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                                                              Drive Now
                                                                 Pay Later! See page 2 for details

Drowning in Debt?
Stay afloat with a low rate Home
Equity Loan or Personal Loan*
    Community 1 Federal Credit Union is here to
    help you during these difficult financial times.
    We offer many solutions to help meet your
    changing financial needs.
    You can use the equity in your home to help with
    life’s expenses and the benefit is a lower rate. You
    can also apply for a personal loan or a VISA
    credit card. There are many options available to
    you. Stop by one of our branches and talk to a
    Member Services Representative today!

   * Certain restrictions apply.
    Please see a Member Service Representative for details.
    Talking About
    Your Finances?
    Lots of people are in your shoes. We know, because they
    talk to us every day.
    We might talk about consolidating loans for lower payments or
    we may review options for restructuring loans during a furlough or
    layoff. Or we talk about restructuring loans during a furlough or layoff. We
    talk about refinancing toxic mortgages and overpriced car loans.
    We can't make tough times go away, but we can make them a lot easier to live through.
    Talk to us today.

                   Drive Now
                      Pay Later
                        No payments on your                                                   LIMITED
                         Auto Loan for 60 days!*                                              OFFER
                          Whether you are refinancing from another institution or
                         purchasing a new or used car, you can relax knowing that
                        you won’t have a payment for        60 days!
           Have your vehicle loan approved before you get to the dealership. You won’t
           have to worry about negotiating terms with the salesperson because you will
           already have affordable Community 1 financing in place! Our vehicle loans offer:
           •   Low interest rates
           •   Express Auto Loans—30 Minutes Or Less Guaranteed
           •   Easy repayment
           •   Free Preapprovals
           •   Flexible Financing Terms & Options

           *Certain restrictions apply; see a Member
            Service Representative for details. Loan must
            be funded during promotional period.
            Maximum loan amount of $40k, and
            maximum term of 72 months. Must meet
            minimum beacon score requirements.

2          8 6 4 • 2 8 1 • 7 6 4 0                              8 0 0 • 8 4 5 • 1 0 3 5
If Not, We Can Help!
If you’re “upside down” on your auto loan—your         new loan, or take out an extended-term loan of 60
car is worth less than what you still owe on it—       months or longer, the need for gap coverage is
and your car is totaled or stolen, you may have to     increasing.
continue making loan payments on a vehicle you         Shop around for gap coverage. Compare credit
no longer can drive.                                   union rates with other offers. Dealerships
There’s a special type of protection, called GAP       rarely offer the best price. If you
(guaranteed asset protection) coverage, designed       purchase coverage from your auto
to cover situations like this.                         insurance carrier, it’s your
Gap protection is not, technically, insurance,         responsibility to calculate when
though it’s commonly referred to as such. It’s         you’re out of the hole—when
actually a debt cancellation agreement. It waives      you’ve closed the gap by paying
the section of your financing agreement that           down your loan. If you forget to
holds you responsible for the difference between       contact your agent to remove the
the value of your totaled car and your remaining       extra coverage, you’ll pay for
loan balance. Regardless of what it’s called, this     protection you no longer need.
coverage satisfies your liability to pay the gap.      To get your gap coverage, call us today
As more buyers put little or no money down, roll       at 864-281-7640 or stop by one of our
an unpaid balance on their old car loan into the       branch locations.

