The Barnstable Bulletin
                             A MONTHLY TOWN OF BARNSTABLE NEWSLETTER

From the Town Manager                                                               March, 2005

 It’s been a tough winter here in Barnstable. Record
snowfalls have not only hampered many a plan for
residents but have tipped the scales for our DPW staff.
Without their Herculean efforts, we’d still be digging out!
As of this writing, we are busy cleaning up from yet
another substantial snowfall, with more predicted for early
next week. I would like to extend my appreciation to all of
the men and women of our DPW Department for putting
the safety of our residents first through great personal      Gary Dean Philbrick, the Pro/manager of
sacrifice and perseverance. I know that you, our readers      Golf at Olde Barnstable Fairgrounds since
and residents appreciate all that they have done to insure    its opening 14 years ago, died at his home
safe passage on our roadways and ask you to “tip your           Saturday, February 19th after a year-long
hat” to the folks in the red town trucks whenever you see             battle with bladder cancer.
them pass you by. I’m sure they’d appreciate it.
                                                               He was a respected member of the PGA
What has been particularly difficult for us has been the        for almost 30 years. His involvement in
passing of a valued and special employee of the Town of             charitable organizations and golf
Barnstable, Gary Philbrick. For those of you who enjoy           tournaments include: The Cape Cod
the Olde Barnstable Golf Course, Gary’s a big reason          Open, Doreen Grace Fund, Cape Cod Pro
why. Gary served the residents of this town with great             Am League and the Guy Tedesco
distinction and we will never forget his honesty, integrity                Scholarship Fund.
and passion for serving us at the golf course. Our
thoughts and prayers are with his family during this            He was the Vice President of the New
difficult time.                                               England PGA from 1992 – 1996, President
                                                               of the Cape Cod PGA 1984, 85 & 87 and
Starting this month, we begin the budget process in             has been recognized by his peers with
earnest once again. Our Senior Managers have                                many awards.
submitted level funded budget requests and through the
careful planning and proactive action on the part of our          The Town of Barnstable was indeed
team we have tightened our belts, squeezing as much as        fortunate to have the able and experienced
we can out of the staff we have. We’ll keep performing at     hand of Gary at the helm for getting its first
a high level and continue keeping a close eye on our          golf venture off the ground. His steady and
spending. I encourage you to tune into our budget              consistent initiatives have helped develop
hearings as the weather warms to keep yourselves up to            Olde Barnstable into one of the most
speed.                                                         desirable places to play on the Cape, and
                                                               a favorite among golfers throughout New
Here’s to an early spring!                                                        England.
                                                                Gary is survived by his wife of 30 years
                                                              Diane, three children, Lindsey, Tracy, and
         Inside this month:                                   Ian, two grand children, and four brothers.

 Spring registrations, programs,                              For all of us who have had the extreme
 applications, and deadlines…                                 pleasure of working with him he will sorely
                                                              be missed.
                                                 COYOTE                    INFORMATION
The coyote resembles a medium-sized dog in body size and shape, but has a narrower head & pointed snout. Coloration varies
considerably, ranging from blond, light tan, or silver to dark blotchy brown and black. Other identifying characteristics include its erect,
pointed ears and long black-tipped bushy tail. Coyotes are opportunistic predators. Their preferred foods include rodents, rabbits, deer,
fruits & berries and occasionally birds, reptiles and insects. They can also prey on unprotected pets, especially house cats and
occasionally dogs. Breeding occurs in February or March and up to 4 - 8 pups are born in April or May. The family usually stays together
until fall, and then separates. There are no effective or registered repellents currently available for use on coyotes in New England. Auditory
and visual scare devices may provide temporary protection during critical exposure periods; however, coyotes become accustomed to and
quickly ignore stationary devices that are not periodically moved to new locations.
                       To help avoid problems with coyotes here are some basic steps to follow:

DO NOT FEED Feeding will alter the animal’s behavior; they will become dependent upon and less wary of humans.
DO NOT APPROACH or TRY TO PET Although coyotes do not pose an imminent threat to humans, do not provoke by coming too close.
DON'T LET COYOTES INTIMIDATE YOU Don't hesitate to scare or threaten coyotes with loud noises, bright light or water.
DO NOT LEAVE PET FOOD OUTDOORS If you must feed pets outside the house provide only the amount your pet will finish in one
feeding. Coyotes will not hesitate to eat foods placed outdoors.
SECURE YOUR GARBAGE Coyotes, like dogs & raccoons will knock over trash cans or tear open trash bags left in the open.
DO NOT FEED WILD BIRDS Seed left on the ground can attract coyotes. Also bird feeders with standing water are targets for coyotes and
other animals.
SECURE YOUR PETS Coyotes and foxes view pets as potential food items. Pets should not be left outdoors unattended.
CLOSE OFF CRAWL SPACES UNDER PORCHES AND SHEDS Coyotes use such areas for resting and raising young.
CUT BACK BRUSHY EDGES IN YOUR YARD These areas provide cover for coyotes and their prey
EDUCATE YOUR NEIGHBORS Pass this information along.

