Bardstown Ky November The Nelson County Board of Education by ColeBer


									                                               Bardstown, Ky., November 15, 2005
The Nelson County Board of Education held a regular session at the Nelson County
Board of Education, 1200 Cardinal Drive, Bardstown, Ky., beginning at 7 p.m. on
Tuesday, November 15, 2005, with the following members present:
   (1) Frank Hall                (2) Bill Osborne            (3) Judy Richardson
   (4) Todd Sanders              (5) Adam Wheatley

       The regular session of the Nelson County Board of Education was called to order
       by Chairperson Bill Osborne at 7 p.m. on November 15, 2005.

       The meeting began with Mr. Osborne reading the board’s vision and mission

       No changes were made.

       Superintendent Lantz announced the following items:
       From Bloomfield Elementary: Kailyn Rucci and Shawn Hardin had been named
       to All-State Choir.
       From Bloomfield Middle: Ian Saderholm had been named to the All-State Junior
       High Choir.
       From Boston Elementary: Students had raised $1,674.55 to donate to the Red
       Cross for Hurricane Katrina survivors. Fifty-five students had had perfect
       attendance for the first quarter. Sixty-three students had scored proficient or
       distinguished in at least one area of the CATS or CTBS last spring.
       From NCHS: Randy Adams and Caroline Peterson had won their respective
       divisions in the Regional Outstanding Farm Bureau Competition in Lexington and
       were to compete at the state competition. The Little Lady Bird Dancers had been
       named Grand Champions of the World Cheerleading Association competition,
       achieving the highest score of all the competing teams. In a Speech Team
       competition at LaRue County, Nick Gowen had placed fifth in broadcasting; Nick
       Gowen and Rachel Ballard had placed second in improve duo; Greg Stearns,
       second in prose; and Greg Steams and Lindsay Filiatreau, third in duo interpretive.
       In the Bardstown/Bethlehem Swing Tournament, Nick Gowen had received first in
       broadcasting and Rachel Ballard and Nick Gowen had received second and sixth in
       improve duo. Brittany Kidwell, Tiffani Heiskell, David Kays and Justin Roush had
       represented NCHS in the Bardstown Optimist Club Youth Appreciation Program.
       Greg Stearns had been named to's top 200 Kentucky high school
       runners. Cadet Kelly Davis had earned the local Air Force JROTC Distinguished
       Cadet of the Year title. Justin Pile had been named this year's Hugh O'Brian Youth

      Leadership winner and Katie Rapier had been selected the alternative
      representative. The FFA Agriculture Issues Team had placed third in the nation.
      The Marketing Team had placed fifth and the Agriculture Sales Team had placed
      sixth in the nation. Katie Reid was the fifth high individual in the nation and
      received a $500 scholarship. The teams combined received about $3,000 in
      scholarships. Teacher Stacy Vincent had been named the Outstanding Young
      Alumnus at the Murray State University Agriculture Alumni Banquet. The boys’
      cross country team had won the conference championship. Joe Mattingly was the
      overall winner. He, Bradley Medley, Greg Sterns and Thad Hardin were named to
      the all-conference team. The girls’ team was the conference runners-up with Annie
      Wigginton, Millie Heil and Leanna Littlejohn named to the all-conference team.
      The middle school team had won its championship as well.
      From OKHMS: Librarian Heather Warrell had sponsored an outstanding book
      fair. Katelynn Brown, Olivia Hart, Courtney Johnson and Rachael Johnson had
      participated in All-State Junior High Chorus. Shelby Carter, Courtney Johnson and
      Damon Nalley were scheduled to perform with the Community Christmas
      Orchestra in December. Ashley Moore had earned the most Accelerated Reader
      points in the sixth grade for the first quarter.

      Board members watched a video tape of the morning news program produced by
      Bloomfield Elementary students. Students from OKHMS who had been scheduled
      for the meeting were unable to attend because of the stormy weather.

