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California County Court Records


California County Court Records document sample

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                    Request for Records Search and/or Copies Response Form
      BANNING COURT               MORENO VALLEY COURT                          RIVERSIDE COURT
      135 N. ALESSANDRO RD        13800 HEACOCK STE. D201                      JUVENILE DIVISION
      BANNING, CA 92220           MORENO VALLEY, CA 92503                      9991 COUNTYFARM ROAD
                                                                               RIVERSIDE, CA 92503
      BLYTHE COURT                RIVERSIDE COURT                              SOUTHWEST COURT
      260 N SPRING ST.            HISTORIC COURTHOUSE (CIVIL & PROBATE)        30755-D AULD RD., STE 1226
      BLYTHE, CA 92225            RIVERSIDE, CA 92501                          MURRIETA, CA 92563

      HEMET COURT                 RIVERSIDE COURT                              TEMECULA COURT
      880 N. STATE STREET         HALL OF JUSTICE                              41002 COUNTY CENTER DR
      HEMET, CA 92543             4100 MAIN STREET                             TEMECULA, CA 92591
                                  RIVERSIDE, CA 92501

      INDIO COURT                 RIVERSIDE COURT
      46-200 OASIS STREET         FAMILY LAW
      INDIO, CA 92201             4100 MAIN STREET
                                  RIVERSIDE, CA 92501

      A search was conducted pursuant to your request and no record was found.

Years Searched:

NOTE: Pursuant to Government Code section 70626(c), a records search fee of $15 is applicable to any
search taking more than 10 minutes. Your request for records search was subject to this fee, whether any
records were located or not. The receipt is included with this form or the receipt number is:

Note: Records are routinely destroyed pursuant to Government Code Section 68152 upon expiration of the
retention period. The retention period for records is outlined in Government Code Section 68152. To assist
you in researching criminal case information, please contact the office:

                                 State of California, Department of Justice
                                     Bureau of Criminal Identification
                                              P.O. Box 903417
                                        Sacramento, Ca 94203-4170
                                               (916) 227-3832

Clerk of the Court                                      Date

(Rev. 6/29/2010)                        Request for Records Search                                 RI-OTS16

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