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					                                DELEGATE’S REPORT
                              MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA
                                  JULY 25-29, 2009

On Saturday evening at 5 p.m. I attended the First Timers Orientation. This was well attended
and gave me a brief overview of events to come and my responsibilities as delegate.

On my walk back to the hotel after the orientation, I met some fellow IAAP members from Ann
Arbor, Michigan who were going to the Mall of America so I asked to tag along. Elvis was doing
a benefit concert at the mall. We rode the rollercoaster and log ride (got a bit wet) and got back
on the light rail to catch the fireworks at 10 p.m. Besides having fun at the mall, we compared
notes about our chapter events during the past year. Throughout the week I met and made so
many new friends from throughout the states, including Hawaii, Alabama, Colorado, Minnesota,
North Carolina, to name a few states. I exchanged business cards every chance I got.

The Annual Meeting began promptly at 8 a.m. with a 30-minute Parliamentarian Meeting. To
start the Opening Business Session, flag bearers carrying a flag from each country around the
world with an IAAP Chapter came up on stage when called. We were introduced to the
International Board of Directors and Executive Director. Registration/Credentials Committee

       International Officers:           12
       Division Delegates:               33
       Chapter Delegates:               266
       Chapter Alternates               161
       Chapter-at-Large Delegates:        0
       Member-at-Large Delegates:         1
       Affiliate Associate Delegates      1
       Sub-total:                        313
       Number of proxies:                114
       Total voting members:             427
       Total registered attendees:     1080

Adoption of the annual meeting rules was carried. Adoption of the annual meeting program was

Committee on Nominations Report, Introduction of 2009-2010 Candidates:
President:         Susan K. Shamali CPS/CAP, Grand Rapids Chapter, MI Division,
                   Great Lakes District
President-Elect:   Mary A. Ramsay-Drow CPS/CAP, Milwaukee Chapter, WI Dvision,
                   Great Lakes District
Vice-President:    Sam W. Gill III CPS, Tri-County Chapter, MI Division, Great Lakes
                   Tamra L. Goodall CPS/CAP, Charleston Chapter, VA-WVA Division,
                   SE District
Secretary:         Janine Riemersma CPS/CAP, Sandy Shores Chapter, Michigan
                   Division, Great Lakes District
Treasurer:         Karlena Rannals CPS/CAP, Palomar Chapter, California Division,
                   SW District Director,
Canada Disrict:    Sharron Buttler CPS/CAP, Ottawa Chapter, Ontario Division
Director, Great Lakes District:        Connie L. Switts CPS/CAP, CWCA, Dublin Chapter,
                                       Ohio Division
Affiliate Representative:      Jennifer Sandra Hinkson CMP, Barbados Association of
                               Office Professionals, Barbados
Retirement Trust Foundation Trustee:           Kathryn Hampton CPS/CAP, Calgary Chapter,
                                               Western Canada Division, Canada District
Floor Nominations:
Director, Great Lakes District:        Wendy Melby CPS/CAP
Director, SE District                  Laurie Cousins CPS/CAP
                                       Virginia Boyd
                                       Shiela Coggins
Retirement Trust Foundation Trustee:           Linda Boulett

The International President, Barbara Horton gave her address. Copies will be available on the
IAAP website.

The Avery Awards were announced. This award was started in 1989. There were 255 chapters
that competed this year. The Sunny Isles Chapter of Nassau, Bahamas won for chapters with
less than 40 members. The Memphis Chapter, Tennessee and Springfield Metro Chapter,
Missouri won for chapters with 40 or more members. Kansas Division won the Division Prestige

Following the Opening Business Session was a brief Town Hall meeting where delegates came
forward to express their concerns. They were limited to two minutes each.

The Office Expo took place from 1:00 to 6:00. From 1:30 to 2:30 the Great Lakes District and
Illinois Division Caucus took place. The Chapters of Excellence received their Chapter of
Excellence banner from their Division President. I accepted the banner on behalf of Two Rivers

The Delegates and Alternates got to meet with the Candidates before the rest of the meeting

The Evening of Welcome had the theme of “State Fair.” Each attendee received a Bogolan (or
mudcloth) a traditional fabric art form handmade by artisans in Mali, West Africa. The cloth was
hand-tinted using clay from the Niger River. The proceeds from the bag went to help artisans
provide for their families and was sponsored by Hallmark. There were midway games and
dancing to a DJ.

On Monday, July 27 the voting polls opened at 8:00 and went until 9:00. Luckily I only had to
vote once. I was voting for International Board members and the Great Lakes District Director.
Those of the SE Chapter had three voting polls to break ties.

The afternoon Business Session was called to order at 2:00 p.m. Amendment #1: Dues
Increases originally failed with 199 for, 103 against. An amendment to the amendment was
introduced with fill in the blanks of several numbers. Each line was voted for until passed. At
the end, this amendment passed with a majority vote. The only change to the proposed
wording from those suggested was in (B) Professional-merited member. It dropped by $3 to
$47 and $67.

