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           ALBANY, GEORGIA

                 FOR AN


              June 1, 2005

                                 Table of Contents

Invitation to Bid ______________________________________________________ Page 4

DJEA Policy _________________________________________________________ Page 6

DCSS Guidelines _____________________________________________________ Page 9

Introduction and Vendor Response Instructions _____________________________ Page 13

Proposal Process ______________________________________________________ Page 17

Infrastructure Overview ________________________________________________ Page 19

Requirements ________________________________________________________ Page 21

Contractual and Pricing Requirements ____________________________________ Page 22

Pilot and Evaluation Period ____________________________________________   Page 28

Attachment A: Venue and Jurisdiction Form _______________________________ Page 29

Attachment B: Statement of Assurance ___________________________________ Page 30

Appendix A: Technical Requirements _____________________________________ Page 31

Appendix B: Functional Requirements _____________________________________ Page 34

Appendix C: Vendor Reference Format ____________________________________ Page 35

Appendix D: Contact Information ________________________________________ Page 36

Unit Pricing Worksheet _________________________________________________ Page 37

                                            INVITATION TO BID
                                   Employee Attendance Management System
                                          Bid Number: 05-FAC-018
                                       Dougherty County School System
                                               Albany, Georgia

Sealed proposals will be received by the Dougherty County Board of Education, Albany, Georgia, Owner, in the
Office of the Dougherty County School System Purchasing Department, 601 Flint Avenue, Albany, Georgia, 31701
until 2:00 pm on June 24, 2005.

Proposals must include all required attachments. Proposals received after the designated time or without the
required attachments will not be considered. No oral, telephonic, telegraphic, facsimile, or written modification to
the proposal will be considered. No bid may be withdrawn for a period of one year after time and date of opening.
The Owner reserves the right to reject any or all bids and to waive technicalities and informalities.

The Contract, if awarded, will be on a lump sum basis. The Owner reserves the right to award the Contract on a
“best bid” basis, considering factors such as the qualifications, SDBU Good Faith Effort, and/or minority
participation. The successful bidder shall be required to furnish a Performance and a Payment Bond in an amount
equal to 100% of the Contract and the Bonds shall be issued by a Corporate Surety authorized to conduct business in
the State of Georgia, if the Contract sum exceeds $100,000.00.

There will be a Mandatory Pre-Bid Meeting at 10:00am on Friday, June 10, 2005 in the DCSS Facilities/Capital
Projects Department Office located at 1711 Schilling Avenue; Albany, Georgia 31705. Proposals from Contractors
who do not attend the mandatory pre-bid meeting will not be opened. Contractor’s that are planning on attending
the mandatory pre-bid meeting shall contact Herb Benford at (229) 431-1245 to insure that plans will be available
for them at the meeting.

The intent of this RFP is for a vendor to provide an employee attendance management system for the entire school

Bid Documents may be reviewed and/or obtained at the office of the Dougherty County School System’s,
Management of Information Services; 200 Pine Avenue; Albany, Georgia 31702; Phone: (229) 431-1245 or Fax:
(229) 888-6534; ATTN: Herb Benford. Bidders shall provide the Owner a written request for Bid Documents and
make the necessary arrangements to pick them up or have them forwarded, shipping charges collect. Bid
Documents shall be returned to Owner in complete, undamaged, and reusable condition within ten calendar days of
Bid Opening.

All questions concerning this RFP shall be addressed in writing to Herb Benford, Director of Management
Information Services (faxes are acceptable).

Bid Documents are available for review at the Facilities Office of the Dougherty County School System and the
following locations:

Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business                     Dougherty County School System
Government Center, Suite 440                                   Management Information Services Department
222 Pine Avenue                                                200 Pine Avenue
Albany, Georgia 31702                                          Albany, Georgia 31702
Phone: (229) 878-3151 Fax: (229) 878-3158                      Phone: (229) 431-1245 Fax: (229) 888-6534

Southwest Georgia Minority Contractors Association             Southwest Georgia Minority Contractors Association
c/o: Diversified Industries Services                           c/o: Dukes, Edwards, & Dukes, Inc.
626A W. Oglethorpe Boulevard; Albany, Georgia 31701            920 W. Highland Avenue; Albany, Georgia 31701
Phone: (229) 446-6696                                          Phone: (299) 883-8537

Southwest Georgia Minority Contractors Association             Office of Maschke Associates
c/o: Bell Electric & Construction Company                      206 ½ Broad Avenue
5700 Newton Road; Albany, Georgia 31707                        Albany, Georgia 31701
Phone: (229) 435-1434                                          Phone: (229) 888-3421
The work to be performed under this contract is subject to the Dougherty County Board of Education’s policy on
Equal Opportunity for Competitive Bids and the Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization Program Consortium
Policy and Procedures. The DCSS encourages Minority/DBE Contractors to respond to this RFP. Contractors are
encouraged to actively pursue the use of local and Minority/DBE Sub-Contractors and suppliers.

The Dougherty County School System supports all equal opportunity policies: Federal, State, and Local. DCSS
will not tolerate bias related activities, e.g. racial slurs, sexual harassment, from employees and/or contractors
conducting work on behalf of DCSS.

Dougherty County School System supports a drug free workplace and does not tolerate any use or possession of
drugs and/or alcohol on its premises or use of such substances prior to performing any work on behalf of DCSS.
Use of tobacco is prohibited in all buildings and on all premises of DCSS.

Sealed Bids should be addressed To:                 Note in Lower Left Corner of Envelope:
Jim Casey                                           Bid Name: Employee Attendance Management System
Purchasing Director
Dougherty County School System                      Bid #:    05-FAC-018
601 Flint Avenue                                    Bid Date: Friday, June 24, 2005 @ 2:00pm
Albany, Georgia 31701

601 FLINT AVENUE                                                            SUPPLY SERVICES/PURCHASING
ALBANY, GEORGIA 31701                                                                        (229) 431-1272

TO:                 Bidders
FROM:               Jim Casey, Purchasing Agent


The Dougherty County Board of Education has adopted a policy of Equal Opportunity for Competitively Bid
Purchases, including Construction.

Attached is a copy of this DJEA Policy.

Prior to award of any bid, vendors/contractors MUST provide assurance that their business will be conducted in
accordance with this nondiscrimination policy (Item # 3).

Attached is a "Statement of Assurance" form which MUST be signed and returned with your bid.


The Dougherty County School System encourages minority/DBE Contractors/Suppliers to respond to RFP’s and
Bids. Contractors/Suppliers conducting work on behalf of the DCSS are encouraged to actively pursue the use of
minority/DBE subcontractors and suppliers.

If you have questions regarding this requirement, please contact me at (229) 431-1272.

