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									       Professional Staff Resume Profile of   Allen Davis - Sr. Consultant

                SAP NetWeaver SOA - Enterprise Cloud SaaS Integration - Carbon Reduction - Smart Grid

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Summary of Expertise:

Carbon Finance Green Economy - Web Based Environmental (Carbon Accounting / Auditing / Reporting) Solutions,
Privat e Cloud XaaS (S aaS / PaaS / IaaS / CaaS / MaaS) Int egration Specialist, Green Business Process Manufacturing
Intelligence Alternative Energy (Smart Grid) Supply Chain Sustainable Solutions CSR Consult ant.

                      Green Invested Economy - Transformational Technological Opportunities

**** Due to changes in global trade laws surrounding carbon based products (carbon trading). Carbon
tax efficiency (carbon based accounting integration) is imperative to get ahead of the curve. Reducing
carbon tax for global import & export manufacturers or service providers as quickly as one can will
substantially reduce heavily weighted carbon taxes being placed upon a manufacturer or service
provider. Implementing energy efficiency will be key to providing a competitive advantage over
industry competition. As you will read more below. Setting out on an Emergency Corporate Directive - Clients are
Developing rapid Rebalancing of Busine ss Model s for immediate removal of layered off-shored models and replace
with Value Creation Governance Strategies to comply with Corporate Sustainability Policies, Carbon Based Product
Manufacturing & Service Tax Reduction Costs and Consumption, and provide Customer V alue at each regional
ecological layer by delivering Carbon Based Accounting Reintegration Supply Chain Strategies.

For example - to manufacture or provide a service under a Carbon Reduction Compliance Foreign & Dome stic Trade
Policy. Each regional market will ONLY be allowed Carbo n Trading wit hin E ach regional trade zone. The manufa cturer
or service provider shall be in close proximity a s their serving customers while establi shing energy efficiency. It
will no longer be fashionable to be at great distances to serve customers or pay high carbon tax penalties for companies
operating on country soil that are not in compliance to reduce their carbon footprint not to mention the meas ured &
reported CS R - Corporate Social Responsibility.

To further explain; Factories & Service P roviders shall be placed within their targeted legal regional carbon trading
zone to serve loc al regionalized c ustomers ONLY within their ecological Carbon Trading mark et zone. (either Ecol ogical
Asian Market / Ecological American Market / Ecological European Market. In the future; To maximize Energy
Efficiencies corporate customers will NOT be allowed to cross Ecological markets to serve customers,
corporations will need to establi sh factories or service facilities within EACH Carbon Regional Trade Zone to
serve EACH but SEP ARATE Ecological Markets).

A NEW type of Outsourcing Model will be applied that is delivered regionally within their legal ecological product
or servi ce supply chain Carbon trade zone. Being Green will become essential to hold or gain customer loyalty.

**** SaaS Private Cloud Impl ement ations (Lessons Learned) - migrating from on-premi se SAP core to Next
Generation off-premi se NetWeaver Cloud SaaS applications: When developing On or Off P remise P rivate Cl ouds, its
best to phase in slowly to build trust and allow knowledge transfer levels to be developed over time by implementing an on
premise private cloud and begin to move s ome applications to an off premis e private cloud model will allow the business
to retain cont rol over their mission critical apps while reducing risk.

                        Allen Davis : Updated - October 25 th 2010 :
 **** By Reducing on-premise SAP core mission critical apps and migrating t o Private S aaS Clouds, capitalizing on
 already invested NetWeaver platforms to develop custom SaaS Private Cloud supply chain on-demand mobile
 platform manufacturing apps or custom development of S aaS apps generating partner billing revenue stream of
 wrapped business services surrounding BPO delivery models, Using NetWeaver platform SOA models ensures the
 business that transformational data security i s not an issue while entrusting and expanding Partner LOB’ s.

 **** The bonus with S aaS Enterprise Private Clouds is allowing the business to make changes t o processes by directive
 on-demand, not to mention by implementing these solutions allows for rapid change in business strategies, proc esses,
 and operations to open new sources of revenue streams while building a smarter planet.

 **** Having completed many SaaS E nterprise P rivate Cloud migration implementations: Very Important for Succe ss;
 the take-a-way lesson is for the SaaS implement ation consulting team to be Face-to-Face onsite with the busines s on a
 daily basis to capture missed revenue opportunities while ensuring a successful delivery of services not to mention newly
 developed servic e revenue streams that are generated from the migration effort.

