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                                       Frisco Community
                                       Newsletter   est. 2001 & now with 41,000 readers!

VEMBER 15, 2010 – VOLUME 8, ISSUE 15             CONTACT US
                                           Dear Friends,

                                           Welcome to another exciting, informative issue of the Matt Lafata’s Frisco
                                           Community Newsletter, now in our 8th year with 41,000 weekly readers.
  Full Circle Marketing was founded by
   Erika Lafata and is the marketing
                                           Be sure to check out the Newsletter Sponsor, Comedian Laura Bartlett and her
     agency for Matt Lafata’s Frisco
                                           stand-up comedy, “Four Funny Females” which has received great reviews from
          Community Newsletter
                                           Dallas-area press. Find out where the final performances will be held and how to get
                                           tickets. Also, be sure to read my interview with the very talented Fran Reisner of
                                           Frisco in the Newsletter Spotlight. Fran made the family portrait shoot with all 8 of
       Lafata Family Web Site
                                           us last year look like a piece of cake (see picture to the left). She really knows how to
                                           capture the best of people and animals!
NEW - Erika’s Blog – Updated 5/15/09
                                           Also, as you might be able to tell, „tis the season for Spring cleaning! There are a
 Matt’s Blog – Last Updated 4/25/09
                                           number of community and church garage and yard sales in Frisco the next few
          Matt’s LinkedIn
                                           weekends, including our neighborhood‟s this Saturday in Shaddock Creek Estates. I am
      Follow Matt on Twitter
                                           sure there will be bargains galore!
 The Puzzling World of HR Technology
     Blog – Last Updated 5/15/09           Something that many of us have been anticipating happens late next week as Frisco‟s
                                           first Whataburger opens its doors north of Preston at Lebanon. Their marketing
                                           contact tells us they are aiming for late afternoon Thursday. So good to see that
                                           orange construction almost complete knowing we only have to drive a few minutes to
                                           get that Whataburger with cheese or mouth-watering taquito!

                                           As mentioned in the past, a number of items in the newsletter are repeated as we add
                                           new subscribers every week. As a result, you will notice the word “NEW” in front of
                                           every item that is appearing for the first time and “UPDATED” for those items that
                                           have been in before but had some kind of change.

                                           If there is something going on in and around Frisco, you will find it here! This is a
                                           community newsletter, YOUR community newsletter, and as such, we want to
                                           encourage you to send us community events as well as write-ups about people or
                                           groups who should be recognized and/or commended for what they do or have done.
                                           This is a newsletter about Frisco for all of us to play a part in. It is designed to bring
                                           our community closer together so please submit stuff to me at any time. It is also an
                                           economic tool for our community where businesses have the opportunity to
                                           advertise their products and services to people who want to hear about them.
This family portrait was taken in
 ebruary 2008 of our family by Fran
Reisner of Frisco, also who is the
Newsletter Spotlight this week. Fran was
able to master getting 6 kids and a
Pomeranian to look like we do this all
 he time! *Way to go Fran!*
                                           NEW – NEWSLETTER SPONSOR - Comedian Laura Bartlett’s “Four
                                           Funny Females” Stand-Up Comedy Show:
This Frisco Community Newsletter is
designed to bring us all a little
 loser together each week by
providing coverage of different
happenings in our community.
There are so many amazing things
 n this newsletter, as there are
every week. Please SHARE this
newsletter with all your friends and
neighbors and encourage them to
 ign up to receive it themselves.
They’ll greatly appreciate you for it,
as no citizen should be without this
 mportant information at their

f there are non-profit community
 vents, people or groups you want to        Laura Bartlett's "Four Funny Females" has established itself as the stand-up comedy
 ecognize, fundraising events, or any       show to see in North Dallas during its year-long run in McKinney.
newsworthy items you would like to see
added and shared with more than forty       Writing about the show, Dallas Morning News gave it the designation of “HOT
 housand residents and businesses in        TICKET” “Best of the Weekend” and said "McKinney is the new Comedy Central."
 risco and the surrounding areas, please    DMN’s QUICK’s cover story called the show she-larious!" and said "these girls bring
 end us an email and we‟ll consider         the funny." The show has also been featured in Plano Profile, WFAA-TV, TXA-21's
ncluding it.                                Morning Buzz and KLAK-FM.

 f you received this from somebody          Each of the girls brings a unique comic sensibility to the stage. Jodi Hadsell‟s geek chic
else and would like to be added to          is the yin to Sherry Belle‟s snarky southern charm yang. Bartlett‟s blonde ambition
 he list, just send me an email. Your       prepares audiences to blast off to Linda Stogner‟s off-kilter planet of talking squirrels
email address will never be sold,           and other strange observations.
 ented, or given to anybody else for
any reason, as your privacy is of the       The girls bid farewell to McKinney for a while with an 8 p.m. show on May 30 at the
utmost importance to us. All                McKinney Performing Arts Center.
newsletters can also be found on
our newsletter web site.                    Following its McKinney bow, "Four Funny Females" heads to the
                                            Eisemann Center in Richardson June 20th for two shows (6 p.m. and 8 p.m.)

Quotes of the Week:                         "Same funny show. Two completely different experiences," says Bartlett. "McKinney
                                            has the whole historic vibe around the square, while moving the show to the Eisemann
 People have no idea the giant capacity     Center makes it easier for people in Richardson, Plano and North Dallas to check out
we can immediately command when we          the show in a beautiful theater with a modern architectural edge."
ocus all our resources on mastering a
 ingle area of our lives” – Tony Robbins    “We‟ve enjoyed our run in McKinney and we‟re really looking forward to making our
                                            debut at Richardson‟s Eisemann Center. We hope everyone who has wanted to see the
 Stress is an ignorant state. It believes   show in Collin County will get out to at least one of these three shows!” she said.
 hat everything is an emergency." -
Unknown                                     Tickets can be purchased online, over the phone 214-544-4630 or at the box office.

                                            Tickets for Eisemann Center show, June 20th in Richardson can also be purchased
  Matt Lafata’s Frisco Community            online at the Eisemann‟s website or over the phone at 972.744.4657
  Newsletter est. 2001 & now with
         41,000 readers! 1                  Visit for show times, pictures, and videos or contact Laura
 Comedian Laura Bartlett’s “Four
Funny Females” Stand-Up Comedy
           Show: 2
     NEW – NEWSLETTER                       NEW – NEWSLETTER SPOTLIGHT on Frisco Artist Fran Reisner:
 SPOTLIGHT on Frisco Artist Fran
          Reisner: 3                        MATT: Fran, we’ve known you for years and how talented you are. Please tell
                                            our newsletter readers a little about yourself.
  NEW – Shaddock Creek Estates
Community Yard Sale this Saturday:          FRAN: Thank you, Matt. I think of myself as an artist first, and photographer second.
               4                            Photography, like painting, is a true art form. I'm best known locally as a custom
                                            portrait photographer, meaning I design and create custom portraiture of families,
NEW – Shaddock Creek Garage Sale            children, etc. A bit like a commissioned artist I suppose, but my medium is
 to Raise Money for Lou Gehrig’s
         Disease Patient: 5                 MATT: Please tell us what's so unique about what you do.
    Frisco Farmer’s Market every
                                            FRAN: What is unique is the custom nature of what I do, and the fact that I work very
    Saturday at Frisco Square: 5            closely with my clients to create an image that fits their style and captures the essence
                                            of who they are. Also unique is that I have a formal education in photography which
FriscoCoupon.Com is Now Online! 5           very few in this industry do, and after nearly 30 years in business I still have a strong
                                            passion for my craft.
NEW – Fashion show Benefits Free
      Fashion Academy: 6                    MATT: What inspires you?
   JAWS – A Jazz, Art and Wine       FRAN: Life inspires me! It is such an amazing gift, don‟t you think? To be able to
                                     capture the essence of life as I see it, in images that are appreciated by others, is truly
           Social: 6                 a blessing for me. In my portrait work it‟s my desire to capture the relationship, the
                                     mood, the emotion and the character of each of my subjects while providing a lifelong
 Creekside at Preston 2nd Annual     memory. In capturing the beauty of this world in my Fine Art images, it is the light I‟m
 Community Yard/Garage Sale: 7       drawn to, how it touches… whether delicately or dramatically everything around us,
                                     creating dimension, enhancing texture and bringing color to life.
Boy Scout Troop 51 Annual Garage
             Sale: 7                 MATT: Yes, life is definitely an amazing gift! I know that you have been
                                     honored in your field with awards and professional recognitions. Can you
  Lone Star Ranch Neighborhood       share some of those with our readers?
           Yard Sale: 7
                                     FRAN: I‟ve been fortunate enough to win numerous awards on an international level.
Westfalls Village Community Garage   Locally I‟ve been honored three times as Dallas Photographer of the Year, but truly the
               Sale: 8               best award for me is knowing, without doubt, how much my clients value the portraits I
                                     create for them.
 NEW – Panther Creek Estates 3rd
 Annual Community Yard/Garage        MATT: Fran, this is the part of the spotlight where people get to know a little
                                     more about you. One of my passions is music and in fact I have about 6,500
            Sale: 8                  songs on my iPod. What kind of music do you like to listen to?
    NEW - Eldorado Fairways
                                     FRAN: My ipod is nicely stocked as well, but I can't say I have one particular favorite
     Community Yard Sale: 8
                                     kind of music. It usually depends on my mood. I just love music... anything that moves
                                     me, or makes me want to move. On that note I'd like to add; I do a lot of speaking in
 Steele Cage MMA - Frisco, Thurs.    my industry, and one of the things I often share with my audience is that what we do
  June 11 - Buy Tickets Now at a     as artists is a lot like good music, or literature, or movies... if we are able touch the
           Discount!! 8              heart, and evoke emotion, then we have done our jobs well.

