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					Why Branding and Marketing
African-American lawyers is so critical.
Corporate legal departments are more                      With the increased number of African-American
diverse and they are looking for diverse                  lawyers within corporate legal departments and
                                                          government entities, and the ever growing pool
                                                          of African-American owned companies that
                                                          generate collectively now more than $89 billion
In 2002, there were 1.2 million black-                    in revenues (with the top 10 black owned com-
owned firms in the U.S that generated                     panies generating on average $500 million in
nearly $89 billion in business revenues.*                 annual revenues -known as the Black Enter-
                                                          prise 100)*, your firm cannot afford not to mar-
                                                          ket and brand the unique services of your
                                                          African-American lawyers to land new deals.
It’s clear that Corporate America demands di-             Diverse lawyers are not just support members
versity within its legal departments and within           to existing marketing efforts. Your African-
the law firms that they use. Diversity is a busi-         American lawyers, whether partners or associ-
ness imperative and not an option. Diversity for          ates, can communicate a message about your
law firms, on the other hand, has just been the           firm that can be leveraged into new business.
“right thing to do.” Due to the shift in legal            The problem – those potential clients, corporate
services procurement caused by the economy,               and government alike, cannot find your African-
the quest by law firms “diversify” their business         American lawyers!
portfolio has also become a business impera-
tive. To make-up for shortfalls, Corporate Amer-
ica has increased its revenues and expanded its           Solution!       Black Counselor is the market-
market share by marketing to “niche” market               ing and branding solution for your African-
segments made up of people of color whose                 American lawyers that will allow your firm to tap
spending power is in the billions.                        into new business that can change your firm’s
                                                          bottom line.
Law firms must follow suit and target market              is a state-of-the-art lawyer directory website on
“niche” or “diverse” market segments by devel-            steroids with a private back-end social media
oping a marketing and branding solution for its           service that is not open to the public. With its
lawyers of color who are uniquely situated to go          comprehensive lawyer Profiles that help corpo-
after that new business while growing current             rate, government and consumer decision-mak-
business with new ethnic business leaders.                ers perform their due diligence when selecting
                                                          a lawyer, Black Counselor will be the one stop
                                                          shop market place for prospective clients and
*U.S. Census Bureau 2002 Survey of Business Owners.       lawyers alike.
This same survey reported that the growth of African-
American-owned firms outpaced the national rate by 45%.
Let Us Become Your Marketing Partners!
As the only African-American owned and operated internet marketing company for minority lawyers,
Black Counselor (“BC”) offers a suit of internet marketing tools that are unmatched in the industry.
When you engage Black Counselor, you engage a team that understands the business of running a law
firm and how to leverage the diversity of your firm with internet technology to increase revenue genera-
tion. Our job as your marketing partner is to keep your lawyers in-front decision-makers looking for
African-American lawyers 24/7/365, so that your lawyers can do what they do best – practice law!
With our specialty branded website and marketing tools, your lawyers will be provided – Visibility, Con-
nectivity, and Lead Generation that is unparalleled.

With 56,000 searches per month for African-American lawyers on the internet*, these BC marketing
tools will keep your lawyers in-front of that audience:

Profiles BC offers its website subscribers the ability to create a detailed profile that includes the
lawyer’s professional background, a photo, and subpages where the lawyer can shamelessly brag
  l verdicts, summary judgments, settlements, large transactions and client testimonials

  l speaking engagements and publications that can be retrieved as a PDF from the profile page; and

  l firm specific information - like a firm’s diversity policy or other practice areas and success stories –

    this is where the firm’s brand is highlighted amongst the lawyer’s achievement

Blogs BC blogs allow subscribing lawyers to establish themselves as reliable, helpful authorities on
particular legal subject matters. For lawyers and law firms, achieving this level of recognition builds
loyalty among visitors and is critical to successful online marketing.

