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Dunwoody Pest Control by dunwoodypestcontrol


Dunwoody Pest Control, Raintree Pest Control, is the Premier pest control service for termites, rodents and mosquitos. Call us today for fast results!

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“It's Time To Go Green”

We're the Dunwoody Pest Control Expert, Raintree Pestguard, and we pride ourselves in our
reputation for delivering one of a kind quality service, rapid response and superior customer service to
every one of our customers.

Our Dunwoody Pest Control Services and Rodent Control are available to both commercial and
residential customers. We will evaluate your home or building, determine the entry points
and identify the type of pest or rodent that has entered.

We'll than eradicate the pests and/or rodents from your property, educate you on the
process, and offer tips and ideas to provide a permanent pest and rodent control solution
to ensure your peace of mind!

We use multiple systems and processes to get the job done fast... liquid treatment
programs, baiting systems, rodenticides, and multi-system protection programs. We use
only the best products available on the market to treat and protect our customers

  Dunwoody Pest Control
Our attention to detail and our customer's specific needs have always made us second to none. Our
mission is to provide professional and courteous service to every customer while keeping your home
or business pest free.

Our Dunwoody Pest Control Services provides you with the results you need by our team of dedicated


                      Solve Your Pest Problems Today!

               Termites – Rodents – Mosquitos - Spiders

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