Centennial Touchdown Club Annual     MATT: Fran, Erika and I and our family and friends have received so many
      Titan Spring Huddle: 9         compliments on our beautiful family portrait (pictured in the Newsletter today.)
                                     They seem to be especially impressed with how you were able to get 6 kids
   “Fusion 2009” Multi-Cultural      and a dog to behave for the shoot! So how does someone find you to talk
             Event: 9                about booking a session?

 Heritage Association of Frisco: 9   FRAN: Well, let's just say I have a lot of good tricks up my sleeve! This is one of the
                                     many areas where experience pays off. They can book a consultation with me by
  Frisco Schools Spirit Night: 10    visiting my web site at and/or calling the studio at (972)529-
   The Dallas Koi Kichi Group
   Announces 'A Dog Show for         MATT: Fran, is there anything else you would like to share with readers of this
          Fish!!'*: 10               newsletter?

Angelman Syndrome Foundation’s       FRAN: Well, yes... with the technology that we have available to us today it is easy to
  DFW Area Walk-A-Thon: 11           get steered in the wrong direction. If you are looking for a photographer, I recommend
                                     you research the style and type of images you want hanging in your home (e.g., casual
  Frisco Career Connections: 11      vs. formal), establish a budget and then visit the web sites of some recommended
                                     photographers. It is the eye of the photographer, not the technology we use, that
 Frisco Business and Professional    creates beautiful lasting memories.
 Women Annual Wine Tasting: 11
NEW - Double Your Investment: 12
  NEW - 'Riders Golf Classic: 12
NEW - Frisco Career Opportunity of   NEW – Shaddock Creek Estates Community Yard Sale this Saturday:
    the Week - sponsored by 13          The communities of Shaddock Creek Estates in Frisco (West of the Tollway at Eldorado)
                                     have been busy spring cleaning…come find some “new to you” treasures!
 NEW - Community Leaders Battle
  For Title at Chamber Event: 13     THIS Saturday, May 16th 7am „til 5pm or it‟s gone, look for the signs to the
                                     neighborhood‟s 3 entrances: 2 entrances Legacy south of Eldorado, and 1 entrance at
  NEW - Retired Teachers Install       Teel and Blackstone.

          Officers: 14                 Many estate items, futon, dinette set, BRAND NEW sample clothing-NFL, MLB, NHL and
                                       college teams-sweats/t-shirts, holiday decor, clothing for all, yard items, pool table,
NEW – Curtsinger Student Wins T-       lawnmower, refrigerator, baby items, MUCH MORE.
       Shirt Contest: 14
 NEW - 1st Annual Homes for Our
  Troops Bowling Fundraiser: 14
NEW - Texas Democratic Women of
 Collin County (TDWCC) Meeting
                                       NEW – Shaddock Creek Garage Sale to Raise Money for Lou Gehrig’s
        Announcement: 15               Disease Patient:
NEW – Summer Theatre Workshops:
             16                        During the Shaddock Creek Estates Community Yard Sale Saturday, there will also be a
                                       special sale going on specifically to raise funds for Libby, a woman fighting Lou
 UPDATED - Frisco Police Blotter:      Gehrig’s Disease. The sale will take place at 11069 Powder Horn Lane in phase 3 of
             16                        SCE (Legacy/Andrew Street south of Eldorado, west of the Tollway.) Libby‟s mother is
                                       working several jobs to provide hospice care for Libby and needs as much help as she
  NEW – Landscape Design/Detail        can possibly get! All proceeds will go to Libby‟s care. Make sure you make room to
     (Early – Mid May): 16             enjoy the baked goods and lemonade also being sold to raise funds. If you just want to
                                       make a donation to Libby and her family please stop by 11069 Powder Horn Lane or
 NEW - City of Frisco Final Voting     contact Lorie.

   Results, May 9, 2009 General
            Election: 17
 NEW - Museum of the American
Railroad and City of Frisco Finalize
             Move: 18
                                       Frisco Farmer’s Market every Saturday at Frisco Square:
   NEW - Cool Thursday Concert
    Series-Dallas Arboretum: 20
  NEW – Capitol Steps from State
  Representative Ken Paxton: 20

For advertising opportunities for
your business, please contact Erika
Lafata at or 214.636.6614. While I     The Frisco Farmers Market was created at the request of Frisco residents to bring fresh
 ontinue to handle the content of      produce and handmade goods into our home town. Frisco Square provides location.
 he newsletter (the bulk of the        Frisco Noon Lions Club provides the volunteers. This event runs through September
newsletter that is non-paid            each Saturday from 8am-1pm or until sellout.
announcements/non-profit events),
Erika handles the business             The market is located on the corner of Coleman Boulevard and Frisco Square Boulevard
 ommercial opportunities, including    across from City Hall and the Library. Local growers offer juicy melons, peaches, vine-
 he Sponsorship and Spotlight          ripened tomatoes, fresh corn on the cob and lots more. Also offered are baked breads,
 eatures as well as other marketing    meat from local ranchers, honey, arts & crafts and various other products. Please
 equests.                              contact Lion Brandy Griffin for more information

We pride ourselves in not being a
 business directory” but rather a
place where YOUR business can be
 howcased and not dwarfed with an
overflow of advertising from your
 ompetitors. Your business will        FriscoCoupon.Com is Now Online!
SHINE in this newsletter!

You can find an overview and media     If you were handed free money, would you take it? That‟s the idea behind
kit of the newsletter here    This new online coupon website provides consumers a way to save
                                              money on everyday purchases around Frisco. also provides a way for
                                              businesses to advertise and encourage consumer spending in this tough economy. The
                                              best part about it all is that it‟s FREE. Free for consumers, free for businesses, and free
                                              money for everyone.
Newsletter Staff Members and
Contributors                         provides consumers with coupons for a variety of restaurants, retail
                                              and services around Frisco. Consumers can register on the Contact Us page to receive
Matt Lafata – Publisher – 214-336-            e-mail alerts when new coupons are added so they don‟t miss out on any savings.

Erika Lafata – Editor and Marketing

Glenn Kopanski – Landscape Design
                                              NEW – Fashion show Benefits Free Fashion Academy:
Dr. Pedro Checo – Advice from Dr.

                                              Josette Golatt, designer for Josette Couture, will host a fashion show Sunday, May 31st
City of Frisco Related Question of            in Plano, Texas in which portions of proceeds will go directly to her non profit An Eye
 he Week:                                     for Style Fashion Academy.

Q. Does Frisco have ordinances                An Eye for Style Fashion Academy began in January 2003 in the inner city of West
prohibiting the ongoing parking of a          Oakland, CA, now has a new location in Frisco, Texas. The academy plans to open in
 railer (think small trailer, not 18          the historic downtown of Frisco in mid-June. This program provides free classes in
wheeler) on neighborhood streets? If so,      Business of Fashion Design and Merchandising to youth.
what should I do to point out the
 iolation to Frisco? Call the non-            The purpose of the program is to inspire youth to dream big while being educated,
 mergency police number or something          inspired, challenged and supported by the fashion program. Golatt wants to reach out
 lse?                                         to inspire youth, who have little hope, to become entrepreneurs.

A. Yes we do and yes, please call             “I have been blessed with the idea of this concept and that the concept actually came
972.292.6010 and an officer will be sent      to life. A lot of people have visions but some of those visions don‟t get off the floor or
out.                                          onto paper,” said Josette Golatt, creator and owner of An Eye for Style Fashion

                                              The fashion show will feature approximately 50 of Golatt‟s pieces. “The best part of the
This Day in History – May 16, 1929:           academy is that young people get a head start on their career. If they chose to
First Academy Awards Ceremony                 continue with fashion they are armed and ready to go,” said Golatt.

 rom the History Channel…                     For more information on attending the fashion show on May 31st, please contact Josette
                                              Golatt, designer/owner at 469-865-0217. Also visit and
On this day in 1929, the Academy of 
Motion Picture Arts and Sciences hands
out its first awards, at a dinner party for
around 250 people held in the Blossom
Room of the Roosevelt Hotel in
Hollywood, California.