                                       DJEA POLICY
                                 INCLUDING CONSTRUCTION

1.   It shall be the policy of the Dougherty County Board of Education to promote and insure equal opportunity for
     all persons, without regard to race, color, religion, sex, handicap, or national origin, employed by or seeking
     employment with vendors and/or contractors doing business with the Board. As a condition for doing business
     with the Board, each vendor and/or contractor shall furnish assurance that its business will be operated in
     accordance with the policy attached hereto and identified as "Competitively Bid Contracts," Policy DJEA.

2.   The following equal opportunity clause shall be deemed incorporated into every contract and agreement
     between the Board and any of its vendors and/or contractors:

          The vendor/contractor will not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment
          because of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, or national origin. The vendor/contractor shall take
          appropriate action to ensure that applicants are employed and that employees are treated during
          employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, handicap, or national origin. Such action shall
          include, but shall not be limited to, the following: employment, upgrading, demotion, transfer,
          recruitment, layoff, termination, rates of pay or other forms of compensation, and training.

          In the event of the vendor/contractor's noncompliance with the nondiscrimination policy of the Board,
          any contract or purchase order may be canceled, terminated, or suspended, in whole or in part, and the
          vendor/contractor may be declared ineligible to transact further business with the Board.

3.   All vendors and persons desiring to transact business with the Board are to provide assurance that their business
     will conduct in accordance with this nondiscrimination policy and that such vendors and/or contractors agree to
     and shall abide by the equal opportunity clause set forth in this policy.

4.   It is the further policy of the Board to insure equal opportunity for minority/women owned business and
     minority/women professionals with regard to all work, services, and supplies purchased by the Board and all
     construction projects undertaken by the Board which are competitively bid by the Board.

5.   To ensure this equal opportunity, the Assistant Superintendent, Business and Support Services, shall serve as
     the Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) liaison officer. His/her duties shall include the following:

     A.     Manage, administer, and implement this Policy to insure that the Board identifies qualified
            minority/women businesses and professionals in the purchase of work, goods, and services.

     B.     Disseminate information on available construction projects so as to provide minority businesses and
            equal opportunity to bid on School Board projects.

     C.     Attend, or designate a representative to attend, all pre-bid and pre-construction conferences to explain
            MBE policy.

DJEA POLICY                                                                                     Page 2 of 2

     D.    Compile a directory of all minority/women owned businesses and consultants which offer goods and
           services which are competitively bid and purchased by the Board to insure that such businesses and
           consultants are notified of School Board requirements for goods and services within the scope of their
           business or profession and are given an equal opportunity to submit bids or proposals.

     E.    Maintain accurate, up-to-date records demonstrating MBE/WBE efforts and accomplishments.

     F.    Promulgate minority/women utilization goals set on a case by case basis in compliance with case law
           and state federal statutes.

6.   For construction contract competitively bid by the Board of Education, contractors and sub-contractors,
     consistent with the efficient performance of the contract, shall utilize to the maximum extent possible local
     laborers and mechanics, including minorities, as on-site employees. Contractors and sub-contractors, consistent
     with the efficient performance of the contract, shall solicit and encourage bids from qualified minority/women
     owned businesses.

7.   Prior to making a recommendation to the Board of Education on the awarding of a construction contract to the
     apparent low-bidder, the Assistant Superintendent for the Business and Support Services shall ascertain the
     efforts of the apparent low bidder to comply with this policy and report such efforts to the Board for its
     consideration of the apparent low bidder.

8.   Contracts shall be let to the lowest responsible bidder who, in the opinion of the Board of Education, has made a
     good faith effort to comply with this policy.




1.1   Issuance and Vendor Contacts

      This Request for Proposal (RFP) is issued for Dougherty County School System (DCSS) by the Herbert
      (Herb) F. Benford, Jr.; Director of Management Information Services Department. The RFP is intended to
      be complete and no vendor-sponsored studies are considered necessary or desirable.

      All questions are to be referred to Mr. Benford by phone (229) 431-1245, fax (229) 888-6534, or e-mail Mr. Benford will coordinate responses from contributing departments and/or
      arrange for individual clarifications.

      The Owner reserves the right to reject any or all bids and to waive technicalities and informalities.

1.2   Item for Bid

      The intent of this RFP is to implement an employee time management system. This system shall collect,
      calculate, report, and maintain employee attendance information. This system shall be capable of
      integrating with the existing software systems (McAleer, Impro, and AESOP) that are in place with in
      DCSS. DCSS is conducting the RFP process for the procurement of commercial-off-the-shelf Employee
      Attendance Management System software to be implemented in the District.

1.3   Questions, Inquiries and Information

      All questions and inquiries concerning procedural questions and technical data must be submitted in
      writing, and directed to:

               Dougherty County Schools
               Mr. Herb Benford
               MIS Director
               200 Pine Avenue
               Albany, GA 31701

      All questions and inquiries must be submitted, in writing, to the District contact person listed above, no
      later than Wednesday, June 15, 2005 by 10:00 am. A summary of questions and answers shall be made
      available to all prospective vendors at the above location. Information regarding submission of proposals,
      procedures, technical specifications or requirements may also be obtained from the contact person
      referenced above.

1.4   Addenda

      It is the responsibility of each bidder presenting a Proposal to confirm with the Owner that they have
      received all addenda. The contact person for confirmation of addenda is Mr. Benford at (229) 431-1245.

      Any explanation desired by a bidder regarding ambiguity, meaning, or interpretation of any portion of this
      Bid Document must be presented in writing to Mr. Benford via mailed letter, fax, or e-mail.

      A request for explanation must be received before 10:00am on Wednesday, June 15, 2005, in order to
      allow sufficient time to reply to all bidders before the deadline for submission of bids. Such explanations
      given to a bidder concerning this RFP will be furnished to all bidders as addenda to this RFP.

1.5   Vendor Performance

      The successful bidder shall be required to truly perform well and fulfill all the undertakings, covenants,
      terms, conditions, and agreements of the contract. The successful bidder and his employees shall have the
      current federal, state, and local licenses, permits, and certificates required to perform their work.

       The successful bidder shall provide trained and properly licensed personnel having available the
       appropriate types of tools, and equipment to complete the project in a professional manor.

1.6    Release of Liability

       It is expressly understood that the Dougherty County School System shall not be liable to any Contractor
       and that said Contractor will hold harmless DCSS, its officers, employees and agents from any loss,
       damage, expense or liability by reason of property damage, excluding loss of use thereof, or personal injury
       of whatsoever nature of any kind (including death) arising out of or in connection with the performance and
       installation work pursuant to this bid or any special contract resulting from this bid by Contractor
       occasioned by the negligent acts or omissions of employees, officers or agents of Contractor.

