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					Wk Sun              Mon                        Tue                          Wed                            Thu                 Fri
1 10-Jan                     11-Jan           12-Jan                       13-Jan                        14-Jan              15-Jan
                  Lab Prep                    Menu                         Excel                        Lab Prep
             Menus and Recipes          Fact Sheet, Name,                goal setting                 Order sheets
             MasterCook Software      Theme, Cuisine, Décor,     recipe cost sheets for lab?          Printed Menu

2   17-Jan        18-Jan                      19-Jan                     20-Jan                         21-Jan               22-Jan
                  Holiday                      Menu                     Facility                       Beverage
                Martin Luther          Content and Contrast        Space Requirements          Grapes and Wine Production
                    King              Product Mix, Check Ave.

                                          Menu Project 1
                                           Fact Sheet

3   24-Jan         25-Jan                     26-Jan                       27-Jan                         28-Jan             29-Jan
                    Menu                  Cost Control                    Facility                      Beverage
             Standardized Recipes          Introduction         Major Appliances, Equipment    Varietals, Sensory Analysis
                                       Accounting Principles         and Service Ware

               Menu Project 2                                        Facility Project 1
             Content and Contrast                                  Space Requirements
Wk Sun                Mon                       Tue                              Wed                              Thu              Fri
4 31-Jan             1-Feb                     2-Feb                             3-Feb                           4-Feb            5-Feb
                 Cost Control              Cost Control                         Facility                      Beverage
                Menu Selling Price        Menu Selling Price          Facility Design: Front and        California Appellations
                 Yield Analysis            Recipe Costing             Back House Material Flow             White Varietals

                                                                            Facility Project 2
                                                                     Major Appliances, Equipment
                                                                             Service Ware
5   7-Feb            8-Feb                      9-Feb                            10-Feb                         11-Feb            12-Feb
                     Menu                   Cost Control                        Facility                      Beverage
             Purchase Specifications      Menu Selling Price         In class: work on rough draft      California Appellations
             Inventory and Ordering      Menu Pricing Methods                design/layout                   Red Varietals

                 Menu Projects 3         Cost Control Project 1
              Standardized Recipes          Yield Analysis

6   14-Feb          15-Feb                      16-Feb                          17-Feb                         18-Feb             19-Feb
                   Holiday                   Cost Control                       Facility                     Beverage
               Washington's B'day       Financial Reports: Profit   Facility Design: Colors, Lights,   Other U.S. Appellations
                                       Loss Statement, Balance      Sound/Noise, Music, Ambiance       Oregon, Washington, NY
                                             Owner Equity
                                                                          Facility Project 3
                                                                      Rough Draft Facility Layout

7   21-Feb           22-Feb                     23-Feb                          24-Feb                        25-Feb              26-Feb
                      Menu                   Cost Control                       Facility                     Beverage
             Menu Layouts and Design   Food, Beverage, and Labor     Facility Design: ADA, Health         European Wines
                                        Costs and Percentages          Department, and Other                  France
                                         Cost Control Project 2
                                          Recipe Cost Sheets
Wk Sun                    Mon                          Tue                           Wed                          Thu                 Fri
8 28-Feb                 1-Mar                        2-Mar                          3-Mar                       4-Mar               5-Mar
                         Menu                     Cost Control                      Facility                    Beverage
               Menu Item Descriptions       Forecasting Sales/Revenue    In class: work on rough draft       European Wines
                 Truth in Menu, Item          COS and Labor Costs                design/layout                    Italy
              Placement for Profitability
                                            Menu Projects 4                    Facility Project 4
                                       Purchase Specifications,           Written Facility Description
                                       Pars, and Inventory Sheets
9    7-Mar             8-Mar                     9-Mar                            10-Mar                          11-Mar             12-Mar
                       Menu                   Cost Control                      Supervisory                      Beverage
           Principles of Menu Planning Forecasting Sales/Revenue           Leadership Styles, Four           European Wines
               Nutrition and Menus       Controllable Expenses                  Styles, TQM               Other European Regions

                  Menu Projects 5         Cost Control Project 3              Facility Project 5
                 Rough Draft Menu      Sales Projections, Food,           Final Draft Design/Layout
                                       Beverage, and Labor Costs
10   14-Mar           15-Mar                     16-Mar                            17-Mar                        18-Mar              19-Mar
                       Menu                   Cost Control                      Supervisory                     Beverage
            Other menu Types: Cyclic, Forecasting Sales/Revenue                Decision Making            South American Wines
            Buffet, Theme, Chalkboard      P&L Year 1 Monthly                                                Chile, Argentina
            Nutritional Care/Education
                                          Cost Control Project 4
                                       Expenses and Controllables

11   21-Mar          22-Mar                           23-Mar                      24-Mar                          25-Mar             26-Mar
                      Menu                        Cost Control                  Supervisory                      Beverage
                 Menu Engineering           Forecasting Sales/Revenue    Grapes and Wine Production      Beer Production and Types
                                              P&L Years 2 through 8

                  Menu Projects 6            Cost Control Project 5A
                 Table Ready Menu           Income Statement Year 1

12   28-Mar           29-Mar                         30-Mar
                   Cost Control                   Cost Control
               COS, FC Percentages          Other Calculations, Loans,
              Open, Closing Inventories     Start-Up Costs, Investors

                                              Cost Control Project 5B
                                            Income Statement Year 2-8
Wk    Sun               Mon                       Tue                     Wed                            Thu                Fri
                                                                         31-Mar                        1-Apr               2-Apr
                                                                       Supervisory                  Beverage
                                                                    Time Mgt, Training,     Grapes and Wine Production
                                                                       Management                  Champagnes
                                                                                                  Fortified Wines

13   4-Apr             5-Apr                     6-Apr                    7-Apr                      8-Apr                  9-Apr
                  Lab: Skills Final         Lab: Skills Final       Lab: Catering Prep         Lab: Catering Prep            Off
                                              Cost Control                 Open                      Beverage             Catering
                                          Business Plans, Food     Supervisory Final Exam   Varietals, Sensory Analysis    in the
                                          Service Software, POS                                                           evening

                   Menu Projects 7        Cost Control Project 6                                Beverage Project 1         Extra
              Cyclic, Buffet, and Theme   Loans, Start Up Costs                             Beverage, Beer, Wine Menu      Credit
14   11-Apr             12-Apr                  13-Apr                   14-Apr                      15-Apr                16-Apr
                  Lab: Skills Final       Lab: Mystery Basket      Lab: Mystery Basket         Lab: Mystery Basket

                       Open                       Open                    Open                      Beverage
                                                                     Break Even Point            Beverage Final??

15   18-Apr            19-Apr                    20-Apr                   21-Apr                     22-Apr                23-Apr
                        Open                      Open                Review for final           Review for final

                                          Cost Control Project 7
                                             Business Plan

16   25-Apr           26-Apr                     27-Apr                   28-Apr                     29-Apr                30-Apr
                 Cost Control Final                Off                      Off                        Off













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