The brainchild of Louis B. Mayer, head of
 he powerful MGM film studio, the             JAWS – A Jazz, Art and Wine Social:
Academy was organized in May 1927 as
a non-profit organization dedicated to
 he advancement and improvement of            When people come together they can truly impact their communities. What better way
 he film industry. Its first president and    to come together than in a socially relaxed setting where one can also make a
 he host of the May 1929 ceremony was         difference in a student‟s academic success. Come and enjoy a chilled glass of Pinot
 he actor Douglas Fairbanks, Sr. Unlike       Grigio or a robust Cabernet Sauvignon while being given the opportunity to view and
 oday, the winners of the first Oscars--      purchase art works from noted DFW area artists. These featured artists‟ works will be
as the coveted gold-plated statuettes         showcased by tenured gallery owner / expert Stephanie Ward, who has owned several
ater became known--were announced             art galleries in both Dallas and Collin County.
before the awards ceremony itself.
                                              Families & Residents of Color (FROC) is sponsoring JAWS…A Jazz, Art & Wine Social,
At the time of the first Oscar ceremony,      Saturday, June 13 at 6106 Frisco Square in Frisco, where they will be highlighting an
  ound had just been introduced into          afternoon of wonderful wines paired with an array of tasty cuisine. The event will be
 ilm. The Warner Bros. movie The Jazz         topped off with learning about the art on display from Stephanie. She will be happy to
Singer--one of the first "talkies"--was      answer any questions regarding any of the art work to be purchased. The atmosphere
not allowed to compete for Best Picture      will be further enhanced by smooth jazz sounds throughout the afternoon.
because the Academy decided it was
unfair to let movies with sound compete      10% of all proceeds will be donated to the Families & Residents of Color Scholarship
with silent films. The first official Best   Fund.
Picture winner (and the only silent film
 o win Best Picture) was Wings, directed     Tickets for the JAWS Event are $15.00 for individuals, $25.00 per couple, $12.00 for
by William Wellman. The most                 senior citizens and $10.00 for children 16 and under.
 xpensive movie of its time, with a
budget of $2 million, the movie told the     For additional information contact Karen Griggsby at 972.978.3216.
 tory of two World War I pilots who fall
 or the same woman. Another film, F.W.
Murnau's epic Sunrise, was considered a      Creekside at Preston 2nd Annual Community Yard/Garage Sale:
dual winner for the best film of the year.
German actor Emil Jannings won the           Huge Community wide/multi family sale, on May 16th (Saturday), 8am - 4pm.
Best Actor honor for his roles in The Last   Available for sale will be furniture, adult and kid's clothes, baby items, books, toys,
Command and The Way of All Flesh,            tools, electronics, & much more. Come visit our neighborhood and see what treasures
while 22-year-old Janet Gaynor was the       you may find.
only female winner. After receiving
 hree out of the five Best Actress nods,     Creekside at Preston is located North of Eldorado off of Preston and stretches all the
 he won for all three roles, in Seventh      way to Hillcrest. We have 5 main entrances to our neighborhood.
Heaven, Street Angel and Sunrise.
                                             1. North on Preston, past Eldorado, and turn right on Mockingbird.
A special honorary award was presented
 o Charlie Chaplin. Originally a nominee     2. North on Preston, past Eldorado, and turn right on Panther Creek Parkway. Follow
 or Best Actor, Best Writer and Best         road down to the 3 entrances.
Comedy Director for The Circus, Chaplin
was removed from these categories so         3. North on Preston, turn right on Eldorado, turn left on Hillcrest. Second to last street
he could receive the special award, a        on the left.
 hange that some attributed to his
unpopularity in Hollywood. It was the        Be sure to come out with plenty of time to check out all of the sales.
ast Oscar the Hollywood maverick
would receive until another honorary
award in 1971.

The Academy officially began using the
nickname Oscar for its awards in 1939;       Boy Scout Troop 51 Annual Garage Sale:
a popular but unconfirmed story about
 he source of the name holds that
Academy executive director Margaret          Please come visit the Boy Scout Troop 51 Annual Garage Sale, Saturday May 16th at
Herrick remarked that the statuette          the First United Methodist Church on Preston Road (just north of Stonebrook, across
ooked like her Uncle Oscar. Since 1942,      from Kroger's). Sale runs from 7:00am - 3:00pm and is a major fundraiser for Boy
 he results of the secret ballot voting      Scout activities. Kids and Adult clothes, Furniture, Electronics, Toys, Housewares...this
have been announced during the live-         is a huge event - nearly ONE HUNDRED families contribute items for sale. For more
broadcast Academy Awards ceremony            information, contact Doug Dodson (972) 668-3832.
using the sealed-envelope system. The
 uspense--not to mention the red-carpet
arrival of nominees and other stars
wearing their most beautiful or
outrageous evening wear--continues to
draw international attention to the film
                                             Lone Star Ranch Neighborhood Yard Sale:
ndustry's biggest night of the year.

                                             The Lone Star Ranch neighborhood in Frisco will be hosting a community-wide yard
For advertising opportunities,               sale on Saturday, May 16th, from 8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. We will be selling a wide
please contact Erika at                      variety of items (clothing, electronics, furniture, household items, sporting goods, toys, or visit             and much more!), so be sure to check out the GREAT DEALS throughout LSR! Lone                        Star Ranch is located in SW Frisco on Lebanon Road - East of 423 and West of Legacy
                                             Drive. The main intersection is Teel Parkway, North AND South of Lebanon Road. (Zip
                                             Code - 75034)
All the opinions, endorsements or
 ecommendations in this newsletter are
mine and Erika‟s alone and they do not
necessarily reflect the opinions or
 iews of any organization or group with
whom I am affiliated, or the individuals
who are a part of such organizations
and groups. You should not rely on any
 tatement made in this newsletter as        Westfalls Village Community Garage Sale:
 videnced of how I may act as a
member of any organization or group.
 nclusion of news, events and               The Westfalls Village spring community garage sale will be held on Saturday, May 16th,
other information in this newsletter does   from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Westfalls Village is located on the south side of Main Street,
not imply an endorsement; it merely         west of the Tollway, between Teel and FM 423.
 erves as my effort to be of service to
 he readers.

                                            NEW – Panther Creek Estates 3rd Annual Community Yard/Garage
All About Frisco

Clubs, Groups and Organizations in          Huge multi family sale on May 15 & 16, 7am – 2pm at Panther Creek Estates.
and around Frisco:                          Furniture, adult and kids clothes, books, toys, tools, electronics, you name it! Come
                                            visit our fabulous neighborhood and you may find a treasure or two!
 risco is home to a very diverse and
numerous set of clubs, groups and           North on Preston, East on Eldorado, Left at Hillcrest, Right on Hillsboro to main
organizations. If your group or             entrance. We are a large neighborhood covering from Panther Creek Parkway to
organization is missing, and you would      Eldorado - be sure to plan plenty of time to check out all the sales.
 ke to get it listed, please send us an
 mail so we can list it and continue to
maintain the most comprehensive list

AARP – 972-335-2478                         NEW - Eldorado Fairways Community Yard Sale:

Adopt A Pet – 972-668-4311
                                            5/16 8am-1pm, From Dallas Tollway, go west.
                                            Cross Teel. 3rd left Rio Grande
Alcoholics Anonymous -- Frisco Chapter
– 214-394-0130

Alcoholics Anonymous Frisco Group –

                                            Steele Cage MMA - Frisco, Thurs. June 11 - Buy Tickets Now at a
Allen-Frisco-Plano Autism Spectrum
Parent Group                                Discount!!

American Cancer Society of Collin           Get your tickets fast at a discounted rate for the Steele Cage - Battle of the Texas
County – 214-819-1221                       Titans - headlined by Sunia Filikitonga vs Tyler East. Sunia is a former Dallas
                                            Cowboy and close to 300lbs and Tyler is 6'5", 250lbs. There will a total of 9 exciting
American Legion Post 178                    fights on the card. Get a chance to meet Hall of Fame Referee Richard Steele!!

American Red Cross of North Texas –         Also, check this Sunday's Dallas Morning News for event info.
                                            Go to:
Angel Food Ministries – 214-282-5576
                                            click on: Ticket Presale

AroundTown Kids                             Enter the following code: stars

Arts of Collin County                       This will get you $3 off the $25 and $50 tickets.

Association of Frisco Retired School
Personnel – 972-335-3040
Boy Scouts of America – 214-902-6754

Boys and Girls Club

CASA of Collin County – 972-529-2272       Centennial Touchdown Club Annual Titan Spring Huddle:

Celebrate Recovery – 214-282-5576          The Centennial Touchdown Club will be holding its annual Titan Spring Huddle on Sat.
                                           May 16th from 11:30am to 1:00 at the CHS cafeteria. Come meet the Titans Football
Centennial Touchdown Club (Centennial      coaches, tour the football facilities and get updated about the upcoming Titan Football
High School Football)                      Season. All incoming Freshmen and parents as well as all returning players and families
                                           are encouraged to attend. Lunch will be provided.
Chamber of Commerce

Christian Community Action – 972-436-

                                           “Fusion 2009” Multi-Cultural Event:
Chronic Hugs: Chronic Pain Support
Group – 214-726-9060
                                           Fusion 2009 is a diverse kick-off to summer with outdoor events featuring sports, food,
City of Frisco – 972-292-5000              entertainment, music, shopping, and fireworks. This multicultural event is sponsored
                                           by Datta Yoga Center (DYC), the City of Frisco, Visit Frisco, Frisco Square, and a host of
Collin County – 972-424-1460               multicultural organizations.

                                           Fusion 2009 will be held Saturday, June 6, 2009 at Warren Sports Complex, 7599
Collin County Association of Realtors –
                                           Eldorado Parkway in Frisco from 3:00 pm – 11:00 pm. It will bring residents from
                                           Frisco as well as other cities in Collin County together to experience a day of learning
                                           and enjoying what their multicultural neighbors will showcase in areas such as sports
Collin County Central Appraisal District   featuring volleyball, baseball, and cricket; food, artifacts, and entertainment from
                                           different cultures of the world.
Collin County Community College
                                           For sponsorship, booth space, and ticket information, and all other additional
Collin County Community College            participation information, you can visit the Fusion 2009 website at or contact Karen
Education Foundation                       Griggsby at 972.978.3216.