Black Letter News BC will publish and distribute the “Black Letter News” -a monthly newsletter that
will feature short articles and breaking legal news stories about recent law suits, verdicts, settlements
or major transactions by and for African-Americans. Articles regarding changes in the law will allow the
lawyer to highlight their knowledge and experience in a practice area, while reminding their customer
that they are ready and able to handle their next matter. We seek submissions from lawyers. Please

Lawyer Spotlights/Lawyers On the Move BC will feature “Lawyers of the Month” in a 500 word or
less write-up that allows the lawyer another chance to get infront of the 56,000 users and
decision-makers. Submissions are due on the 15th of the month. When you have a new lawyer join
your organization, provide the announcement to BC to produce a press release that will be distributed
to major news outlets, and featured on the Lawyers On the Move section of the website.

BC Hall Of Fame To keep our lawyer subscribers engaged and to reward them for their hard work as a
lawyer, BC will award those lawyers who are at the top of their career in the following categories: 40
Under 40 Award, Top 10 Trial Lawyers, Top 10 Transactional Lawyers, Top In-House Counsel, Top 10
Personal Injury/Consumer & Family Law Lawyers, and Top 10 Government and Public Interest lawyers.
The lawyers will be elected by their peers in an electronic voting process and the BC selection
committee will make the final selection. (See marketing deadlines for nomination dates.)
  Professional Networking On Steroids!
   Black Counselor       Online combines the best of a what an internet lawyer directory offers - which
   includes comprehensive profiles and video infomercials - with a private professional networking
   media on the back end along with practice specific specialty pages, like the In-House Counsel
   Executive Pages, to offer a one of a kind lawyer marketing and networking internet portal for African-
   American lawyers. If you can’t attend every industry conference and professional networking
   function to chart your professional course, then join BC so you can network with your African-
   American lawyer colleagues 27/7/365 without leaving your office. BC’s private internet professional
   network, legal news and marketing solution is packed with end user features that make the BC
   website a network on steroids. BC benefits all lawyers on any side of the fence as well as in-house
   counsel, professors, government and public interest lawyers, judges and even law students with its
   unmatched unique search capabilities that will attract the niche audience of African-American
   entrepreneurs, consumers, corporate legal departments, government decision makers and public
   interest organizations.

   BC Provides Networking that is private, secure and tailored to all
   of your needs!!!             BC offers:
                                • Secure Profiles - Password protected Profile display and a
                                                              private “Dashboard” where you control the professional image
                                                              of your profile with content that tells a story about your
                                                              accomplishments and successes and more….
                                                              •Private Professional Networking – Through the BC Dashboard
                                                              you can invite colleagues into your network that can be hid
                                                              from the public – only legal professionals are allowed into any
                                                              BC network
                                                              • Instant chat & Video– you can use instant chat to get
                                                              answers to tough questions and video chat to see your
                                                              • Private e-mail – your BC e-mail is not connected to the e-mail
                                                              at your place of employ
                                                              • Blogs – you can blog on legal issues related to your practice
                                                              area to demonstrate to the public that you are knowledge
                                                              broker on key issues
                                                              •Infomercials – your profile can feature a video interview of
                                                              you lead by the BC TV host to demonstrate your leadership
                                                              abilities and to highlight your company’s commitment to
•Events Page – Post an event you are planning or              • Monthly In-House Counsel Spotlight – BC can feature a short
your next speaking engagement on the BC events                write-up about you on the home page of the In-House Counsel
page to keep the legal community and the public in            Execute Page to highlight your unique skills, accomplishments
the know about what you are doing in the                      and leadership within your organization
                                                              • “In-House Counsel On the Move” – Have you been
•Publication Publicity – Get publicity for your journal       promoted, moved to another company, made it to a GC spot?
article, or chapter in a book or for a book you have          Tell BC and we will let the world know with a customized press
written by re-publishing your article or portions of your
                                                              release and feature story on the home page – this feature is
book in the publication section of your profile. Also at an
                                                              free to all subscribers
additional affordable fee, BC can prepare a custom press
release for distribution to the media and promote your        •Classifieds – post a job in our classified section or list a car or
authorship on BC and search engine optimize your writing
                                                              home you are selling in the Misc. classified section – this
so the world can learn of authorship and your leadership
                                                              section is where we recycle the dollar within our community.
in a given practice area or area of interest.
BC Connects You With Prospective Clients!
Internet visibility is just half the battle - these enhanced marketing tools will connect your lawyers with key decision-makers:

