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					                   MARY A. WOLLARD, J.D.
                          Curriculum Vitae

Areas of Competence
      Mediation
      Arbitration
      Domestic Relations Decision-Making
      Parenting Coordination
      Parenting Plans
      Child Support
      Spousal Maintenance
      Property and Debt Allocation
      Family Law
      Juvenile Law

University of Colorado at Denver, Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, 1979
     Member Phi Beta Kappa
University of Denver, Juris Doctor, 1985
Negotiation Training, University of Denver, 1983
Mediation Training, University of Denver, 1985; ADR Group
    International, 2006
Comprehensive Training for Parenting Coordinators and Decision-
    Makers, Christine A. Coates, M.Ed., J.D. and Betsy Barbour Duvall,
    M.S.W., L.C.S.W. (2006)

Licensed to practice law in Colorado, Attorney Registration #15310

Family Solutions Center, LLC (2006 – present)
    Owner of a center for alternative dispute resolution, offering
     mediation and arbitration in probate cases; and mediation,
     arbitration, domestic relations decision-making and parenting
     coordination in family and divorce cases

Private Law Practice (1985 - present) - Wollard, Jagow & Glasgow;
    Wollard, Jagow & Associates; Mary A. Wollard, P.C.; and The
    Wollard Law Office, P.C.
     Partner or shareholder in law firms engaged in a general law
      practice. Handled litigation and transactional cases in most areas
      of law. Maintained an emphasis on negotiation and settlement
      especially in legal issues affecting families, including divorce,
      paternity, juvenile, dependency and neglect, and probate. Since
      2005 have limited practice to offering unbundled services,
      coaching, and alternative dispute resolution in family and divorce

Arbitrator (1987 - present) - Denver Bar Association and Colorado Bar
    Association Legal Fee Arbitration Committee
     Served as arbitrator, both alone, a panel chair, and as part of
      three-person arbitration panels in fee disputes between
      clients and lawyers.

Part-Time Faculty (1999-2002) - Metropolitan State College of Denver,
    Department of Criminal Justice & Criminology
     Taught lower division introductory classes and upper division
      Constitutional law

Hearing Panel Member - attorney disciplinary trial (prior to
   establishment of Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel)
     Served on hearing panel for attorney discipline trial under
      grievance committee procedure prior to establishment of
      procedures under Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel

Professional Organizations
Colorado Bar Association (CBA)
     Family Law Section
     Alternative Dispute Resolution Section
     Legal Fee Arbitration Committee
Denver Bar Association (DBA)
     Legal Fee Arbitration Committee
Colorado Council of Mediators (CCMO)
Metro Denver Interdisciplinary Committee (MDIC)
mmittee (MDIC)

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