Collin County Connection – 214-544-

Collin County Early Childhood PTA –
972-712-3634                               Heritage Association of Frisco:

Collin County Event Professionals – 214-   Heritage Association of Frisco Art and Multimedia Contest Award Ceremony is scheduled
542-1317                                   for May 14, 2009 at the City of Frisco‟s Council Chambers at 6101 Frisco Square Blvd,
                                           from 2:00pm – 4:00pm
Collin County Gay and Lesbian Alliance –
214-521-5342                               Students throughout the Frisco Independent School District are busily creating works of
                                           art before the April 17th deadline for the Heritage Association of Frisco‟s Annual Art and
Collin County Genealogy Association –      Multimedia Contest. Talented Frisco school students of all ages, K-12, are actively
972-231-4190                               creating art and multimedia presentations to be judged in this year‟s Annual Art and
                                           Multimedia Contest presented by the Heritage Association of Frisco and sponsored by
Collin County Republican Party             Babe’s Chicken Dinner House and the Richardson Bike Mart of
                                           Frisco The Award Ceremony will recognize children from every
                                           school in the Frisco Independent School District with monetary cash awards for their art
Dallas Athletic Rugby Club
                                           and multimedia creations based on this year‟s theme: Frisco In Motion: Exploring
                                           Modes of Transportation Through Time.
Daughters of the American Revolution –
                                           Deadline for entries is April 17, 2009 with artwork drop-off at Curtsinger Elementary,
                                           attention Laverne Forwark and multimedia projects at the Career & Technical Education
Democratic Party of Collin County          Center, attention Eva Coleman.

Denton County                              To add your name to this list of art supporters and caring sponsors, contact Marla
Denton County Central Appraisal District    Fields, the Art and Multimedia Contest Committee Chair.

Downtown Advisory Board – 972-292-

Downtown Merchants Association – 972-
                                            Frisco Schools Spirit Night:
                                            The FISD Council of PTAs is hosting Frisco Schools Spirit Night with the Frisco
 C Dallas                                   RoughRiders on Thursday, June 4th. The game starts at 7:00 p.m. Be sure and arrive
                                            early as there will be player autographs and judging for the most spirited school,
 risco A&M Club – 972-897-7765              loudest school, and school with the largest attendance. Gunstream Elementary Honor
                                            Choir will be performing for the opening of the game and the RoughRiders are giving
 risco American Business Women‟s            away a RoughRiders ball cap to tickets purchased from FISD schools. To wrap up the
Association (ABWA)                          evening; a special fireworks show!

                                            Tickets are $10.00 per person. Order deadline is May 8th. Registration should be made
 risco Al-Anon Family Group – 972-978-
                                            through your attending school. If you have any questions please contact Dawn Burwell

 risco-Allen Texas Area Alumnae

 risco Area Children‟s Theater – 972-
377-2675                                    The Dallas Koi Kichi Group Announces 'A Dog Show for Fish!!'*:

 risco Area Republican Women
                                            Frisco Square
                                            May 23, 2009
 risco Association For the Arts
                                            An Outdoor Festival-Style Event centered around:
 risco Athletic Network                     Water Gardening
                                            Koi Show, Auction & Exhibits
 risco Bar Association
                                            A FREE event for General Public
 risco Baseball/Softball Organization –
972-712-2288                                Show hours are:
                                            Saturday 10am to 6pm
                                            (Fish auction at 4pm on Saturday)
 risco Business and Professional Women
– 972-377-0335                              * Actually, it is a judging and exhibition of Japanese Fish called Koi.

 risco Cares Children‟s Clinic – 469-556-   Koi is the Japanese word for Carp. Nishikigoi, another often used term, means fancy or
8452                                        brocaded carp. Yes, these beautifully colored and patterned fish are descendents of the
                                            common river carp which is found all over the world. However, the specimens you will
 risco Chamber of Commerce                  see at our show have been selectively bred in Japan for more than 200 years, evolving
                                            into the beautiful varieties that you see today. Some of the koi grow to over 3 feet in
 risco Chorale – 972-335-4380 x104
                                            In our Koi show you will see all of the more popular varieties and some of the more
 risco Citizens on Patrol (C.O.P.s)         unique varieties. The "big three" are Kohaku, a white koi with a red pattern; Sanke, a
                                            white koi with red and black pattern; and Showa, a black koi with red and white
 risco Community Band – 972-668-5315        pattern. Among these big three, you will also find Tancho versions which have only one
                                            red marking, a single red crown on its head, similar to the Tancho Crane - so highly
 risco Community Theatre – 972-377-         revered in Japan.
                                            Koi shows are held all over the world. There are small club shows like ours for the
                                            Dallas area, or larger regional or international shows that attract thousands of fish.
 risco Convention and Visitors Bureau       Although many people consider them beauty pageants, the purpose of a koi show is to
                                            have your fish judged against fish in the same variety (and size) to see which more                            closely match the "ideal". Some of the judging criteria used are shape or conformation,
                                            skin quality and luster, and overall balance of pattern and color. Prizes are awarded in
 risco Cycling Club                         all categories. There are several official bodies that provide specifically trained judges
                                            to officiate these shows.
 risco Democratic Party
                                            There will be Retail booths, Garden displays, raffles, auctions, kids and family activities
                                            and Vendors from all parts of the country and our local Frisco community providing
 risco Dog Park
                                            information on Water Gardening, Koi Ponds and caring for Koi fish - called "Living
 risco Ducks Unlimited – 972-712-5049

 risco Early Childhood PTA

 risco Economic Development
Corporation – 972-668-5550                  Angelman Syndrome Foundation’s DFW Area Walk-A-Thon:

 risco Education Foundation – 469-633-
                                            The Angelman Syndrome Foundation's D/FW Area Walk-A-Thon is set for Saturday,
                                            May 16, 2009 in the Heritage Lakes neighborhood. The community parks and cabana
                                            area is located at 3949 Village Blvd, Frisco. Breakfast and Check-In begins at 8 am and
 risco Family Services Center – 972-        the Walk is set for 10 am. Join us for food, music, fun and more surprises. The event is
335-9495                                    set to be a one-mile walk.

 risco Family YMCA – 972-335-3222           This amazing event brings together families, friends, and members of the medical
                                            community to raise the much needed funds that will continue to grow our
 risco Fire Department – 972-335-5525       understanding of this neuro-genetic disorder.

                                            Volunteers and food sponsors are still needed. If there is a skill that you are willing to
 risco Football League – 972-712-0558       share with this growing event, we will find a place for you to use your skills to make a
                                            difference together. For more information on this event, contact Angela Patterson, Site
 risco Garden Club – 972-335-3812           Coordinator, at or call 214-707-2544. To make a
                                            contribution to this organization, visit the personal fundraising / awareness page
 risco Gymnastics Center – 972-377-         at To learn more about the syndrome or to
0888                                        register for the event, visit

 risco Housing Authority

 risco Humane Society – 972-498-8980

 risco Independent School District –        Frisco Career Connections:

 risco Kiwanis Club                         Frisco Career Connections meets each Thursday at 7:00 pm at First United Methodist
                                            Church in Frisco. The church is located at 7659 Preston Road in Frisco. Everyone in the
                                            community is welcome.
 risco Lion‟s Club – 972-335-2487
                                            This group was formed as a result of the downturn in the economy and job search
 risco Music Teachers Association           needs. The mission of the group is to: Connect people with networking opportunities,
                                            providing job search skill development, and faith based support. We help those in
 risco Neighborhood Watch                   career transition due to unemployment, under-employment or career change. The
                                            meetings each week include networking, a job search technique presentation, and
 risco Pack 142                             support. Over eighty percent of jobs are found through networking.

                                            For further information and to see a list of upcoming meeting topics, please see our
 risco Parents of Multiples

 risco Police Department – 972-292-

 risco Police Officers‟ Wives Association   Frisco Business and Professional Women Annual Wine Tasting:

 risco Post Office – 972-335-7453
                                            Come join members and guests of Frisco Business & Professional Women at a Wine
                                            Tasting from 6:30 pm to 9:00pm on Thursday June 18. Unwind after a long day, meet
 risco Pride
                                            new friends, laugh with old friends and share a glass of wine. Breathe that sigh of
                                            relaxation as you enter the door at Uncork, a hidden treasure in nearby Little Elm.
 risco Public Library                    Taste four different wines, share your thoughts and learn from some experts about
                                         great wine and food pairings. Find a bottle or two you like and buy some for your own
 risco Quilt Guild                       table.