    Infomercials Online video is quickly replacing TV ads as a less expensive means to reach the millions of internet users. Our
    professionally produced videos will highlight your lawyers greatest asset – practice area knowledge – in two distinct formats that
    will connect your lawyer with a decision-maker. Infomercials are produced either in:
          an interview format - where the lawyer is interviewed by a BC host, which gives prestige and credibility to the lawyer who will
          discuss a relevant practice issue in the interview; or
          a teaching format - wherein the lawyer gives a 5 minute mini-lecture on an issue in their practice area

    Both formats allow the lawyer to demonstrate their expertise and management style while connecting with valued clients
    searching the internet for their services. BC offers affordable productions that are less than our competitors. Content is produced
    by the client, unless the BC Professional Services Team is requested to produce content.

    Webinars Lawyers can host and lead out in webinars specifically tailored to meet the needs of in-house counsel, government
    decision-makers or target consumer groups who will receive special invites that include the lawyers bio and presentation
    materials. The webinar is free to the end user and offered at a inexpensive rate to the host lawyer – all webinars will be listed in
    the news and events section of and can be hosted weekly, monthly or annually.

    BC Events Coming soon! In third-quarter 2010, BC will host the GC Summit –where over 20 African-American general counsels
    will be invited to produce the GC Summit webcast on a hot topic selected by the GC’s. Only BC subscribers will be invited to
    attend this annual event to connect with these decision-makers!

    Webcasts These specially produced TV webcast series are titled The BC Advocates Report and The BC Business Law Review –
    which are shows that can feature your lawyer and a prospective client in an exposé on a hot topic, issue or event that the
    African-American community nationwide wants to view. You provide BC with the name of the potential client, and BC will
    arrange an interview and produce the professionally prepared content to air a webcast that viewers will view time and time again.

    Practice Groups Coming October 2009! – Subscribers will have the ability to join practice groups to connect with African-
    American lawyers that practice in a given area. As a group member, you can share experiences, research, templates,
    successes, and share a database of documents that are private to your group - all at a low additional subscription fee.

Lead Generation Through Market Intelligence!
Through its specialty pages and user search tracking services, BC will gain market intelligence from your prospective corporate clients
or consumer clients. Every search for a lawyer on BC is tracked and a monthly report is generated to summarize the top practice
areas that are searched by users that will be featured in a short news article on the homepage.

Legal Department Surveys: Knowing what your prospective client needs and when they need it, is half the battle in landing a new
engagement. BC takes the guesswork out of the process! BC will perform bi-monthly surveys of corporate legal departments and
government subscribers to identify novel or hot issues for which those decision- makers need assistance. BC will share the results of
the survey (without identifying the decision-maker) with all BC out-side counsel subscribers, so that subscribing members can pro-
duce and submit an article that directly addresses the issue. The article will be featured on the In-House Executive Page or Govern-
ment Lawyer Page and e-mailed directly to the decision-maker who requested the information. This high impact marketing tool is
almost guaranteed to result in lead generation. Participating lawyers can been seen as knowledge leaders and crisis managers when
they respond to such requests, while developing a business relationship that is based on confidence – the key ingredient in business

Consumer Surveys: Your clients may not be corporate legal departments, but instead you want to increase your con-
sumer client base. BC can create consumer surveys that will produce market intelligence for your firm to target con-
sumers based on their immediate legal need. Monthly, BC will survey its consumer subscribers to identify their
immediate legal needs in order to generate leads.
Optimizing Your Visibility
Besides performing extensive search engine optimization for the BC website to keep it as the #1 website for locating African-American
lawyers, Black Counselor will market and advertise the website and provide additional services to ensure we meet our internet traffic