1.7    Incurring Costs

       Dougherty County School System is not liable for any costs incurred by bidder in preparing or submitting

1.8    Schedules

       The following table outlines all important dates regarding the RFP evaluation. Other than the "RFP
       Response Opening” deadline, the dates are for planning purposes.

        Issue RFP to Potential Vendors                  Wednesday, June 1, 2005
        Pre-Proposal Conference (Section 2.5)           Friday, June 10, 2005 @ 10:00 A.M. EST
        Deadline for submission of questions by         Wednesday, June 15, 2005 @ 10:00 am
        potential vendors
        RFP Response Opening                            Friday June 24, 2005 @ 2:00 P.M. EST
        DCSS Review Responses                           July 1, 2005 through July 22, 2005
        Vendor Interviews (Optional)                    July 25 -26, 2005 @ 10:00 A.M. EST
        Board Award Contract                            Wednesday, July 27, 2005
        Begin Contract                                  TBA

       The successful bidder(s) shall commence actual construction with an adequate force and equipment within
       ten (10) days of a date to be specified in a written Notice to Proceed.

       If the successful bidder fails to commence actual physical work with an adequate force and equipment
       within ten (10) days of the date specified in the written Notice to Proceed, the Owner reserves the right to
       null and void the Contract Award.

       Contractor shall notify the Owner before any billable work takes place.

1.9    Products and Quality Assurance

       All products and/or parts required by this contract shall be in accordance with the specifications. The
       Owner reserves the right to reject any products and/or parts. The Owner is not interested in substituting the
       materials and equipment specified with similar products.

1.10   Invoice Payment

       Mail all Payment Invoices to the attention of Herbert (Herb) F. Benford; Dougherty County School System,
       Management Information Services Department; 200 Pine Avenue or P.O. Box 1470; Albany, Georgia

       Payments will be made only at satisfactory completion of job, and after the inspection and approval by the
       Owner. Invoices shall be processed by the Owner within thirty (30) calendar days of their receipt and
       subsequent approval.
1.11   Submittals

       A. Bid Submittals:

           1.   Executed Signed Statement of Assurance Form

       B. Pre-Contract Submittals:

           1.   One executed Venue and Jurisdiction Form (Attachment A).

1.12   Changes

       The Owner may order changes in the schedule, work, and/or materials consisting of additions, deletions, or
       modifications. The contract sum and the contract time will be adjusted accordingly. All such changes shall
       be authorized by a written change order, signed by the Owner, prior to its performance. The Dougherty
       County School System reserves the right to identify and negotiate reductions or changes by the successful
       bidder which would be to the advantage of DCSS. The cost or credit to the Owner from a change in the
       work and/or material consisting of additions, deletions, or modifications shall be determined by mutual

1.13   Non-Bias Statement

       The Dougherty County School System supports all equal opportunity policies: Federal, State, and Local.
       DCSS will not tolerate bias related activities, e.g. racial slurs, sexual harassment, from employees and/or
       contractors conducting work on behalf of DCSS.

1.14   Drug Free/Tobacco Statement

       Dougherty County School System supports a drug free workplace and does not tolerate any use or
       possession of drugs and/or alcohol on its premises or use of such substances prior to performing any work
       on behalf of DCSS. Use of tobacco is prohibited in all buildings and on all premises of DCSS.

1.15   Equal Opportunity for Competitive Bids:

       It is the policy of the Dougherty County Board of Education to promote and insure equal opportunity for all
       persons, without regard to race, color, religion, sex, handicap, or national origin, employed by or seeking
       employment with firms doing business with the Board. As a condition of doing business with the Board,
       each firm shall furnish assurance that its business will be operated in accordance with the policy identified
       as Competitively Bid Contracts (see the Statement of Assurance on page 14 of this RFQ).

       The Dougherty County School System encourages Minority/DBE firms to respond to this RFQ. Firms
       conducting work on behalf of the DCSS are encouraged to actively pursue the use of Minority/DBE sub-
       engineers, sub-consultants, and suppliers.

1.16   Minority/DBE Participation:

       DCSS strongly encourages all firms to achieve the maximum Minority/DBE participation levels possible in
       the performance of services. The percentage of ownership in the Engineering Firm and the Sub-Engineers
       and Consultants utilized may be considered. The number of Minority/DBE employees in the firms, and
       their level of involvement in the project may also be considered.

       Refer to the DCSS policy included in this RFQ. Prior to award of any work, the successful firm must be
       able provide DCSS assurance that their business will be conducted in accordance with this policy and the
       terms indicated in the Qualifications Package.

1.17   Defaults by a Contractor

       In the event goods and/or services furnished under this contract, for any reason, do not conform to the
       intent of this contract document and/or any terms agreed upon prior to the award of the contract, the
       Dougherty County School System may reject the goods and/or services. Following specific instructions by
       the DCSS, the successful bidder shall immediately remove the goods and/or cease providing the services,
       without expense to the DCSS and replace all rejected goods and/or services with goods and/or services
       conforming to the contract documents and/or terms agreed upon.

       Should the contractor default in the performance of the previous paragraph, DCSS shall issue, within forty-
       eight (48) hours, written notice detailing the default. DCSS has the right to procure such goods and/or
       services from other sources and shall have the absolute right to deduct from any monies due to the
       contractor, the difference between the contract price and the actual cost of the goods and/or services to be
       replaced or substituted. The price paid by the DCSS in this event shall be the prevailing market price at the
       time the substitute purchase is made.

1.18   Attachments

       Attachments A & B, are hereby incorporated, by their reference, into this RFP.


2.1   Purpose and Scope

      Dougherty County Schools (hereinafter referred to as “DCSS”, or the “District”) is seeking to implement
      an employee time management system. This system shall collect, calculate, report, and maintain employee
      attendance information. This system shall be capable of integrating with a substitute employee
      management system. DCSS is conducting the RFP process for the procurement of a commercial-off-the-
      shelf Employee Attendance Management System software and equipment to be implemented in the
      District. This Employee Attendance Management System RFP is for a turnkey solution that is all-
      inclusive and includes the following:

                    •   All installation services
                    •   All expenses for housing, travel, meals, etc.
                    •   All freight and shipping costs
                    •   All necessary documentation for software, systems, and users (i.e. user guides, system
                        guides, etc.)
                    •   All conversion of current employee data to work with the system.
                    •   On-site project management.
                    •   A complete and comprehensive training plan for all district employees. This training
                        should be based on the varying levels of employee interaction with the EAMS.

      This document provides the vendor with general information, requirements, and instructions needed for
      participating in the process of selecting and implementing an EAMS system.

