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									                                                                             March 9, 2005

The Honorable Michael R. Bloomberg
Mayor, City of New York
City Hall
New York, NY 10007

Dear Mayor Bloomberg:

                       We are writing to urge you to immediately restore the $1.3 billion
necessary to fully fund the first year of the Educational Facilities Capital Plan (the Five-Year
Capital Plan). We are confident that if provided with a budget modification that restores this
funding, the Council could assist your Administration in finding the capital dollars necessary to
provide New York City schoolchildren with the quality facilities they deserve and need to truly
learn and achieve.

                          Last June, the Council and your Administration agreed that a five-year
capital plan containing $13.1 billion in capital projects for New York City public schools was a
necessity for children to have the most basic learning environment. At that time, we agreed that
these projects were necessary to alleviate overcrowding and to bring the city’s school facilities
into a reasonable state of repair. Studies by both the Council and Department of Education
demonstrated the need for this $13.1 billion infusion of capital funds over the next five years.
Our agreement was a promise to, at the very least, fix broken windows, leaky roofs, and broken
toilets, and to install fire alarms and security systems.

                       There is no sixth year in a five-year plan, nor did the Council ever agree to
extend the Five-Year Capital Plan another year. We cannot claim that education is our top
priority and yet be willing to move critical projects and repairs of the city’s schools to a
supposed sixth year of a five-year capital plan. Such an action would constitute a cut or
complete elimination of these projects.

                       Since we adopted the Five-Year Capital Plan, the state has failed to
provide a single dollar for school facilities. You have proposed dealing with this shortfall by
making $1.3 billion in cuts to Year One of the Five-Year Capital Plan, which would result in an
additional $781 million in delays on other repair projects in subsequent plan years. As you
know, Mayor Bloomberg, this would mean 117,000 children would not get their bathrooms
repaired, 46,000 children would go without new science labs, and 130,000 children would be
forced to forego the security upgrades that their schools need to help keep them safe.

Bloomberg, The Honorable Michael R.
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                       As representatives of the 1.1 million deserving children attending our
city’s public schools, we are writing to formally request, pursuant to Section § 216 of the New
York City Charter, an amendment to the city’s capital budget that will restore the $1.3 billion
necessary to fully fund the first year of the Five-Year Capital Plan.

                      We must keep the promise that we made to our city’s schoolchildren last
June. These are our children, and while the state has defaulted on its legal and moral obligation
to them, we cannot follow suit. This Council will not partake in such a grave injustice, nor
should the city. We urge you to restore these funds for our schools.


       Hon. Alan Gerson              Hon. Margarita Lopez           Hon. Christine Quinn

       Hon. Eva Moskowitz            Hon. Gifford Miller            Hon. Gale Brewer

       Hon. Robert Jackson           Hon. Philip Reed               Hon. Bill Perkins

       Hon. Miguel Martinez          Hon. G. Oliver Koppell         Hon. Larry Seabrook

       Hon. Madeline Provenzano      Hon. Joel Rivera               Hon. Michael McMahon

       Hon. Helen Foster             Hon. Jose Serrano              Hon. Annabel Palma

       Hon. Tony Avella              Hon. John C. Liu               Hon. Hiram Monserrate

       Hon. Peter Vallone Jr.        Hon. David Weprin              Hon. James Gennaro

       Hon. Helen Sears              Hon. Eric N. Gioia             Hon. Leroy G. Comrie

       Hon. Melinda Katz             Hon. Dennis Gallagher          Hon. James Sanders Jr.

       Hon. Joseph Addabbo           Hon. David Yassky              Hon. Diana Reyna

       Hon. Letitia James            Hon. Albert Vann               Hon. Erik Martin-Dilan

       Hon. Sara M. Gonzalez         Hon. Bill de Blasio            Hon. Yvette D. Clarke

       Hon. Tracy Boyland            Hon. Charles Barron            Hon. Vincent Gentile

       Hon. Simcha Felder            Hon. Kendall Stewart           Hon. Lewis A. Fidler

       Hon. Domenic Recchia          Hon. Michael Nelson

       Hon. James Oddo               Hon. Andrew J. Lanza

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