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January 2005
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                                                                                      Medeco Business Advantage
                                                                                            Focus on the Customer?!

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 Solutions and find the             2005 International Builders' Show               While very few people would admit it,
 information interesting or         New Medeco Padlocks                             many businesses focus on the customers
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 Solutions, click on the link at    Message from the President                      People in most businesses worry about
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                                    Tech Notes - Cylinder Collar Rings              and finally, they think about the customer.
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                                    Medeco Spotlight-To Catch a Thief               Just think about the comments that you
 going to
                                    Calendar of Events                              hear when dealing with other businesses.
                                                                                    Do you feel like they are truly set up to
                                                                                    make it easy for you to do business with
                                                                                    them? When a business changes
Locking Up the Castle                                                               practices because a Home Depot is being
                                                                                    built nearby or because another business
Medeco's high-security locks have long                                              has added a new product line it's clear that
been found on government buildings,                                                 they are reacting to competition and not to
commercial malls and shopping centers,                                              customer needs.
and range of other structures around the
world. Now, a new milestone in the                                                  A company that truly focuses on the
company's four-decades of history has been                                          customer first can take over their market if
reached. Its residential door locks have                                            they are effective at providing the products
been installed on a castle. Click here to                                           and services the customer needs in a
read the full story. Back to top.                                                   better way than anyone else - regardless
                                                                                    of the price. If you are truly satisfying a
                                                                                    customer need, price is no longer the
                                                                                    primary objective. If what you're providing
                                                                                    is no different than what is available
2005 International Builders' Show                                                   anyplace, it only makes sense that your
                                                                                    customer shops for price alone. Back to top
                                                 Medeco locks were installed on
                                                 the NexGen "Be Safe and
                                                                                                Tech Corner -
                                                 Sound" model home at the
                                                 2005 International Builders                   Cylinder Collars
                                                 Show as well as on display in
                                                 the Medeco booth. Both
                                                 builders and the media were
                                                                                    Medeco is adding cylinder collar rings as a
                                                 very interested in our patented
                                                                                    standard item with all rim and mortise
                                                 keys, noting that they offered a
                                                                                    cylinders, effective January 1, 2005.
                                                 significant security upgrade
                                                                                    Although the collar ring is still available as
                                                 over virtually any other

residential lock line on display at the show. Medeco Residential              a stand alone part, we recognized that
Hardware was chosen by a major building industry publisher as one of          generally most orders were placed with
the "highlights" of the show and will be featured on their web site. The      the collar ring. Automatically including the
increased interest in residential security is a trend you'll want to watch.   collar ring with all rim and mortise
Back to top.                                                                  cylinders makes placing an order more
                                                                              convenient and helps ensure that the
                                  >><<                                        collar ring isn't inadvertently overlooked.