2.2   District Vision

      DCSS desires to establish a district-wide EAMS system capable of fully managing employee time and
      attendance from the initial time transaction to the production of payroll checks. All aspects of the system
      must be compatible with the DCSS District technology standards. The EAMS system must interface with
      AESOP, Impro Systems, and McAleer Systems.

      Figure 1 on the following page is a diagram of our “District Information System” vision and how EAMS
      and the substitute employee system will be an integral part of that vision. Figure 2, immediately following
      Figure 1, is a more detailed diagram of how we envision EAMS, the substitute employee system, and our
      Human Resources (HR) and Payroll (PR) systems interacting with each other.
      HR and PR will populate and update the EAMS system periodically with employee data and EAMS will
      furnish PR with time sheet data for automatically generating reports and checks for PR. HR and PR will
      also populate and update the substitute employee system periodically with employee data and the substitute
      employee system will, in turn, supply PR with data to help crosscheck and verify substitute employee time-
      worked and time-absent. The Impro Technologies system will provide the EAMS system with time stamps
      of employees.

District I/T Infrastructure
Figure 1

The diagram will be provided on or by June 10, 2005.

Employee Time Management
System Vision

The diagram will be provided on or by June 10, 2005.

2.3   Background

      The DCSS District is an urban city school district in Georgia. There are approximately 17,000 students in
      the District, attending twenty-seven (27) K-12 schools and 10 support facilities. In total, the district
      encompasses an area of approximately 1200 square miles and owns over (37) facilities.

      Currently, the District has well over 8,000 PC's/laptops located in classrooms and administrative buildings.
      Approximately 1,600 teachers and Administrator have laptops/desktops that provide access to the WAN
      and the Internet. IBM compatibles are the approved PC platforms for the District.

      See Section 3.0 for more information on the I/T infrastructure.

3.0   Proposal Process
3.1   Proposal Format

      Provide one (1) original proposal and seven (7) copies of the proposal form. All proposals must be
      submitted in the following format:

      Proposal Content and Format
      In order for a proposal to be considered for the award, the vendor must supply or answer all information
      requested in this RFP. Prefacing the Proposal, the respondent shall provide an Executive Summary of three
      (3) pages or less, which gives in brief, concise terms, a summation of the Proposal. Describe the solution
      you are proposing and how it meets DCSS' requirements. The proposal itself shall be organized in the
      following format and informational sequence.

      Part I - Business Organization
      State the full name and address of your organization. If you are a subsidiary, indicate your parent
      company. Specify the branch office or other subordinate elements that will perform, or assist in
      performing, work herein. Indicate whether you operate as a partnership, corporation, or individual.
      Include the State in which incorporated or licensed to operate.

      Part II - Corporate Vision
      Describe your corporate mission, direction, and core competencies.

      Part III - Financial Stability
      Include an audited financial statement for the most current quarter and last year-end including Balance
      Sheet, Income Statement, and Statement of Cash Flows or a letter from an auditing CPA stating the fiscal
      strength and reserves. Please include a description of any litigation in which Vendor is currently involved,
      as well as indicate any potential conflict of interest and plans for avoiding the conflict.

      Part IV - Proposal Services and Capabilities
      Define, in detail, your understanding of the requirements presented in this RFP and your proposed solution.
      Provide a complete point-by-point response to all requirements, and any additional information or diagrams
      you deem necessary to fully evaluate your Proposal. Provide a project plan with key milestones and
      deliverables to meet DCSS' project timing and functional requirements.

      Part V - Project Management Structure
      Give an overview of the project team, including project leadership and reporting responsibilities. If use of
      subcontractors is proposed, identify their placement in the primary management structure, and provide
      internal management description for each subcontractor. Indicate your proposed staffing for this project.
      Include technical skill sets. Attach personnel biographies or resumes.

      Part VI - Experience
      Provide five (5) references of school districts (preferable) or commercial applications equal to or larger in
      size than DCSS in which you have implemented EAMS systems. Include a description of the services
      provided, a contact name, and telephone number. See Appendix C for the data description and format of
      these references.

      Part VII - Pricing Approach and Company Strategy/Roadmap
      Explain your pricing approach in detail and include a payment schedule. Describe how your pricing is
      competitive and how it will remain competitive relative to the industry. Explain product roadmap with
      dates and rationale.

      Part VIll - Additional Considerations
      Describe the relationship you propose with DCSS that will provide us with the ability to influence future
      product developments.

      Part IX – Technology Standards
      Describe how you propose to adhere to industry standards and DCSS standards and policies.

      Part X - Executed Signed Statement of Assurance Form

      Proposal Packages shall be provided in three ring binders, with a table of contents, and tabbed per
      referenced section in the order that they appear above.

3.2   Evaluation of Proposals

      A committee made up of but not limited to Finance, Payroll, Purchasing, Local School, and DCSS
      Department Heads will review vendor responses to this RFP. Vendors providing an EAMS product and
      related services that best satisfy the District’s needs will be selected as finalists for further evaluation.

      All responses to this RFP become the property of the District and may become public information after
      selection and award of the contract.

      All Bidders are placed on notice that award of this RFP will be based upon products and services best
      suited to DCSS. The sole judgment of DCSS on such matters shall be final.

      Proposals will be evaluated by a District-designated evaluation committee or committees, who will focus
      on criteria including, but not limited to, the items below. The committee will evaluate all proposals in
      accordance with the following criteria, which must all be addressed in the proposal.

      The District's selection will be based on its evaluation of which proposal(s) will provide the most beneficial

      The proposal(s) selected may not necessarily be those with the lowest fees, though the District may return
      to one or more vendors for a “best and final” offer.

      Proposals submitted in response to this solicitation are irrevocable for 180 days following the closing date.
      This period may be extended upon written mutual agreement between the District and the vendor.

      Remember: The vendor is responsible for the accuracy of all data submitted.

       CRITERIA                                PERCENTAGE               SUBMISSION FORMAT

       Solution                                          45             Narrative with graphics
          Approach                                                        as needed to illustrate
          Plan Description                                                 Points

       Technical expertise and skills                    20             Listing

       Past experience and                               10             Narrative and Listing

       Pricing                                           25             Total Annual Cost (Lump Sum)

       TOTAL                                            100

3.3   Implementation Plan

      As part of the Request For Proposal (RFP) and as part of the detailed implementation, a plan must be
      provided. The proposed plan should be based on the requirements outlined in this RFP and the Vendor’s
      EAMS implementation experience in Districts equal to or larger (as determined by number of employees)
      than DCSS. This plan will include, but not limited to:

          •      Initial implementation planning and kickoff meeting with DCSS
          •      Remote and site-based project management
          •      Timelines, Checklists, and Milestones
          •      Deliverables
          •      Project Plan Items
                      o Basic system implementation
                      o Testing
                      o Training
                      o Data Conversion and Validation (current and historical)
                      o Transition from current to new system
                      o Projected Go-Live Date

3.4   Pre-Proposal Conference

      All vendors must attend the Pre-Proposal Conference. Failure to attend the conference will result in the
      rejection of any RFP response submitted by non-attendants. This conference will be held in the conference
      room of the Dougherty County Schools’ Facilities/Capital Projects Department, 1711 Schilling Avenue,
      Albany, Georgia on Friday, June 10, 2005.

