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									                                         Department of
                       Adult Education, Basic Skills and Learning Support.

                                             SCHEME OF WORK

Course:                       Jobnet ‘Applying for a Job’
Course Objective/
Unit outcomes
                              To improve students literacy and assist them back into employment

                              Target skills assessment (literacy)
Assessment Profile
                              National Test (literacy)

Course Codes                  P888Z1P/04CU

                              Basic Programme – Modules 1, 3 and 4

(where applicable)
                              Some basic PC skills, mouse control, start up and shut down procedures
                              Graham Crossley/Jacqueline Cansella/Tony                 Year
Member of Staff:                                                                                  2004-2005

Group Profile                 Mixed ability students with different literacy and IT levels.

Session            Topic/Subject                             Aims                       Resources/support
  No:                                                                                      needs/notes

              Introduction to the                       WELCOME                      Enrolment forms.
Day 1               course.                   To complete student enrolments
(AM)                                          and explain the objectives/content
                                              of course.

              Health and Safety               Health and safety requirements, fire
                                              exits etc.,

              Job Search                      Completion of Job Hunting               Job Hunting
                                              questionnaire                           questionnaire
              RT/L1.3, 1.4and 1.5
                                              Interpreting job advertisements         “What‟s it like to work
                                                                                      here?” and “Getting to
                                                                                      work” Handouts

                                              Newspaper Job Searches                  Copies of local paper

Academic Registrar’ Office/Controlled Forms CF 30
Scheme of Work – Issue 01 June 2001
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 Day 1        Target skills                   Complete target skills exercises in   Target skills software
  (PM)        Literacy analysis               Literacy
                                                                                    Internet connection and
              Internet searching              Show how to use the Internet to       PC
                                              search for Job sites and specific
              RT/L1.4 and 1.5                 employment

Day 2
(AM)          Recap on Day 1                  Welcome and Recap on Day 1

              Application Forms               Capture problems/issues in relation      Handout – „what‟s a
                                              to completing application forms          job application form
              Creating a                                                               for?‟
              Personal                        Purpose of application form (from
              Information                     employer perspective)                    Handouts –
              Table/Form in MS                                                         „handwritten
              WORD                            Handwritten applications, spellings      applications‟
                                              and common errors
              Ws/E2.1                         „Selling yourself‟ in completing         Handouts – „selling
              Wt/L1.4                         application forms                        yourself‟
Day 2
(PM)          Introduction to                 Opening MS Word                          Computer
              using MS WORD
                                              Using the Keyboard                       Handout –
                                                                                       introduction to
              Creating a Table                    Inserting tables in Word            Basic IT/opening
                                              Open Word, insert table, insert          word
                                              Explanation of rows and columns.         Handout – using a
                                              Save and Print.                          keyboard

                                                   Writing                            Handout – inserting
              Input Personal                  Judging how much to write and            tables
              Information                     level of detail to include, discuss
                                              language that should be used when        Handout –
              Enhancing text                  writing formally.                        inputting/enhancing
              (etc. for more able             Layout of Personal Details.              text
              students)                       Inputting text
                                              Enhancing text (for more able            Handout – saving
              Wt/E3.2/L1.2/L2.2               students)                                and printing
              Rt/E3 – 8                       Proof reading, saving and printing.
              Ws/E3 – 1
              Rt/L1 – 5
              Ws/L1 - 1
 Day 3        Recap on Day 3                  Welcome and Recap on Day 2               Computer/Internet
              Using the                                Telephone manner and           Printer
              telephone in                              appropriate language
              connection with                                                          Wipe board
              finding a job                   Discussion on when to call; who to
              SLd/E3.2&3                      call; appropriate manner, language       Handouts
              SLIr/L1.5                       to use and making notes.
                                                                                       Telephone Props
              Role play                       Group work - Practice making
                                              various calls to prospective

Academic Registrar’ Office/Controlled Forms CF 30
Scheme of Work – Issue 01 June 2001
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 Day 3        Letter writing in               In connection with finding               Computer/Internet
  (PM)        connection with                 employment write formal letters in
              finding a job using             Word using the correct:                  Printer
              MS Word
                                                   Level of detail and language for   Wipe board
                                                    the target audience
                                                   Spelling                           Handouts
                                                   Punctuation
              Wt/L.1.1, Wt/L.1.3,                  Grammar
              Wt/L.1.5, Wt/L1.6                    IT layout (C&G Standard)

                                              Proof reading, saving and printing.

Academic Registrar’ Office/Controlled Forms CF 30
Scheme of Work – Issue 01 June 2001
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