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									                                OREGON CHAPTER 31 - IAAI
                                    BOARD MEETING
                                      June 2, 2004
                                    Central Point OSP

The meeting was called to order by President Ryan Fields at 10:00 A.M.

Ryan introduced David Hyatt, CPA who discussed the non-profit status of the Chapter. He
handed out copies of prepared forms and instruction sheets. Mark Merrill will be looking at the
Articles and Bylaws of the Nevada Chapter, already a non-profit designee, to make sure
wording our working becomes appropriate for tax exempt status. The goal of having the
Chapter designated a tax exempt organization continues to move forward.


      Ryan Fields - Present
      Mark Carman - Present
      Vicki Parker - Excused
      Mark Merrill - Excused
      Steve Corwin - Present
      Jill Scott - Present
      John Wolff - Present
      T. J. Johannsen - Present
      Ann Lewis - Present
      Allen Periman - Excused
      Al Tindle - Excused
      Susie Lovisco - Present
      Gene Whitaker - Absent
      Grant Brough - Excused


      Mo Austin
      Charlie Chase
      Debi Bisbee
      Michelle Stevens
      Tim Birr
      Carl Roberts
      Don Hickman
      Mark Latman
      GR Castillo


      When we met in Corvallis, the board approved a motion to donate $500 to Tom Fee’s
      campaign for election to the International Board as 2nd Vice President. Tom was
      successful in his bid and will be President in 3 years. Tom sent a letter of appreciation
      to the Board which was passed around to the attendees. Tom also indicated an interest
      in attending one of our seminars.
    Ryan pointed out that some checks have been written against the checking account for
    the recent Expert Witness Course so expect to see some changes in the balance as
    reported by the Treasurer. With monies received for the course, the balance will
    change to the positive.

    The Expert Witness Course was hosted at Lewis and Clark Law School using law
    students. There were 8 attendees. Some interest was generated from a Washington
    Chapter Member and also Portland Fire Bureau to attend more classes in the future.
    Ryan will be steering them towards a Central Oregon class hopefully in the Fall. A class
    is also going to be held the end of July in Monterey California for 8 people from the
    California Chapter.


    Ann Lewis reported for Mark Merrill

          Reports:      Checking Account: $33,777.49
                        CD: $57,025.86


    It was moved, seconded and approved that the minutes be accepted as written. John
    Wolff made reference to the minutes that a bank account for the Fall Seminar was to be
    set up for expenses and deposits. This had not yet been done. It was moved,
    seconded and approved that he be given $5,000 to set up this account. All bills are to
    go to John.


    Membership Committee – Ryan reported for Vicki Parker

          300 members. Vicki requested that a new chair be named for the membership
          committee. Ann Lewis said she would accept the chair.

    History Committee – Jill Scott

          It was reported that all historical documents were now in one place. The
          question about recognizing those members most responsible for the start up of
          the chapter at the Fall Seminar was revisited. Jill indicated there were two most
          notable. The possibility of having scholarships set up in their name was
          discussed. Jill will contact both members to see if they will come and will offer to
          give them a night’s lodging and pay for their banquet meal.

    Constitution & By-Laws – Allen Periman

          No Report
CFI Committee – Gene Whitaker

      Ryan reported that Gene has one person from Portland Fire who has submitted
      his application and that Ray Eufemia is assembling his materials to submit for
      approval to test.

Website Committee – Ryan Fields & TJ Johannsen

      Ryan noted that his new President’s Message has been posted and that limited
      information regarding the Fall Seminar was available. Ann Lewis said she had
      been unable to get to the website through the International link. GR will look into
      it to see what the problem is.

Newsletter Committee – Cindy Hubert

      Cindy requested feedback for the content of the next newsletter. She wanted to
      have the board prioritize as she couldn’t get all 4 articles in one newsletter. In
      order of preference the Board determined the following:

      1.     Summary of Speakers in Bend
      2.     Ignitable Liquid Absorbant by John the Chemist
      3.     Tre Arrow (there was a discussion about possible legal concerns re an
             article about Tre Arrow, it was determined not to be a problem.)
      4.     Face Reading

      Charlie Chase indicated he could get an article if needed re the Ignitable Liquid
      Absorbant making sure that it was an informative article and not a sales pitch.

      Ryan will call Cindy to give her the order of preference for the articles.

Awards & Nominations Committee – TJ Johannsen

      NEED NOMINATIONS! Also requesting that each district provide a basket or
      other items for the raffle.

      The question was raised if there was seed money for raffle items. Mark Carman
      indicated that he worked out arrangements to pay for things or paid up front and
      was reimbursed. $500 limit.

Prosecutor Networking Committee – Ryan Fields & Gene Whitaker

      No Report

Legislative Committee – Al Tindle

      No Report

Budget & Finance Committee – Mark Carman

      An audit of the books will be done following the annual meeting in September.
    Seminar Committee – John Wolff & Ann Lewis

           Facility has been secured starting with ½ day Monday through ½ on Thursday.
           The Board will meet at 10:00 A.M. on Monday. An outline and schedule for
           classes and meals are listed on the brochure. Brochure passed around for
           review and input. Waiting for training information to complete and mail.