                                        For more information and/or questions call:
        Town of Barnstable – Marine and Environmental Affairs / Animal Control 508-790-6274;
                                             website: www.town.barnstable.ma.us

                                        MUNICIPAL Hats Off

Town Clerk Linda Hutchenrider, on behalf of the Mass Town Clerks and Sue Flood
on behalf of the City Clerks received the 2005 Freedom to Marry Award from the
Freedom to Marry Coalition of Massachusetts at the Boston Park Plaza this past
month. The awards sought to recognize those on the front lines of the new state law
extending marriage rights to same sex couples. “What a beautiful affair….” stated
Linda, “…there were over 450 people at the ceremony and everyone was so
nice…when they gave us the awards they all stood and hooted and cheered. I felt
like I got an Emmy…!”

SPRING REMINDERS:                Department Updates…

RECREATION DIVISION Parking Permit (Beach Sticker) Mail-In applications will be mailed the last
week of February to individuals who purchased permits last year. If you do not receive an application
in the mail, please download an application from Recreation’s Website. Permits will be available to
purchase in person seven days a week beginning Monday, May 2nd at the Recreation Office, 141
Bassett Lane, Hyannis, MA 02601. All permits are issued by our outstanding staff of volunteers.
Anyone wishing to volunteer to sell permits, please contact Sam or Trisha at 508-790-6345.

March 19th World Tour On Ice at the Kennedy Memorial Rink, Hyannis, Starring the Learn to Skate
Figure Skaters Badges 1- Advanced Freestyle Show beings promptly at 6:30pm. $1 donations at the
door. This show is presented, planned and organized by our skating assistants under the direction of
Skating Professionals Laurie Lorrett, Laura Smith, Kathryn McDonald, Sharon Ricci, and Kelly Dunn.
Over 300 kids will participate in the show and is a great fun night out with the family! Any questions
please contact Patti Machado at 508-790-6345.

Engineering Division The heavy snowfall during the past winter months has inadvertently caused a
problem for emergency response personnel during 911 emergency calls. With the extreme snowfall
accumulations, many house numbers have been obscured by snow.

The Town of Barnstable’s Ordinance for Numbering of Buildings outlines the proper display of house numbers.
House numbers should be posted on the building visible from the roadway. If the building is over 100’ from the
roadway or if the building is obscured by fences, landscaping or any other obstruction, the numbers should also
be displayed at the entrance of the driveway. Many residents only post the number(s) on their mailbox or signs low
to the ground. This type of posting is susceptible to damage from snowplows or being covered by extreme
snowfall that the town has recently experienced. Without the obvious display of a house number, delays in
emergency response could result with serious consequences.

The citizens of the town are encouraged to contact the Engineering Division at (508) 862-4088 or their local Fire
Department if they require assistance with determining the proper location to display their house numbers.
                                 SPRING IS COMING!
                                 Department Updates

Recreation Division: Applications for the 2005 Seasonal Aquatic Staff begins March
1st. Many jobs available, Gate Attendants, Beach Attendant, Lifeguard, Swim
Instructor/Lifeguard, and Lifeguard Aid. For more information please contact the Recreation
Division at 508.790.6345

Marine and Environmental Affairs: If you are interested in maintaining your name on
either the Mooring or Marina Wait Lists please be aware that you are required to submit an
Application to MEA along with $5.00 (resident) or $10 (non resident for Marina Waiting List
only) by March 15, 2005. For more information please contact the Division of Marine and
Environmental Affairs at: 508. 790.6273

Recreational shellfish licenses currently on sale @ MEA Office, 1189 Phinney’s Lane,
Centerville, Mon.-Fri. 8:30am - 4:15pm. Resident Family Permits are $20. Senior Citizen
(65+) Family Permits are $10. Non-Resident Family Permits are $100. Family Shellfish
Permits expire on March 1st each year.

Senior Services Division OPEN ENROLLMENT MEDICAL INSURANCES: February and
March is open enrollment for medical insurances. This is the only time of year when you can
change your insurance coverage if necessary. Is your plan best suited to your needs? Are you
paying more than you should? Now is the time to review your coverage. If you need assistance
comparing policies or information on other options call the Senior Services Division’s Outreach
Department, and ask for either Claudia or Judy 508-862-4754 or 508-862-4752.