                                         The event will be held at UNCORK, a place of comfort, class and style. Network with
 risco Republican Men‟s Club
                                         and meet other professional men and women from the area, bring a friend or business
                                         associate or relax with friends and family in this cozy atmosphere. Uncork is located at
 risco Republicans – 972-335-9176        2832 Eldorado Parkway, #212, the S. E. corner of Eldorado and FM 423 in Little
                                         Elm. Proceeds will benefit Frisco BPW Scholarship Fund for CollinCollege.
 risco Residents of Color
                                         Tickets are $15 in advance and $20 at the door. Please contact Jenny Phung at (972)
 risco Rotary Club – 972-701-2801        731-0165 or email. For more info regarding Frisco Business & Professional Women,
                                         please visit our website.

 risco RoughRiders                       The Business and Professional Women (BPW) is a national organization of women
                                         helping women through education, support and advocacy. What makes the BPW stand
 risco Soccer Association – 972-712-     out is the learning from speakers every month. If you have limited time to give to
4625                                     yourself, you owe it to your personal growth to maximize every hour of every meeting.
                                         At BPW meetings you will learn something new, you will meet someone in a different
 risco Square                            profession, you will have time to make a new friend, make a connection to get some
                                         needs met personally or professionally, and have some fun.
 risco Sunrise Rotary

 risco Swim Team

 risco Thunder Professional Football

 risco Veterans of Foreign Wars Post     NEW - Double Your Investment:
#8273 – 972-712-5611

                                         Frisco Family Services Center has been challenged to raise $25,000 on Wednesday May
 risco Women‟s League – 972-712-8890
                                         20, 2009. The Communities Foundation of Texas and The Dallas Foundation will match
                                         dollar-for-dollar the amount raised through DonorBridge, a new online database that
 risco/Plano Christian Women‟s Club –    makes mutual connections between nonprofit organizations, donors and supporters. To
972-668-4464                             Double Your Investment, visit on Wednesday May 20, 2009
                                         and make your donation to Frisco Family Services Center. This could mean a single day
 risco Youth Volleyball Leagues          contribution of $50,000!! Your support will make a significant impact on the lives of
                                         those in need or in crisis in our community.
Hall Office Park

Heritage Association of Frisco – 972-

Heroes for Children – 214-256-5824       NEW - 'Riders Golf Classic:

nside Collin County Business
                                         Date: Tuesday, June 9th
KittiCo Cat Rescue – 214-826-6903        Time: 8:00 am shotgun start
                                         Location: The Tribute Golf Club
 abrador Retriever Rescue of North       The Frisco RoughRiders will be hosting the Inaugural 'Riders Classic Golf Tournament at
                                         The Tribute Golf Club in The Colony. This event benefits the RoughRiders Foundation.

 egacy Christian Academy                 Participants will have the opportunity to golf with the RoughRiders players and coaches,
                                         participate in contests on the course, and win great prizes. The cost is $200 for an
 ewisville Independent School District   individual or $600 for a foursome.

                                         Questions? Call Mara Simon-Meyer, Director of the RoughRiders Foundation, at
Meals on Wheels – 972-562-6996

Miracle League of Frisco

MOMS Club of Frisco – East Central
Chapter – 972-712-1789

MOMS Club of Frisco – South Chapter –
                                         NEW - Frisco Career Opportunity of the Week - sponsored by
MOMS Club of Frisco – SE Chapter –

                                         The Frisco career opportunity of the week is for a part-time "Clothing Processor" at
MOMS Club of Frisco – SW Chapter –
                                         Frisco Resale. To view details on this and other career opportunities in Frisco check out
                                At this site you can search for careers in Frisco from
                                         companies like Embassy Suites, IntegraSys, IKEA, Centennial Medical Center, Frisco
MOMS Club of Frisco – West Central       ISD, Frisco YMCA, FC Dallas and Pizza Hut Park, and many others.

MOMS Club of Frisco – West Chapter –
                                         NEW - Community Leaders Battle For Title at Chamber Event:
Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) – 972-
                                         The Frisco business community and the Frisco Chamber of Commerce will ultimately be
                                         the biggest winners; however, individual Team Hosts will be competing to see who is
National Alliance on Mental Illness of   the Biggest Winner among a crowded and very competitive field on May 19-21. Local
Collin County – 214-509-0085             business leaders will compete to see which team will generate the most excitement and
                                         new members.
Newcomer Friends of Greater Plano
                                         During the day Tuesday and Wednesday, you will find reigning winner and FC-Dallas
North Texas Tollway Authority – 214-     GM Michael Hitchcock, along with Randy Burks (Randy's Steakhouse), Gary Carley
461-2000                                 (North Dallas Bank), Dennis James (Bank of the Ozarks), Rich Allen (ActionCoach) and
                                         Brandon Burden (Spectrum DFW) coaching their respective team members during four
                                         shifts and working to help the local business community. They will be gathered for a
OU Club of Collin County – 972-797-
                                         common cause - to explain the benefits of being a member of the Chamber, discussing
                                         the strength of our local economy, and convincing their contacts to join in support of
                                         the organization through a membership investment.
Overeaters Anonymous – 972-832-5263
                                         This will not be merely a phone bank where participants will sit quietly and discuss the
Play Pals – 972-839-0312                 merits of Chamber Membership - it will be a highly charged, energetic room that some
                                         will liken to the floor of the stock exchange with bells ringing and loud cheering every
Prosper Independent School District      time an investment is made.

                                         "Events like this make a difference to the bottom line of the Chamber and help
Radio Free Frisco                        membership," said Tony Felker, President of the Frisco Chamber of Commerce, "but
                                         they also serve as a way to bring different people together and give them common
Senior Center at Frisco Square – 972-    experiences to build upon in the future. Business leaders that might never meet each
292-6550                                 other get together to help the local business community, discover new friends, and
                                         have a great time doing it!"
SPCA of Texas – 972-562-7387
                                         The Membership Event will wrap up with a celebration at 5:21PM at Dave and Buster's
                                         on Thursday, May 21, 2009, where the winning team will be "crowned", and the final
Speak Up – Frisco Toastmasters Group –
                                         numbers will be tallied and announced. Many of those working throughout the event
                                         will be present.

Stonewall Democrats of Collin County     The event is coordinated by Your Chamber Connection, a company that conducts
                                         events such as this throughout the nation. Led by Jimmy Cusano, who at first sight will
Texas Democratic Women of Collin         knock you over with his outrageous attire (Zoot Suits in animal print and every color in
County                                   the rainbow), these membership events build a foundation that allows for extensive
                                         membership growth in a very condensed period. This event must be experienced and
Texas Tornado Hockey                     seen to be believed. For more information, please contact the Frisco Chamber at 972-

Toastmasters Club of Frisco – 972-712-

Visual Arts Guild of Frisco

Volunteer Center of North Texas              NEW - Retired Teachers Install Officers:

Voter Registration Information – Collin      The Association of Frisco Retired School Personnel installed the officers for the coming
County                                       year at the May 6 meeting held at the Maple Street Complex of the Frisco Independent
                                             School District.
Voter Registration Information – Denton
County                                       Special guest was Tonna Duke, a former coach from Richardson ISD. Duke led the
                                             installation with a “star-studded” theme that included finding the perfect “star” song for
Women Encouraging Business – 972-            each office.
                                             The officers installed included Charles Mooneyham, returning as AFRSP president; Polly
                                             Tadlock, first vice president; Charlotte Mooneyham, second vice president; Sandy
Word of Mouth Productions
                                             Hansel, treasurer; Joyce Comstock, parliamentarian; and Charles Justus, past
WOVI-Frisco: Women of Visionary
nfluence – 469-252-4528                      Charles Mooneyham presented several certificates of appreciation for service to the
                                             organization during the past year. Certificates of recognition were given to Dr. Rick
Young Life Frisco – 972-424-6339             Reedy, FISD superintendent; the FISD Communications Department; Sarah Hosford of
                                             FISD catering; and AFRSP members Sandy Hansel, Judy Smith, Catherine Fowler,
                                             Galen Boren, and Charles Justus. The Mooneyhams were also presented with a fern
                                             from the membership in appreciation for their service.

                                             The organization has received several awards for volunteerism, membership retention
Churches and other Places of                 and the Bell Ringer Award, highest award a local unit may receive.
Worship in and around Frisco

One of the wonderful things about Frisco
s the many diverse religions you can
 ind. If your Church is not listed, please
  ontact us so we can list it and continue
 o maintain the most comprehensive list      NEW – Curtsinger Student Wins T-Shirt Contest:

                                             The Frisco Arts Association held its Third Annual T-shirt Design Contest recently and
                                             once again an FISD student artist came up with a winning design that captures the
Apostolic Temple – 972-712-5673
                                             spirit of the organization. The contest is open to all FISD schools in the quest to find
                                             that one unique work of art to grace the front of their yearly membership T-shirt. The
Alter Church of Frisco – 214-733-3069        winning artwork was created by artist Lindsey Morrison a 5th grader from Curtsinger
                                             Elementary. Several other artists were awarded 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place honors in their
Assembly of God Cornerstone                  age divisions. Prizes ranged from $100 dollars for overall winner to gift certificates to
Community Church – 972-335-4704              Edible Arrangements, and each artist was presented with an award certificate. The
                                             Curtsinger Art program was presented with a $500 check for producing the top winner.
C3 TrueNORTH Church – 469-287-5063           Capitol One Bank was the main sponsor for this event. The FAA and Capitol One Bank
                                             held the awards reception which was complete with hors oeuvres‟ and a chocolate
Celebration Covenant – 214-387-9833

Central Christian Church – 972-377-

Church of God in Christ – 972-377-3649       NEW - 1st Annual Homes for Our Troops Bowling Fundraiser:

Church of Living Stones – 972-335-3499
                                             As you know, there is no more rewarding experience than supporting our veterans.
                                             Even more worthwhile is supporting the soldiers who do not come back in the same
Community Christian Fellowship – 469-        condition as when they left. These severely injured soldiers really need our help to
252-0583                                     continue their lives after service to our country.

Compass Christian Church – 972-335-          We are contacting you about the 1st Annual Homes for Our Troops Bowling Fundraiser
7546                                         on August 15th, 2009 at Plano Super Bowl in Plano, Texas to benefit Homes for Our
Congregation B‟nai Israel – 972-712-        Troops. We expect over 500 bowlers plus volunteers and other participating groups.
2624                                        You would be able to support a worthy cause and let others in the community know
                                            they do so. This is strictly a volunteer effort held by people who care. This is not a
Cornerstone Baptist Church – 972-335-       political event in any way. Our goal is to make this event successful and continue it in
1974                                        future years to help these severely injured soldiers who have already sacrificed for us.

