Assertiveness - Get as PowerPoint by january



What does it mean to you to be assertive?

Day 4

Assertiveness: standing up for yourself without putting others down

Being assertive • Means standing up for what we want or believe in • Is an important part of good communication • Does not mean being aggressive

Teens are often tempted to give into someone else’s desires, whether it be peer pressure or idealized messages found in the media.

If we say what we want or feel and explain why we have chosen a certain decision or action, then we can do what we really want without hurting another person.

In contrast, aggressive communication involves putting other people down, blaming, or criticizing them Aggression usually cuts off communication instead of encouraging it.

1. What does it mean to you to be assertive? 2. How is an aggressive response different from an assertive one? 3. Can you name situations in your life where being assertive can be effective? 4. Is it hard to be assertive, particularly with your friends and family? Why or why not?

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