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                                                 June 1996
                                             Volume 16, Number 6

                              Chapter 724, Experimental Aircraft Association
                                          Merritt Island, Florida
                         Mailing address: P. O. Box 320923, Cocoa Beach, FL 32931

Officers                                           Technical Counselors
President:             John Murphy    783-1515     Ted Yon            783-7966
Vice President:        Eric Kennard   631-3264     John Murphy        783-1515
Secretary/Treasurer:   John Soukup    783-7128     Young Eagle Coordinator
Newsletter Editor:     Fred Mahan     452-5797     Tony Yacono        459-0080
                                                   Flight Advisor
                                                   Tom Hennessy             452-4021

                           The next meeting will be the second Wednesday of June
                                         June 12, 1996, 7:30 P. M.

                                       Permanent New Meeting Place!
                       Big Merritt Island Air Service Hangar, South Side of Runway
                             Second Floor, Southwest Corner Meeting Room


EAA Chapter 724
P. O. Box 320923
Cocoa Beach, FL 32931

Calendar of Events and Places       __________________________           Brian recently completed and
to Go                                                                    made the first flight in his
June 29-30 Gainesville, GA,         May’s Chapter Meeting                Long-EZ. Congratulations,
Chapter 611 28th Annual                      The May meeting was         Bryan!
Cracker Fly-In, 770-531-0291        held on the 8th of the month in      __________________________
July 6-7 Homestead General          the new meeting room upstairs
Airport, Miami Ultralight Air       in the big hangar at Merritt         No More FCC Licenses
Fair, 305-460-3356                  Island Airport. Alan Shaw            From Chapter Gram, June 1996
July 13 Carrolton, GA,              conducted another “show and                   In April, the FCC
Chapter 976 Fly-Out, 770-834-       tell” of his proposed canard         published an interim rule to
7970                                aircraft. In addition to his scale   delete the requirement for
July 20 Cartersville, GA,           display model of it, he brought a    aircraft to have a radio license
Chapter 268 Workshop/Fly-In,        flying stick glider of it to         for domestic flight operations.
770-928-9064                        demonstrate the effects of CG        This interim rule amends the
August 1-7, Oshkosh, WI, EAA        location.                            Federal Communications
Convention                          __________________________           Commission’s rules by
                                                                         removing the individual radio
                                    Bring Your Card                      licensing requirement and
Regularly Scheduled EAA                     If you attend the June       authorizing by rule the
Fly-Ins Across Florida              chapter meeting, please bring        operation of radio equipment on
Every First Saturday, Cannon        your EAA membership card to          recreational vessels and aircraft.
Creek Airpark, Lake City, Fly-      the meeting. John Soukup will        The rules are effective
In Breakfast, 904-755-4760          have a list up for you to post       immediately.
Every Second Saturday,              your membership number on.                    The new rule, in part,
Charlotte County Airport, Punta     apparently, EAA headquarters         reads:
Gorda, 813-575-6360                 has requested out numbers in                  “An aircraft is licensed
Every Third Saturday, Dunn          order to update the national list.   by rule and does not need an
Airpark, at the parachute center,   __________________________           individual license issued by the
407-269-3660                                                             FCC if ... the aircraft station is
Every Third Saturday,               Keeping Cool                         on board a private aircraft, and
Sebring Airport, Chapter 803                Some of you who              the aircraft station does not
pancake breakfast                   attended last month’s meeting        make international flights or
Every First Sunday, Ft. Myers       may have been a bit warm. The        communications.”
Airport, Chapter 66 pancake         chapter is adding a second air                In simple language, we
breakfast, 941-947-1430             conditioner for the room to help     no longer need to have a radio
Every Second Sunday, Naples         keep things cool. Remember,          station license for our aircraft,
Airport, 941-775-1661               the new meeting room is on the       as long as we operate them
Every Third Sunday,                 second floor, southwest corner       within the US. Aircraft radio
Kissimmee Municipal Airport,        of the FBO hangar, Merritt           station licenses are still
west side of the field, 9 am on.    Island Airport.                      available from the FCC. The
Every Fourth Sunday, Bob            __________________________           passage of the bill in Congress
Lee Airport, De Land, Fly-In                                             that allowed for the removal of
Lunch, bring your own, 904-         Bryan Hennessy                       the requirement for radio station
