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					                     Ohio Rehabilitation Services Commission
                        Jobs, Independence and Benefits of Ohioans with Disabilities

                                                           News Release
                                                                January 8, 2009
For Immediate Release ____________ Contact: Stephen Ostrander (614) 438-1228

RSC adds 792 people with disabilities to area’s workforce
       COLUMBUS – In contrast to disappointing economic news, nearly 800 people with
disabilities in Lucas County and five surrounding counties joined or stayed in the workforce in
federal fiscal year 2008 through vocational rehabilitation programs provided by the Ohio
Rehabilitation Services Commission (RSC), a state agency that obtains and retains jobs for
Ohioans with disabilities.
       Lucas County led the group with 478 job outcomes (successful rehabilitations)
followed by Wood County with 135, Sandusky County 62, Ottawa County 51, Henry
County 36, and Fulton County 30. The area total, 792, is 6.7 percent higher than the
total for FFY 2007. RSC helped another 4,279 people with disabilities in the six-county
area advance toward their employment goal.
       “These numbers translate into 792 personal success stories,” said John Connelly, the
executive director of RSC. “Besides gaining personal freedom, each person contributes to
the success of their family and community. A tax user becomes a taxpayer.”
       Collectively, they earned more than $19.2 million* for their families and communities
(a 26.8 percent increase over 2007) and paid an estimated $2.9 million in federal and state
income taxes, a 6.7 percent improvement over 2007.** Five counties experienced a growth in
earnings. Estimated county-by-county earnings went as follows: Lucas $11.8 million (up 25
percent); Wood $3.8 million (up 44.4 percent); Sandusky $1.3 million (up 39.2 percent);
Ottawa $1.2 million (up 32.4 percent); Henry $612,930 (up 13.4 percent); and Fulton
$493,287 (down 30 percent).
       Statewide for FFY 2008, RSC and its vocational rehabilitation partners obtained
or retained 9,370 jobs for Ohioans with disabilities, setting a record for the sixth
consecutive year and raising to more than 50,000 the number of jobs since 2003. Based
on an average annual salary of $23,918 for each RSC rehabilitation in FFY 2008, the
group earned about $242 million (a 25 percent improvement over FFY 2007) and paid
$35 million in federal and state income taxes, up 12.9 percent since 2003.
                                            - 30 -
Outcomes, Earnings, Taxes – FFY 2008 (ending Sept. 30, 2008)

                              Avg. Wage/
County         Outcomes       Work Week              Total Earnings          Total Taxes**

Lucas          478            $13.94/34              $11.8 million           $1.78 million
Wood           135            $15.45/35.8            $3.9 million            $504,825
Sandusky       62             $12.41/33              $1.3 million            $231,846
Ottawa         51             $12.83/34.8            $1.2 million            $190,712
Henry          36             $10.20/32.1            $612,930                $134,620
Fulton         30             $10.30/30.7            $493,287                $112,183
Total          792                   *               $19.2 million           $2.96 million

Editor’s Note: The Ohio Rehabilitation Services Commission has offices in this area at
these locations. Contact these offices for local “success stories.”

Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation Services and Bureau of Services for the Visually
    Toledo – (800) 589-5811; (419) 866-5811
    Bowling Green (BVR only) – (800) 248-8366; (419) 353-8471
    Sandusky (BVR only) – (800) 589-6772; (419) 625-8819

For a complete county-by-county breakdown of people successfully employed by RSC go
to the agency’s homepage at, then select “RSC Fact Book” and
scroll to “Vocational Rehabilitation Statistics by County.”

* Income is derived by multiplying the average hourly wage for the county (see “RSC
Fact Book”) and the average work week, and then multiplying the product by 52 for the
average annual salary. That product is multiplied by the FFY total of rehabilitated people
in each county.

** Based on an average statewide salary of $23,918 for FFY 2008 and 2007 state and
federal tax tables, the state tax amounted to $543 plus a federal tax of $3,196.45
equaled $3,739.45 in total income taxes.

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