      A. Motion by Mr. Hall and second by Mr. Wheatley to receive from the
         superintendent the notification of personnel information:
         • Rank IV/Extra-duty pay contracts of employment had been extended to
            Meredith Berry, teacher, NCHS; Malissa Armes, teacher, NCHS; and
            Heather Warrell, library media specialist, OKHMS.
         • Added to the substitute teacher list were Cathy Edelen, Kevin Dew, Mary
            Shipp, Jane Duncan, Jeff Drake, Kelly Sidebottom, Angie Charles,
            Matthew Hoyes, Cheryl Hamilton, Megan Hourigan, Lisa Sutton, Cathy
            Morrow, Anna Dewitt and Richard Logsdon.
         • A resignation had been accepted from Tim Littlejohn, director of
            technology, central office.
         • A suspension had been issued to Ruth Ann Mattingly, bus driver.
         • The position of assistant coach for the swimming team at NCHS was
      Motion carried unanimously.

      B. Motion by Mr. Sanders and second by Ms. Richardson to approve by consensus
         the following items:
         • October treasurer’s report
         • Payment of bills and claims
         • October MUNIS report

          •  Minutes from the October 18, 2005, board of education meeting
          •  Overnight and/or out-of-state trips for Pat Berry (NCHS) to take 16
             students to the World Cheerleading Association Dance Competition in
             Nashville, Tenn., on December 26-27 and Rebecca Thompson (Boston
             Elementary) to take 14 preschool students to Derby Dinner Playhouse in
             Clarksville, Ind., on December 8.
       Motion carried unanimously.

       A. Construction Update (Information)
          1. Boston School
             Michael Salsman of BCD, Inc., the project manager, said the project was
             going well. Contractors had continued on site work. He said all storm lines
             were in as was underground plumbing. Pouring of the building’s slab was
             set to begin. Walls will start rising in December.

          2. Land
             Chuck Thompson, executive director of support services, said the option on
             the purchase of approximately 100 acres of land known as the Ballard
             property on Highway 31-E south of Bardstown was progressing.
             Information was being gathered and submitted to the Kentucky Department
             of Education. He said all necessary procedures would be completed within
             the required six-month option period.

       B. Bus/Vehicle Purchase
          Motion by Mr. Osborne and second by Mr. Sanders to approve the purchase of
          five 72-passenger conventional buses and two eight-passenger mini vans for a
          total of $366,910.
       Motion carried unanimously.

       C. Workers’ Compensation Renewal
          Motion by Mr. Hall and second by Mr. Wheatley to award the contract for
          2006 workers’ compensation insurance in Indiana Insurance Co. through their
          agent, Eugene Wilson & Co.
       Motion carried unanimously.

      A. Reading Recovery Report (Information)
         Theresa Foutch, the district’s Reading Recovery Trainer, reported on the
         success of the Reading Recovery program, which operates in all district
         elementary schools. She reviewed data from the National Data Evaluation
         Center relating to program completion and student progress.

       B. Bloomfield Elementary School Gap Analysis (Information)

          Bloomfield Elementary School Principal Utona Bieber presented a summary of
          the school’s Comprehensive Plan with an emphasis on closing gaps revealed
          by the 2005 CATS assessment. Also present were SBDM council teacher
          members Jenny Mattingly, Darrell Parks and Susie Rapier and parent member
          Damon Jackey. Parent Jamie Warner was unable to attend due to the weather.

       C. Old Kentucky Home Middle School Gap Analysis (Information)
          Old Kentucky Home Middle School Principal Ryan Clark presented a
          summary of the school’s Comprehensive Plan with an emphasis on closing
          gaps revealed by the 2005 CATS assessment. Also present were SBDM
          council teacher members Myra Baker, Karen Scout and Carrie Gary and parent
          members Jill Sunderland and Kim Beam.

       No one addressed the board.

       Motion by Mr. Wheatley and second by Mr. Sanders to adjourn the regular session
       of the Nelson County Board of Education.
       Motion carried unanimously.

       Motion by Mr. Hall and second by Mr. Wheatley to convene an executive session
       of the Nelson County Board of Education to discuss the sale or acquisition of real
       Motion carried unanimously.

       No action was taken.

       Motion by Mr. Sanders and second by Mr. Wheatley to adjourn the executive
       session of the Nelson County Board of Education.
       Motion carried unanimously.


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