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					     Our next Monthly Meeting will be April 22, 2009 at Macaroni Grill
                7245 E. Gold Dust, Scottsdale at 6:30 p.m.

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   The ALFA RUMOR                                        The Arizona Alfa Romeo Owners Club

                                    The Alfa Rumor is published monthly as the official newsletter of the Arizona Alfa Romeo Owner's Club
                                    (AAROC). AAROC is a local chapter of the national Alfa Romeo Owner's Club and is dedicated to the
                                    enjoyment of Alfa Romeo Automobiles and the advancement of the Alfa Romeo marque. Subscription to
                                    this newsletter is included with membership to the national Alfa Romeo Owner's Club and expressed
                                    affiliation with the Arizona Chapter. Classifieds, contributions, and criticisms are welcome and should be
2009 BOARD OF DIRECTORS             addressed to the editor by mail, phone, or email.

President/                          Technical information, data, or suggestions in this publication are the opinions of the contributing authors,
Dick Botkin                         and, as such, their accuracy or correctness cannot be warranted by AAROC or the national organization.
                                    All owners should determine the suitability of any modifications: the club will not assume liability for any
602 618-8230
                                    General meetings are held the fourth Wednesday of each month at 7PM. The meetings are held at an
Vice President/                     appropriate Italian restaurant (see the latest newsletter or club website for details). Board meetings, open to
Joseph Frischknecht                 all members at the discretion of the board, are held two weeks prior to the general meeting.
                                    The Arizona chapter now has a website located at:

Richard Wehr
480 515-4813                        The website contains general information about the club and a copy of the yearly events calendar.

                                                                     2009 EVENTS CALENDAR
Terry Greenslade                           (Please refer to our Website for more details on these and other upcoming events)
                                    April 22                          Monthly Meeting at Romano s Macaroni Grill, 7245 E.
                                                                      Gold Dust, Scottsdale 6:30 PM.
Rick Mahrle
                                    May 16                            Winkelman/Oracle Trip See the website or Alfas On the
602 256-4433                                                     Go for details.

                                    May 27                            Monthly Meeting. Watch for details on location..
Mark Kirchner
602-248 8451
                                    On the Cover: When just one plastic Jesus on the dash board will not do. These
                                    two icons were attached to a 1966 Shelby Cobra 427 that was about to depart on
Russ Staub                          the 2009 Copperstate 1000. The divine presence did not prevent the Cobra from
480-357-0818                        suffering a flat tire at 110 mph, or the later self destruction of the engine on the                 last day of the rally. Photo by Rick Mahrle

Chuck Hultstrand
480 813-9167                                               Change In Meeting Location
                                    If we haven t told you enough places already, the Monthly Meeting for
Bill Grennslade                     April will not be at The Olive Garden, but at Romano s Macaroni Grill
602 765-0061                 at Scottsdale Road and Gold Dust. This is on the east side of
                                    Scottsdale Road less than one-half mile south of Shea. See you there.

Joyce Himes                         .

The ALFA RUMOR                                          The Arizona Alfa Romeo Owners Club

                                                            The 8C has yet to meet the reserve, so you still
                       Presidential Bondo                   have a chance to own one of the very few new
                        (All the Filler Fit to Print)       Alfas on these shores now.

                                                            On Saturday, 4/11, I believe a club record was
            Bonjour, mes amis.
                                                            set. The rain kept the pampered Alfas safe and
                                                            warm in their garages while the daily drivers
                                                            pinch hit on the Olive Mill Run. I understand
Yes, I ve drifted off course a bit, to the other side
                                                            that despite the inclement weather, this was a
of the Mediterranean. A couple of weeks back,
                                                            very successful run. It was very successful for
Sharon and I were having a glass of wine,
                                                            the Olive Mill if everyone else enjoyed the store
probably French, and I told her about an EBAY
                                                            as much as Sharon did. No complaints here as
find I had run across the other day. We logged
                                                            everything I ve tried from this treasure trove has
on, and the last thing I remember was someone
                                                            been first rate.
saying put in a bid !
                                                            On Saturday May 16, we will do the
On Easter Sunday we drove to Redlands, Ca. to
                                                            Winkelman/Oracle run. This is always a great
claim our new prize, a 1989 Peugeot 405 DL.
                                                            ride. Watch the website and ALFAS ON THE
 Sacre Bleu! Her previous owner was from
                                                            GO for more details.
France and spent two hours explaining her
idiosyncrasies, going over the spare parts, how to
                                                            See on the 22nd!
change the ECU if necessary, etc. etc. I ve
bought new cars that were not delivered as well!
                                                            Au revoir
Off to Litchfield Park and the 1.9 Liter engine
kept us at 75 80 MPH for the next 290 miles.
I have yet to buy Arizona plates, but maybe she
will appear at our next Monthly Meeting on
April 22. Pay close attention to a change in                              Active Rumors/Notes from
venue this month. As a trial run we will be at the                                the Editor
Macaroni Grill at Scottsdale Road and Gold
Dust; 6:30 p.m.. We will have a private room,                           To the best of anyone s memory, the
fine wine, exotic dancers .er, no dancers. We               Arizona Alfa Club Olive Mill Run on April 11
will have the usual Alfisti party, however. Let s           that involved not one Alfa was a first. The fact
check it out.                                               that vintage Alfas are far from water proof
                                                            probably had something to do with that as it was
Speaking of EBAY, since March 31 about 58                   pouring when Denise and I left the house for the
Alfas have gone up on the auction block. 29 of              send off.
them sold. The least expensive was the James
Bond Look Alike Alfa GTV6 for $818.00.                      It was also curious how MapQuest, or whatever
Personally I saw no resemblance to either Sean              program was being used, dumped us at a closed,
Connery or Roger Moore. The high dollar                     under construction dirt road that none of the
winner was a 1966 Sprint Speciale 1600 Coupe                Alfas would have tried to negotiate absent a dire
which added $32,299.00 to its previous owners               emergency. Fortunately, GPS to the rescue and
bank account.                                               we arrived at the Olive Mill, a little wetter than
                                                            when we started, but happy to have arrived.
                                                            We were entertained with a guided tour of the
                                                            facility, including an explanation of what makes
The ALFA RUMOR                                            The Arizona Alfa Romeo Owners Club