      Written responses to the questions submitted by each vendor will be provided at the conference. Additional
      questions, which may be posed at the conference, will be accepted and the Department of Purchasing shall
      determine at the time whether the questions can be answered or if additional time is required. It is strongly
      recommended that all vendor questions concerning the RFP be asked prior to the deadline date specified in
      Section 1.8. A stenographer/video recorder may be present to record the proceedings, the questions
      submitted, and the responses given. If necessary, an addendum to the RFP covering all questions addressed
      during the conference, with responses, will be mailed to each attending vendor.


4.1   District
      All school buildings are wired with category 6 cabling enhanced with fiber backbone. All classrooms are
      completely wired for voice and data. All twenty-seven (27) school sites and nine (9) administrative and
      support facilities has a combined data and voice network. All school facilities are connected via a fiber
      optic 100 MB bandwidth to each school facility for the data and voice services.

      A total of fifty-seven (57) Compaq servers serve the IT Structure. Each school is connected to the Board of
      Education via the fiber 100 MB fiber optic line for access to the Internet and the various business
      applications. The District has over 3,000 employees that will be utilizing the EAMS. Figure 1 is a
      schematic of our district-wide I/T infrastructure.

4.2   Time Management System

      At this time, the District has no Time Management System. However, our vision for the proposed Time
      Management System is displayed in Figure 2.

      This request is for a turnkey proposal of an employee attendance management system.

Substitute Employee Management System (Current Configuration)
Figure 4

The diagram will be provided on or by June 10, 2005.


5.1   General

      The requirements, both technical and functional, are listed in the Appendices. The appendices are
      sectioned by application as described in Sections 4.2. For each technical/ functional requirement specified,
      use one of the four (4) answers below:

          •    Y        yes, the functionality is currently present in the software
          •    N        the functionality will be included in the next software release
          •    N/A      not available--cannot be provided
          •    MOD      the functionality would require modification of the software, and such modification will
                        function fully in future releases of the software at no additional cost to the District

      The vendor must respond to each requirement using one of the four answers above. Where expanded
      information is requested or should the vendor wish to add supporting information, such information should
      be preceded by the appropriate section name and item number.

5.2   Employee Attendance Management System

      The Employee Attendance Management System requirements are in the following Appendices:

          •    Technical Requirements (Appendix A)
          •    Functional Requirements (Appendix B)


6.1.   Terms and Conditions

       6.1.1   Pricing
               Vendors are responsible for providing the appropriate pricing information and structures in
               support of the requirements identified below. All prices are to be lump sum. Vendors are
               required to present their cost in a format and level of detail to facilitate the evaluation and
               negotiation process. Vendors are to provide all supporting information and adequate cost
               descriptions used in developing product cost and related services to include assumptions,
               calculations, discount schedules, and subcontractors, if any.

           a. Application Software and Documentation Price

               Vendors are to provide all application software prices by module. Application software prices
               shall include:

                   •   License fee
                   •   Performance warranty period
                   •   One (1) electronic copy and one (1) hardcopy
                           o System documentation
                           o User documentation

               If source code is available, please include price. Such source code includes code for the
               application software plus any future custom code required by the District.

               The Vendor is required to provide a copy of both software and user documentation. A description
               of the documentation requirements are provided below:

               • Software Documentation

               The Vendor shall provide a copy of the software documentation for the software product(s). The
               documentation shall include all information necessary to install the system and perform daily
               operations and administration. The documentation will include as a minimum:

                         •   Data Dictionary to include a complete data table or file descriptions including file
                             usage, field names and sizes, valid data types and ranges, and index descriptions

                         •   Installation procedures, including installing the system on a new platform,
                             configuring the system on initial installation, and configuring the system once it has
                             been installed

                         •   Operating procedures and requirements for the System Administrator

                         •   The vendor shall produce written certification from McAleer Computer
                             Associates, Inc (MCAI) stating that an interface between our current Payroll and
                             Human Resources systems and the proposed Time Management System has been
                             successfully implemented.

                         •   The vendor shall produce a letter on company letterhead from AESOP stating that
                             an interface between our current substitute employee management systems and the
                             proposed Time Management System has been researched so that the data maybe
                             exported and/or imported from the each system.

                         •   The vendor shall produce a letter on company letterhead from Impro Technologies
                             stating that an interface between our current Security & Access control systems and
                             the proposed Time Management System has been researched so that data maybe
                             exported and/or imported from the system.
        • User Documentation

        The vendor will be required to submit a copy of the user documentation that supports their
        software product. The user documentation shall provide all necessary instructions for the daily
        use of the system by the end user. User documentation will be designed specifically for use by an
        end user and written in a clear, concise, non-technical manner with no assumption of previous
        computer experience. The documentation at a minimum will contain the following:

                   •    Complete step-by-step instructions for performing each available function with
                        sample screens, sample reports, and examples
                   •    Complete step-by-step instructions for correcting entry errors

        b. Application Software Maintenance Price

             Vendors are to provide a separate price for annual maintenance for the first year of
             maintenance and years 2-5, which the District, at its sole option, may procure at the specified
             times. In order to keep the software fully functional, application maintenance
             must include application software and documentation upgrades, remedy of software bugs, and
             user support.

        c. Implementation Support Services

             Vendor must provide hourly labor rate prices (through the 2005-2006 school year).
             Implementation support services should include as a minimum:

                   • Installation Services
                   • Software Modification/Customization
                   • Data Conversion
                   • Training

        d. Price Quoted

             Price(s) quoted must exclude State sales tax and be priced with all deliveries F.O.B. destination
             Dougherty County Schools. Again, all prices are to be lump sum. The District is exempt
             from Georgia State sales tax.

