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					Bus. 140                                             Case # 2: M&L Manufacturing (Ch.3)                                        Fall 2004

Case # 2

Chapter 3 - M&L Manufacturing

This case study should follow general instructions for case studies as printed in the course syllabus or discussed in class.
Be sure to include answers to the two questions from the text in the narrative part of your paper.
In addition to answering the two questions you, as a consultant, should make recommendations for the best inventory
  management practices given the nature of the product and the presumed type of manufacturing operations.
Don't put too much weight on the "Hint" in question 2; you are the consultant!
Discuss and explain the various forecasting approaches and techniques and justify your recommendation.
You must not omit the 7th week (Product 1) but must find some way of "normalizing" demand for that week.
Show all calculations as part of your paper.

Important note:

Substitute the following data for that given in your text!

                         Product Demand (Actual)

  Week                Product 1             Product 2

     1                   50                     42
     2                   52                     38
     3                   48                     40
     4                   55                     47
     5                   59                     44
     6                   62                     41
     7                   97*                    42
     8                   75                     49
     9                   78                     43
    10                   80                     43
    11                   86                     45
    12                   85                     48
    13                   95                     44
    14                   94                     42

* Unusual order due to flooding of customer's warehouse.

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Bus. 140                                                Case # 2: M&L Manufacturing (Ch.3)                         Fall 2004

See instructions in course syllabus and from class lecture.

Must have the following components:
           Cover page (case name, your name, course number, academic term and/or date)
           Table of contents (with page numbers and section headings)
           Multi-section body:
                       Introduction (or background, situation summary, or similar heading)
                       One to four sections with your analysis and recommendations
                       Data and calculations (either in the main part of the case analysis
                                   or as an appendix)
           Bibliography (all works used in developing case solution)

May have
           Recommendations on OM topics other than the focus of the case
           End notes (if you don’t use footnotes)
           Appendices (data tables, charts, graphs, drawings, etc.)

Don't waste time researching the company, "M&L Manufacturing". Most cases use fictitious names.
Write from the viewpoint of a reasonably experienced consultant, but one who still cites authorities with
direct quotations and/or references to principles, facts, opinions, etc. As such, use the first person
plural ("we") rather than the first person singular ("I") when referring to your findings, recommendations, etc.

Rev. 10/29/04

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