 Eco Profile of Skills:

 SAP Next Generation NetWeaver Cloud Infrastructure, NetWeaver BPM Mobile Model Infrastructure Platform,
 NetWeaver 7.0 (2004s), NetWeaver 04, Process Int egration P I 7.1, NW XI 3. 0 / 2.0, ccBPM, BRM, MDM 7.1, GDS 1.0,
 MII 12.2, xMPI, Perfect Plant ME B2MML, BatchML, MES A MES v2, LPO, ISA S95-S 88, OP C-UA, OLE -DB, ODB C,
 DCS, Manufacturing Execution 5.2, PCo2.0, MOM Model, NW Portal 7.1, CE 7. 2, Identity Management 7.1, MAM 2.0,
 NW Mobile 7.1, MI 7.0, MAU, ESB Enterpri se Services Repository 7.1, SM 7.0, SLD, NW Busi ness Intelligence BI
 7.0, UML 2.0, ALM - A pplication Life-Cycle Management, BPMN, BPEL, RFID Auto-ID 7.0, SOA SAP AII 7.0, Adaptive
 Computing Controller - ACC 7.2, Cloud Computing, NetSuite CRM, Application Virtualization, Server Virtualization 2.0,
 VMware, Akamai APS Virtualization, Visioncore vFogLight, Terremark Enterpri se Cloud, Layered Technologies
 Virtual Server Containers, Citrix, XaaS, SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, Multi-Tenant, Java-J2EE, JB DC, Visualization, MM, PP-PI,
 SD, FI, CO, E RP 6. 0, ECC 6. 0, SRM 2007, PLM 7.0, EAM, EPM, S CM 2007, SOA EWM 2007, Environmental
 Compliance 3.0, TM 7. 0, Autodidact Education - US C Computer Science / Labor Law, S QL S erver, Business Objects
 Xcelsius, Xensource, Xenserver, HMI, NetVendor, Visiprise 4.3, Lighthammer Illuminator, Wonderware, Simatic IT, Elan
 XFP-OPM, 21CFR P art 11, ENOVIA V6, Rockwell Factory Talk, EIS Energy Information Systems, EDM Energy Data
 Management, FlexNet Global Manufacturing Suite, NextSigma Sigma Works - Lean Six Sigma, DFSS, SCOR 9.0, Tuppas
 Shop Floor Control, Smart Infrastructure 2.0 Network Appliance VLAN, SAP Carbon Impact 5.0, SAP EC, Clear
 Standards - CS Access / Analyze / Act Carbon Impact Management, ISO 14001, ECEM - Enterpri se Carbon and
 Energy Management, Emissi ons Trading Standards, NIS T Standards, CIM - Carbon Information Management, IEC
 61970 / 61969 / 61850 / 60870-6 / 62351 Smart Grid Standards, PUE - Power Usage E ffectiveness, PDU - Power
 Distribution Unit, AMR - Automatic Meter Reading, AMI - Aut omatic Meter Infrastructure, eGRID Compliance, Virtual
 Data Center Computing Environment - P 2V, V2V, Z2V, DCiE - Data Center Infrastructure Efficiency, ECA - Enterprise
 Carbon Accounting, CRC - Carbon Reduction Commitment, Performing Enterpri se Private Cloud SaaS Integration
 Technical Model Greenhouse (CO2-CH4-N2O-HFC-PFC-SF6) Ga s Asse ssments.

 Serving for the Greater Good:

 U.S. Policy Contribution -Technological Research Advisor for Trilateral Commission & Council on Foreign Relations

        Transhumanism Life Extension Business Intelligenc e Image Analysis Policy Strategies

        Carbon Tax and Carbon Currency Cloud Based Global Integration System Policy Strategies

                     (full disclosure - advisory paid by research fees in the amount of $ 250 per hour)

Eco Smart System s Solutions - SAP NetWeaver SOA - Cloud SaaS Integration Technologies: 2008 - Pre sent
Serving Through SAP Partners - Employed by Winchester Energy, LLC.
Client Engagements - Serving SAP Customers

Serving for an SAP Government Partner - Electrical Transmi ssion & Di stribution Equipment Product Producer

Corporate smart E T energy technologies pilot program will roll into global alternative IT model initiative mid 2011 for
transitioning to a sustainable demand-s upply network serving Ecological multi-country scalable market delivery strategies.