Take a Hard Look at Extended Warranties
When you're itching to drive away in that new car,     Know what is NOT covered in your contract.
it may be hard to resist dealership arguments to       Like regular new-car warranties, most extended
just wrap that extended warranty cost into your        service contracts exclude recurring maintenance
monthly payments. Since many auto makers now           items such as brake parts, windshield, headlights,
give automatic new-car warranties longer than the      light bulbs, and oil and air filters. Additionally,
traditional three years or 36,000 miles, an extended   some potentially expensive repairs like power
warranty might not be necessary.                       windows and seats sometimes are excluded.
However, if you're among those who find the            Check the deductible.
reassurance of an extended warranty worth the          A deductible of $100 before coverage starts often
price, here's some advice on getting the best          will be required. This seems reasonable because
possible deal:                                         you are trying to protect yourself against big bills.
You don't have to buy right away.                      Make sure you can transfer the contract.
Review your current warranty. If you still have a      If you want to sell your vehicle later as a used car,
manufacturer's warranty, you would be wasting          an extended warranty that goes with it will enhance
your money by paying for double-coverage. You          its value. Avoid nontransferable contracts.
can always buy an extended warranty just before
your original one expires.                             Find out how repairs are paid for.
                                                       Some insurance or financial companies will pay
Consider mechanical breakdown insurance.
                                                       repair shops directly. With others, you
Sold by insurance agents and some credit unions,
                                                       pay up front and then collect
these contracts—often $500 or less for new-car
                                                       from the service-
coverage up to six years or 100,000 miles—cost
about half what a dealer will charge for a typical
                                                       company—often a
extended warranty. Community 1 offers the same                                      T E N DE D
                                                       slow process.             EX
insurance at a discounted rate.
                                                       If you are
See who is behind the contract.
                                                       interested in
Wherever you buy it, see what financial company                                  W
                                                                                     AR          Y
                                                       mechanical                         RANT
backs your extended warranty. When you get your
mechanical breakdown insurance from                    breakdown
Community1, you know that you are secure in            insurance, let
your purchase.                                         Community 1 help!

        W W W . C O M M U N I T Y 1 F C U . C O M                                                              3
Locations                                               Courtesy Pay
                  AND HOURS                             Covers You
                                                        If you inadvertently overdraw your checking
                                                        account Community1 Federal Credit Union's
                                                        Courtesy Pay Program is here to help. Funds
                                                        for overdrafts first will come from your
                                                        overdraft protection, but if sufficient funds
NEW HOURS                                                                                               the fees you would have accumulated without
                                                        aren't available, we may elect to cover your
                                                                                                        this protection. For example, without the
Main Branch                                             overdrafts up to $500.
       Monday-Friday            8:30 am – 5:00 pm                                                       service you might pay a $32 returned check
       Wednesday (Lobby)      10:00 am – 5:00 pm        We’ll save you the embarrassment and            fee from the credit union, as well as a $40
       Monday and Friday Drive-thru open @ 8:00 am
                                                        inconvenience of a returned check as well as    returned check fee from the merchant—
Simpsonville Branch                                     the fee merchants normally charge.              totaling $72.
       Monday-Friday            9:00 am – 5:30 pm
              Closed daily 1–2 pm                       Should an overdraft occur, your account will    For more information about our Courtesy
LOCATIONS                                               be charged $30 for handling each item paid      Pay program, contact a Member Service
Main Office                                             by the discretionary Courtesy Pay.              Representative today at 864-281-7640.
280 Commonwealth Drive, Greenville, SC 29615
Phone (864) 281-7640
                                                        The Courtesy Pay fee will be a lot less than
Fax (864) 281-7647
Simpsonville Office
514 N.E. Main Street, Simpsonville, SC 29681
Phone (864) 688-2120
Fax (864) 228-2949                                      Debit or Credit—What
Audio Response System:
(864) 281-9812 or 1-800-428-5561
                                                        to Choose and When
Toll-free 1-800-845-1035                                We've all done it. We're out shopping,
Website:                          ready to use our debit cards, and the
                                                        sales clerk asks "debit or credit? " We
Attention Members:
In the event of a disaster (natural or other),          really don't know what the difference is.
Community 1 has developed a plan that would             It is a debit card, so we say "debit,"
ensure the safety of the credit union. If such a case
shall arise, please call 1-877-CU-LOCATE                right? Wrong.
(1-877-285-6228) for further information.
                                                        Instead, when you're making retail
                                                        purchases with your debit/ATM card,
                                                        choose "credit." You'll bypass any
                                                        potential fees-and the funds still come
                                                        out of your share draft/checking
                                                        account. Another good reason: Credit
                                                        transactions require a signature,
                                                        which helps against fraud.
                                                        So save your PIN for ATM use and
                                                        say "credit" when you're at the mall,
                                                        gas station, or grocery store. For more
                                                        information about debit cards contact
                                                        Community 1. We'll explain the
                                                        differences between debit and credit
                                                        cards and how debit cards can work
                                                        for you.

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