Marketing The Website: BC has committed to spending approximately 15% of its revenues on marketing and branding its services
and subscribers to its end user corporate legal departments, key government entities and leaders and the 30 million African-American
consumers nationwide through its aggressive marketing strategy that includes the following:

  l   Link exchanges with other African-American web sites that have at least 1 million or more unique visitors per year.
  l   Ad placement in magazines and websites like Black Enterprise, Essence and Diversity, Inc. (the nations leading magazine for
      African-American entrepreneurs and businesses that generate upwards of $ ½ billion in revenues).
  l   Press Releases – there are over 400 African-American news papers and magazines in the U.S. and BC will send press releases
      about its subscribers and events to those media outlets as well as to the major majority TV and print media outlets.
  l   Radio ads and billboards placements that target the top 10 cities in the US with the largest population of African-Americans

Additional Services: with a team of software and internet development and design experts and technical writers at its finger tips, BC
also offers the following services:

         Website or mini Site Development – If you are a start-up law firm or you have a website that needs updating and
         enhancements, BC can produce, through its technology partner Gatesix, Inc., mini websites for the small firm that are on a
         fixed budget or customized state-of-the -art websites for large firms at prices that beat our competitors. Creating a web
         site that links to the BC website is just another opportunity to increase the visibility of your firm and it’s diverse talent.

         Content Production Services – You have alot to write about but not enough time!
         BC understands that your lawyers are busy billing and managing clients and often don’t have time to produce content for
         their blogs, articles or press releases. No problem! BC has a team of writers that can produce quality content at reduced flat
         fee rates so that they can stay visible, connected and not lose out on lead generation. Ask us about our monthly content
         production rates.

                 “As litigation counsel for McDonalds Corp., I need to locate
                 lawyers nation-wide. Black Counselor Online will help me to
                 locate diverse lawyers nation-wide quickly and easily.”

                                                                                              Robert Johnson
                                                                                            Corporate Counsel
                                                                                             McDonalds Corp
Our Team!
Let us score BIG for you!
The Black Counselor executive team operates like a basketball team; each department is led out by team members with proven track
records as high scorers and strong rebounders. With this team approach, Black Counselor offers superior service with proven results.

The Marketing Department Center
Jo Saint-George, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Black Counselor, has been practicing law for 16 years and was the first
African-American woman in Arizona to become a non-equity "Of Counsel" partner at a large national law firm before leaving the
practice having incurred a physical impairment. Attorney Saint-George also had the unique experience of serving as a product liability,
medical mal-practice and commercial litigation trial lawyer for the first half of her career and then leveraging her trial skills to serve as a
complex commercial real estate development and acquisition attorney for the last half of her career. As a trial and transactional
attorney (which she accomplished simultaneously for a few years), Attorney Saint-George served as out-side counsel for Fortune 100
companies and start-ups having landed many key corporate clients as part of her robust book of business. While on leave from law
firm practice, Attorney Saint-George also served in the legal department of an international manufacturing company managing its
national product liability litigation before the company was acquired and dissolved. Due to the depth and breadth of her legal
industry experience both in large firms and corporations American, Attorney Saint-George understands the business of law and can
leverage her experience as practitioner to aid firms large and small in their marketing efforts to realize a return on investment.
Marketing your diverse lawyers is the center of the Black Counselor business model that is led by an attorney who who maintained a
book that reflected her expertise both as a lawyer and marketer.

The IT Department Guards
As an online marketing service, our IT department must be fast, efficient and score big in design, functionality, content and data
management in order to keep end users and clients returning to Mr. Steven Saint-George,
President and Chief Information Officer of Black Counselor is a veteran in the IT world who scores BIG in IT management. Not only
is he a programmer and website developer, Mr. Saint-George is one of few African-American certified Search Engine Optimization and
Marketing experts in the country and member of the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO). He is a SEO
knowledge leader who will ensure that and the profiles of the lawyers are optimized to be the
number one African-American lawyer locator service on the Internet. Mr. Saint-George leads a team of ten (10) on-shore programmers,
developers and SEO experts and a team of 40 off-shore programmers and developers to ensure that
delivers a product that consumers will use time and time again, which will ensure that the website will have high traffic. Mr. Saint-
George and his team (all of which are minorities) have been in the internet technology industry for over 15 years providing software
and website development services. In 1992, Mr. Saint-George was co-founder of Realabase, which was the nation’s first online real
estate property listing service that displayed virtual tours of homes, that was later taken over by

