plan
PLANNING & GROWTH MANAGEMENT                Agendas/Minutes
Annexations                                 Applications
Associations & Organizations                Commission and related Sub-Committees
Budget & Department Expenditures            Housing Rehabilitation Programs
Census Tract Data and Maps                  HUD Funding:
Central Business District Studies                  Community Development Block Grant
City Codes/Annual Report                           Emergency Shelter Grant
City Zoning Commission                             Program
City Council                                       HOME
Complaints                                         ESG
Comprehensive Plan and Amendments           Human Resources Commission Meeting
Duplex Designations                                Minutes
East Bluff Special Service District         Neighborhood Associations
Fence Permits                               Neighborhood Clean-Up Programs
Neighborhood Development           Sex Offender Registration Information
Programs                           Special Commissions
Projects                           Special Events
Reports                            Statistics
Training                           Studies
Weed & Seed                        Taxicab Inspections
                                   Towing Information
POLICE DEPARTMENT                  Traffic Accident Records
Activity Reports                   Traffic Tickets
Annual Reports                     Traffic Violation Records
Arrest Information                 Training Records
Arrest Reports                     Vice Records
Budget Documents                   Vouchers
Building Maintenance Information
Committee Minutes                  PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT
Confidential Files
Contracts                          Administration Files
Correspondence Files               American Public Works Association
Court Records                      Articles/Speeches
Crime Reports                      Bennington Park Sewer District
Crime Prevention Materials         Bomb Threat Procedures
Criminal Histories                 Bradley University Advisory Board
Criminal Intelligence              Bricks/Brick Streets
Criminal Investigations            Budget
Department Policies/Procedures     Chicago Freeway
FCC Records                        Charter Oak Extension
False Alarm Information            City Hall Parking Lot
Financial Records                  Conferences
Fingerprint Records                Correspondence Files
Firearms Information               Engineering
Fleet Information                  Equal Opportunity
FLSA Records                       Equipment
FOI Records                        Facility Maintenance
Gang Information                   Fire Department
Grant Information                  Freedom of Information Act
Inventories                        Garbage Collection Files
Juvenile Information               Greater Peoria Mass Transit
Licensing Records                  Greater Peoria Sanitary District
Narcotics Information              Growth Cell II
Overtime Records                   Growth Cell III
Pawnshop Records                   Growth Management
Payroll Sheets                     Harbormaster
Personnel Files                    Heartland Water Resources Council
Policy Reports                     Highway Improvements 1997
Policing Programs                  IBS – Dioxin/Clark Street
Property/Evidence Records          Lehman Building
Recruiting Brochures               LUSTS (Leaking Underground Storage Tanks)
Registrations                      Maps – plats, sidwells (permits), sewers
Secondhand Dealer Records          Robert H. Michel Bridge
Murray Baker Bridge                         Encroachments
Northside/Averyville                        E.P.A.
                                            Evergreen/Florence Water Main Break
Engineering                                 Fiber-Optic Cable
Drainage Problems                           Flood Plain Maps/Files
Easements                                   Franchise Agreements
Franklin Street Bridge                      Hazard Mitigation Plan
Galleria Mall                               Handicap Ramps
Geographic Info. Systems                    IDOT
GIS Program                                 Illinois American Water Company
Glen Ave/Melody Lane Reconstruction         Lehman Building
                                            LUSTS (Leaking Underground Storage Tanks)

                                            CITY TREASURER’S OFFICE

                                            Monthly Council Reports of Receipts and
                                            Annual Council Reports of Receipts and
Americans with Disabilities Act
Build Peoria! Sidewalk Project
                                            Annual Published Reports of Receipts and
Downtown Sidewalk Improvement
                                            Monthly Ledgers of Receipts and
Public Services
City Hall Floor Plan
Fuel Storage Tanks
                                            Payment Records
                                            Fines (Animal, Environmental, Housing Code
                                            Violations, Municipal Ordinance Violations,
MacArthur Greenway
                                            Parking Tickets, Work Orders, etc.)
Main Street Corridor/Maintenance
                                            Fees (Liquor License, Building, Electrical, and
Niagra Alley
                                            Heating Permits, Occupational Licenses, Public
                                            Use Permits, Residential Parking Permits, etc.)
Right-of Way Permits Section
                                            Taxes (Hotel, Restaurant, Amusement, Real
                                            Estate Transfer, etc.)
American Disabilities Act
                                            Zoning Certificates
Access Ramps
Addresses/House Numbers
                                            Township Records
Big Hollow Creek Erosion Control Project
                                            Real Estate Tax Payments for all Properties in
Block Party Permits
                                            Peoria County
Brick Sidewalks
                                            Real Estate Tax Collection Records
Brick Streets
                                            Real Estate Tax Collection Bank Statements
Central Illinois Independent Living
Cilco Agreement
                                            Firemen’s Pension Records
Coal Mines (in & around City of Peoria)
                                            Accountant Monthly Reports of Receipts and
Community Events
Correspondence/West Peoria
                                            Actuary Reports
DCCA Grant for Sidewalk Repairs
                                            Monthly Bank Statements
Down CDB/Public Works Response
                                            Investment Manager Reports
Driveway/Sidewalk Construction Standaards
Monthly Ledgers of all Receipts and
Disbursements for Checking and Money
Market Account

Police Pension Records
Monthly Bank Statements
Monthly Ledgers of all Receipts and


Audit Reports
Bank Account Records
Contracts Awarded for Training
Current and Past Request for Proposals
Expenditure Reports
Fiscal Reports
Five Year Job Development Plant
Grants Received from Outside Entities
Job Search Assistance Materials
List of Members of the Board and Committees
Minutes of All Meetings
Property Inventory List
Proposals and Rating Sheets Responding to
Trial Balances
WIA Participant
Workforce Network Brochures
Year End Closeouts
                                          Organizational Chart

                                              City of Peoria

                                               Citizens of

                               City                   City                  City
                               Clerk                 Council             Treasurer

                                               City Manager

                                         Equal                    Public
                                       Opportunity             Information


   Fire        Emergency      Inspections         Police                Planning &   Public      Support
Department   Communications   Department        Department                Growth     Works       Services





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