6.1.2   General Licensing Terms
         The selected vendor should anticipate and be willing to negotiate their respective license and
         maintenance agreements with the District. Some of the matters which the District desires to be
         included in any resultant agreement(s) are:

        a.    Implementation Schedule
              A comprehensive implementation schedule formed from the evaluation document, vendor’s
              response, and successful negotiations.

        b.    Status Reporting - Status reporting provided on a schedule defined at a later date.

        c.    General Acceptance Criteria

              Acceptance of the software and completion of Vendor contractual requirements based upon
              agreed to acceptance criteria and adherence to the implementation schedule.

        d.    Warranties

              1.   Warranty of Performance—Five (5) year performance warranty covering the
                   specifications for and performance of all software and services commencing upon full

         acceptance of all software modules (after required operational time frame as found in the
         acceptance criteria).

    2.   Warranty of Representations made by Vendor in response to Evaluation Document

    3.   Warranty of Title warrants that the Vendor is sole owner and has title to the software.

    4.   Warranty of Vendor Capability -Vendor is financially viable, and there are no legal
         proceedings against the Vendor that could jeopardize the license agreement.

    5.   Warranty of Past Success--Software is installed and successfully running at other
         locations, and that there is no litigation pending against vendor based upon problems with
         the software.

    6.   Release Warranty--Application Software Program updates, additions, enhancement
         releases provided by Vendor will not change the existing hardware/software
         configuration to adequately run the software. Vendor warrants that the combination of
         hardware, software, operating systems, and databases will perform in accordance with the
         functional requirements.

    7.   Year 2000 Compliance Warranty

e. Length of License is perpetual.

f. License should specifically permit remote access, change in operating location, and the right to
   copy software for backup/disaster recovery purposes, as well as allow District Contractors and
   Consultants access to the software.

g. Vendor proposal/response documents shall be incorporated into the resultant license agreement.

h. Governing law shall be the State of Georgia.

i. Permission to reproduce vendor manuals, training, and training documentation

j. Identification of any portion of the software solution that is sublicensed, and the terms of the

k. Disputes Resolution Provision

   Such provision will promote the mutual identification of program issues and timely and
   appropriate resolution. The provision will provide for continued Vendor performance in
   project areas not in dispute, while the specific dispute is being resolved by the parties, and will
   provide for mediation prior to any litigation.

l. Indemnification Provision
   Indemnifying the District from Claims of copyright/patent infringement, acts and omissions of
   the Vendor's or the Vendor's subcontractor personnel, including property damage and personal

m. Insurance Requirement/Certificate

   Prior to execution of the License and commencement of work, provide an insurance certificate,
   and that of any subcontractors, which lists insurance coverage and limits by category, names
   the District as additionally insured, and requires advance written notification of changes to

              n. Bilateral Termination Provision

              o. Key Person Clause

                 Identifying the Vendor's Project Manager, and corporate commitment that the individual will
                 be available and responsible for the completion of the Vendor's effort, and will not be
                 reassigned without prior written approval. The District will not unreasonably withhold its
                 approval of such reassignment.

      6.1.3   Payment Schedule
              It is the intention of the District to implement the new Employee Attendance Management System
              at all sites for the 2005-2006 school year. A complete and operational implementation at all sites
              and the district offices by January 1, 2006. A proposed payment schedule for the software and
              maintenance should reflect those assumptions.

6.2   Cost Estimates

              Vendors are required to provide estimates of the following vendor support services related to the
              implemented software. These estimates should be based upon past vendor experience and/or
              familiarity with the State of Georgia, Florida and Alabama. All estimates should include a list of
              tasks with labor type and estimated levels of effort associated with each task and other direct costs
              (e.g., travel) and be reflected in the vendor’s detailed implementation plan as required.

              A preliminary implementation plan must be provided as part of the Vendor's response to this
              section, to include software product delivery, system testing, custom programming, training, and
              data conversion. The final implementation plan and schedule will be developed and negotiated
              with the Vendor.

6.2.1   Installation Services

        The Vendor is responsible for the complete and timely configuration and installation of the
        selected software and hardware (if necessary) at all District sites. DCSS will oversee all
        installation activities and will direct and coordinate the vendor's installation efforts. DCSS and the
        Vendor shall be the primary contacts for all installation issues or problems.
        DCSS and the vendor will each specify a single-point-of-contact (SPOC) to expedite the
        communication between vendor and client regarding change requests, problem reporting, and
        problem resolution.

6.2.2   Computer System Cost Estimate
        Vendors are to provide specifications for a suitable computer system including equipment,
        operating system, database management system, and other software tools for system management
        and program development. The vendor should supply all specifications for any proposed servers,
        scanners, printers (school level and central office), storage (disk & tape), user desktops, etc. in
        case the additional hardware is needed.

6.2.3   Software Modification/Customization

        It is the District's goal to keep product software modification/customization efforts to a minimum;
        however, some modification may be necessary to satisfy unique District/State of Georgia/Federal
        Government requirements. The Vendor is required to provide a description of their approach to
        software modification/customization efforts and responsibilities (both Vendor and District).

6.2.4   Training

        Successful use and operation of the software is critically dependent upon effectively training users,
        technical support staff, and system administrators. The Vendor is required to provide a
        description of their approach to training, availability of Computer-Based Training (CBT),
        Video-Based Training (VBT) and Web-based Training (WBT) modules, and provide a syllabus
        for each recommended class. In addition, the Vendor shall estimate the required number of
        training hours or days by type of trainee (user, programming, administration, etc.) as part of the
        base training package for the District. Training costs must include all required documentation.

        It is important that users understand the new information technology as it relates to the support of
        their functions, processes, and responsibilities. Therefore, the training focus will be on the support
        of functions and processes. All training will be performed at facilities provided by the District.

        In addition to the base training, the District plans to implement a "train-the-trainer" approach to
        establish in-house expertise. The Vendor's agreement(s) must support the "train-the-trainer"
        approach, to include the reproduction of documentation at no additional cost. The District will
        select trainers who are knowledgeable about the existing student information functions and
        processes. These trainers will then provide District users with training support and assistance
        subsequent to initial user training. The Vendor shall provide an estimate for training the selected
        District trainers. The training provided by the vendor will continue as needed up to twenty-four
        (24) months after proposal acceptance.

6.2.5   District Staffing Requirements

        It is necessary for the District to determine the technical support skills required to support your
        application's technical environment. These must, as a minimum, include the following functions:

            •    Network Administrators
            •    Database Administrators
            •    Programming Support
            •    Central Site System Administrator

                  •    School Site System Administrator
                  •    Operations Staff
                  •    Help Desk Staff

              For each required function, please provide the following information:

                  •    Describe the job responsibility
                  •    Identify the number of resources
                  •    Describe the skills required
                  •    Identify the estimated training and costs required to achieve these skills
                  •    Identify whether function could be performed centrally or at the school sites

6.3   Vendor Qualifications

              Vendors must demonstrate their qualifications for the successful implementation and delivery of
              the requested information technology and related services. This information will be used to
              review and assess the financial stability and installation base of the Vendor.