Professional Services Forwards
Content is KING in the internet world and professionally prepared collateral materials that speak to a lawyer’s strengths is essential to
a lawyer marketing campaign. Our Professional Services power-forward team led out by consultant, Director Laurie Hodgson, is re-
sponsible for the content production services Black Counselor provides to its subscribers . Ms. Hodgson is a power player in the
legal industry with approximately 10 years of legal recruitment experience. She was also named a top 10 performer in legal recruit-
ment placements with one of the top five legal recruitment firms in the country. Ms. Hodgson knows the importance of quality content
and she has the technical writing acumen to produce press releases, practice area articles, news letters and summaries that are at-
tractive and news worthy. You provide the factual or legal general information and our Professional Services team will produce the
content. Affordable legal research is also available. You provide the specifics on a legal issue and a topic idea, and we will do the re-
search. Black Counselor can be your ghost writers. Newsletter production is also available upon request.

This husband and wife duo along with its technical writing team merges the best of their legal marketing skills with their technology
and technical writing expertise to create a premier internet marketing service for African-American lawyers that also provides access
to lawyers for the underserved African-American communities nationwide. Black Counselor is currently working with the National Bar
Association, its local affiliates and in-house counsel members in a strategic alliance to develop a brand and marketing strategy for its
lawyers and organization. Plans are also underway to launch or license the BC technology Latino Counselor, Asian Counselor and Na-
tive-American Counselor as additional online marketing services that meet the needs of those niche markets and to roll up each spe-
cialty website into the Minority Counsel portal for consistency and market place leverage.
  Advertise On Black Counselor, So You Can Be
  On the “Right Side Of History”

  56,000                        people per month search the Internet for African-American or Black lawyers and
  there is no national website directory to be found.* That’s were comes in! With
  Black Counselor on the internet, we expect those numbers to increase daily as seekers locate the website in the
  top position of search engines like Google and Yahoo. Through our aggressive Search Engine Optimization strat-
  egy, Black Counselor will be the #1 searched website for African-American lawyers. Black Counselor will fill the
  current void through its interactive “Lawyer Locator” search tool, Profile results and FREE legal resources
  targeted to “niche” African-American consumers, small businesses, entrepreneurs, corporate legal departments
  and government decision-makers.

                                                                 By advertising on Black Counselor you raise the
                                                                 profile of your organization through a connection
                                                                 to a state –of- the-art one of a kind website that
                                                                 connects your organization to the knowledge
                                                                 leaders in the African-American community.
                                                                 Because access to legal resources and justice
                                                                 for the African-American community is a scarce
                                                                 resource, your ad placement will demonstrate
                                                                 your true commitment to diversity and equality
                                                                 by helping to provide access to a desperately
                                                                 needed service to an underserved community.
                                                                 With its free resources and listings of pro bono
                                                                 services and legal aid organizations, your
                                                                 organization’s ad placement can help make
                                                                 history in the quest for equality in our nation.
                                                                 After all, equality for many in America was not
                                                                 achieved until African-American’s had access to
                                                                 lawyers who could help them with their legal

                                                                 In second or third quarter 2010, BC plans to
                                                                 launch or license its technology to create Latino
                                                                 Counselor, Asian Counselor and Native-American
Black Counselor is the ONLY African-American owned               Counselor the branded parent site “Minority
and operated website on the Internet that features African-      Counselor”. Purchase ad space now and lock in
American lawyers, in-house counsel, judges, law professors,      a special package rate for those new websites
government and public interest lawyers and law students in       also.
the U.S. Enhance your organization’s visibility and
showcase your African-American lawyers by purchasing an          You can be on the “Right Side of History” by
advertisement package with an infomercial that can reach         advertising on Black Counselor. Don’t miss the
millions of African-American decision-makers.                    opportunity!