Town Clerk’s Office On January 20, 2005, the Barnstable Town Council approved the
codification of the laws, rules and regulations of the Town of Barnstable. Therefore all
ordinances have been renumbered and put into one book. The new “recodified” book is also
formatted as a searchable database, and can be accessed on the Town of Barnstable website,
www.town.barnstable.ma.us From the homepage click on: “Ordinances – e-code.” You will
then be able to access the document in whole or in part by performing a specialized search.
We are pleased to offer this new service to our residents and hope that you find it helpful. If
you are interested in purchasing a paper copy of the new code the current price of the Code
book is $165, the PC/Codebook is $150, and a Supplement subscription is $60/yr. Prices are
subject to change. For more information on purchasing a code book, contact Lee-Ann Bean,
Subscription Sales Coordinator General Code 1 800-836-8834

Town Collector’s Office The Town of Barnstable mailed the first commitment of 2005 motor
vehicle excise bills (over 44,400 bills) on February 23, 2005. Payment is due in the Town
Collector’s Office by March 25, 2005. Questions regarding abatements should be directed to the
Assessing Division at 508-862-4022. Application for abatement can be found on the reverse
side of your bill. Bills are generated based on information from the Registry of Motor Vehicles
and any address corrections should be sent to the Registry and your insurance company. Motor
vehicle excise bills are issued periodically during the calendar year.

Taxpayers are reminded that on line payment is available during the thirty day period of a
current excise bill. For more information, check the Town of Barnstable web site at
www.town.barnstable.ma.us and click on Special Notices-Pay Your Taxes On Line. Questions
regarding payment, please contact the Town Collector’s Office at 508-862-4054.
                                   Board and Committee Meetings
                                           March, 2005

Day/Date                    Group/Committee Time                                           Location
Tuesday, March 1    Board of Health                           7:00 pm                      SCR
Wednesday, March 2  Real Estate Sub Comm.                     8:00 am                      Airport
                    Hyannis Main St. Historic                 6:00 pm                      SAB
                    ZBA                                       7:00 pm                      SHR
Thursday, March 3   Site Plan Review                          9:00 am                      SHR
                    TC Meeting                                7:00 pm                      SHR
Monday, March 7     Rec. Commission                           5:30 pm                      Kennedy Rink
                    CFAC                                      7:00 pm                      SAB
Tuesday, March 8    Finance Sub Comm.                         9:00 am                      Airport
                    Planning and Dvlpmnt.                     9:30 am                      Airport
                    Assessors                                 4:45 pm                      Assessors Office
                    Golf Commission                           5:30 pm                      Olde Barnstable
                    Conservation                              6:30 pm                      SHR
                    Waterways Committee                       7:00 pm                      MEA
Wednesday, March 9  Disability Comm.                          12:00 noon                   SCR
                    CDBG Hearing                              6:00 pm                      SHR
                    Old King’s Highway                        7:00 pm                      W Barns. Community
Monday, March 14    Licensing                                 9:30 am                      SHR
                    Planning Board                            7:00 pm                      SHR
                    SNB                                       7:30 pm                      MEA
Tuesday, March 15   Conservation Comm.                        8:30 am                      SCR
                    Barnstable Historic                       7:30 pm                      SAB
Wednesday, March 16 Personnel Advisory                        8:30 am                      SCR
                    Hyannis Main St. Historic                 6:00 pm                      SAB
                    Amnesty Hearing                           5:45 pm                      SCR
                    ZBA                                       7:00 pm                      SHR
                    Shellfish Comm.                           7:30 pm                      MEA
Thursday, March 17  Site Plan Review                          9:00 am                      SHR
                    TC Meeting                                7:00 pm                      SHR
Monday, March 21    Airport Commission                        6:00 pm                      Airport
                    CFAC                                      7:00 pm                      SAB
Tuesday, March 22   Conservation Comm.                        6:30 pm                      SHR
                    Waterways Committee                       7:00 pm                      MEA
Wednesday, March 23 Old Kings Highway                         7:00 pm                      W. Barns. Community
Monday, March. 28   Planning Board                            7:00 pm                      SHR
Wed. March 30       ZBA                                       7:00 pm                      SHR
SHR= Selectmen’s Hearing Room, 2nd floor of Town Hall
SCR= Selectmen’s Conference Room, 2nd floor of Town Hall
SAB= School Administration Building, Basement
MEA= Marine and Environmental Affairs Office, Phinney’s Lane, across from Police Station
West Barns Community = West Barnstable Community Building, Route 149
Airport = Barnstable Municipal Airport Meeting Room
Olde Barnstable = Ole Barnstable Fair Grounds/Golf Course Clubhouse

                      For more information visit the town website at: www.town.barnstable.ma.us
Want to Make a Real Difference in Someone’s Life?     Volunteer
as a Silver Express Van Driver. Spend just 4 hours a week
transporting elders to local medical appointments and see for
yourself just how appreciated you’ll be!    Most of the Silver
Express Drivers have been with this important program of the
Barnstable Senior Center since the program’s inception 6 years
ago. Our lift equipped vans are easy to drive and all
appointments and directions provided for you by staff.

            No special drivers license required
            Ample training and support
            Set time each week
            All local appointments
            Explicit directions and routes provided to you each
            time you drive

 Please help make a difference in your community. Call Judy at
       the Barnstable Senior Center for more information:

                                                U.S. POSTAGE PAID
                                                   HYANNS, MA
                                                  PERMIT NO. 100
                                                  ZIP CODE 02601

Town of Barnstable
367 Main Street
Hyannis, MA 02601           Harry Rigollett
                            67 Little Pond Road
                            Marstons Mills, MA 02648

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