      6.3.1   Financial Information
              Vendors are to provide a company history and audited financial statements/annual reports for the
              past three (3) years. In addition, indicate the length of time the Vendor has been providing the
              software products and services being proposed.

      6.3.2   Vendor Installation Base

              Vendors are required to provide the following information regarding their current installation base.

                  •    Total Districts Installed
                  •    Total Installations in Process
                  •    Total Installed on Proposed Software Version
                  •    Average Required Time to complete installation of the Proposed Software for a district of
                       comparable size

      6.3.3   Vendor References

              In addition, vendors are required to submit at least five (5) references that are representative of an
              installation comparable to the District, as well as references and information for districts that
              reflect the following conditions:

                  •    The largest district installed
                  •    District currently nearing implementation completion
                  •    District currently beginning implementation

              See Appendix C for reference format.

      6.3.4   Relationships with other vendors

              The Vendor shall identify any subcontracting or other business ventures/relationships that are
              included in the Vendor’s response and quotation. Include the business name, explicit business
              relation, as well a copy of the subcontractor’s quote and percent of Vendor price.

      6.3.5   Future Direction

              A narrative describing the future direction of the vendor’s software product should address
              product changes and/or plans to accommodate items such as requested enhancements, new
              technology, or changes in student information systems methodology.


After awarding the contract, the DCSS selection committee will choose three (3) pilot facilities in which to conduct
a comprehensive product evaluation. The pilot facilities need to be operational by October 17, 2005. Upon
demonstrating that the product successfully satisfies the functional and technical requirements as outlined in this
RFP, the vendor will be given authorization to proceed with the complete installation.

                                                                                                   Attachment A

                                      VENUE AND JURISDICTION
PROJECT:          Employee Attendance Management System

OWNER:            Dougherty County Board of Education; 200 Pine Avenue; Albany, Georgia 31701


Contractor agrees that with respect to any claims which the Owner may have against the Contractor arising out of
this contract or its performance or on account of any work done under or pursuant to the Contractor for indemnity
shall be controlled and governed by law of Georgia, and actions pursuant to any such claims may be filed and
prosecuted against the Contractor in the courts of Dougherty County, Georgia. For this purpose, the Contractor does
hereby waive all question of venue and jurisdiction and does hereby submit itself to the venue and jurisdiction of the
courts of Dougherty County, Georgia.

Contractor further agrees that any claims for personal injury and/or property damage which any person may have
against the Contractor arising out of this contract or its performance or on account of any work done under or
pursuant to the contract shall be controlled and governed by the law of Georgia, and actions pursuant to any such
claims may be filed and prosecuted against the Contractor does hereby waive all questions of venue and jurisdiction
and does hereby submit itself to the venue and jurisdiction of the courts of Dougherty County, Georgia.

Contractor does hereby appoint:       ________________________________________________________

a resident of Dougherty County as its agent to receive service of any such actions, and service upon such agent shall
be good and valid service upon the Contractor. Service may be perfected upon the Contractor by serving its agent or
the Judge of Probate Court of Dougherty County, Georgia, and such service shall in all respect be good and valid
service of said action upon the Contractor. It shall be the obligation of the Contractor to keep its agent for service
and the Judge of Probate Court of Dougherty County informed and advised of all times of the address to which any
such suits served upon them shall be sent.

Signed:___________________________________ Title:___________________________________

This           day of                  _ , 20      .

Notary Public:_____________________________

___________________________ County, Georgia

My commission expires                             .

                                  RETURN WITH PROPOSAL FORM

                                                                                                   Attachment B
                                     STATEMENT OF ASSURANCE
                                  DOUGHERTY COUNTY SCHOOL SYSTEM
                                    COMPETITIVELY BID CONTRACTS
                                            DJEA POLICY

The undersigned Vendor/Contractor provides this Statement of Assurance to the Dougherty County School System
as acknowledgment of the receipt of the DJEA policy. The Undersigned agrees to observe and be bound by all
applicable provisions contained therein.

The undersigned agrees to provide the information required by the Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization
(SDBU) Policy and Procedure’s Instructions to Bidders found in Attachment “A”.

The Undersigned submits this Statement of Assurance, understanding that a failure to submit said Statement of
Assurance may constitute a basis for rejecting the undersigned’s bid and that failure to comply with the requirements
of the DJEA/SDBU Policy and Procedures may constitute a basis for revoking the undersigned’s contract for the
following project:

                              Employee Attendance Management System
                                     Bid Number: 05-FAC-018
                                  DOUGHERTY COUNTY SCHOOL SYSTEM
                                         ALBANY, GEORGIA

Company Name:_____________________________________________________________________


City:_______________________________ State:_________________ ZIP:____________________

Name:                                                  Title:_________________________________

Signature:                                            Date:_________________________________

Notary Public:_____________________________

____________________________County, Georgia

This_______ Day of _________________, 20___.

My Commission Expires:____________________

                                  RETURN WITH PROPOSAL FORM

Appendix A: Employee Attendance Management System

Vendors are requested to provide information about these technical requirements as outlined
below. Vendors are requested to provide specific information about the hardware and software
(including development tools) required for their solution(s). Additionally vendors should make
site visits to determine if the local site infrastructure is sufficient to handle the additional
systems. This request is for a turnkey proposal of an employee attendance management

Technical Requirements
      Technical Requirements                                                   Y   N   N/A   Mod
1     The software must be able to run on Windows 2000 Server,
      Windows 2000 Advanced Server, or higher
2     The application software must support user access via local area
      network (LAN), wide area network (WAN) and the Internet.
3     The application software must be fully integrated using a
      Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) such as MS
      SQL/Server, IBM DB2, or Oracle, i.e. a data element should not
      be redundant within the database. MS SQL/Server is the
      preferred RDBMS.
4     The application must be open database connectivity (ODBC)
      compliant to enable database access by front-end tools such as MS
      Access 2000.
5     The application must run in a WEB-based architecture. A
      browser, preferably MS’s Internet Explorer (V5.5 or higher),
      should be all that is required at the client workstation to access all
      application functions. Specialized client software should be an
6     The application must have a graphical user interface (GUI) to all
      parts of the system, including features such as drag and drop, re-
      sizing of window, graphs, folders, etc., as well as have menus to
      all parts of the system.
7     The application must be able to export time & attendance data
      directly into our McAleer Payroll system, The application must be
      able to import/export data from Impro Technologies and AESOP,
      thus eliminating the need for manual data entry from paper
8     The application provides the capability to import and export data
      from and to a variety of formats such as: ODBC, MS Backoffice,
      standard ASCII flat files, etc.
9     The application must have a user-friendly report generator that
      enables users to create custom reports.
10    The application must have a query generator that enables users to
      create database queries. This query generator must be ANSI
      standard SQL compatible
11    The application must allow for default values for user-specified
      fields. This will minimize data entry for selected fields.
12    The application must allow the district to customize standard
      reports with different selections and sort sequences.
13    The application provides for full integration with MS Office 2000
      software (WORD, EXCEL, e-mail, fax, etc.)