                        Allen Davis : Updated - October 25 th 2010 :
**** Emergency Corporate Directive - Developing rapid Rebalancing of Busine ss Models for immediate removal of layered
off-shored models and replace with Value Creation Governance Strategies to comply with Corporate Sustainabilit y Policies,
Carbon Finance Ba sed Product Manufacturing & Service Tax Reduction Costs and Consumption, and provide Customer
Value E nvironmental Impact at each regional ecological layer by delivering Carbon Web Ba sed Accounting Reintegration
Supply Chain Strategies. (more details on first page of resume )

Architected multi-plant MII manufacturing process re-engineering PI int egration framework to support real time Mobile Asset
MI infrastructure wireless eGRID CaaS-(Communications as a Service) production line material demand BI predictive
analytic regulatory c ompliance solutions. Arc hitected eGRID S aaS Multi-Tenant application delivery stack, infrastructure,
technology stack, SaaS functionality, and App logic to support MaaS-(Monitoring as a Service) Monitoring of Voltage &
Identifying Power Generation Loss for complying with regional regulatory initiatives.

Designed Next Generation business-to-model & model-to-execution NetWeaver SOA process optimization layer eGRID
compliance scenarios to integrate NetSuite CRM SaaS collaboration solutions within the SAP EAM enterprise asset
management AMI fiber optic grid smart mobile device infrastructure rotation custom cloud deployment PDU landscape for
scaling up to 45 country operations executing real-time int ernational regulatory reporting portal interface.

Developed sustainable SaaS security SAP PI practices and business process optimization to drive BI predictive analytic
alternative delivery models and migrate towards Smart ECO-Operational global trans formable energy supply network.

Developed SaaS Smart Grid Cloud standards. Implemented scalable grid rate cost structure pay-per-usage image analysis
models, established grid S aaS based consumption deliverable external Private cloud timetable procedures, and delivering
quantifiable performance internal Cloud report measuring analytics.

Developed Smart Grid cost reduction P 2V physical-to-virtual, V 2V virtual-to-virt ual, and Z2V zero-to-virtual migration
strategies for reducing applications from offshored outsourced models to a SaaS on-premise controlled & secured
external Private Cloud eco-environmental infrastructure.

Architected Smart Energy SaaS external Private Cloud solutions to collect and monitor electricity generation & transmission
data infrastructures. Developed SaaS BI solutions to identify substation and transformer loads and wear by establishing
patterns resulting in predictive analytic reporting allowing the reduction of capital & operational expendit ures in sustainin g
infrastructure to avoid emergency service costs, self managed cloud bas ed systems to reduce c rew cost allocation, and
freeing up standby allocated service trucks.

Developed SaaS Platform Strategy Standards with multiple lines of divisional sales and marketing businesses to establish
pricing, billing & payment processing, tenant and subscription management, servicing provisioning, integration usage and
performance monitoring, subscriber management & on-demand self services. Recommended SaaS Private Cloud
technologies and scalable multi-t enant efficient and configurable archit ectures, estimated business costs, defined required
business functionality, and operational implications.

Developed SaaS busine ss model reduction strategies of on-premise SAP core mission critical applications for migrating
to Private SaaS Clouds by establishing delivery methods, designing technical multi -tenancy architectures to provide higher
energy efficiency and lowered energy costs.

Developed business model direct interaction for servicing end user satisfaction. Illustrated an alternative for capital
investment migrating costly on -premi se licensing solutions to re sults oriented SaaS Private Cloud billing service
revenue steams while servicing end user satisfaction.

**** Performed Cloud SaaS Technical Migration Integration Asse ssment s - identified platforms, architectures, highlight
potential problems & process oversights, validat e costs & schedules, identify and reduce costly multiyear offshore custom
development by illustrating SaaS Privat e Cloud business revenue servic e streams, pricing services to other divisions &
outside partners.

Delivered out to the busine ss - Technical Roadmap for removing on-premise SAP core apps to design and build SaaS
Privat e Cloud revenue and service migration applications containing application elastic architecture, application security,
tenancy models, provisioning models, integration capabilities, database & repository design, infrastructure architecture,
usability and accessibility, contingency processes, development and best practices.

Developed Green SaaS Private Cloud best practice s for costing, operational efficiency, and safeguard operations by
providing customers with on-demand BI business analytics on divisional carbon usage for meas uring compliance.
                         Allen Davis : Updated - October 25 th 2010 :
**** when delivering out a SaaS technical roadmap it should identify and prioritize potential problems and issues, minimize
risks and expos ure to vulnerabilities, improve performance and usability, validation of costs, resource needs and sch edules,
reports detailing results of technic al assessment, best practices based upon prior SaaS implementation experience blending
with line of business strategies, product & marketing requirements, and always a crowd pleaser illustrating multiple revenue
streams while servicing competitive positioning, pricing model strategies, and market potential.

**** SaaS Private Clouds is a low cost way to take advantage of applications & services, and creating a whole new way of
generating incremental billing revenue streams while servicing and cultivating customer relationships.