    Training & Education Committee – Steve Corwin & Susie Lovisco

           Most training information is in – still waiting for information on Ethics Class. Ryan
           will provide Steve with the information. Susie Lovisco will work on securing
           DPSST Certification for the Seminar. Currently training includes:

                  Steve Carman – Fire Scene Reconstruction
                  Glenna Trout – Face Reading
                  Lou Bilancia – The Scientific Method
                  Dan Madrzykowski – Depoe Nightclub Fire in Rhode Island
                                      - Ethics Class

           Steve gave a report on the burn cell class that he attended in Nevada. Indicated
           that it was well worth doing. The logistics and costs for doing burn cells at the
           2005 seminar were discussed. He then showed a burn cell tape.

           Mark Carman requested that recipients of awards be offered a night’s lodging
           and banquet compensated as a way of ensuring their attendance. Following
           discussion it was moved, seconded and approved that award recipients be
           offered food and lodging for the night of the banquet.

           It was again encouraged that districts provide nominations for the awards night.

           Board positions are also going to be open and it was recommended that potential
           applicants get letters of endorsement from their employers to serve.



           Still meeting at Busters BBQ on 3rd Thursdays. 20-25 people attending. Have
           had some good presentations.


           No Report


           Have had two wildland fire Introduction classes that have been well attended.
           Oregon Department of Forestry helped to sponsor.

            Meeting on 3rd Wednesday of every month with 15 – 20 people in attendance.
            Working on next February’s seminar which will be held on the 7th – 10th


            Holding meeting at the Black Bear Diner on 3rd Street. 15 people in attendance.
            Training schedule has been developed and recently had a great fireworks
            presentation by Joe Burchyski.


            Meeting Quarterly about 10 people attending. Will be having a meeting shortly.


            No report


    It was asked if the President will be making a point of visiting District meetings. Ryan
    indicated it was not “planned” to do so. Central District invited him to attend their next

    Ryan gave an update on the Rogue Valley Seminar. The books still haven’t been
    closed. Still waiting for some expenses to come in. Right now have a surplus of about
    $2,600. Expect to come in with a surplus around $2,500. One of the presenters,
    Howlett, asked that in lieu of an honorarium to him that we provide a one time $500
    scholarship from IAAI to a student at UC Davis. A motion was made, seconded and
    approved that we make a one time Scholarship in the amount of $500 to UC Davis.

    Discussion continued on the acquisition of Officers and Directors insurance and Errors
    and Admissions Insurance. Still waiting for quotes on O&D. The treasurer will get
    bonded, Mark is resigning and a new treasurer needs to be found before proceeding
    with this. Jill Scott provided a print out of a PowerPoint presentation on ways to protect
    an organization and its treasurer through a checks and balance system. It was decided
    that a telephone board meeting will be set up as soon as quotes come in. The goal is to
    have it in place by the September Seminar. The issue of obtaining a professional
    accountant to assist the treasurer will be looked at in September. General Liability
    insurance still remains elusive and probably not obtainable.


    Rogue Valley requested funds to purchase two tool chests for transporting seminar
    supplies. The boxes cost $39.94 each. It was moved, seconded and approved that
    Rogue Valley purchase the two boxes and submit for reimbursement.

    Ryan informed the Board that he had heard from Mrs. Frank Herlinger. One of the
    yearly awards is the Frank Herlinger award. It seems Mrs. Herlinger had not been
    informed that the award had been renamed in honor of her late husband and had
    contacted us to find out more information. It was suggested that Mrs. Herlinger and her
    daughter be invited to attend the upcoming Seminar banquet as guests of the board as
    a way of mending this oversite. It was also suggested that a provision be made for
    notification in the event of future occurrences of this nature. It is not known if family of
    Donald Petruzzelli are aware that there is an award in his honor being made. A motion
    was made to provide Mrs. Herlinger and her daughter with one nights stay and banquet
    costs for this years seminar. The motion was seconded and approved.

    It was asked if the state chapter was still providing rebates on membership fees. Ann
    will check with Mark Merrill regarding the status of rebates.

    Tim Birr attended representing Oregon Council Against Arson. He was there to discuss
    the possibility of IAAI taking over the responsibilities of OCAA. OCAA has been
    struggling with participation and funding. Tim gave a brief history and current status of
    the organization. After discussion, the following actions were approved:

           Check with International to see if there is any problems with the Chapter doing

           OCAA will provide IAAI full disclosure regarding finances and by-laws.

           John Wolff and Ann Lewis were appointed to work with Cindy Hubert and Tim
           towards this end.

           A decision will be made at the September Seminar.

    Ryan reported that Mark Merrill is working with attorneys to modify the Articles of
    Incorporation to forward the project with the IRS


    No report.


    September 20th at 10:00 A.M. at the Fall Seminar in Bend.

    Work party for the seminar will be Sunday evening. Registration will start at 9:00 A.M.
    Monday Morning. Central Oregon District will provide people for the registration table.


    The meeting was adjourned at 12:20 P.M.

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