     Technical Requirements                                                 Y   N   N/A   Mod
14   The application must include both login and access security
     systems. Security must be provided for users, menus, files, and
     fields (data elements). At a minimum, the type of access levels
     must include:
          • No access of any data within an application
          • Inquiry of some of the data within an application
          • Inquiry of all data within an application
          • Update or inquiry only of data within an application
15   The application includes a comprehensive display help text to
     explain display functions for both single element fields (contextual
     help) and entire screens.
16   The application provides on-line, contextual documentation
     identifying end-user step-by-step procedures for completing tasks
     and activities as well as technical documentation. This feature
     eliminates the need for manuals.
17   The application must be portable in the event the District decides
     to acquire different hardware in the future.
18   The system must conform to industry standards, such as:
          • SQL Interface
          • ODBC Compliant
          • GUI (Graphical User Interface)
19   The applications should be easy to use and administer by the end
     users. Functions such as assigning new users or modifying and
     printing reports should be handled by the end users (if authorized)
     thus freeing technical support staff for other duties.
20   The system provides the capability to backup specific modules or
     all modules within the system, separate from a network backup
21   The system must allow for real-time input of data to a centralized
     RDBMS system.
22   The application provides multiple printing options such as printing
     to local or network printers (laser and matrix), printing to the
     screen/monitor, or to a disk file.
23   The system supports electronic storage, retrieval, and viewing of
     print spool files without the need for printing.
24   The system should allow for backup while it is being used. If the
     system ever goes down, the District should be able to immediately
     restart (except in the case of certain hardware errors like a disk
     head crash) the system and have no data loss, other than
     transactions currently in progress at time of failure.
25   The system should be integrated with Internet services to enable
     System Administrators to receive software and documentation
     updates automatically.
26   All modules within an application program must provide a
     common look and feel in command structure, navigation,
     functionality, etc.
27   The user must have the ability to concurrently open multiple
     windows for both inquiry and updating across any combination of
     application modules, without losing any data previously entered
     on an open screen.
28   The system must accurately handle attempts by two or more users
     to update the same record at the same time, but must not restrict
     any number of users to access the same record concurrently.
29   Error messages are easily comprehensible by the user, and are
     supported by on-line error resolution help screens. Validation
     error messages can be displayed as they occur.
30   Authorized personnel have access to the database file structure.
31   System must provide an on-line list of all valid values for each
     validated field.
     Technical Requirements                                               Y   N   N/A   Mod
32   The system provides the capability to print database table
33   Upon selection of a desired value from a list of valid values, the
     system can automatically insert the value into the proper field.
34   The system must provide easy migration from one software
     version/release to another without losing any District-unique
35   The system must include the ability to track database changes
     within the system, including who made the change, when the
     change was made, and a before-and-after snapshot of the data.
36   The system provides the capability to indicate database updates
     including file name, date, and size in printed format.
37   The system supports ANSI standard SQL statements
38   The system supports IP protocols over the WAN
39   The system supports TCP protocols over the WAN
40   The selected vendor must provide adequate and skilled technical
     resources to meet District demands.
41   The selected vendor must provide a 1-800 number for technical
     support. It should be available from 6:00 AM to 5 PM CST,

Appendix B: Employee Attendance Management System
Vendors are requested to provide information about these software functional requirements as outlined below.
Additionally, vendors are requested to provide specific information about the software (including development
tools) required for their solution(s).

Functional Requirements
        Functional Requirements                                            Y   N   N/A    Mod
1      The system has a minimum capability of 4000 employees and
       can be upgraded to 10,000.
2      The system has an unlimited number of department or rate
3      The system has an unlimited number of job classifications.
4      The system has the ability to handle an unlimited number of
       schedules or shifts.
5      The system is capable of automatic deductions such as
       scheduled breaks and lunch.
6      Calculation rules are unlimited.
7      Archive of employee electronic time cards.
8      Multiple levels of managers and supervisor access levels.
       Supervisors are able to review the time cards, historical data,
       and benefit balances.
9      Supervisors have the ability to edit and update employee time
       cards. A audit trail of all updates must be maintained in the
       software and be available for review if required.
10     Supervisors and managers have the ability to electronically sign
       the time cards before being sent for final processing.
11     The software provides an indicator that allows the payroll
       processor to know which time card or department’s payroll has
       not been approved.
12     The software interface can be modified or adapted to meet the
       needs of the DCSS system.
13     The software capable of printing a minimum of twenty (20)
       reports that are pre defined in the basic software package.
14     The software is capable of printing custom reports as defined by
       the user.
15     The software shall automatically determine the most logical shift
       assignment based on the employee’s IN/OUT Punches.
16     The software is capable of tracking employee exceptions and
       history for an unlimited time period.

17     The software offers the option to for employees to view current
       and past time cards by way of a web-based browser. This
       function is password protected.
18     The system offers both a network client interface and a web
       browser interface.
19     This software system allows authorized users to access the
       system by way of an access module. This function allows the
       user to modify punch edits and run reports as required.
20     The system polls terminals automatically at predetermined and
       adjustable times.
21     The system automatically performs data calculations and report
       processing at predetermined and adjustable times

Appendix C: Vendor Reference Format

   The following format is to be used for the Time Management System. It is recommended
   that vendor references be separated by application.

   1) District Name & Address

   2) Contact Name & Title

   3) Contact Email Address

   4) Date of Implementation

   5) Applications installed

   6) Number of Employees

Appendix D: Contact Information

Dick Midkiff
McAleer Computer Associates, Inc.
3213 Executive Park Circle
Mobile, Alabama 36606

Jonathan Moore
Impro Technologies
1177 Main Street
Suite A
Dunedin, Florida 34698

Larry Foxx
5 Great Valley Parkway, Suite 300
Malvern, PA 19355
610-722-9745 ext. 244

Unit Pricing Worksheet
Item                                Description   Add Item   Deduct Item
Time and Attendance Software Cost
for 4000 employees
Software Installation

Software Annual Maintenance
After Warranty Period
Employee Training Component
Describe Fee Structure
Supervisor Training Component
Describe Fee Structure
Administrator Training Component
Describe Fee Structure
Other Associated Cost


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