extra virgin olive oil so virginal. And how great                          Copperstate 1000 From the
for us that there just happened to be a wine                                     Driver s Seat
tasting going on that we could partake in after
our educational session on pressing of olives and
                                                                            For the uninitiated, the Copperstate
how that olive oil in your pantry that you bought
                                                              1000 Vintage Road Rallye is one of the premier
on our last visit to the Olive Mill a few years ago
                                                              rallies of its kind. Like the Colorado Grand, the
is no longer any good.
                                                              Texas 1000, or the California Mille, the event
                                                              involves four days of driving on exquisite roads
                                                              in the company of great vintage cars and good
                                                              car people.

                                                              The Copperstate 1000 is organized and operated
                                                              by the Mens Arts Council, a support group for
                                                              the Phoenix Art Museum. I have worked on
                                                              almost every rally in the 19 years since it started.
                                                              I was chairman of the event in 1999 and 2000
                                                              and have gone along as a working member of the
                                                              rally team numerous times, but for this rally, I
                                                              was mostly a participant.

If you see an Alfa in this picture from The Olive Mill,
                                                              There were four Alfas on this year s Copperstate.
please let us know. Photo by Sue Davie                        I drove my 1969 Alfa 1750 Spider with my son
                                                              as navigator. He forced himself to step in at the
For those of us who have not been to The Olive                last minute when my daughter could not make it.
Mill for some time, it has expanded its retail and            Also on the route were a 1961 Giulietta Sprint
food options. There is also free music and picnic             Speciale, a 1966 GTA, and a 1973 GTV 2000.
areas available.

After some time rummaging around at the retail
facility, we were off to the San Tan Brewing
Company for lunch and a different kind of gift
from Mother Nature. If you have not been to
this micro brewery in downtown Chandler, I
would highly recommend that you give it a try.
Both the beer and the food were quite good.

By the time we left after lunch, there was some
sun in the sky, so the Audi, BMW, Porsche,
Mercedes, Mazda, (you get the idea) Car Club
all departed to parts unknown.
                                                              Alfas in Sedona during the Copperstate 1000. Photo
Rick Mahrle                                                   by Rick Mahrle

The ALFA RUMOR                                       The Arizona Alfa Romeo Owners Club

The Sprint Speciale was from New York and in             After that long stretch, we drove back via 180
very original unrestored condition.                      through Flagstaff and down the switchbacks into
                                                         Oak Creek Canyon, finally returning to Sedona.
When Ferraris, Corvettes and others were on the
flat bed, or headed back to the Valley, all of the       The final day took the cars back toward Prescott
Alfas kept right on running with no problems             with some time on the Interstate, but then
that I was aware of.                                     skirting Prescott to go through Peeples Valley
                                                         and down Yarnell Hill.
The rally departed from Tempe Diablo Stadium
on Sunday morning, April 5, with a lunch stop at         The car voted as the participants favorite was a
Roosevelt Lake, where we were greeted by none            1961 Zagato bodied Aston Martin that was
other than Bill Greenslade, who was out on his           flawless in every respect.
motorbike. We then went through Payson, Pine
and Strawberry, by Lake Mary and into Flagstaff          Rick
for the night.

                                                         YOUR AD HERE
The 1966 Alfa GTA waiting to depart from the
stadium. Photo by Rick Mahrle
                                                         Remember, you can advertise your business in the
Day Two struck out across the Indian reservation         Rumor for $100 a year (about 10 issues).
with lunch at La Posada in Winslow. From
Winslow we traveled south to State Route 260             Classified ads for Alfas and Alfa parts are still
and went across to Camp Verde and the back               free. Just email your ad and any photos to me at
way into Sedona.                               

Our third day was a hit with everyone. From              CLASSIFIEDS
Sedona we went through Jerome and up over
Mingus Mountain on what was a beautiful sunny            FOR SALE: Four Cromodora wheels, 14 x 5
but cool morning. We then went north through             ½ with four Dunlop D60 A2 tires, P185/60R14.
Ash Fork, Williams and ended at Valle. In                Wheels are in great shape. $200 for the set. Call
Valle, there is a museum filled with old airplanes       Rick Mahrle at 602 256-4433.
and a few cars. Rally participants were given a
chance to fly on a Ford Tri-Motor, or take a
more conventional flight over the Grand Canyon.

If you wish to join the Alfa Romeo Owners Club, please complete and mail the following application. Benefits include
close camaraderie with other Alfa enthusiasts, a one-year subscription to the national club magazine (the Alfa Owner) and,
as a bonus, a one-year subscription to this newsletter.

                                         Membership Application


City State, Zip:___________________________________________________________

Chapter Affiliation-Arizona
Do You Own an Alfa Romeo?                             What Kind(s)?_______________________

Please enclose a check in the amount of $60 (dues) to:
PO Box 12340
Kansas City, Missouri 64116-0340

The Alfa Rumor
c/o Rick Mahrle
Two N. Central 18th Floor
Phoenix, AZ 85004

                                                                      FIRST CLASS

Next Meeting:
Wednesday, April 22, 2009
6:30 PM at Macaroni Grill

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