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					                       Orbital Australia Pty. Ltd.
                       Lightweight Heavy Fuel
                       Engine Technology

Orbital Confidential

  Orbital
  FlexDI –Air Assisted Direct
  Heavy fuel technology
  Synerject – Fuel system
   supply (USA)

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Orbital Corporation

Orbital provides innovation, design, product development
and operational improvement services to the world’s
producers, suppliers, regulators and end users of engines
and engine management systems.

Headquartered in Perth, Australia

Annual Revenue ~US$12 million

Employees ~100

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FlexDI – Air Assisted Direct Injection

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Orbital Air-Assist Direct Fuel Injection

                         Fuel metering injector
                                                       INJECTION SEQUENCING
 Fuel to air
                                                              FUEL METERING
 regulator                                                        EVENT

                                                                   DIRECT INJECTION


Fuel-air interface

                                                  720o BTDC            360o BTDC      180o       0o BTDC
 Direct (air) Injector

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Orbital DI System Schematic

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Consumer Products in the Market

 Over 500,000 Orbital DI engines in the market

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Heavy Fuel Technology

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 Air-assist Direct Injection Spray Characteristic

 Spray shape not
  effected by fuel type
 Similar droplet sizes for
  all types of fuel

                              DIESEL FUEL      GASOLINE FUEL
                                10 mg/shot       10 mg/shot
                              6.8 micron SMD   5.7 micron SMD

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    UAV Benefits of Air-Assisted DI

Benefits of Air-Assisted Direct Injected Engines for

 Reliable cold start
 Smooth transient operation.
 Multi-fuel capability (gas, JP5/8, diesel)
 Lower weight & vibration than diesel.
 Lower cost & consumption than turbine
 Engine monitoring via advanced EMS.

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Military Applications Utilizing Orbital DI Technology
          (Currently in the public domain)

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     Technology Used by US Navy
• Mercury 3.0L V6 2-Stroke Outboard with Orbital’s air-assisted
  direct injection. JP5/JP8 operation and EPA emission compliant.
  Available on GSA since 2004.

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    Technology under evaluation by UK MoD
•   EP Barrus has designed, developed and delivered a multi fuel 50hp outboard
    trial engine under license for the UK MoD, capable of running on gasoline, JP5,
    JP8 and diesel. Has also been evaluated by US Navy and US Marines.

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Teledyne Brown Engineering
S1204 Hirth-Orbital 500cc 2-stroke Boxer (44hp) – JP8 Fuel

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Polaris MV800/MVRS Military ATV/UTV
760cc 4-Stroke with Orbital DI – JP8 Fuel
Available since 2007

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ESW Lightweight 17kW APU

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Fuel System Supply – USA
      Joint Venture

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Synerject Overview
 42:58 Joint Venture with Siemens-VDO
  established in 1997
 Supplies and manufactures Engine
  Management Systems (EMS) and electronic
  fuel injection systems for global non-
  automotive market
 Access to Siemens-VDO (Continental)
  automotive components and know how for
  non-automotive applications
 Largest independent supplier in the world for
  non-automotive applications
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Synerject North America
Current Facility Opened August 2000        Synerject LLC
                                           201 Enterprise Drive
Synerject Company Headquarters             Newport News, Virginia, USA 23603
                                           Telephone: +1 (757) 890-4900
60,000 square feet                         Fax:        +1 (757) 890-4933

70 employees

Engine Management Systems
 applications for North America
      Chassis Dynamometer

Modules & Component Product

Production of EMS Modules and

Engineering Center

Certified ISO 9001: 2000
                                      Synerject Newport News
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Synerject – Delevan, WI
Synerject took over Bombardier Recreational Product’s ETEC Fuel System
 production facility in 2006.

Produces ETEC fuel systems for Evinrude Outboards

40,000 square feet

65 employees

                                               Synerject Newport News
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Synerject – Products and Markets
2 Stroke                      4 Stroke
Direct Injection              Port Injection
Port Injection                   Direct Injection

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Production Assembly and Engineering Test

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Contact Info

    • Bob Schmidt
    • US Technical Sales Rep for Orbital
    • PH: +1 810-441-1457
    • FAX: +1 810-277-2183
    • Email:
    • Website:
    • Skype: schmidtproducts

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Innovative Engine Technology for a
Safer World …

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