                                            We are soliciting sponsorships and donations (ex. gift cards) to support this worthwhile
Cornerstone Christian Reformed Church
                                            event. A $500 sponsorship donation allows you to be a lane sponsor the day of the
– 469-362-7844
                                            event. A banner will be displayed in the bowling alley the entire month of August as
                                            well as recognition on the event website and on the individual lane the day of the
Cornerstone Community Assembly –            event. (Or, Can be exchanged for Merchandise/services) A $250 Sponsorship donation
972-335-4704                                allows you to be a Banner Sponsor the day of the event. Homes for Our Troops is
                                            rated by the American Institute of Philanthropy as an A charity. This means the
Cornerstone Community Church – 972-         majority of the money raised is actually used to build specially adapted homes and very
335-4704                                    little is used on administration overhead. Homes for Our Troops is a 501 c3 recognized
                                            charity with ID number 54-2143612. The event is already listed on the events calendar
Crossroads Community Church – 972-          at the above listed website as well.
                                            If you have any questions or need more information please feel free to contact Clark
                                            Clement at 214-923-3299 or you can email at
Crosswalk Community Church

Destiny‟s Place Ministries – 972-712-

 aithbridge Presbyterian – 972-377-
9560                                        NEW - Texas Democratic Women of Collin County (TDWCC) Meeting
 ellowship of Frisco – 972-335-1700

                                            The TDWCC held an informative meeting on Monday, May 11, 2009, to educate TDWCC
 irst Baptist Church of Frisco – 972-335-
                                            members and guests about the structure and role of the County Commissioners, what
                                            they govern and how they are elected. This session was the first in a series, Politics
                                            101, to fulfill their mission to promote political activity among Democratic women.
 irst Pentecostal Church – 972-292-         Other sessions that are in the planning stage will focus on the school board, city
3174                                        council, state and national offices.

 irst United Methodist – 972-335-4380       Bill Baumbach, who writes the Collin County Observer blog
                                  , and Victor Manuel, both
 risco Bible Church – 972-335-8150          former candidates for County Commissioner, were very informative and answered
                                            questions from the audience about the County Commissioners Court.

 risco Church of Christ – 972-335-2118      “I had little knowledge about the County Commissioners, so I gained a lot from
                                            tonight‟s meeting,” said Barb Walters, TDWCC President. “This info session was timely
 risco Community Bible Church – 469-        because Judge Keith Self will be guest speaker at the next monthly meeting,” she
362-5588                                    added.

 risco Community Fellowship – 972-          Monthly Meeting and Program
668-3696                                    Judge Keith Self of the Collin County Commissioners Court
                                            Monday, May 18th, 2009 at 6:45pm
                                            Collin College Preston Ridge - 9700 Wade Blvd, Frisco
 risco Masjid – 972-898-8691
                                            Judge Keith Self will present an informative session about the County Commissioners
 risco Trails Fellowship Bible Church –     Court at TDWCC‟s monthly meeting, Monday, May 18, 6:45 pm Collin College –
972-731-5999                                Preston Ridge Campus, Frisco, Founders Hall Rm. F249. Please note different meeting
                                            date due to Memorial Day holiday.
Genesis Metro – 469-450-6277
                                            TDWCC is a dedicated group of Democratic Women, working to EDUCATE Collin County
Grace Avenue United Methodist – 972-        citizens, ACTIVATE voters, and ELECT Democrats to local, state, and federal offices. We
335-2882                                    meet every 4th Monday at Collin County Community College.

                                   or - Publicity Chair
Grace Church – 469-633-9104       

Grace Pointe – 972-292-3174
Hamilton Chapel Baptist Church – 972-

Harvest Church International – 214-
632-4581                                   NEW – Summer Theatre Workshops:

Higher Dimensions – 214-551-3078
                                           Summer is just around the corner! Do you know what your kids are doing?

Hope Fellowship – 972-377-8855             Word of Mouth Productions Summer Theatre Workshops begin June 8th at the Frisco
                                           Arts Center.
glesia Buenas Nuevas – 972-712-0946
                                           Spaces are still available but will be filling up fast.
Kingdom Life Christian Center – 214-
618-1500                                   Register online at

                                           Deadline to register is June 1st!
 ebanon Baptist Church – 972-377-3348
                                           See our website for more details: or call (214) 734-7326
 egacy Presbyterian Church – 972-464-

 iberty Baptist Church – 972-625-3546      UPDATED - Frisco Police Blotter:

 ife-Changing Faith Christian Fellowship   The Frisco Police Blotter can be found on Crimeweb for those citizens who like to keep
– 214-387-8040                             up with what is going on around the city from the police point of view. This report
                                           covers the period of May 5 to May 11. Public Safety is a huge focus of mine and it takes
 ife Fellowship of Frisco – 214-886-7810   all of us to keep our city safe. If you ever see something that just doesn‟t look right,
                                           please don‟t look the other way. Please contact our fantastic Police department. Even if
                                           it turns out to be nothing, they would rather you contact them and let them make that
 iving Waters Family Worship Center –

 iving Word Baptist Church – 469-362-

 one Star Baptist Church – 469-358-        NEW – Landscape Design/Detail (Early – Mid May):
                                           Submitted By: Glenn Everett Kopanski, United States Navy (Ret)
Newstart Church of the Nazarene – 214-
282-5576                                   I first wanted to make a suggestion for your yard to consider which will enhance the
                                           overall look of your landscape we see little of. I have two gardens I call islands in my
                                           own yard and it sure adds attitude to any yard. It is called "Gardens in the Round". This
Northstar Church – 972-712-8282
                                           means a garden separate from the house and plants around the house. The way I can
                                           describe it is to design a figure 8. Buy some orange spray paint and spray the grass
Parkway Hills Baptist Church – 972-403-    into a large figure 8. When you do that ensure you spray it wide enough for your
1010                                       mower to be able to ride along the outside, best suggestion is to have concrete curbing
                                           installed. You can pick an earth tone color. My curbing is light sandy brown and blends
Praise Fellowship Worship Center – 214-    in with the plants well. White stands out too much and way too loud for landscape
387-9397                                   design. Once you have sprayed the grass in the design you want start digging that soil
                                           out, ensuring all grass roots are taken out. Next have curbing poured or place large
Preston Ridge Baptist Church – 972-        stones into the design. Curbing is best because it keeps weeds out of the beds or grass
712-7007                                   from creeping underneath it. Curbing should be 2in under the ground level to ensure
                                           creeping grass cannot invade the garden. Once that is allowed to happen it will be
                                           difficult to kill it so ensure all roots are out of the garden and curbing is deep enough
Preston Trail Community Church – 972-
                                           for future issues. When that is done then comes the fun part, Plant selection. I can give
                                           you some good selections for this type garden to give you a few ideas if you chose this
                                           type of garden. First on one side of the figure 8 garden plant one tree like a Chaste tree
Primera Iglesia Bautista De Frisco –       or desert willow. Then you need inner plants like Mexican bush sage, confur lantana,
214-872-3788                               gold star esperanza, Rosemary for aroma. Then you want to plant some flowers to run
                                           along the curbing like Garden Phlox, Verbena, Black-eyed Susan's, Daylily's. A large
Providence Church – 469-362-1240           boulder would add a special touch located in the middle of the other end of the figure
                                           8. I added tulip landscape lights in my gardens which really puts the icing on the cake
Rejoice Lutheran Church – 972-335-         for a garden like this. Hope this gives you an option. This sort of garden is best used on
6411                                       corner lots but can be put in small lots scaled down. Key is to not plant gardens that
                                           are straight lined and narrow, expanding and winding gardens will win your neighbors
Revolution Ministries – 214-649-0623       over and add a unique landscape to any community.

                                           Before I get to my weekly Tree/Shrub/Flower of the week I wanted to touch base on a
Rock Hill Church of Christ – 972-346-
                                           few things I highly suggest in each column. May/June is the time to inspect your
                                           property and home for infestations. Bees are looking for homes now and they can fly
                                           into small holes inside your home or air vents on top of your home possibly entering
Shawnee Trail Church of Christ – 972-      your attic. For heavily shaded homes I highly recommend you prune as many trees and
377-9106                                   shrubs as you can. Reason for that is that wonderful shade we all love in Texas can be
                                           your worst enemy. By that I mean your foundation will begin to crumble from constant
St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church –    moisture or wind not being allowed to flow correctly drying your foundation. It is so
972-712-2645                               very important to pay attention to detail as I used to say in the military when it comes
                                           to your home. Not doing a monthly inspection around your home and landscape can be
St. Philips Episcopal Church – 214-387-    very costly so catching issues ahead of time can be affordable, letting things go can be
4700                                       costly big time. Looks for mud tunnels as we have sub-terrain termites in Texas and if
                                           they can build tunnels to the wood on your home or gain access through a small hole
                                           you could be dealing with serious issues you will never see. Termites are active in Mid
Stonebriar Church of Christ – 972-712-     May and stay that way through early July when our weather turns hot daily. Also look
9264                                       to see if any tree branches are rubbing against your home or roof, if so prune them off
                                           right away over time damage can begin to be seen especially against wood. Fireants
Stonebriar Community Church – 469-         are a serious issue now as well, use a product called Andros those pellets get taken to
252-5000                                   the queen and once she is dead the ants loose direction and die.