                                                                              For more information, contact Medeco
New Medeco Padlocks
                                                                              Technical Services at 1-800-839-3157 or
                                                                              click here to send us an email with your
You may have heard that Medeco has introduced a complete new line
of solid brass and stainless steel construction padlocks. These               own technical question. Back to top
padlocks have body styles to accept large format interchangeable
core (LFIC), small format interchangeable core (SFIC), and key-in-            Medeco Spotlight
knob type cylinders. With interchangeable hardened steel or hardened
stainless steel shackles of various lengths, along with dust covers on
all padlocks, these padlocks are the top option when a padlock is
needed with keys that can't be duplicated without authorization. These        It Takes a Thief
padlocks provide real security instead of just "feel-good" security! A
new display is available (LT-922082) to showcase these padlocks and
                                                                              A new show is premiering February 2,
educate consumers on the difference between standard padlocks and
                                                                              2005, at 10 p.m. on the Discovery Channel
padlocks offering key control. Contact Medeco Customer Service for
                                                                              called "It Takes a Thief." Dennis Hymowitz
more information or to order your padlock display today. A booklet
                                                                              of A American Locksmiths in Mahopac,
detailing the benefits and part numbers of all the new padlocks is also
                                                                              NY, appears on this show and has the
available from Customer Service (LT-922083). Click here to read a
                                                                              opportunity to "break in" to a home and
technical article published in the January issue of the Locksmith             then secure the home for the future.
Ledger on Medeco padlocks. Back to top.                                       Dennis uses a Medeco residential lock on
                                                                              the first show and reported that it looks
Why NEXGEN?                                                                   beautiful, and of course does a great job of
                                                                              improving the home's security!
Everyday, vending companies hand their collectors a ring of keys and
send them out to re-stock and collect money from a certain number of          From the Discovery Channel site:
vending machines.                                                             IT TAKES A THIEF
                                                                              Are you convinced your home is burglar-
How can they know that all of the work has been completed?                    proof? Put your house to the test in our
How can they know that a dishonest collector isn't removing money             new home-security makeover show,
from a machine after hours?                                                   premiering in February!
How can they be sure that a collector isn't opening machines that             Our hosts will show you how vulnerable
aren't on their route?                                                        you may be to a "break-in" by attempting
                                                                              to burglarize your house — while you
                                                                              watch. But not to worry: Our security
The answer to all of these questions is NEXGEN.                               experts will then give your house a full
                                                                              security makeover and show you how to
The powerful NEXGEN key provides information that allows vending              better protect your valuables.
operators to manage more efficiently and reduce theft. Using data
retrieved by the key, the NEXGEN software produces a Daily Route              How safe is your home from a thief? If you
Report that lists:
                                                                              live in the NYC metro area you can apply
                                                                              to be on the show. Back to top
Skipped Machines - letting operators know whether or not the day's
work has been completed.
Re-opened Machines - warning that collectors may be re-opening
machines to remove cash.

Unauthorized Attempts - flagging any attempt to open a machine that
is not on a collector's
scheduled route.

Armed with this new
information, Medeco's vending
customers are improving
security while increasing
revenues and profits. Back to top.

                                                                       Where in the Web

A Message from the President
                                                                       JIMMY CARTER WORK PROJECT 2004
Lots of houses, lots of doors                                          Medeco is proud to present the long
                                                                       awaited compilation video of our most
Most Medeco locksmiths focus on                                        recent Habitat for Humanity event. It
commercial business but there's a                                      contains many fantastic interviews as well
tremendous untapped opportunity in high                                as the most important event ~ the
security residential locks (the fastest growing                        Dedication.
part of our product line). We just completed                           So come along with us and take a short
our exhibition at the International Home                               virtual journey to Mexico and share in this
Builders show in Orlando. Wow. 1600                                    wonderful experience.
Exhibitors; over 100,000 attendees; Terry Bradshaw; Kool and the
Gang. Take a look:               Back to top.
specialevents.shtml#techomexpo and make sure you're not missing
this opportunity.
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January 2005
1/29 Medeco3 Certification, TAOL, Toronto, ON Canada
February 2005
2/12 North Carolina Locksmith Association, Charlotte, NC
2/12 Medeco3 Certification, Montreal, PQ, Canada
2/23 KeyMark Certification, Salem, VA
2/24-25 Medeco3 Certification, Salem, VA
March 2005
3/3-6 Master Locksmith Association of New Jersey, Secaucus, NJ
3/7-9 Canadian Gaming Summit, Niagara Falls, ON, CN
3/7-10 National Design Engineering Week, Chicago, IL
3/15-17 National Facilities Management and Technology, Baltimore, MD
3/17-19 Clark Security Products Show, Chicago, IL

April 2005                                                                                If there are others within your company that you
4/7-8 California Locksmith Association, Ontario, CA                                       would like to have added to our list, please feel
4/7-8 NAMA, Las Vegas, NV                                                                 free to forward this message, or go to www.
4/15 KeyMark Certification, Salem, VA                                            to submit their name and email
4/16 Medeco3 Certification, Salem, VA
4/17 - 19 Professional Retail Store Maintenance, Las Vegas, NV
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