Served through SAP at EDS for a Global Healthcare International Product Manufacturing & Service Producers

Corporate initiative CIM carbon information management program to implement Carbon Reduction-Energy Efficiency Global
Environmental Management Systems (On-Demand EMS SaaS). Designed next generation BI multi -plant system s to
accommodate real -time monitoring SaaS development models to accurately predict business analytical product
manufactured production cost reduction reporting.

Architected Private-Public Mobile Health Cloud Service remote monitoring & diagnostic PI BPM stack to SaaS interface
integrations to drive revenue costing process model opport unities . Developed Supply Chain Smart Green Busine ss
Process Center-of-Excellence for establishing environmental medical manufacturing material service process standards to
produce technological lifecycle Energy Balance.

Developed governance cloud framework integration standards and measured how much energy manufacturing green
processes use. Configured S AP BI mobility cloud service device management integration components to effectively
determine product price by production quantity, increasing servic e levels, and manufacturing process cycle times.

Developed standardized manufacturing energy service based proce sse s to improve busine ss performance .
Architected green business process EMS (energy management systems) MRI operational SAP PI integration imaging
framework solutions. Developed cross-functional green environmental energy business process standards, c osts of goods
sold process practices, and use of green manufacturing performance GHG metric trade reporting generated through a cloud
elasticity plant resource utilization portal based upon cycle demands for reducing carbon production waste .

Developed alternative energy cloud operational dat a security policies and storage standards for supporting self-powered
plants. Re-engineered outsourced supply chain megaprocess models to adopt ISO 14001 divisional Green Business
Process energy reduction environmental management systems compliancy .

Designed end-t o-end SAP supply chain configuration change standards for incorporating Cloud alternative energy
servi ces integration technologie s for mission critical DCiE green business reengineered SaaS megaprocesses to drive
cost reduction opportunities in a Virtual Computing Environment while ensuring business units ZERO Outage application
downtime. High sustainability by implementing Alternative Renewable Energy Technological Sources.

Configured SAP MII 12.1 productivity enhancing performance management apps, RFID Auto-I D Item Serialization 7.0
environmental carbon emissions sensor tracking device apps within the integrated MDM-Energy Data Reposi tories.

Transitioning from a MES environment to a MOM (Manufacturing Operations Management) supply chain megaprocess
SaaS mobilized devic e application integration IaaS framework. Incorporating global process manager BPM’s, global
production manager MBOM’s, and mobile performance manager KPI Carbon monitoring & optimization standards.

Executed corporate initiative Energy Alternative s (doing more with less model) in real -time using energy effi ciency to
drive down global plant site energy usage surrounding Energy, Product Material Production, Reusable Recycling &
Resellable Waste, Packaging, and Transportation resulting in applying energy saving (motors, drive s, conveyors,
proce ssing equipment) components and machinery, and scanning software virtualization physical-to-virtual
application service performance monitoring ratio technologies.

Configured port al dashboards to support plant monitoring carbon and water management level KP I’s for illustrating 18-27%
operational efficiency profitability while producing 12% reduction in global CO2 Emissions. Executing corporat e initiative
carbon footprint-energy efficiency environmental management program resulted in product and service price reduction,
creating increas ed product sales and services in newly developed BRIC & EMEA markets.

                         Allen Davis : Updated - October 25 th 2010 :
Early Adopter Emerging Technologies: 2001 - 2008 Summarized
SAP Labs Platinum Level Independent Consultant
Client Engagements - Served North America, Latin America, Eastern Europe, and Asia

Served CPG Products Producer - Resolved PLM 7.0 3D visualization E nergy Storage new line -of-business technological
innovation issue resolutions by implementing a universal MDM 7.1 green process data sync to support SCM integration
configuration green standards. Architected and Configuration surrounding SAP NetWeaver PI 7.1 ERP Green supply chain
EAM-MES manufacturing plant multi-tenant Process Trans formation solutions.

Served Chemical Products Producer - Configured an Energy Data Management value net works to manage, measure,
and monit or energy consumption usage. Energizing MII process reduction for shop floor raw material recycling proce sse s
allowed for implementing Energy Conservation Sensor Technology.

Served Natural Gas Producer - resolved S AP NetWeaver Busine ss Suite cross plant univers al data integration production
process mobile device reporting issues. Configured SCM-ECC NetWeaver business process XI-PI applications to support
Alternative Energy Cloud PaaS multitenant SOA transaction based enablement to allow on-demand value managed real -
time Logistics Customer Inquiries, and NetWeaver xMII Liquefied Petroleum Gas (Automotive Propane) Transportation Lot
Tracking Enterpri se Portal visualization services.