Stonebridge United Methodist Church –      Now for my selections of the week:
                                           Tree of the week: Lavender Tree - Fast growing small ornamental tree is also named
                                           Chaste Tree. Multi-Trunked makes for a unique look. Spikes of Lavender blue flowers
Stonebrook Church of Christ – 214-705-
                                           appear all summer and fall. Leaves are aromatic as well. Pink and white selections are
                                           available as well. Total Hgt: 20ft Spread: 15ft. Great selection!

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day   Shrub of the week: Burning Bush - Dense shrub that is remembered for its brilliant
Saints – 972-377-4724                      deep red colors for fall foliage - Great background garden plant - Plant this pick against
                                           any evergreen and your pick will ensure neighbors walking by will stop and talk about
The Journey – 214-529-8873                 it. Hgt: 5ft Spread: 5ft.

The Shawnee Trail Church of Christ –       Flower of the week: Coral Honeysuckle - Brilliant blue-green foliage with dark coral red
972-377-9106                               flowers blooming from early spring to early fall. This is more a vine than flower but I
                                           wanted to give you a great selection for any trellis. You will have constant visits from
                                           our Hummingbird friends. Known to climb 8-10ft. You can train this pick though to
Turning Point CMA Church – 469-733-        grow low to the ground. Consistent pruning will ensure this plant does not get out of
3196                                       control.

United Pentecostal Church – 972-712-       I know you may get sick of hearing this from me but I still stress water conservation.
5673                                       We have been blessed with much needed rainfall and we are all grateful for that but I
                                           try to remind all to conserve. With population booms in N. Texas and lakes that can
Water‟s Edge Lutheran Church – 972-        barely keep up I believe it is wise we all conserve. Sprinkler systems can be shut off for
712-7377                                   awhile. Less is best is my motto, the more you water lawns the more reliable that grass
                                           becomes, the roots from grasses will be shallow if over watered, less watered the roots
                                           climb to water tables and becomes much stronger. Another constant issue I see is
Frisco Neighborhoods and
                                           cigarette butts on our roads, disposing them is the best policy and also disposing trash
Homeowner Associations:
                                           in cans is requested to keep "Frisco Beautiful".

                                           I have some more ideas next week for you. Until then take care all. If I can be of any
 f your HOA or neighborhood is not         assistance please email me at:
 sted, please contact us so we can list
t and continue to maintain the most
 omprehensive list available. For a map
of where each HOA is located, along
with contact information for each HOA,
 isit the City of Frisco HOA Directory
                                           NEW - City of Frisco Final Voting Results, May 9, 2009 General
Autumn Park                                Election:

Bella Casa
Chapel Creek                          The following information details final voting results for the City of Frisco's May 9, 2009
                                      General Election.
Cheyenne Crossing
                                      City Council, Place 1
                                      Harold Colvin: 284, 11.38%
Coventry Oaks
                                      Bob Allen: 2212, 88.62%
                                      Total Votes: 2496
Creekside at Preston
                                      City Council, Place 3
Creekside at Stonebriar               Pat Fallon: 1647, 57.35%
                                      Hunt Reifschiender: 279, 9.71%
Crestview                             Rhonda Martin: 892, 31.06%
                                      Phil Ramierez: 54, 1.88%
                                      Total Votes: 2872
Custer Creek Farms

Cypress Creek

Dominion at Panther Creek

Eldorado Fairways                     NEW - Museum of the American Railroad and City of Frisco Finalize
Estates on Legacy
                                      This week, Museum of the American Railroad officials signed, and the Frisco City
 airfield Estates                     Council approved, a formal agreement that finalizes plans to move the Fair Park
                                      collection of trains to a new site in Frisco. The City Council passed by unanimous vote
 risco Fairways                       the Development Agreement and Lease that enables the museum to move from the
                                      planning stage to Phase I design and construction. The Museum of the American
 risco Heights                        Railroad joins an exciting array of attractions in this North Texas city including the
                                      Frisco Heritage Center and Museum. It will also be adjacent to a system of planned
                                      outdoor spaces and recreational areas to be known as Grand Park.
 risco Square
                                      Last year, the Museum of the American Railroad entered into an agreement with the
Golden Gate Village                   City of Frisco that initiated serious discussions between the two organizations. The two
                                      quickly arrived at terms that were mutually beneficial and an engineering firm was
Grayhawk                              hired to prepare a conceptual engineering site plan. The plan, prepared by Lunsford
                                      Associates of Arlington with Wilson & Company of Fort Worth, calls for nearly a mile of
                                      trackage and future exhibit buildings totaling 94,000 square feet. The museum‟s
Griffin Parc
                                      priceless collection will also be covered by a train shed reminiscent of turn-of-
                                      thecentury stations.
Heather Ridge Estates
                                      With the Council‟s adoption of the formal agreements, the railroad museum will now
Heritage Green                        finalize its site plan and prepare engineering specifications for Phase I construction.
                                      Phase I calls for some 5,000 feet of track to be laid at the museum‟s new Frisco
Heritage Lakes                        location, including 3,000 feet of exhibit track that will accommodate the current 36-
                                      piece rolling stock collection. The museum‟s two landmark structures will also move to
                                      Frisco and compliment the historic locomotives and railway passenger cars.
Heritage Village
                                      The City of Frisco will provide 12.34 acres of land for the project. Located on Cotton Gin
Hickory Springs                       Road, the new site is adjacent to the Frisco Heritage Center and borders the BNSF
                                      Railway line to the east. The museum currently resides on a 1.8 acre footprint in Fair
Hickory Street Village                Park and stores one quarter of its collection offsite.

                                      A majority of Phase I funding will come from Frisco to construct the basic facilities
Hillcrest Estates
                                      necessary to relocate the museum from Fair Park. The museum will raise their portion
                                      of the funding privately. Upon completion of Phase I, the museum will open for
Hillcrest Highlands                   business at the new site. “We are very excited to get to this point; it‟s been mostly
                                      planning until now. We‟re getting close to turning some dirt and watching the wheels
Hillcrest Lebanon/Cecile Place        roll. The area railroads have pledged their support and we should be moving equipment
                                      in early 2011,” said Bob LaPrelle, MAR‟s President & CEO.
Hillcrest Lebanon/Hillcrest Meadows
                                      The museum will continue operations at its present Fair Park location until the rolling
                                      stock begins moving to Frisco. Educational programs for Dallas area schools will also
Hillcrest Lebanon/Smith Estates
                                      continue through late 2010. While the collection will be relocating to Frisco, the move is
Hunters Creek                      viewed by museum officials as an operation becoming more regional rather than one
                                   leaving the Dallas market.
Kings Garden
                                   With nearly half a mile of locomotives and cars weighing almost 3,600 tons, the move
                                   of the museum‟s historic rolling stock collection will be an event in and of itself. The
Kings Ridge
                                   museum has fielded calls from as far away as New Zealand since the announcement of
                                   the move last year. The museum‟s Big Boy steam locomotive, the largest ever
 akehill                           constructed, will attract interest from all over the world when it begins to roll to its new
 akes on Legacy
                                   The museum has worked closely with Frisco city officials to finalize plans and create an
 akes of Preston Vineyard          attraction that embraces the city‟s rich railroad heritage. Frisco derives its name from
                                   the St. Louis-San Francisco Railway Company which established a water stop there
                                   following construction in 1902. Initially satisfying a thirst for steam locomotives, the
 onestar Ranch                     area was later subdivided and plots were sold by the railroad. A few years later the
                                   town of Frisco was officially incorporated and has grown in population to just over
Meadow Hill Estates                100,000 today.

Northridge                         While the museum will endeavor to tell the story of railroads on a local level, its
                                   collection is national in scope. In 2006 the museum, with the aid of M. Goodwin
                                   Associates of Los Angeles, created a Strategic Plan that identified its strengths and
Oakbrook Park
                                   addressed limitations at its present site. The Plan acknowledged the significance of the
                                   collection as one with great potential that tells the story of the American Railroad on a
Panther Creek Estates              national level.

Parkside Estates                   The new facilities in Frisco will allow for expanded programming and house the
                                   collection in a setting that is befitting of its heritage. Future buildings will present the
Pearson Farms                      trains in the context of a large, urban train station while featuring all the amenities of a
                                   museum. Visitors will climb aboard trains that once arrived and departed stations at
                                   nearly every major city in the nation.
Plantation Estates
                                   Museum officials have chosen a style of architecture for its new main building that
Plantation Resort                  compliments neighboring structures in Frisco Square. A Neoclassical style is
                                   represented in the museum‟s proposed building that borrows elements from the great
Plantation Resort 2                train stations of the past. To be constructed as part of a Phase II capital project, the
                                   facility will feature a grand hall and concourse that will serve as a museum facility by
                                   day and a venue for community activities after hours. “We envision this building being
Plantation Springs
                                   a center for local activities and events – a place that is at the heart of a community just
                                   as train stations were in their day,” said LaPrelle.
                                   The new museum will also serve as an anchor arts & cultural institution in Frisco. The
Preston Estates                    facility will provide educational programming for Frisco ISD and surrounding school
                                   districts through interactive tours and in-class programs. The museum‟s grand hall will
Preston Gables                     also act as a venue for the visual & performing arts.