*Google Analytics as of July 30, 2009.
with “niche” target groups through BC Specialty Pages!

Create a special message for potential clients with banner ads located on our “BC Specialty
Pages” that feature African-American in-house counsel, government lawyers, professors and
judges. You can perform obtain market intelligence through the In-House Lawyer Locator
while also marketing your diverse lawyers 24/7 to the decision-makers featured on the Execu-
tive and Government Pages.

Showcase your organization or lawyers to key government lawyers and law school legal
departments at our Government and Law Professor Pages.
Why Corporate Legal Departments and Government
Agencies Should Use Black Counselor.
If you are in-house counsel or a government lawyer – you don’t need clients, but - you do need help. Let your
Company or agency BC Profile or the profile of your African-American in-house or government lawyers help you
retain the right out-side counsel for your next project! When you publish a Profile on BC, the Profile provides
insight into your organization’s practice areas and the success of your in-house or government lawyers, so that
outside counsel can truly understand the type of help you need while delivering the appropriate resources when
you need it. This levels the playing field for diverse legal services suppliers who seek to do business with your
organization. Your lawyer’s contact numbers and company e-mails can remain private, without diminishing ac-
cess to information to potential suppliers. Additionally, you can immediately locate outside counsel that have the
skill sets you need by using the BC Profiles to help you perform your due diligence on the fly.

                                                                Most importantly, you or your African-American
                                                                in-house lawyers may need assistance from
                                                                other in-house counsel. The Black Counselor
                                                                Government Lawyer and In-House Counsel
                                                                Executive Page are how African-American
                                                                in-house and government lawyers get and stay
                                                                connected with their colleagues to stay on top of
                                                                best practices in their practice area, and to share
                                                                knowledge and experiences while obtaining
                                                                credible referrals to outside counsel. With the
                                                                BC private social network system, an
                                                                organization’s lawyers can build a private
                                                                network of key colleagues and outside counsel
                                                                that will prove to be an invaluable asset to their
                                                                career development. Also, in-house and
                                                                government lawyers can blog and publish
                                                                articles, join specialty groups, and host practice-
                                                                specific webinars through the Executive and
                                                                Government Pages.