Served CPG Product Producer - Architected xMII CPG manufacturing intelligence shop floor operator HMI interface
paper-to-glass vi sualization supply chain integration custom PaaS architectural solutions to support 37 plant
production sites. Designed and configured ISA S88 & S95 MES shop floor asset management RFID mobi le device
automation and plant maintenance control lab integrations for reduction in cost of raw material consumption.

Served SAP Labs - Designed and implemented configurable upgrade approach surrounding E RP ECC - HCM subscription
based on-demand labor scenarios for Exchange Infrastructure XI-P I multi-tenant integrations. Decoupled existing IT
scenario landscapes at the business process layer for incorporating an SAP alert framework & plant manager dashboard
portal solution for an xMII product launch into t he NetWeaver platform. Designed MES xMPI manufacturing performance
improvement visualization solutions for synchronizing manufacturing scenarios.

Served Power Generation Producers - Arc hitected NetWeaver upgrade application scenario landscape approaches to
move from R/3-Basis to a Services Oriented end-to-end mySAP business process platform. Resolved NetW eaver EP
configuration issues to support CRM order management smart device PDA mobile MI ERMS vendor information.

Onsite Center of Excellence: 1994 - 2001 Summarized
SAP America
Client Engagements - Independent Consultant

Served Electricity Producer - Developed Energy partner release scenarios for supporting ILM information lifecycle
management E nergy De-Regulation energy transi tion-to-competition trading compliance and controls reporting by
establishing FI/CO finance consolidation for customized in-hous e advanced metering infrastructure AMI field operational
mobilized devices. Developed EAM enterpri se a sset management configuration scenario’s s urrounding my SAP ERP
energy conservation commodity trading platform architecture landscapes for the Energy Industry.

Served Oil Producer - Architected ERP Oil & Gas contango settlement process scenario integration solutions for
optimizing SAP MM / PP-PI / SD / FI / CO Master Data cont ent-id web product mappings, and Basis configuration integration.
Revealed hidden IT value by reducing energy costs and converting SAP E RP intangibles to tangibles for uncovering
divisional customized processes. Designed SAP E RP blueprint scenario strategies to move from high cost high operating
energy resource customized process to a standardized CP G industry processes.

Governmental Energy Operational Research: 1993 - 1994 Summarized
Served Directly - Missi on Re search Corp - Project Engagements
Technological Research Reporting Solutions

Served Nuclear Weapons Environmental Re storation Proce ss Technologies - Designed governmental functional
reporting specs, and developed logical & physical data object modeled solutions. Implemented multilayer E TL front -end
intelligence reporting EAI nuclear weapons-grade environmental restoration proce ss integra tion cleanup application
systems for highly classified United States federalized congressionally funded programs.

                        Allen Davis : Updated - October 25 th 2010 :
Additional Info on Allen:         Home Location - U.S. Born Citizen / Based Out of Central Virginia USA

Assignment Availability: Contact 888.424.1884 Follow up with e mail

U.S. National (cost-to-serve) Market Hourly Rate Fees from November 2010 running through 2011 are
increased to Professional Market Levels: $ 150 per hour plus environmental expenses or
$ 175 per hour inclusive expenses due to upward IT inflationary demand.

Environmental expenses described as corporate housing, bi-weekly airfare to reduce
carbon footprint, eco-vehicle rental to reduce carbon footprint, meal allowances, and incidentals
to comply with Client Corporate Environmental Social Responsibility. (if one is going to serve on
a Green Economy IT project, sacrifices should be met to reduce Carbon Footprint not to mention
the personal environmental social responsibility).

U.S. National Green Economy IT project staffing should recruit consultant talent locally,
regionally, nationally, or within Ecological American Market determined by end client serving
work site location for complying with Governmental Environmental Carbon Reduction Policies.
In my humble opinion; if a client needs to retain IT talent from half way around the world to serve
on a Green Economy IT Project than that client is truly not adopting a Corporate Social
Responsibility and illustrates a fragrant disregard for preserving planetary customers.

Payment Arrangements:
W2 or 1099 Payments - Paid on Standard Weekly or Bi-Weekly in Arrears.

Corp-to-Corp Payments - can be paid same as W2 or 1099 or C2C paid Monthly Net (10) Ten Days
Max. (service-to-risk mitigation)

Professional Ecological Travel Work Week shall be applied. International travel shall be restricted to
Countries ONLY within ECOLOGICAL AMERICAN MARKET for adopting Corporate Environmental
Social Responsibility. (reducing one’s Carbon Footprint is imperative to becoming truly Green)

More About Allen’s Daily Life may be found at                  and on linkedin at

                       Helping To Preserve The Planet

                    Allen Davis : Updated - October 25 th 2010 :

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