                                   Over the past year the museum has consulted with Freeman Ryan Design, an
Preston Glen
                                   Australian company, to develop spatial requirements and visitor flow patterns for the
                                   new main building and train shed. Specializing in creating museums around large
Preston Highlands                  objects, the Sydney-based company has addressed the architectural considerations
                                   associated with housing and presenting the museum‟s extensive rolling stock collection.
Preston Lakes/Lakes of Hillcrest
                                   Using the latest technologies, the museum will entertain and educate visitors and
                                   students with exhibits on the cultural history and technology of railroading. Programs
Preston Manor
                                   will also explore the role of the railroad as a solution to the nation‟s transportation
                                   challenges. Where railroad museums have typically been viewed as looking back, the
Preston Oaks                       new Frisco museum will also look forward and showcase what the rail industry has to
                                   offer now and in the future.
Preston Ridge
                                   The City of Frisco has generously provided the railroad museum with offices and 800
Preston Trace Estates              square feet of exhibit space in the new Frisco Heritage Museum. Located at 6455 Page
                                   Street, visitors can enjoy exhibits on Frisco history, including the arrival of the railroad
                                   in 1902. With offices and programming already established in Frisco, the railroad
Preston Vineyards North
                                   museum is on its way toward building a brand and engaging in fund
                                   raising and development.
Quail Meadow Village
Queen‟s Gate                              With today‟s vote, the City of Frisco and the Museum of the American Railroad have
                                          solidified a partnership and created much excitement toward establishing the premiere
Red Bud Estates                           museum of railroad history and technology in the Southwest.

                                          The Museum of the American Railroad would like to extend its most sincere gratitude to
Russwood Acres
                                          the City of Frisco and its citizens. Their generous contributions and endorsement of our
                                          museum will ensure its future role as a cultural history center and educational resource
Saddlebrook Village                       in North Texas.

Shaddock Creek                            Consistent with its mission of …sharing the rich history and heritage, as well as the
                                          current and future development of the institution of the American Railroad through
Shenandoah Village/Villages of            artistic, cultural, and educational programming & outreach…, the Museum of the
Stonebriar Park                           American Railroad is about to embark on the greatest journey in its 46-year history.

                                          For more information about the museum and its move to Frisco go to
Shepherds Hill                  


Sterling Ranch

Stewart Creek Estates
                                          NEW - Cool Thursday Concert Series-Dallas Arboretum:
                                          2009 Cool Thursdays Spring/Summer Concert Series line up:
Stonebriar Country Club Estates           • 5/21 Asleep at the Wheel - Kings of Texas Swing presented by Atmos Energy
                                          • 5/28 Emerald City
Stonebriar Creek Estates                  • 6/4 Brave Combo - Grammy Award Winning Contemporary Polka
                                          • 6/11 Dallas Unlimited - Hits of the Decades presented by Sendero Business Services
                                          • 6/18 Kraig Parker - Elvis Tribute Show presented by Morgan Stanley
Stonebriar Village
                                          • 6/25 Reality Bites - Classic 80's and More
                                          • 7/2 4 Way Street - Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Tribute
Stonelake Estates                         • 7/9 Christies Ex - Billy Joel Tribute
                                          • 7/16 The Crawfish Band - Vintage Rock `n Roll Favorites
Stonelake Estates West                    • 7/23 Le Freak - Disco Fever
                                          • 7/30 Fast Lane - Premiere Eagles Tribute
Stonebrook Estates
                                          2009 Cool Thursdays Fall Concert Series line up:
                                          • 9/17 Hunter Sullivan - Sophisticated Swing
The Chase at Stonebriar                   • 9/24 Key West - Nautical Island Hits presented by Jackson Walker L.L.P
                                          • 10/1 Briefcase Blues - Area-Favorite Blues Brothers Tribute
The Creeks on Coit                        • 10/8 Tuxedo Junction - Golden Era Big Band Sound
                                          • 10/15 Natchez Trace - Country Classics
The Enclave at Stonebriar Creek Estates   • 10/22 Petty Theft - Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Tribute presented by Fidelity
                                          • 10/29 M80s - 80's Dance Hits
The Trails of West Frisco
                                          The Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden is located on the southeastern shore of
The Village at Frisco Lakes               White Rock Lake at 8525 Garland Road, Dallas, TX, 75218. For more information on
                                          these concerts and other events, call (214) 515-6500 or visit the Arboretum's website
The Villas/Lakes on Legacy                at Concerts go on rain or shine.

The Vintage/Lakes on Legacy               The Dallas Morning News is the principal partner of the Dallas Arboretum. The
                                          Arboretum is supported, in part, by funds from the Dallas Park and Recreation
                                          Department. American Airlines is the official airline of the Dallas Arboretum.
Townhomes of Tuscany Square

Turnbridge Manor

Tuscany Meadows

Villages of Hillcrest                     NEW – Capitol Steps from State Representative Ken Paxton:
Villages of Lake Brook Farms                $170 Million Tax Exemption for Small Businesses Passes in the Texas House of
Villages of Stonebriar Park
                                            This week, the Texas House of Representatives passed House Bill 4765, which I joint-
                                            authored, to provide tax relief to small business owners. House Bill 4765 raises the
Villages of Willow Bay
                                            franchise tax revenue exemption for businesses from $300,000 to $1,000,000.

Waterford Falls                             Texas' small businesses need immediate relief during these tough economic times in
                                            order to create jobs, maintain current employment and salary levels, and maintain
Westfalls Village                           current levels of employees' insurance. Small business owners are our State's job
                                            creators, representing 70 percent of all new jobs created in Texas.
Willow Pond
                                            By raising the small business tax exemption from $300,000 to $1,000,000,
                                            approximately 230,000 additional businesses will qualify to exempt from paying the
Windsor Place                               margins tax. Decreasing the tax burden on small businesses allows for continued
                                            growth and expansion of Texas businesses during this strenuous economic climate.
Woodstream Hills                            This bill allows the expanded exemption thru 2011. Placing a two year sunset provision
                                            on the exemption will force the Legislature to re-evaluate the margins tax during the
                                            82nd Legislature.

About Matt Lafata:                          The margins tax was created in House Bill 3 in 2006. The effects of this tax hit hardest
                                            on the small business owners of Texas. House Bill 4765 extends relief to those
Matt Lafata and his wife Erika share six    businesses that continue to provide Texas with a healthy economic environment.
  hildren between the two of them. In
 anuary 1999, Mr. Lafata moved to           This legislation has been sent to the Texas Senate for consideration, and will be heard
  risco from Gloucester, MA. Matt has       by the Senate Finance committee.
helped build several successful
businesses for more than 20 years. A
ong-time business consultant,
  ntrepreneur and human resources
professional, he is the Vice-President of
Sales & Marketing with the Frisco-based
HR strategy and technology consulting
 irm HRchitect. He is also the founder of
The Matt Lafata Marketing Group.
Previously, Matt was an Executive Vice-
President of a computer software
  ompany where he was responsible for
  orporate development, marketing,
  ales, product development and more.
He studied finance and business
management at Salem State College in
Salem, Massachusetts.

Matt Lafata has been involved in
numerous organizations throughout
 risco in the last 10 years. As a former
 wo-term Frisco City Council Member, he
s or has been involved in the following…

       Former Deputy Mayor Pro Tem
        on the Frisco City Council
       Former Planning & Zoning
       Graduate of Leadership Frisco
       2005 recipient of the “21
        Leaders of the 21st Century” by
        Inside Collin County Business
       Graduate of the Frisco Citizen‟s
        Police Academy
       Youth sports coach
       Past board member for the
       Frisco Family Services Center
      St. Francis of Assisi Knights of
       Columbus Member
      Member of the Frisco Heritage
      Member of the Frisco Area
       Children‟s Theatre
      Member of the Frisco Association
       for the Arts
      Member of the Frisco
       Community Theatre
      Community Advisory Board
       member for the Frisco Women‟s
      Friends of the Frisco Public
       Library Member
      Board member for the Frisco
       Square Municipal Management
      City of Frisco Technology
       Committee member
      City of Frisco Budget and Audit
       subcommittee member
      Tax Increment Finance board
      Co-Director of the Mrs. Texas
       United States Pageant
      Honorary Chair for World AIDS
       Day 2007 in Collin County
      On the PR Committee for the
       2008 Boys and Girls Club of
       Collin County Gala

Since 2001, Matt has produced this very
popular e-newsletter that goes out
 very week to over 41,000 people and
businesses and keeps the Frisco
 ommunity in touch with local events
and businesses. There has never been
nor will ever be a fee charged to
 chools or non-profit groups to run
 n the newsletter. As of July 2008, the
newsletter‟s limited commercial
opportunities for local businesses
 Sponsorship, Spotlight and Advertorial)
are handled by Full Circle Marketing.

How to “Whitelist” this Frisco
Community Newsletter in Your
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egitimate email publications like this
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 eaders who enjoy those publications.
There is much fear today that the email
publishing/marketing industry is in
  erious trouble, due to mistakes in
 iltering when legitimate email is
 rroneously tagged as unwanted email.

While we applaud the anti-spam
ndustry for removing the plethora of
unwanted email from many of our
mailboxes, from time to time, some
egitimate email publications are
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Sometimes, this results in our mailings
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 espond to challenge/response
messages to prevent future filtering.
However, due to the size of our list, it‟s
nearly impossible for us handle the
 olume of such requests.

To that end, please realize that we want
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