If you are in-house counsel or a government lawyer – you don’t need clients, but - you do need help. Let your
Company or agency BC Profile or the profile of your African-American in-house or government lawyers help you
retain the right out-side counsel for your next project! When you publish a Profile on BC, the Profile provides
insight into your organization’s practice areas and the success of your in-house or government lawyers so that
outside counsel can truly understand that type of help you need while delivering the appropriate resources when
you need it. This levels the playing field for diverse legal services suppliers who seek to do business with your
organization. Your lawyer’s contact numbers and company e-mails can remain private, without diminishing
access to information to potential suppliers. Additional, you can immediately locate outside counsel that have
the skill sets you need by using the BC Profiles to help you perform your due diligence on the fly.
BANNERS                                  INFOMERCIALS                               CO-BRANDED E-MAIL
BlackCounselorOnline banner adver-       BC infomercials allows your organiza-      The Black Letter News monthly
tisement include the most popular        tion to webcast from your lawyer pro-      e-mail keeps the BC subscribers in-
sizes like 728x90 pixel leaderboards,    file a 2.5 minute video taped              formed and connected to the latest
160x600 pixel skyscrapers, 250x250       presentation that highlights your          BC news and events. This monthly e-
pixel squares among others. Banner       lawyer’s practice or areas of expertise    mail blast to BC subscribers can de-
units can be targeted to particular      to market and brand your lawyers           liver your message to all subscribers
consumers or legal constituents as       and/or organization. A 2 page, single      and public users or to a targeted au-
well as a run of the many landing        spaced 12 font script generally pro-       dience to brand and develop lead
pages.                                   duces a 2.5 minute infomercial. Ask        generation.
                                         about BC rates for script production.
Sponsor highlights are featured on                                                  BC webcasts provide a unique op-
our specialty pages, which are the In-   MICROSITES                                 portunity to market and brand your
House Executives Pages, Gov. &           The BC IT team has over 15 years of        organization through video produc-
Public Lawyers Pages, Professor          software and website development           tions in three formats:
Pages, Judges Pages and Student          and design expertise and is known as       Learn Law infomercials are short
Pages, which includes text and the       one of the top minority owned devel-       videos that provide information on
sponsor’s logo and a link to the         opment teams. Your organization            areas of the law to promote the spon-
sponsor’s web site allowing the spon-    can maximize its internet presence         sor as a knowledge leader in the
sor to craft a targeted message.         with a microsite or minsite that is an     practice area. Sponsors are responsi-
Sponsor highlights are also available    auxiliary o f the BC site . Microsites     ble for the content and can use previ-
in the Black Letter News e-mail.         are offered in two formats: 1.) Private    ously written articles as a script. BC
                                         Label Micorsite that provides your or-     will provide the professional video
                                         ganization with its own URL with up        production.
                                         to five pages – this option is good for    BC Advocates Report is our premier
                                         small firms who don’t have a website       webcast show that highlights - in an
                                         or for law firms that want to brand        interview format –the achievements
                                         the services of all their African-Ameri-   and success of lawyer advocates in
                                         can lawyers nation-wide; or 2.) Co-        both the private, government and
                                         Brand Microsites that are built into       public interest sectors. Sponsors are
                                         the BC website that highlights your        interviewed and the show is branded
                                         lead generating assets.                    with the sponsors “brought to you
                                                                                    buy” slogan.
                                                                                    BC Business Law Report is our sec-
                                                                                    ond webcast show that focuses on
                                                                                    BC in-house and private sector busi-
                                                                                    ness lawyers and their successes
                                                                                    stories and accomplishments. Spon-
                                                                                    sors can show their support of their
                                                                                    corporate clients by sponsoring a we-
                                                                                    bcast that features the successes of
                                                                                    the African-American in-house coun-
                                                                                    sel relationship manager and/or how
                                                                                    the firm’s African-American lawyer
                                                                                    provides support to the corporate
                                                                                    legal department. This product allows
                                                                                    the organization to brand and market
                                                                                    its expertise and generate leads.
                                  Banner Sizes
                             & Sample Locations

Square (240X240)   Square (240X240)   Square (240X240)
     Banner Sizes
& Sample Locations
                                                                                 Calendar 2009/2010
                                                             Marketing Deadline

Lawyer Spotlights, including featured judges, students, professors and government
or public interest lawyers are published on the 1st of every month. Deadline for submission are the
15th of the prior month. All submissions should be sent to

Black Letter News & Lawyers On The Move are published weekly every Thursday. The deadline for submissions
are due by noon (PST) every Monday.

We want to hear from your lawyers daily about news-worthy stories. Did you win a trial, negotiate a
huge settlement, win an arbitration, perform a large transaction, bankruptcy or sale? Let us know by providing a
200 or 300 word summary that we can publish in the news section of Black Counselor. News is published daily.
Content production services are available through your Professional Services Team. Ask about our affordable
rates and monthly content writing specials.

Black Counselor Hall of Fame:
You can be recognized as a leader in the industry by being voted a Hall-of-Famer
in the following categories: 40 Under 40 Lawyers, the Top 10 trial lawyers, in-house counsel, personal injury,
family, transaction, government and public interest lawyers. Nominations and electronic voting will take place on
the dates listed below.

Feburary                                                    August
BC 40 Under 40 published                                    BC Top 10 In-House Lawyers
Nomination Deadline:                                        Nomination Deadline:
December 31, 2010                                           June 30, 2010

April                                                       October
BC Top 10 Trial Lawyers published                           BC Top 10 Personal Injury
Nomination Deadline:                                        & Family Law Lawyers
February 28, 2010                                           Nomination Deadline:
                                                            August 30, 2010

BC Top 10 Transactional Lawyers                             December
Nomination Deadline:                                        BC Top 10 Government &
April 30, 2010                                              Public Interest Lawyers
                                                            Nomination Deadline:
                                                            October 30, 2010

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