985-5373                                    Some of you may              licenses was greatly assisted by
                                    remember Brian Hennessy, son         the many letters EAA members
                                    our chapter Flight Advisor Tom       sent to their Congressmen.
                                    Hennessy. Brian went away to         Thanks to all who made their
                                    college then moved out west.         opinions known. Without your
assistance, this change might                Q: I took my RV out of        tightly sealed, to compensate for
not have happened.                   winter storage and for the            changes in pressure when going
__________________________           second year in a row, found it        to altitude and returning.
                                     contained a shot battery! I use a     __________________________
River Ranch Reopens                  solar cell to maintain the battery
         River Ranch is open         during the winter. Could the          Correction - Ramp Rights
again for business. Besides the      solar cell be too small?              From EAA Technical Counselor
airport, they have a grass strip     A: Your solar array is probably       News, Spring 1996
for ultralights. Give them a call    too big! Actually, almost any                 Thank you to Technical
at 941-692-1303 about their          rate of continuous, unregulated       Counselor Sid Nelson for
facilities, accommodations, and      charging is hard on a battery. A      calling an error to our attention.
dining facilities.                   charger for long term storage         The article stated under Ramp
__________________________           should be set for no more than        Rights 7. Aircraft inspection
                                     12.5 to 13.0 volts ... the idea is    not included. Wrong. FAR
Ultralight Newsletter                NOT to charge the battery ...         13.19 Certificate Action. (a) ...
        Our chapter regularly        just keep it from falling into the    the Administrator may reinspect
receives an ultralight newsletter,   self-destruct range below 11.0        any civil aircraft, aircraft
Rotor Flight Dynamics, from          volts. Next year, take your           engine, propeller, appliance, air
Jerry Rooks over in Plant City.      battery home and keep it inside.      navigation facility or air agency
Each issue is loaded with “For       Charge it once about New              and may re-examine any civil
Sale” ads for ultralights, “near     Year’s Day and it’ll be ready to      airman.
ultralights,” gyrocopters, and       go to work next spring. If a          __________________________
aerochutes. Jerry does not           solar cell maintenance system is
charge for the newsletter, but       attractive, drop me a #10 SASE.       For Sale
welcomes donations. His              I’ll send you the scoop on                   RV-6A kit for sale. Tail
address is 2802 Wallace Branch       building a regulator to keep          primed & 95% complete, wing
Road, North, Plant City, FL          your solar array from simmering       primed & 90% complete,
33565-5577. Telephone is 813-        the battery away over the             fuselage not started. Includes
754-4342. You can also E-mail        winter.                               book, plans, video, 14 years of
him at:                                                 RV newsletters. Owner has
__________________________           AeroElectric Connection, 6936         invested $15,000 and 1 1/2
                                     Bainbridge Road, Wichita, KS          years. Sell for $10,000 OBO.
Errata                               67226-1008.                           Contact Bob Kutschke at home
         After reading last          __________________________            at 205-969-7199 or at work at
month’s newsletter, a number of                                            205-328-8961 (Birmingham).
chapter members wanted to            Vent Holes                            __________________________
know when Dick Scott had             From Lancair News
moved to Alabama. Dick Scott                  These are not trivial        Help!
is, of course, still here in         issues. One builder of a Lancair              The newsletter needs
Florida. The newsletter editor       IV experienced a “pop” sound          articles and information about
was attempting to talk about         while cruising at the flight          chapter members and their
Dick Todd, former chapter            levels. Upon inspection, he           projects. Please contact the
member who now is president          discovered a delamination in the      newsletter editor with any
of EAA chapter 941 in Decatur,       horizontal stabilizer trailing        information you have for
Alabama. Dick’s phone number         edge. It caused no problem            publication. Send any articles
is 205-941-4060.                     during the flight and was easy to     or notices to the chapter post
__________________________           repair. Moral is: don’t forget to     office box on the masthead.
                                     drill the vent holes!                 Any help is appreciated!
Tech Tips                                     Ed. note: the vent holes     __________________________
Bob Nuckolls, The AeroElectric       are, of course, drilled in the skin
Connection                           on all components that are

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