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									                 ETP PROPERTIES, LLC
                       6753 Thomasville Road
                      Tallahassee, Florida 32312
      with a CONTRACT for OPTION TO BUY

ETP Properties, LLC is dedicated to finding affordable housing in
ways not usually available to those interested in buying a home. We
have determined that the lease/option is the best way to help those
who want to:
  1. Stop renting.
  2. Have an affordable and stable monthly payment.
  3. Own the home within a reasonable time.
  4. Avoid the terrible consequences of foreclosure.

These advantages are gained by:
  1. Signing a lease contract that lasts for two or more years for a
     set monthly payment. The house lease payment never
     changes during the time of the contract.
  2. Signing a contract for option with rent credits gained for paying
     the lease payments on the agreed upon due date. This sets the
     price available during the lease period.
  3. Signing an option disclosure contract that states that you
     understand that you have a long term lease with the option to
     buy at a future date for an agreed upon price.

Now that you have decided to own your own home, there are a
number of options open to you.
  1. Get a standard mortgage from a bank or a mortgage broker. If
     you fail to pay, you are facing the expense and long term
     difficulties associated with foreclosure and ruin of your
  2. Lease with a contract for option to buy. The lease is a contract
     to have the use of the home for a set period of time for a set
     amount of money. The contract for option to buy is a contract
     that guarantees you the option to buy the home in the future at
     a set price. There is a fee to buy this option. If you fail to pay,
     you will be facing an eviction and the loss of the option
     consideration fee.

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                 ETP PROPERTIES, LLC
                      6753 Thomasville Road
                     Tallahassee, Florida 32312
      with a CONTRACT for OPTION TO BUY


 A benefit of becoming a client with ETP Properties, LLC is getting a
rent credit every time your lease payment is in the ETP Properties,
LLC bank account on, or before, the day it is due. An agreed upon
portion (usually $100) of each on time or before time payment can
be used to reduce the price of the home you are buying.

If the lease payment is late, you lose the rent credit available
from that pay period.


In order to help you insure that your lease payments get to the ETP
Properties, LLC bank on the date they are due, an automatic fund
transfer can be established either through your employer or through
many of the local banks. Each payment is transferred on time without
any cost, time or effort after the initial arrangements are made. We
will be glad to assist you with this.


If you choose to use personal checks, money orders or other
methods of payment, sent by mail to our local address above, there
will be a $12.95 handling fee for each payment.

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