Amendment #2: Dues – Processing Fee for all members passed.
Amendment #3: Dues – Increase Affiliate Dues passed.
Amendment #4: Dues – Eliminate working regarding procedures and change “due date” to
“membership renewal” date passed.
Amendment #5: Nominations & Elections – eliminate old dates to bring in line with current
practice on District Director elections passed.
Amendment #6: Meeting – Election of Members at Large at Annual Meeting passed.
Amendment #7: Global International Bylaws Change removing “Convention” and changing to
“Annual Meeting” passed.
Amendment #8: New membership classification failed.
Standing Rule Amendment #1: Global change removing “Convention” and changing to “Annual
Meeting” passed.

The votes on the amendments were cast by standing up and being counted by the pages. I
thank the chapter for having instructed me on how to vote for each amendment by the input you
gave me at our June regular chapter meeting.

Election results were announced:
President: Susan K. Shamali CPS/CAP
President-Elect: President-Elect: Mary A. Ramsay-Drow CPS/CAP
Vice-President: Tamra L. Goodall CPS/CAP
Secretary: Janine Riemersma CPS/CAP
Treasurer: Karlena Rannals CPS/CAP
Director, Canada Disrict:      Sharron Buttler CPS/CAP, Ottawa Chapter, Ontario Division
Director, Great Lakes District: Wendy Melby CPS/CAP
Affiliate Representative:      Jennifer Sandra Hinkson CMP, Barbados Association of
                       Office Professionals, Barbados
Retirement Trust Foundation Trustee:          Kathryn Hampton CPS/CAP, Calgary Chapter,
                                              Western Canada Division, Canada District

Announcement of Future Annual Meeting Sites:
2010: Boston, MA          July 18-21
2011 Montreal Quebec      July 24-27
2012 Grapevine, TX July 22-25
2013 Anaheim, CA          July 28-31
2014 Milwaukee, WI
2015 Louisville, KY

Because there was extra time taken to pass Amendment #1 with an amendment to the
amendment, the business session which was scheduled to end at 5:30 concluded at 7:00.

I joined the Elgin Chapter and Illinois Division Officers for dinner.

On Tuesday, July 28 our keynote speaker, Warren Evans presented, “The Future: Take It or
Leave It.” His book on the same topic was available for sale at the Book Nook and he was
available in the afternoon for autographs. Following his fast moving presentation, he was joined
by President Barbara Horton and a few other administrative professionals for a panel discussion
on Excellence in Action.

From 1:00 – 3:00 I attended a workshop entitled, “Surviving Your Move to Office 2007” They
covered many features of Microsoft and answered audience questions.
From 3:30 – 4:30 I attended “Pathways to Power: Strategic Influence.” This was having to do
with building rapport and influencing others.

For dinner I joined some IAAP government workers for dinner whom I met in the process of
having our pictures taken with different groups. Throughout the week I had lunch and dinner
with different people so I got to meet so many friendly people. They were all impressed with the
fact that our Two Rivers Chapter has maintained 142 members. I exchanged many business
cards so I have a new network of IAAP friends throughout the states, including Hawaii where I
grew up.

The Evening of Entertainment was provided by Circque de Voila. They were sensational. Their
troop consisted of a mime clown, an acrobat, a singing contortionist, and juggling strong man.
There was dancing that followed.

Wednesday was a full day of educational workshops. “Delegation: Your Secret Weapon,” was
my first session from 8:00 – 9:00. It was excellent. The speaker outlined the nine steps of
successful delegation. She said we need to delegate some tasks to give us enough time to
work on our important strategic tasks called our “sizzle” items.

From 9:30 – 10:30 I attended “Using the IAAP Web Community.” It is my hopes that we are
able to take full advantage of what IAAP has to offer through the resources that headquarters
has available to all members through utilizing the Web Community.

From 11:00 – 12:00 I attended “How to Give Feedback that Changes Behavior.” The speaker
said if you permit it, you promote it. She said that when you have difficult feedback to give, to
have a script and practice it before giving it. She suggested a book, “Life Scripts,” which I
purchased at Book Nook.

For my afternoon session I attended “Outlook 2007: E-mail, Calendar and Tasks.” There were
many features I haven’t been using because I didn’t know how to use them. The handouts will
be valuable back in the office.

The Awards Banquet started at 6:30 p.m. Marie Herman and I sat at different tables so we got
to network with different people. I sat next to a member from Denver, Colorado. 2009 Award to
Excellence Winners were announced. The speeches of why they were nominated were
inspirational. President Elect Susan K. Shamali CPS/CAP and her husband and two daughters
were introduced. Each one of them talked about how wonderful a person Susan is. Following
the banquet at 9:30 p.m. there was a reception for the International Board of Directors. We had
an opportunity to meet each board member up close and have pictures taken.

It was quite an honor representing the Two Rivers Chapter at the Annual Meeting. I highly
recommend you attend the next Educational Forum and Annual Meeting in Boston in 2010.

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